Alex Litovsky's Life and Art (By Roman Litovsky)

Shared by The Litovsky Family on March 3, 2020
Alex had two great teachers in the middle school: in English literature and in Art.

The art teacher was Ms. Varga - a petite skinny woman of Hungarian descent who from the day one told all students that they can do great art even if they believe otherwise.Alex was convinced. And from that moment every drawing, painting, sculpture or ceramics design he met with enthusiasm and energy.The culprit of their art class was a huge school wall mural where every student had about 2 square feet of space to put mysterious animals, fish and other objects, different from each other but still joined with the same theme.

All later years Alex was mostly engaged with computers and Internet – to his unique luck his life and Internet one aligned perfectly.But many year later the need to express himself differently led him again to painting.He developed a unique style of complicated imagery, sometimes having realistic shapes, sometimes – abstract, with colorful spectral content, mysterious form and infinite possibilities for the interpretation. He loved animals, especially cats, so he created multiple painting inspired by his four paws friends.These images he printed on the T-shirts as an attempt to create a business.But that was Alex:he created an art and moved ahead. Doing business was not his main passion.

His year long voyage to the Thailand filled him with visions of the very different nature that was reflected in many paintings surprising with energy, sophistication of the line patterns and color palette.

Art was his outlet for mental balance, self-realization and safe harbor for his vulnerable and frequently hurt soul.That save him from insanity during his unhappy life in Maine with long –long winter, snow and cold - both physical and emotional.Puerto Rico felt like a warm paradise – with sun, ocean and slow relaxing life.Alex quickly found that there were many people around him who were also very vulnerable, depressed and in deep pain. That brought all of them together – they were alike!

And Alex proposed his art as a token of a friendship:he brought art supplies, paper and his warm nature to create a community: to make art together, to share time and meals together, to help each other.And Puerto Rico, as we learned, can be both a paradise and a hell, depending on the G’ds wrath.

Many people came to me during my short 3 day visit after Alex tragic incident and expressed deep love to Alex, gratitude for how his life affected theirs, for inspiration and example that such sincere open and fair person can exist and can radiate the warms for all around him – free from any prejudices.

Alex is not with us any more… My heart is torn apart, my dear son is dead.He will not say:hey dad, how are you?And his phone will never ring again.My life will never be the same – I feel sorry and guilty for all what I could but never did enough for Alex.He struggled for his way in life by himself, getting not much help and concealing his deep problems…

I learned my lesson that is as old as life itself, but everyone must discover, sometimes by paying a steep price:give you love to people who you love -now.Tomorrow may be too late.

My only wish is – to swap with Alex our places – he has just started his new life, found the place where he felt at home, found the girl that was kind, smart and worth to be loved and had all to fulfill the wildest dreams that any human may have.Alas, it was cut short on February 24, 2020.

We love you, Alex – you were much better than I appreciated – forgive me for that.I hope - your life will continue in beats and pieces in hundreds of people who you met, inspired, encouraged and enlightened.

Rest in peace, our dear son Alex Litovsky!

By Daniel Laster Berger

Shared by The Litovsky Family on March 10, 2020

I met Sasha when I was 12 years old. His backpack was definitely heavier than him and it felt like he was about to tip over at any moment. He always had the coolest band T-shirts on and we realized quickly that we loved all the same music movies and counterculture icons. We quickly became best friends and he introduced me to Greg and Mike who would be my best friends in middle school. We then started the revolutionary anarchist youth of Massachusetts. We didn’t know anything about politics but god damn we we’re passionate about it! We would roam about Boston going to punk shows and “fighting the man” whoever that was. We would walk to the t and take the train into Harvard square to see Noam Chomsky or go to our favorite underground punk show. We raved, we partied, and we lived life to the fullest!

