Let the memory of Albert be with us forever
  • 68 years old
  • Born on December 20, 1942 in Maryland, United States.
  • Passed away on December 16, 2011 in Columbia, Maryland, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Albert Schramm 68 years old , born on December 20, 1942 and passed away on December 16, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Gail O'Hara on 18th December 2017
Dear Al... Like everyone, I can't believe you've been gone this long. We're losing more and more friends, but it's still so sad that you had to be one of the first. I hope you are winning all your arguments in heaven. I would love for one minute to hear your view on our current political environment!
Posted by Nancy Craun on 16th December 2017
Dear Al: I must say you were my most "unforgettable character". I think of you often; most frequently when some odd thing happens and I can almost hear what you would say about it in your very wry way. Just want you to know you may be gone from this realm but you will never be forgotten. Love, Nancy
Posted by Rona Flagle on 21st December 2016
Hi Al, Still thinking of you after 5 years. Glad I brought along the yellow boots during a recent photo shoot in rainy-mucky Carroll County. You would have given me eternal grief.
Posted by Nancy Craun on 17th December 2015
Hi, Al: We are still missing you. Every family get-together just doesn't seem the same without you and your wicked wry sense of humor. We think of you often and still share Al stories. I really wish you were still here for my Dad. I think you would have kept him interested in living a more full life. Your life was always full to overflowing. Thank you for being you. Love, Nancy
Posted by Rona Flagle on 16th December 2015
Al, It's been four years and I'm still recycling your wonderful photos. I think of you whenever I journey through the countryside. I miss bickering with you in the car...Rona
Posted by Nancy Craun on 31st March 2015
Al, It seems as if it has been forever since you left us. We miss you more than words can say. We are planning a family get-together at Sherri and Andy's (in Larry and Joyce's old house) for Easter. To say you were the life of the party is such an understatement. You are missed so much. What more can I say? Love, Nancy
Posted by Gail O'Hara on 16th December 2014
Al, Al, Al,,,,, Hope you know how much you are missed and how often you're thought of. Every time I don't know something, I can hear you in the distance trying to set me straight. Peter could certainly use your help right now on his book! And the movies today are AWFUL but you would love the wonderful work which is being done on TV. Wishing you were here. Gail and Peter
Posted by Rona Flagle on 16th December 2014
Al, I think about you often, usually when I happen upon a beautiful landscape or farmstead. I can't believe it's been three years. I still miss you.
Posted by Cor Postma on 16th December 2014
Al, you are missed a lot, also from this side of the pond. 3 years passed by and I miss your funny posts and mails, as well the wordsmith you were . Rest in peace friend.
Posted by Kelli McMillan on 16th December 2014
I can't believe it has been three years already. Every year on this day, I cry. You will never be forgotten, even by those you only touched with your kind heart and words of wisdom over the internet and on the air.
Posted by Nancy Craun on 16th December 2014
I cannot believe it has been 3 years; yet, it seems as if Al has been missing forever. Small memories (such as remembering Al getting after me for not putting the water/ice maker back on ice! Barbra had to get a new fridge, Al). Jasmine and I were just talking a few days ago about how much we missed Al. He was definitely the life of the party. Miss his wit, his humor, his caustic flair for flaying the skin off one's back, his FOOD (fantastic cook!!!), and just plain miss him. Forever remembered with love and affection.
Posted by Gail O'Hara on 17th December 2013
Dear Al.... I'm sure, like all your friends, we can't believe it's been 2 years already. We think of you every time we don't know anything! Please know that you are well remembered and missed.... Love, Gail and Peter
Posted by Rona Flagle on 16th December 2013
Albert: I think about you often as look through the massive collection of photos that you took for me. It was a lot of fun sharing long drives in the countryside arguing with you...moments I will always treasure. Rest in peace knowing you have touched so many lives and hearts. Rona
Posted by Nancy Vonk on 20th December 2012
Thinking of Al and especially Barbra on his birthday and saddest of anniversaries. Lots of love.
Posted by Nancy Craun on 17th December 2012
As I look over the comments made, it doesn't seem possible that Al has been gone a year. Every time I visit my sister, Barbra, I expect Al to be there. Some aches and pains just do not seem to get better. Still miss you, Al. I am sure we all do. BTW, Barbra got not one, not two, but three cats. So much for "no more cats"! That's what happens when you leave. ~ : -} With Love, Nancy
Posted by Gail O'Hara on 17th December 2012
Last week I was helping Barbra do some decorating. I remembered when, a number of years ago, I was doing the same thing. Barb was out and Al was upstairs in his office. I was moving things around, banging things into one another and , God forbid, putting nails in the walls to hang pictures. Al never said a word! What self-control...that's how much he loved Barbra. We all miss him....
