Alberto Cardenas
  • 15 years old
  • Date of birth: Sep 1, 1994
  • Place of birth:
    Houston, Texas, United States
  • Date of passing: Jul 27, 2010
  • Place of passing:
    Houston, Texas, United States
Let the memory of Alberto be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Alberto Cardenas, 15, born on September 1, 1994 and passed away on July 27, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by andrea castillo on 1st September 2016

"Wishing you, Albert a Happy 22nd Birthday!! Your story brought me to tears and still does just thinking about it. Gone but never Forgotten! May God continue to bless your family."

This tribute was added by sela talamantes on 1st September 2016

"I ain't forget about boys, happy birthday to you, happy birthday happy birthday, happy 22nd birthday to you. Albert I love you and never did I forget about you. I'm living these days for you and I just pray you watching over me and everyone else you loved. It's a very sunny day on your birthday and I'm loving it. -Sela Talamantes"

This tribute was added by Jenny Figueroa on 14th July 2016

"Aww - little Albert - I was just thinking about you today! I know you are watching over your family and keeping them safe! I know your family misses you dearly. Eliana and baby louie are so big now and your sister had another baby! You are still in the prayers of all the figueroas..rest peacefully little one.."

This tribute was added by Chris Vazquez on 30th June 2016

"REST IN PIECE HOMIE.  I don't know you. But I seen the show and i sencierly felt hurt but he way your family was crying and also knowing that it all didn't have to end like that by the way the suspects describes the incident.  But now what's done is done and all we can do is keep the spirit li in cause I'm just a year older than you and know that you could probably been a really person to live a wonderful life but didn't get the chance.  I hope you can see this or if you actually here with me as I right this cause anywhere your thought of you can be present. But just wanted to leave this and say that rest easy cause you an angel know."

This tribute was added by Andrew Rodriguez on 5th January 2016

"Just saw this on The First 48 here in California. Out of all the episodes I have ever seen on The First 48, this has been by far the saddest case I have ever seen. It's so unfortunate that a life was cut so short that had a bright future ahead. It sounds like Albert was a great kid and loved by those around him. Its terrible what those 3 gentlemen went through, though I am very thankful they caught everyone involved. R.I.P. Albert."

This tribute was added by cristina chavez on 7th August 2015

"Albert I haven't forgot, i just came across this.. I talk to you everyday.. Just wanted to say. I'll never forget.. We share the same birthday.. I knew you since 5th grade.. I'll always celebrate extra for you.. Always have. This year we'll be 21. You're forever missed. -Cristina"

This tribute was added by Sylvia Juarez on 10th July 2015

"Hey primo , just passing just to say .. I miss you so much , there's not one day I won't think of you ! I just wish we can go back in time & redo this whole mess ... Gosh , I miss your smile , laugh , your hugs , everything ... I love you primo & never forget that ! Rest in piece baby boy , miss & love you lots"

This tribute was added by Luis Ibarra on 24th October 2014

"Albert hey brother I know you don't remember me or even know me but I remember you considering the last time I saw you, you were like 4 yrs old I know your sisters, sandra and lil Eddie from sherwood lane but anyways even though I wasn't in ur life much your story hit me right in my heart. When I found out I was in shock I did not wana believe it. I couldn't imagine you were taken from this world so fast but I know you're in a better place now and lookin down on us from heaven. I know your family misses you I just wish I could of had you in my life just a little longer I know u would of grown up to be an amazing young man."

This tribute was added by Jei Llapur on 28th September 2014

"I remember when I first met you. You were such a great kid. Basically grew up with you, you are like my brother and best friend put together.  It's been 4 years and I still continue to mourn over your death. But I know you're still here with all of us. Fly high baby boy I miss you tremendously. Fly high and keep rocking the heavens."

This tribute was added by Gina Ramirez on 2nd September 2014

"still can't believe your gone baby boy. my family and I will never forget you and every time I see my nephew Angel I think about you and I know you're near him. I know you're still surrounding your loved ones and your good friends with all the wonderful memories you left behind. you will never be forgotten sweet heart.
-Martinez Family"

This tribute was added by leanna alvarez on 1st September 2014


This tribute was added by shunta benson on 27th July 2014

"It's still very upsetting for me to watch the episode he was on, because he simply didn't deserve it. May he rest in peace and watch over his family and friends. May God bless his family."

This tribute was added by rocio guillen on 7th March 2014

"Albert Its Been Four Years Now.... And I Still Cant Believe Your Gone.Went To Your House For Christmas Last Year Saw The Family Havent Seened Them Since You Passed ..I Missed You Big Cousin But I Knew You Were There With Us Laughing And Enjoying Time With Our Big Family. You Know My Friends Say That In My JUNIOR SCHOOL PICTURE We Look Alike So Crazy But We Family Duhh Lol Well We Moving To Houston Soon So Ready To Be Closer To The Family <3 R.I.P Albert"

This tribute was added by Ashley Chapman on 21st February 2014

"Saw Albert on First 48. It broke my heart to see such a fine young man lose his life over nothing. May God bless him and his family. Rest In Peace baby.


This tribute was added by andrea castillo on 6th February 2014

"My heart hurts for your loss of Albert. Watching this episode of the first 48, i was in tears. Albert seemed like he was a very kind,strong,smart and wonderful son/brother. Gone at such a very young age. May he rest in peace. I give your family the strength. God Bless You."

This tribute was added by Peg Alax on 15th January 2014

"I cannot find the words to express how sorry I am for your loss. My brother was shot to death...these words helped me a bit.

