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One Great Uncle

November 22, 2011

Uncle Alex was like a second father to us. If we did something good, he didn't hestitate to tell you. If you did something wrong; he didn't hestitate to let you know.

Mom was a long time once we lost him to sit by the phone Sunday mornings. You see Uncle Alex always called Mom that morning to talk. So I had to start calling her Sunday mornings to help make her smile.

If you ever needed help, advice etc; he was the one you could go to.

Remember the pole at the back of the house. Members of my family took turns painting the top of it white.

I remember granny babysitting us and she took us to one of his hockey games. Uncle Alex got real mad at one player and the referee was right there. uncle Alex was yelling at the referee. He didn't take shit off of anyone. We kept hollowing "hit him Uncle Alex"

I remember the year dick and I got engaged. Uncle Alex and Aunt Shirley and Mom and Dad went to Florida. uncle Alex had bought a new shiny pinky ring which you could tell he loved.







November 22, 2011

Remember the garage full of old license plates nail to the walls.....He'd spend alot of time sitting in the garage, with a cold beverage, of course.  Remember seeing him leaning to the side as he sat in his chair.  lol

At Xmas time, he always had a drink for whomever dropped in.  There were alot of visitors back then.

Loved to play cards, but loved his practical jokes

If you need a favour or help, you could count on him!!!   Great at making arrangements.   He was a big help when I got married 32 years ago......He wasn't allowed to drink until after the wedding.  He was a nervous wreck, but hid it pretty good.  He played catch up after the wedding, which was o.k.  We all did!!!

He had a good "run" in his hockey days.  We've got some treasured trinkets and pictures and memories.  He certainly did love the limelight back then.  Not many can say that they have won the Allan Cup in 1961 and then a Silver Medal from  the World Championships in 1962.

He loved hanging out with his brothers and sisters.  Lots of trouble and good times were had back then.....





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