Sasha taught me everything about music, counter culture and books. I remember Sasha hacked into the department of defense and even crashed the spice girl’s website at 16 years old! Although being a brilliant programmer, we both struggled in school and felt like outcasts but both learned to love and embrace that which made us different. We hung out in yellow at newton north which is where all the outcasts, gay and deaf kids hung out. We were in Gay straight alliance, we would debate politics with teachers and skip class to discuss William Burroughs and Hunter S Thomson or go to Crystal Lake or wander around in the woods near newton north.

We did everything together and there is almost never a memory from my childhood where Sasha wasn’t there. Going to Harvard Sq., Newbury Street, punk shows, protests, Food not bombs, raves, and music festivals. We laughed raged together and cried together. I remember my mother’s funeral at 17 and looking in the back of the room and seeing Sasha, Greg and Mike in the back of the room and how much that meant to me.

I remember when Sasha first introduced me to Lev and how we spent whole summers boating on the lake, going to concerts and partying in Swampscott with Lev. I remember laughing so much it hurt. It destroyed Sasha when Lev died. He loved Lev so much and I’m glad they are together again.

Sasha was so fucking proud of his friends. His favorite thing to do was brag about how well everyone was doing. We had a hard childhood filled with a lot of loss and confusion and he loved seeing everyone pulling themselves out of hard times and he would tell me often how proud of me he was. He would love telling me about Ezra’s music or Jay’s restaurant or Greg’s kids. He would love telling me about his father’s newest invention at Bose or his nieces and nephews achievements. Sasha taught me so much about loving the underdog and never giving up on people. He loved people so much and so hard. I remember telling him to forget about this person or you need to get rid of that person but he would never let go or give up on the ones he loved. There was a period of time when he probably should have gave up on me and he never ever did.

In the final analysis I think the true test of a human being is how he touched the ones around us. I’ve met a lot of people in my life that have been touched by Sasha and not one of them wasn’t overwhelmed by the love and happiness they felt after meeting him. He was genuinely interested and excited by the people around him. I have never in my 23 years of friendship heard him getting into an argument or disagreement with anyone. I have never heard him say anything bad word about anyone or anyone say an ill word behind his back. He was pure love. Since his passing Ive gotten hundreds of texts and messages on fb from people who loved him. Random old friends or ex gfs or childhood friends who even if they only met him a few times loved Sasha so much. Even my younger brother remember how Sasha was always the nicest to him out of all my friends and always made him feel welcome. He truly touched so many people’s lives in a positive way. I can only hope to leave that kind of impact on this earth.

He always had a big smile on his face even when he was hurting. Over this last year he came and visited me twice in la. We had a great time but it was evident to me that he was not in great place. We had some great heart to hearts and discussed some practical ways to take some steps to improve his life. We went and got a cabin in the woods up to big bear outside of LA. We went hiking every day and we had a blast. We were loving life and so happy to be together. We went and saw our favorite band from our childhood and it was amazing. I talked to him almost every week in the last few months. He seemed so happy and was finally back to his old self. He found a woman he loved and was getting back to loving his life in Puerto Rico.

I’m so angry he is gone and really not ready to say goodbye. I’m not ready to accept that he will never again fling open my door and fly into the room with 4 backpacks, papers flying everywhere carrying 6 computers, 3 cell phones and him rambling on to me about some virtual reality brain machine or 3 different business he plans to start or that warm hug and smile that I will always associate with Sasha. But I always remember what it was like to be loved by him. I never ever felt judged or unaccepted by him. He always loved me with every inch of his heart and that’s how he treated everyone he met. Whether it was his family or a friend or a random stranger on the side of the street. To quote our friend Eyal “His passing only encourages me to live better, even cleaner and open my heart even wider”. I love you Sash

To the family and other loved ones of Alex, by Yousef Mourtaza

Shared by The Litovsky Family on March 3, 2020

To the family and other loved ones of Alex,

I share the hurt of losing him only a fraction of what you do, I’m sure, because I had the fortune of knowing him only since November of 2018, when I began working with him.