To all Parents                        By Edgar Guest

"I'll lend you for a while a child of mine," He said.
"For you to love the while he lives and mourn for when he's dead.
It may be six or seven years, or twenty-two or three,
But will you, till I call him back, take care of him for me?
He'll bring his charms to gladden you, and should his stay be brief,
You'll have his lovely memories as solace for your grief."

"I cannot promise he will stay; since all from earth return,
But there are lessons taught down there I want this child to learn.
I've looked the wide world over in My search for teachers true
And from the throngs that crowd life's lanes I have chosen you.
Now will you give him all your love, not think the labor vain,
Nor hate Me when I come to call to take him back again?"

"I fancied that I heard them say, "Dear Lord, Thy will be done!
For all the joy Thy child shall bring, the risk of grief we run.
We'll shelter him with tenderness, we'll love him while we may,
And for the happiness we've known, forever grateful stay;
But should the angels call for him much sooner than we've planned,
We'll brave the bitter grief that comes and try to understand!""

This tribute was added by Evelyn Carranza on 30th December 2013

"A beautiful flower for Albert, whom i did not know, but I felt as if  I did. You were taken from your family in such a cowardly way. As I watched your mom cry, it made me cry. The heartbreak of a mother can never be felt. I hope that you find peace in heaven and that you may rest in peace.

This tribute was added by Randy Badberry on 20th November 2013

"May his family be ok, may he rest, may his murderer "Erron Nolley" face God! Sisters stand strong for your brother, hold onto your mother... Rest young one, you are with the Angels Now..."

This tribute was added by kristy marines on 8th November 2013

"people say that in time our hearts will heal but I don't believe that because there is not one day that goes by that I don't think of my love roland.i know exactly how the cardenas family feel.but if it wasn't for my loving god I don't think I would of made it.he gave me all the strength that I need it.god loves all of us uncodtionally.thank you kristy marines"

This tribute was added by kristy marines on 7th November 2013

"I was so saddened when I saw the show 48hrs and I saw the picture of such a young and innocent young man.it says in the bible that god is our vengeance.i feel so sad for the whole family.but the cardenas family got to spend and meet such a wonderful son,brother,friend.and he is in heaven smiling and his with our loving god.dont ever question god."

This tribute was added by Marion Morrison on 6th November 2013

"I just watched The First 48 story about your loved one.  It is absolutely mind-boggling that the monsters who took Albert's life are on probation.  I don't care how young they were when they took the life of an innocent boy...they should not be allowed to walk free and most likely commit more of the same unspeakable crimes.  I am sorry for your loss, and sorry that justice was not served."

This tribute was added by Alissa Jennings on 16th October 2013

"So so sad for this family. Sounds like Alberto was a terrific person taken by a monster. My prayers are with you."

This tribute was added by Leandre Poe on 25th September 2013

"Wow sad story...my heart goes out to alverts family..i can only imagine the pain. you all are in my prayers. all the way from milwaukee wi"

This tribute was added by leanna alvarez on 29th August 2013

"I just saw ur story on 48 hours and its honestly da sadiest story i saw it made me so sad im a mother of four beauitful kids i cant ever imagine looseing one of them my prayers go out to u and ur family its so senceless i hope ur resting albert god has a beauitful angle at his side  u jst seem so full of life rest in peace love always leanna alvarez"

This tribute was added by Eli Button on 29th August 2013

"Just watched your story on The First 48.  My sincerest condolences to your family and friends, who are (likely) still struggling with your loss.  The accused (now convicted) had no remorse - - I was shocked yet he is locked up for life, thank God (as your sister said) he won't be able to harm anyone else.  Hopefully you are resting in peace and in a better place. I'm so sorry."

This tribute was added by nelson lebron on 29th August 2013

"I broke out in tears watching you cry .another angel got his wings .          His story will never be forgotten .and his light will never go out it will live thru all of  us.edna you are a beautiful woman god bless you and your mom. Love nel n.y.c"

This tribute was added by Tom Corrado on 29th August 2013

"The epitome of anguish, toward losing one so young and so dearly loved, is so obvious.Our hearts go out to the Cardenas family. I can only imagine of the extent, that the pain is causing, as I am a father of 4.The killer got what he deserved. He is the one suffering now, as he passes time in a cage. Albert, in the meantime, is making songs with the angels and watching over all of you. RIP"

This tribute was added by Krystina Rodriguez on 28th August 2013

"I too just watched this episode of young Alberto and I can only cry seeing the pain on your face during the press conference & what your mom goes through everyday.. All the pain. Seems like he was such a sweetheart... Too young to go. Sending my love and hugs to you and your family. Happy Birthday all the way up there in heaven Alberto. RIP xo"

This tribute was added by Patrick Cannon on 22nd August 2013

"I'm so sorry for your loss... I just watched your episode for the 1st time and it really saddened me to tears... He looked like a great kid... I pray God gives you peace... Please don't despise all African Americans... Those were immature, ignorant little boys... Were not all that way... Peace and love..."

This tribute was added by todd johnston on 22nd August 2013

"God bless your family. Albertos loss is a loss for society. You will be in our prayers."

This tribute was added by julie gonzalez on 22nd August 2013

"It feels a little strange leaving a tribute for a young man that I did not know.  I'm so sorry for your loss.  I have my own teenager who is a member if her high school band.  I can't help thinking that she and Albert might have been friends had they gone to the same school.  The person who stole Alberts life has no idea what he has really done. His true punishment will come from God."