Posted by Eddie Wilkie on 16th December 2012
It's hard to believe a year has past since Albi left us. There is hardly a day that passes that I don't think of him or read something that he had written. Our ham radio forum is not the same without him. It is truly a special person that touchs the hearts of so many, especially those like me; the ones that never had the privilage to meet him in person.
Posted by Cor Postma on 16th December 2012
I met Abert on the Island of misfit hams, had a few PM's with him and enjoyed hs writing on the board. His wordsmithing set me on trying to be better in my foreign languages since i'm from the Netherlands. He will be missed, and as long he is in our memories he is not really gone... Take care Albi, till we meet again.
Posted by Mary Lee Busick on 16th January 2012
Dear Al--I will always remember your "gravelly" voice and your sense of humor. Every event was entertaining when you were a part of it! I'm thinking you have those angels in heaven chuckling already while those of us still here on earth could use a little humor right now...Mary Lee
Posted by Connie Marshburn on 13th January 2012
Dear Al, You were always very interesting, charasmasic and full of laughter. You brought joy to everyone who met you. You made Barbra so happy and fullfilled. You will always be cherished. Love you, Connie
Posted by Veronica Dorry on 11th January 2012
As our work lives converged from time to time, I always appreciated your sense of humor — irreverent at times — which brought everything into perspective. Laughter is wonderful.To be able to laugh at ourselves is the best. We did that too. We also worried together. So with the working, the worrying and of course the laughing, we became friends. I am thankful for that. I’ll miss you.
Posted by Gail O'Hara on 9th January 2012
The first time I met Al, Barb brought him for Sunday brunch. He immediately began to lecture on everything. I was a little startled until I realized he really knew what he was talking about! He was such a lovely man and brought such happiness to Barb. I'm sorry we lost touch in the last few years and never got back to that Indian restaurant. He was one of a kind and will be missed.
Posted by Mary Harris on 4th January 2012
Dearest Barbra, I would like to express my sincerest sympathy to you and your family on the loss of your dear Al. Al was always great when I came over to work on projects with you. I'm honored to have met him as you and I became friends over the years. I will always remember his quick wit and humor. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love you much....Mary
Posted by Deborah Carpenter on 2nd January 2012
Barbra, My heart goes out to you. Even though I met and talked to Al only a few times, he always made me laugh. May your memories bring you comfort.
Posted by Larry Russo on 28th December 2011
Al was truly an original! We had some "spirited" political discussions. He was always fun to talk to. He definitly brought a lot of fun to the gun club. I will truly miss him.
Posted by Nancy Vonk on 28th December 2011
Barbra dear friend, I'm still stunned by this terrible loss. Al was a wonderful partner for over 25 years, and I can't imagine how hard it must be to suddenly find life so utterly changed. He was a funny, smart, delightful man and his friendship and kindnesses to me and to Sjon (always called "S-John" by Al) will never be forgotten. Much love.
Posted by Kelli McMillan on 27th December 2011
Dear Albi, I hardly knew you really, but you touched my heart in many ways. You were a compassionate man with such unparalleled wit and wisdom. Whenever I write a story I will think of you. Goodbye my friend.
Posted by Barbara Sysak on 21st December 2011
My Dear Friend Barbara, I am so sorry to hear about Al. Gary and I were just reminded of how the two of you welcomed us to your home on our visit back home. Good friends. A few of your dear friends contacted me and to tell me about this site. Lean on these friends, they will serve you well over the few months. And, imagine my hand on your shoulder.
Posted by Nancy Craun on 21st December 2011
John was just talking about Al and how much he would miss him at the family gatherings. John said, when he was young, he didn't understand Al's humor; but, as he grew, he thought Al was a riot. Last year at the family gathering, John remembers that Barbra asked Al if he was going to eat some of a dish she prepared. Al looked at her and said "ABSOLUTELY not." We miss him and his great wit.
Posted by Carl Maniscalco on 20th December 2011
Albi's passing has left a hole in my heart big enough to drive an 18-wheeler through. I never knew I could so love a man who I never even met. He was a true gentleman, the most humane person I know and I miss him terribly.
Posted by Rusty Gunter on 20th December 2011
Albert, Our conversations would always bring a smile to my face. An afternoon at the range with you was always an education for me.You will be missed. Rusty, Arlington
Posted by Eddie Wilkie on 20th December 2011
Barbara Although I never met Albi in person, he touched my life in a way few could. I always appreciated his wit and style, truly a gentleman. And, he was about the only one who could get me near a dictionary. I will truly miss him. Take comfort that we all share in your loss. 73 Albi..................