From the first day I spoke with him, literally the very first day I got to talk with him, he was the most welcoming person. He made me feel at home in our very intense work environment, and gave me the confidence that I could succeed. I openly told him I wasn’t sure I could be successful, and he made it clear he would not let me fail, or go under, or struggle. Alex would spend literally hours helping me on stuff which was absolutely beginner to me, and that he was an expert at. He did not need to, but he was so generous and big hearted.

Over time he grew from being my coworker to one of my closest friends who I’d talk with the most. We would talk about everything. He would tell me about his new life in Puerto Rico. How he was living it up, so excited to be starting a new life. He would tell me about the running groups he was a part of, how great his social life was going, and simply how much he was enjoying work. There were days when he’d tell me he found WiFi at the beach, in order to work while watching the ocean.

Alex shared with me his incredible passion for life. He was truly fearless when going for what he wanted. He did not see limits on so many things which would intimidate most people. He would share with me his stories from the week or weekend, and I’d tell him how much he inspired me to go do more in my personal life, because he would leave me in awe. We had a really fun back and forth of trying to one up each other with stories that would make the other person go “WOW” with. It’s so rare to get to meet someone who is that excited to wake up every day and live life all out.

The only limit he gave himself is when it came to teaching. He told me had a desire to teach but was a bit hesitant. And I was like “Alex, how could you possibly even question that? You have been teaching me since day 1! You’ve been teaching everyone else new to the team as well! You can connect with everyone easily and you have the knowledge… how could you have any hesitation about this?!”

The last time I saw him, we were trying to catch a Lyft to a team dinner for work. We were in Washington DC, on M Street in Georgetown, in the middle of traffic. We were standing on the sidewalk, trying to find our Lyft driver, who’s car was somewhere in the mix of other cars, packed in the street during rush hour.

Alex is on the phone trying to guide him to us. Finally, Alex sees him. We’re on the other side of the street, and Alex goes “STAY RIGHT THERE! I SEE YOU”.

Alex says this to our driver who is in a car that’s two lanes over, in a SEA of cars, with drivers who are NOT HAPPY, about being in gridlock.

I hear the driver on the speaker phone. “Uhhhhhhhhhhhh.. you know I’m in the middle of the street, right…?

Alex goes “Yup. It’ll just be a second”.

Cars were immediately honking at us. Specifically, I remember a woman flicking me off with both of her hands as I tried apologizing. Meanwhile, Alex is calmly walking up to the Lyft, like Lebron James walks over to the bench when the Lakers are up by 20 points.

We get in the car, and Alex goes, “hey wait a minute, we’re not even going in the right direction”. I was like “Alex… You just got me cussed out by half of DC.”

He says, “Don’t worry, we’re about to go have an awesome dinner and they won’t”.

To say he was such an incredible friend or amazing person isn’t enough. Anybody who got to be close to him knows how special Alex was. Hearing of his passing was disbelief and shock and hurt to me, as I know it was to all of you. 

We’re all broken hearted, we’re all going to miss him. It hurts a lot knowing I can’t pick up the phone and text him or give him a call just to share stories and re-ignite each other’s passion for life. What I can do though, anytime I’m at a crossroads in life, is have his spirit with me, and always make that jump if I ever feel down.

Rest in Peace to my great friend, Alex Litovsky. Will miss you forever bro.

A Loving Uncle

Shared by The Litovsky Family on March 1, 2020
Sasha was an amazing uncle who loved his nieces and nephews so much. He would visit them often, play with them. He often brought them paints and crayons and they created art together. They often discussed how they would explore the world through VR together and how they would open and manage an online store to sell merchandise with Sasha's art. He had many dreams and ideas that inspired his nieces and nephews. They loved him so much and will miss him always.

Sasha's Art

Shared by The Litovsky Family on March 1, 2020
Sasha was a very talented artist. He loved to paint and created beautiful paintings. He also encouraged others to draw and paint. He would even bring crayons and markers to a local community center and encourage people to create art. Art was an important part of his life and a way to inspire and help others.

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