This tribute was added by Kata Rochester on 22nd August 2013

"I just saw the story of this egrigious, flagrant act of violence on the First 48. It sickens me at such a disgrace people are, it brought me to years.You and your family are in my thoughts..."The lives of the dead are placed in the memory of the living"...Cicero...May Alberto Rest In Peace."

This tribute was added by Sylvia King on 22nd August 2013

"I just saw the fisrt 48 story on tv today, it had me in tears. i pray for you and your family. you were a beautiful person and soul. Your an angel now and you will always live on in thoughts and prayers."

This tribute was added by sonia nava on 4th August 2013

"I just watched the episode on First 48 a couple of days ago and for some reason I just kept rewatching it, it was truly the saddest episode I have seen. It had me in tears the whole entire time. It just seemed unfair that someone as young as you was victim of something so wrong. I know you are in a better place but I still can't get it through my head that you are really gone. RIP ALBERT."

This tribute was added by Lisa DeLeos on 1st August 2013

"i just saw your story on the First 48 and it saddens me so much...your mom and all of you are in my thoughts and prayers. This story touched me so much ... Albert seemed like a sweet and wonderful young man."

This tribute was added by shunta benson on 1st August 2013

"I've seen his case on the first 48 a few years ago and it played again tonight. I'm having the same reaction as last time. It breaks my heart and makes me cry for him. I have two sons of my own, I can only imagine what his mom is going thru. He seemed like a very sweet boy and he was handsome. God needed his angel back. Not to anger anyone but I wish his killers burn in hell! Godbless"

This tribute was added by Eli Rodriguez on 1st August 2013

"Just saw this story on First 48 I am in tears because of the horrible pain this caused your family :( Also first time looking up a story and keeping Albert in my prayers. I will definitely be huggin my children tighter tonight, I could not imagine your mothers pain .Que Dios bendiga a su familia siempre !!"

This tribute was added by LaToya Bartlett on 31st July 2013

"My sincere condolences to the family of Alberto Cardenas.  I like most others have seen your story on the first 48.  He was such a handsome young man.  My heart goes out in hopes of finding peace, love and comfort.  I also lost my brother, ironically on July 27, 2012.  Never forget that God only lent their sweet souls to us for just a while.  Their mission on earth was complete.  Blessings"

This tribute was added by Paula Morales on 31st July 2013

"Fly high babyboy , your family misses you & they will be in my prayers always & forever"

This tribute was added by Paula Morales on 31st July 2013

"I just saw Alberto's first 48 episode tonight & let me just say I never ever go out of my way to google someone after I watch there show & after all the years I have watched the show & seeing Alberto's episode for some reason he touched my heart & made me search him on google & here I am leaving a tribute , such a handsome 15 year old who didn't deserve it you had me in tears Albert RIP <3"

This tribute was added by Misty Hall on 31st July 2013

"My heart breaks for your family after seeing The First 48. In the years that I've been watching this show, this was the second episode (ever) that had such a profound effect on me. I cried over the loss of such an innocent and promising young man. I will be praying for your family. Rest in peace Albert, and know that many of us who never knew you will now never forget you."

This tribute was added by Joanna Oseguera on 17th July 2013

"Hi I just saw this story on the first 48, I am extremely moved by this story. Edna, I know this is difficult I am also an older sister and I know how tough it can get at times. Stay strong so you help your mom. Senora Cardenas recuerde que la justicia y la venganza viene de DIos. El Senor tiene a todas las personas que hacen mal, en sus manos. Mis oraciones estan con su familia. God bless"

This tribute was added by Tamara Agee on 16th July 2013

"After seeing Albert's story on The First 48, I was really heartbroken. Seeing boys my age killing an innocent young man upset me greatly. I will always have the Cardenas family in my prayers and I will not ever hesitate to help the family in any way I can. I can't imagine the pain and suffering this family goes through everyday. My deepest love and sympathy to the Cardenas family."

This tribute was added by Edna Cardenas on 16th July 2013

"I can never thank you guys enough for the kind messages you leave for my family, for some reason yesterday, all of a sudden I felt angry, it came out of nowhere and I know it's because his anniversary is getting closer. I hate that the world lost such a beautiful soul, more of his kind are needed. There's no more respect for human life and I hope kids who watched learn from our tragedy."

This tribute was added by Virginia Perez on 15th July 2013

"I also saw Albert's story on 48 hrs & although they're all sad, especially when an innocent life is taken, Albert's story struck me very hard- the circumstance in which this occurred & most importantly, Albert, his genuine smile. Any loss is a big loss, but your family has lost un Angelito. This angel is looking over you now. God had bigger &  better things for him. Stay strong & God bless"

This tribute was added by mike Lartundo on 15th July 2013

"Para la familia Cardenas mi corazon I mi estomago se me hizo nudos verlos llorar por un crimen tan innecesario. Yo tambien perdi mi sobrinita de 11meses de nacida. Un hombre malo le quito su vida por ninguna razon. Gracias a dios que tenemos una gran familia Como la Sulla q emos podido segir viviendo nuestras vidas lo mejor possible. Yo Llore por su hijo I por ustedes. Que dios Los cuide."

This tribute was added by Miray Hahn on 15th July 2013

"I don't know who you are but I pray your soul is in the Lord's hands. Rest in peace, Albert!!"

This tribute was added by Natalie Carrera on 15th July 2013

"I have just finished watching The First 48 and I can definitely say I burst into tears. Although I am 2 years late on the episode it touched me so much. It made me so sad to see how this young boy got killed in such a horrible way. He had so much to offer to the world and unfortunately he had to leave so early. May justice be served and may Alberto rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Anay Aguilar on 15th July 2013

"So sorry about your loss!! I lost my nephew 3 yrs ago from an illness. What got our family to stay strong is to spread the love. We started to volunteer in homeless shelters, collected toys for kids suffering from cancer anything that we could help. The feeling of helping others connect us closer to my nephew. God bless your family!!! Keeping you in my prayers!!!"

