God Bless Alex Kovaleff

Shared by Bill D’Andrea on January 15, 2019

I look forward to attending & celebrating the life of Alex Kovaleff.  Although many years have passed, I was lucky enough to know the Kovaleff Family.  God Bless Gladys (whom is a tremendous lady as well) and  Toby & Trish, Kirk & Debbie and Mike & Kristine. I was just a kid at Cubberley when I would go across the street to their home. Alex was a big, strong man, but very kind to us kids.  Gladys was the playground ( Cubberley) noon duty adult & was also so wonderful to everyone.  My parents knew them well & my younger brother thought of them as 2nd parents in the 70’s & early 80’s. They welcomed my brother Jeff to their escape in Johnson Valley.  I remember Plaza L.L. & Whaley Park ( Thomason Compressor). God Bless the entire family! May the happiness of his great memory keep you close to him forever!

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