Posted by Diana Chen on 20th December 2011
How I will miss my dear friend . Now what is your Dragon Lady to do? Morning coffee talks will never be the same without your charm and wit ; I never really told you how much I learned with those chats; that's because I never got a chance to get my words in. You will always light up my life ... and your memory lives on, Al .. now and forever ...
Posted by Charles Chackal on 20th December 2011
Albi will be missed. He left a positive impression on us the likes that very few among us do unless they are heads of state, ambassadors or the gentle souls you meet along life's path. I raise a glass of single malt in your honor, sir. signed, The Island Barkeep
Posted by Micky Ross on 20th December 2011
Barbra ... I am so sorry. I wanted so much to reconnect here at the Beach with my wonderful, literate, liberal. I cannot even imagine your state right now. Please we must stay in touch, especially now.
Posted by Corey Reichle on 20th December 2011
You skills at writing shall be forever missed, as well as your rationality and levity. You will be forever missed on the little Island on the internet; and I am saddened I will never get the chance to speak to you in person.
Posted by Franke Pass on 20th December 2011
What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more touch, we may not understand why Albert left this earth so soon, or why he left before you were ready to say good-bye, but little by little, you begin to remember not just that Albert died, but that he lived. and that his life gave you memories too beautiful to forget.
Posted by Eveline Chin on 20th December 2011
"Al, It seems like Just yesterday we celebrated your 60th, remembering the good time we had a Acean Bistro with Barbra, Karen and myself. You made us laugh so much with your jokes, we forgot what we ordered. We will always remember you".
Posted by Joan Costello on 20th December 2011
How could he be gone So alive just yesterday Now to say Goodbye from Peg Remembering Al on his birthday -
Posted by Shirley Mccumbie on 20th December 2011
I will certainly miss Al. He was so much fun to talk to and I think he definitely liked to "stir the pot" . He sure was a "pistol".
Posted by Louise Lawrence on 20th December 2011
Barbra, So sorry to hear of your loss. Rona often regaled me with stories of photo shoots w/Al. He was generous with his time and humour. It's obvious he touched many lives. With sympathy, Louise
Posted by Sharon Spangenberg on 19th December 2011
Barbra, I had only met Al a few times. What a smart man and such a great sense of humor! I'll never forget him playing Kate Smith's rendition of "God Bless America" at your 4th of July celebrations. And yes, he certainly had a culinary flair. He made me feel very welcome in your home.
Posted by Mc Greenwalt on 19th December 2011
Dear Barbra I was so sorry to hear about Al's passing. I am thinking of you in this most difficult time. Cherish all the beautiful memories of your life with Al. During the few times I was around Al I always enjoyed the conversations. Sincerely, MaryCarol
Posted by Cathy Houff on 19th December 2011
Barb, I did not know Al well, but am well aware of how life can change in an instant, and you are in my spiritual thoughts as you move forward through this terrible loss. Thinking of you, Cathy
Posted by Dora Brooks on 19th December 2011
Thinking of Al makes me smile. I will remember his laughter, jokes and teasing you, Barbra. I will miss sharing the hot chili oil with him at our dim sum get-togethers. We will all miss that unique character. May God comfort you Barbra. Dora and Jim Brooks
Posted by Karen Makino on 19th December 2011
Al - We always knew when you were in the room. You were quite the exuberant storyteller with a wonderful sense of humor. Your BIG GRINs kept us ever guessing as to whether you were trying to pull our legs! Plus, you really knew how to pack a dishwasher!
Posted by Carol Hewitt on 19th December 2011
Barbra, My heart aches for you. Mike and I were shocked to hear this sad news. As others have said, you always knew Al was in the room and he was always so entertaining to listen to. He will be sorely missed by many. Carol and Mike.
Posted by Sherri Jaffee on 18th December 2011
I will forever miss how Al always filled up the room in the most wonderful way every time I saw him. His wit, intellect, charm, satire, and ever-present erudite commentary made every family gathering something to which I looked forward. Aunt Barbra, I am so sorry that you had to say goodbye so suddenly and so soon – you are in our hearts and prayers each and every day.
Posted by David Craun on 18th December 2011
What a brother-in-law. Al was one-of-a-kind. His wit, love of life, and love of good food always made life interesting when we were together. When he thought he could no longer use his wood working tools, he was thoughtful to donate them to our Royal Rangers in Louisiana. They have been used to mentor many young men. Thank you Al.
Posted by Janet Swartz on 18th December 2011
For more than 25 years, I’ve admired Al’s heart-warming love for Barbra and zest for life. I treasure my memories of being the best lady at their wedding; many meals prepared by the “chef”; talking with him about everything under the sun, from single malts to the civil war; and his words of encouragement when I needed them the most. I’ll miss this wise and kindly curmudgeon more than words can say

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