This tribute was added by Cassandra Murillo on 15th July 2013

""I just seen the episode, and it broke my heart that such a young intelligent man had to be taken from this world in such a horrible way! I may not know you guys but I feel the pain! Your family and Albert will always be in my prayers!                                                                                                                 FLY HIGH AND SHINE BRIGHT ALBERT!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Monica Casique-Casasgrandes on 15th July 2013

"I just saw story on the first48 hours . I am in tears watching me as I don't know how anyone could do this to such a young man I pray for your family"

This tribute was added by Victoria Herrera on 15th July 2013

"Im watching The first 48, and i just saw Alberto's story. Im sorry about what happened to him. He will be dearly missed by friends and family. I'll know that I don't know you but I will pray for you. Your story touched my heart and it will always be with me. R.I.P Alberto"

This tribute was added by Edna Cardenas on 8th July 2013

"I miss u kid. Yr anniversary is a few weeks away n u know what that means..lots of tears n more sleepless nights. I love you little brother n guess what? Our sister is having a baby, yup ur gonna ne an uncle again, Amaris is so excited :) Im hoping for a boy so we can name him after u even if I named my son after u already."

This tribute was added by l chilson on 15th June 2013

"I watch first 48 all the time, but Alberts story struck me with such sadness. I'm so upset with the boys involved. My heart breaks for your beautiful family, please know that you ALL will be with him again someday. This reminds me of a Kenny Chesney song... "who you'd be today" What an angel of a son you all have!!! Sending prayers and love to you all."

This tribute was added by Stephanie Salgado on 13th June 2013

"Cardenas Family, Just want to let you all know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I pray to God to continue to give you strength and comfort to keep going until you are reunited with Albert in Heaven. O what a Glory day that will be... With lots of love, hugs & prayers...."

This tribute was added by david ortega on 13th June 2013

"Edna, our condolences to your family. I just watched the 48hr update and the senseless loss of Albert.  Albert is with our lord in paradise. You stay strong for your beautiful mother & family as you are the rock! God bless the Cardenas family. Mrs.Cardenas you are in my prayers."

This tribute was added by MykOz Soon on 12th June 2013

your episodez oN......maybe my 4th time coming across it:'(
Itz not right man"/:(....NOT FAIR?....."

This tribute was added by Sam Montano on 12th June 2013

"Hi Edna..Continued thoughts and prayers to your family..I have nephews that are the same age Albert was when he was called up to Heaven..And not sure how i would handle the loss of any of them, Stay strong and know that you have plenty of People out there praying for your Family... Please give your Mom a hug.. and God Bless..          take care"

This tribute was added by Johnnie Mae Butler on 12th June 2013

"I saw this story on "First 48" today.  I'm so sorry for Alberto's loss.  I hope God gives you comfort and peace so your memories of Alberto will be filled with smiles and joy."

This tribute was added by maryann barry on 12th June 2013

"I just saw the story of your brother Albertos senseless killing on the first 48hrs...and when i saw his beautiful face it touched me...i am so sorry for your loss...i pray that in time it will get easier as for myself i am greiving for the loss of my son at the age of 27....just remember all the wonderful memories you had together..and know that he is always with you...smiling :)"

This tribute was added by sharice jackson on 12th June 2013

"I just saw this story on first 48 and I can't believe the heart of his murderer. May he rest eternally in peace. I send my prayers to you and your family may God continue to keep you and know that your family has an angel."

This tribute was added by Althea Redpath on 12th June 2013

"A bright candle that was snuffed out so soon. A loved one taken. We should never have to bury our children. I saw the story on first 48  and was saddened by it. May God keep you close to him and continued blessing for your family. Only the good die young.....God just wanted you home...."

This tribute was added by Joy Lj on 13th May 2013


This tribute was added by Edna Cardenas on 12th May 2013

"Id like to thank every single one of u who take the time out to light a candle for my brother,  it means the world to know his story touches people and I do print these out and take them home to my mom..thank u all so much n god bless"

This tribute was added by Kristen Barnes on 11th May 2013

"I just recently saw "first 48" and I have seen a lot of these shows and yet somehow Alberts story touched my heart.. it angered me, made me cry and so many other emotions. I cant begin to tell you how sorry I am.. but May god bless your family and bring you to peace."

This tribute was added by sheba coleman on 11th May 2013

"Such a sad story that touched my heart and soul in so many ways because just like your family i had a cousin who at the age of 18 was robbed and murdered also and this to me is just another example of how the good really do die young and may his soul rest in peace but also allow his memories to forever live on because his spirit will always surrounded you due to your love displayed... 100%"

This tribute was added by Samantha Leach on 11th May 2013

"After seeing Albert's story I was heartbroken.  I am the mother of a 15 year old who will celebrate his 16th birthday in a few weeks.  I could not imagine experiencing this kind of pain.  I will keep your family in my prayers. To Albert's mother, I can see the pain in your eyes. My prayers will be directed to you especially. With LOVE!"

This tribute was added by Ashley Williams on 11th May 2013

"I just saw this very sad story and it is sad to know that people out there act like this everyday. I am sorry for your loss and your family is in my prayers !"

This tribute was added by Eddie Guillen on 27th April 2013

"I miss you Albert . Sometimes, when things get real bad for me and im at my lowest i think to myself if only you were here this would all go away and everything would be ok."

