His Life


He worked hard all is life.  He also was a great help to many people.

JD was a machinist for years and then owned and ran his own automotive repair shop.

He was from Arkansas and moved to Spokane in 1957.  He had one son, Gary 
Wayne Hoard and 4 step-sons John D Wilson II, Terry Sulpizio, William Sulpizio, and Anthony Sulpizio.  He is also survived by one Step-daughter, Marlo Brown.

He is survived by 2 sisters, and 2 brothers. James in Spokane, James is single. Betty in Nevada, Betty is married to Don, Mary in California, Mary is a widow, and George in Texas. George is married to Nita.    He has numerous nieces and nephews.  Also numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

JD and I were married in Reno on Dec. 21st 1999.  He had the flu when we got married and he said I made him sick so he would marry me lol.

I will miss him so.  He did alot of building and remodeling around our home so he has truly left us a legacy!!


Good Bye my Sweet!!