married to Shirley Marie Morrison in 1955.

daughters: Cheryl Ann and Deborah Lee

Son: Bradley Alex

Son-in-laws: Gord Timmerman and David Barber

Grandchildren: Chirs, Andy, Martin, Laura and Mathew.

Siblings:  Jim, Lois, Mike, June, Elgin, Ken and Pat.

Lived in Owen Sound and then moved to Guelph where he played hockey.  The Galt Terriers won the Allan Cup in 1961 and then went on and won a Silver in the World Championships in 1962 in Denver, Colorado.  Unfortunately, they had lost to Sweden.

He hauled lumber back in the day.  He could have played hockey for the Montreal Canadians back then, but beleive it or not, there was more money to be made with hauling the lumber.

He worked at King's for years, which became Miller Paving.  He also ran the tow truck.  I remember he would get up in the wee hours of the night to go on a call.

On weekends, he got to play.......Sometimes, he and mom would babysit.  I remember him pushing Laura and Matt around the yard in his wheelbarrel.  He liked to BBQ.  Unfortunately, he like to sear the food black before we could eat it.

He did alot of cooking when mom went back to work.  He put a couple of T.V. dinners in the oven and then went to pick mom up at work.  They got home and the house was smokey.  He forgot to take the dinners out of the box before he put them in the oven.  Thankfully, no damage was done..........he did make some awesome fried cheese, though.