This tribute was added by sofia mayorga on 27th April 2013

"Just saw your sad story on first 48, I'm really sorry for your loss. This was a senseless act and I hope everyone involved gets punished.  You will be in my prayers, nothing can replace a loved one and you are right time does not make it better. May God bless your Family."

This tribute was added by Karen Romero on 27th April 2013

"I just saw the story in the first 48, Its sad how heartless people can do such a thing to an innocent young boy that was going to have a future May you rest in peace.. you're in a better place and god bless you and your family. Im so sorry for your lost. You'll be in my prayers."

This tribute was added by Jessica Valentin on 26th April 2013

"I just finish watching 48hr and this tragedy was very heart braking.  He looked like a really nice boy coming from a good family.  May you shine in heaven."

This tribute was added by Wendy R. on 9th April 2013

"Alberto, I may not have gotten the privilege to meet you but hearing about your story truly touched my heart. I can't imagine how scared you were while all of this senseless nonsense was going on in front of you, you did nothing wrong, you were only 15. At least you're now at peace, sleeping soundly, the best part is that there's no harm there. May you rest in peace. -Wendy Rodriguez"

This tribute was added by maria vaughn on 7th March 2013

"I always watch 48 hours but like many was very touched by Albert's story. Even though we never met him he touched our hearts. Rest In Peace little angel. We love you. Maria and family from Houston,TX"

This tribute was added by Bobby Calatayud on 7th March 2013

"I am just now watching this horrific tragedy unfold before my eyes on 48hrs. No time served by these three heartless individuals will do justice to ever replace the hurt & loss. Albert, will be always with you guys through spirit & memories. May he forever be in peace & be the guardian angel to you Edna & the rest of Cardenas familia."

This tribute was added by Henry Faunce on 2nd March 2013

"I've watched many episodes of the First 48 and none of them have touched me and broken my Heart like this one about Alberto. My prayers are sent to his wonderful family. May God Bless you all.. I'm SO sorry for your loss..."

This tribute was added by Carolyn L on 28th February 2013

"I am so moved from watching this story on the first 48. I was so touched from this story and my heart is so so sad from just hearing about this story. He was such a beautiful young boy and I could tell he was a sweetheart. I will continue to pray for your family. I cannot imagine what you are going through, but I can lift my prayers for Albert and for you. Blessings from Michigan--Carolyn"

This tribute was added by Kimberlye S on 28th February 2013

"This is such a wonderful tribute to your brother! I too lost a sibling ( Shannon Smith McCants) to senseless violence on November 21, 2006 in Jacksonville, FL. Some say they can understand, some say they know how you feel, but they don't. No one knows the pain that we feel,  but us! I will keep Alberto and your family in my prayers, and please do the same for Shannon and my family."

This tribute was added by Mari Borders on 28th February 2013

"I just watched your story about Alberto on The First 48 hrs.and it struck me really hard because my oldest son turns 16 today and I am very grateful for everyone of those years,I cannot imagine your grief or your loss but know that I am sending my love to your familia and will pray for you to stay strong."

This tribute was added by lisa alvarado on 28th February 2013

"May The Lord bless this family and give them the strength for the years to come. No family shouldnt have to go through a tragedy like this. My prayers are with you all. I'm sorry for your loss.

May he rest in paradise with the angels!"

This tribute was added by Byron Tonic on 27th February 2013

"Like many people posting here I just watched your familys story on The First 48.  I have two younger sisters and could never imagine losing either one. I pray that your brother Alberto's soul is resting in peace. I pray that your family finds comfort in the memories, love, and support you have with each other."

This tribute was added by Gary Brumley on 27th February 2013

"God Bless you wonderful family for standing up together and bringing down the house with a river of tears in tribute for your son and brother
Alberto Cardenas.   Let the memory of Alberto be with you forever.  Thank you for standing up to the world on camera with such gracious Love"

This tribute was added by Alisha F on 27th February 2013

"I'm so, so sorry to hear of your loss :-(
I heard about this horror on the first 48, and couldn't/still can't get over how senseless Alberto's death was.
I'm just so sorry that it had to happen.
With love from Jamaica."

This tribute was added by Julie Day Farthing on 6th February 2013

"I was sad to hear Albert's sister say that her future is less bright. I too lost my sister to murder. It's been 19 1/2 years...she was only 29 and had a beautiful future ahead of her. I didn't think I could survive losing her. I decided to embrace life in her honor. I chose to live my life in a very purposeful and meaningful way. Don't let the killer take your future too. Peace be with u"

This tribute was added by Edgar Verdin on 6th February 2013

"i have two older brothers, older sister, two younger brothers and two younger sister. so i understand having a big family and a special bond you create with them.sorry to hear bout your lost & i will pray for yall. i dont know yall or albert but this really hit my heart and i will dedicate my fights to albert this March coming up with yall permission only. Stay strong and with God."

This tribute was added by Regina Ayala-Alcantar on 6th February 2013

"I just saw the story about this senseless killing of a handsome young man... And I cried my eyes out because people are so heartless... This beautiful young man didnt have to die... I have a 17 year old boy and he will be held extra right tonight... Your family is so brave God have mercy on those young boys who did this..."

This tribute was added by Bobby Cantrell on 13th November 2012

"Just watched 48 hours and was so sorry for your loss. So glad they caught that young cold hearted thug and that he will spend the rest of his pathetic life behind bars. Bet he wasn't smiling once behind those prison walls and some of the other inmates got thru with him. Hope Alberto is in a more beautiful place now with no worries. Hope God eases your pain and emptiness."

This tribute was added by La'Tesha Livingston on 13th November 2012

"I just watched the story on first 48. I am saddened by this selfish act. Im glad that the young boy got life. But that will not bring ur brother back. Know that he is in heaven with God...at peace. Stay strong!"

This tribute was added by Donielle Prophete on 13th November 2012

"I just saw your story on the First 48 hours. It was so sad. My brother too was killed on April 3, 2010 and the First 48 hours taped our story also. Unfortunately, they never solved my brothers case, so my family has never found any closure. Watching you do your news story made me cry b/c I remember what that felt like. It's devastating losing a brother and I hope your family finds peace!"

This tribute was added by Carlos Barba on 13th November 2012

"Cardenas family I know its tough to lose a loved one especially so young. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family. Hopefully after a couple years ur able to smile at all the memories u have of Albert.  Great tribute page Edna. Cuida mucho a tu mama :)"

This tribute was added by Wendy Stasel on 1st November 2012

"I was up watching First 48, and I have 2 sons. My heart goes out to your mother and family. It makes me wanna keep my kids closer to me knowing that their are monsters out there that can just take a life. God will be with you always and hope your family are doing well... Rest in peace Angel ...."

This tribute was added by Benita Champs on 1st November 2012

"I just watch your story on tv and I live in Houston too. May God continue to heal your family. Albert you no longer has to deal with the troubles of this world may soul forever rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Sharon Lewis on 1st November 2012

"Just watched First 48. I am truly sorry that this happened to you and your family. It was so senseless. You have my deepest symphony. I will Pray for your family. May God watch and Protect over you in your time of despair."

This tribute was added by Pam Wilson on 1st November 2012

"Dear Cardenas family,
I am so sorry about the loss of your beautiful boy Albert. Please know that I and my family are praying for your peace and God's comfort as only he can. I am so sorry. He is safe in God's arms...you will meet again. God Bless"

This tribute was added by deliliah hall on 31st October 2012

"I just watched first 48 and searched anything i could find to talk 2  u bout wht i saw . My <3 dropped watchn this. i want to say to the family that ur baby boys' story wll 4ever b with me i feel ur pain tonite and want to say from the bottom of my <3 as a complete stranger i am so so sorry for ur loss. i know that wnt ease ur pain but all the way from connecticut i send my love sincerely"

This tribute was added by rocio guillen on 9th October 2012

"Cousin albert, i miss you so much i think about you constantly ...i love you big cousin i miss your laughs and your smile i know your watching over your family you made our family become stronger ....I dance and sing for you ..you inspired me to come out of my shyness and become who i am now..... R.i.P cousin i love you and miss you"

This tribute was added by Rebecca Hensley on 29th August 2012

"I will be praying for your family i am deeply sorry for your loss.Alberts life was really just beginning 16th birthday was so close so so sad and i know your in gods hands right now with angels flying around you god bless and  may he R.I.P."

This tribute was added by Rebecca Hensley on 29th August 2012

"I been watching 48 hrs. for a long time and this story here was so touching it was in deed the sadest show i had seen out of them all god bless this good kid whos life was stolen from him i have three sons ald it just makes you think it could have been my son or any one els may he R.I.P god bless this boys mother and family i feel really sad for the mother so sad."

This tribute was added by Ricardo Ellisora on 23rd August 2012

"I broke down and cried watching the Cardenas family's news conference concerning Alberto's death. I find it utterly sad that his young life was taken so ruthlessly by such a coward. A young man with many hopes and dreams stolen from his family, friends, and society is always tragic. I know that his family and friends are in God's hands and may he bring you all peace and comfort. God bless."

This tribute was added by kimberly lazala on 22nd August 2012

"I just watched the first 48 & this broke my heart to tears to see an innocent life lost in such a way. But I was happy to see there was justice for Albert. My heart & prayers are with his mother & family. That spiritual connection is never broken. God Bless! - Kim, Miami FL"

This tribute was added by Debbie Starick on 22nd August 2012

"I just watched he First 48 Hours, such an innocent life taken. This story bought tears to my eyes. My heart goes out to the "Cardenas Family" god bless you all. He will be watching over you and protecting you all. Mrs Cardenas I hope you find some peace. Take care and stay safe."

This tribute was added by angel garcia on 21st August 2012

"I also saw this story on 48 hrs and it broke my heart. It was so sad to see a senseless crime: that actual took someone so young from his love ones. My prays go out to the family and friends who knew this young man."

This tribute was added by Ronald Brooks on 10th August 2012

"I say your story on the first 48, there are no words that can express how I feel about this senseless act of violence.there is nothing I can say to all his family and friends but always remember God is in charge and he has a plan for all of us. Me and my family will keep Alberto Cardenas family and friends in our prayers that someday you will all meet again."

This tribute was added by LaToya Antoinette on 5th August 2012

"I saw this story on the first 48....I really hate this happened but it breaks my heart to know Albert was only 15..this crime is just sickning..my heart goes out to the family"

This tribute was added by Kay Walker on 3rd August 2012

"I have followed this story to see what the outcome would be, I feel he should have gotten DEATH!!!! Period Point Blank!!  He is a cold hearted killer and the smirk on his face, Are you serious????  There is no way I could sit in a room with him.  My sympathy to Alberts  family & friends. May God Bless You"

This tribute was added by Annabelle D on 3rd August 2012

"I could never imagine what it feels like to lose my brother, and I hope never to experience something that painful. This just makes me sick. What is wrong with society, human beings? What kind of children are we raising? To take lives of innocents like Albert? He hadn't even made it to a quarter of what his life could have been. So sad, so close to home. Albert may you rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Shauna Brandt on 3rd August 2012

"Dear Juana, Edna, Larry, Luis and Family,
My heart breaks for you all. I did not know
Albert, but I know that he was loved so very
much by all of you. His story stays with me.
I have two boys of my own and I can't
even imagine your pain. I am so very sorry
for your loss. May God bring you comfort."

This tribute was added by Terrina Barbee on 3rd August 2012

"I am so glad the low life who took away this bright light is where he belongs. Such a senseless, cold-hearted act of violence that took away such a young innocent life is despicable. May Alberto Rest In Peace and may the Grace of God be upon your family."

This tribute was added by Rachael Jonnes on 3rd August 2012

"I just watched the episode on First 48 and you and your family are in my prayers. You were such an amazing young man with a bright future ahead of you! You were loved by so many and touched the lives of several people some of whom you've never even met. Rest easy..."

This tribute was added by Dallas Ratliff on 2nd August 2012

"I saw what happend to Alberto on the first 48. I just wanted to say how saddened I am by what happend to a innocent bright young man. My heart is heavy I will be praying for you. May God continue to comfort you.  Alberto is now a beautiful Angel looking down and watching over all of you!"

This tribute was added by hersh zobeir on 2nd August 2012

"Hi. My name is hersh and I was watching the First 48, I always watch this show but something about it being about you just hit my heart. I'm 18 and my birth day is also September and I'm also in Texas, DFW. When I saw what they did I almost cried. What he did was fucked up in so many ways. I hope your family finds comfort. Your family and friends miss you. Rest In Peace."

This tribute was added by Stephy Morales on 2nd August 2012

"Today a tear falls for you and your family Albert. I know you're in a better place than this cruel cold blooded world but just know we miss you buddy. I won't forget the day our sets connected on the marching band field and they made us stand with our horns up and oh whispered " ohhh hell nahhh" and I tried to hold in my laughter because I was thinking the exact same thing. RIP, love you."

This tribute was added by Marcia Jones on 2nd August 2012

"I just watched this episode on the first 48 and this story really broke my heart! Alberto's story is still touching people all over the world and I pray that God continues to bring comfort to this family......."

This tribute was added by SANDRA RAILEY on 2nd August 2012

"My prayers, go out to you and your family I watched this episode on first 48 and I can't believe someone could take an innocent life. I watched the update and I am glad to know that young man has been taken off the streets. I know this does not make life any easier for you but just know God is with you....."

This tribute was added by deSiReE seRraNo on 1st August 2012

"...i swWweEeaAarRrr..thiS morNiNGg..i dONt know?.butTtt...this ePisOde of 'firSt48'poPpeD iNto My heAd?"/.sO i grab my phone & seArch..seArch for aNythiNg about your stOry?&.here this iz?:'(itz beyoNd uNfair?yeswere straNgerz?but i just waNna say.or'TYPE' that yOu&ur faMily will 4eVer be iN my thoughtz.rest iN peAce albert*.fOreVer LiViNg youNg---->bAdqueEN sOoNeR oNe 805 cAlifOrNiA•"

This tribute was added by Amy Rodriguez on 27th July 2012

"Another year yet I still remember this story from First 48. Last night as I watched some episodes they showed the preview to this same case but what happens after the first 48. It will come out on August 2,2012. May God bless and keep your family during this time of sorrow and give y'all peace and strength."

This tribute was added by ronnie kan on 24th June 2012

"just saw the 48hours featuring your brother . My condolences to you and your family from London England.  Im praying for you."

This tribute was added by Edna CArdenas on 23rd April 2012

"For those of you who have followed my brothers case. Erron Nolley has been convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison with the possiblilty of parole in 40 years. Thank you all for all your love and support.."

This tribute was added by Nena LaMorena on 28th March 2012

"I listen to your songs today n always keep your picture in my wallet we miss you so much July 27 marks two yrs since you were taken away your trial is going on n we pray for justice stay by your family side I know your watching mom keep your arms around her she needs you we all miss you soooo much I know we will reunite again n I can't wait till that day gets here. We love u n miss u alway"

This tribute was added by Jessica Carrillo on 5th March 2012

"heyy Albert , I still cant belive ur gone :( it getting close to another year with out u. I hope ur fam is doing good may u rest in peace ur always in my prayers and I know one day we are going to see each othet and laught like we would always do u were like a brother to mee since u were always at my moms house :)) I have the best memories of us, I wish I can tell u this in person I love u"

This tribute was added by Edna Cardenas on 14th September 2011

"For those of u who have tried geting in touch with me by email, sorry i haven't responded, I am on maternity leave but I saw today all the love and support. Thanks so much, I told my mom that to this day there are still people who are sending their love!!"

This tribute was added by Ronnie Diaz on 6th September 2011

"Familia Cardenas, Very sorry to hear/see on 48 hrs about your loss. may The Almighty God comfort you every time your hearts get sad. Edna, this is a great way to make sure your brother's memory lives on! God Bless!"

This tribute was added by Nena LaMorena on 1st September 2011

"Happy birthday lil cousin i miss you soo much i wish you were here n i love you a ton! the love n support n prayers that we get from every one around in the world is amazing you touch so many lives i love you baby boy!"

This tribute was added by Celeste Nunn on 1st September 2011

"Hey Alberto today is your B-day&it made me think about our memories came alive again:) Tell me why i couldnt stop forgetting lunch at hamilton&that"dare"HaaaHaaa OMG it was soooo crazy,but it made me realize that life is to short and you just have live off your gut.Love Ya RIP"

This tribute was added by Edna Cardenas on 1st September 2011

"Happy Birthday little brother! I know you're in a beautiful place celebrating. We love and miss you dearly. We will all be at moms later to celebrate your birthday and thank u for all those beautiful memories. WE LOVE YOU FOREVER!"

This tribute was added by Amy Rodriguez on 1st September 2011

"Happy Birthday Alberto. I didnt know you personally however ,you been I'n my thoughts ever since that episode i saw. I hope your in a happy place and watching over your family."

This tribute was added by stacy w on 1st September 2011

"Happy Birthday Alberto. i didn't know you, but i can feel the beautiful aura that you had. i know you were such a special person. look out for your family. i know they miss you dearly. god bless."

This tribute was added by Gia Marie on 23rd August 2011

"I saw this episode and first 48 the other day and since then have not been able to stop thinking about it because my cousin (19 years old) was taken from us the same way.  May God bless your family always; heaven has gained another beautiful angel and his memory live forever."

This tribute was added by Kathy Cooper on 21st August 2011

"Our son, Elder Cooper, shared with us the story of your wonderful Albert and we watched with saddness your 48 Hours episode. Albert's goodness shines through. You must miss him so much but we know you will see him again one day and your saddness will turn to perfect joy."

This tribute was added by walter cortes on 19th August 2011

"So sorry for your lost,Alberto looked like a great kid this is the first Episode that almost brought me to tears out of sadness and anger at the same time,but those guys will pay this life or the next, just know that heaven has a beautiful Angel looking down @ u n your family."

This tribute was added by stacy w on 19th August 2011

"This story just breaks my heart. I saw this on 48 hours. I am so sorry this has happened to your beautiful son, brother, your family. I can't stop thinking about it. I wish I could bring Alberto back and torture the scum that did this to him. Again, I'm sorry!!!!"

This tribute was added by Amy Rodriguez on 19th August 2011

"I was extremely moved by Alberts story after watching it on First 48. I can't imagine the pain the family has had to go through. My thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you . Knowing this tragic accident happen so close to my own home makes me feel more sad."

This tribute was added by Sumer Darshaee' on 19th August 2011

"I Juss saw the First 48 and i thought that i would take the time and look you up! Im so sorry you had to go through that and i couldnt imagine that happening to me. TO HIS FAMILY IM SORRY FOR YOUR LOST! :("

This tribute was added by Edna CArdenas on 26th July 2011

"Tomorrow will be a year :(....every night i go to bed wishing to see you in my dreams. I thank god for letting me yr sister for almost 16 yrs but that wasnt long enough. I love you and miss you...."

This tribute was added by DIANE HUTTO on 25th July 2011

"After watching 48hrs I was moved by this story. I was angry and saddened at the same time. I have been thinking about this boy ever since then and send all my Love and Prayers to him and his family who I know is missing him today."

This tribute was added by Edna CArdenas on 2nd July 2011

"Hey little brother, mom,dad, Julian,Amaris, Ana, Araceli,John,Louis and myself miss you every second of everyday. Going to moms is not the same, I pull up everyday hoping I could walk into your room and see you playing Halo. We love you very much and miss you!!"

This tribute was added by Daisy Gomez on 1st July 2011

"I can't imagine the pain the Cardenas family members have gone through. After watching the story on first 48 I was very moved by Alberto's unfortunate death. I said a prayer for him and for his family. My deepest sympathies to the Cardenas family."

This tribute was added by Kelly R on 17th June 2011

"I am so sorry you were taken from your family like that. I did not know you but you looked like a great person and your family and friends were lucky to know you. I hope you are resting in peace and I hope those p.o.s people get what they deserve. Yo"

This tribute was added by Rokeya Bogan on 14th June 2011


This tribute was added by Anthony Rosario on 14th June 2011

"I've watched many episodes on first 48 most of the incidents drug and gang related but the story about your brother was really touching because it was so random and it just comes to show that it could happen to anybody. May he rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Rosie Lopez on 14th June 2011

"I watching the First 48 and thats when I saw Albert was a victim... Im prayers go out to his family. The hurt and pain Albert family is going thru. Albert will forever be with yall guys, he is always watching over each and every one especially to his"

This tribute was added by Victoria Alexis Farris on 13th June 2011

"Omqee !
We All Gonna Miss Youu Berto .
I Give Prayers To The Family .
Even Thouqh Youu Leftt Us At A Early Aqee ,
We All Know Youu Are In A Speical Placee Now. <3"

This tribute was added by sela talamantes on 13th June 2011

"it's sela, so i'm new to this website but i HAD to make one, i love you albert and miss you boy, you mean the whole wide world to me <3 i'll be back on soon so it's 1:33 in the morning and i'm STILL thinking of you... "even though you gone we STILL a"

This tribute was added by Estella Galindo on 12th June 2011

"Well I finally got to see first 48....it left me sooo angry...to see this...and to see the horrible people faces ..I send all my love to u edna and ur mom...I've knw u edna since high school and I knw u are  strong ....love ya..."

This tribute was added by Edna CArdenas on 11th June 2011

"Hey brother, your episode on The first 48 aired on Thursday and you touched so many people. You always told me you were going to be famous and on Tv, I hate that t happened this way but you were right. I love you and miss you more  than ever. Visit m"

This tribute was added by Melissa Balogh on 11th June 2011

"I just saw the story on 48 hrs. This is the first that brought me to tears. May god bless you and your family. Albert you looked like a wonderful boy. I have 2 sons and this episode truly touched me. Your family loves you so much! So sad."

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