This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved Alexander Eyong Tatah so that his loved ones and friends can share their memories, tributes and prayers. May the light he brought into all our lives keep shining. 
 We will remember him forever.
Posted by Patricia Shinkombwe on June 9, 2021
Rest in Glory my friend Alexander Eyony Tatah.its really sad to learn of your passing 3 days ago.iam lost for words encouraged me on alot of things about life,you became a father to me in many were a humble man who never looked down on people.what an azaming person you were.indeed this world is not our home.Rest in enternal peace my dearest friend, condolences from the republic of Zambia.
Posted by Beatrice Nono on June 6, 2021
Repose en paix mon bienfaiteur.
Tes précieux conseils, ton attention parternelle, ton soutien de toute nature et toutes ces blagues amusantes me manqueront.
Béni soit le jour que nos chemins se sont croisés il y a 20 ans.
Je suis orpheline pour la deuxième fois.
Mes vives et sincères condoléances à toutes la famille particulièrement aux orphelins.
Mon Dieu quelle épreuve, que c'est dur...
MERCI pour tout "Young man" comme je t'appelais affectueusement.
Une grande âme ne meurt jamais.
Doux REPOS éternel.
Ta petite têtue.
Posted by Niaz Bushrui on May 29, 2021

For those of us who thought we bid farewell to Our dear brother Alex, let them know that we just welcomed him amongst us…. Welcome my dear brother!!
Posted by Farokh Bidanjiri on May 28, 2021
Today, we attended a beautiful memorial service in memory of our beloved Eyong Alexander Tatah. His spirit brought a diverse group of people together in love and remembrance of his memorable service to the Cause of God. Fari and I join in offering our deepest condolences to his bereaved family members and to the Cameroonian Baha'i Community.
Posted by Che Gana Wamucho on May 28, 2021
A Fine Heart

A man with a fine heart who was kind and gentle even to those he knew little about. I Knew TEA (as he was fondly called) in the professional circles but hardly knew him in person but when I came to Addis ten years ago in 2011 to attend an interview, he was almost reprimanding another Cameroonian colleague interpreter for not letting him know I was around. And it didn’t end there. He made it almost a point of duty to treat me to supper later in the evening . I was simply touched! Go well and rest well big brother.
Posted by Niaz Bushrui on May 27, 2021
From the Seven Valleys of Baha’u’llah:

The last valley towards which the wayfarer can strive is 'The Valley of True Poverty and Absolute Nothingness'--'the furthermost state of mystic knowers, and the farthest homeland of the lovers'.11 'This station', Bahá'u'lláh affirms,
is the dying from self and the living in God, the being poor in self and rich in the Desired One. Poverty as here referred to signifieth being poor in the things of the created world, rich in the things of God's world. For when the true lover and devoted friend reacheth to the presence of the Beloved, the sparkling beauty of the Loved One and the fire of the lover's heart will kindle a blaze and burn away all veils and wrappings. Yea, all he hath, from heart to skin, will be set aflame, so that nothing will remain save the Friend.12
Posted by Neissan Bushrui on May 26, 2021
Dear ones,

I have been thinking and am still not sure what to say. Many things have already been conveyed, and in much better words than I could put them in. I can only express my deepest condolences for this physical separation. I do stress “physical” because –as the Master teaches us– “Those who have ascended have different attributes from those who are still on earth, yet there is no real separation.” “In prayer there is a mingling of station, a mingling of condition. Pray for them as they pray for you! When you do not know it, and are in a receptive attitude, they are able to make suggestions to you, if you are in difficulty.”

I do believe we are all truly joyful that Uncle Eyong’s life has really begun. That does not mean he will not be dearly missed. My memories of him are not so much what he did as what he was like. I remember him being genuinely kind and showing interest in people. I would always be happy to see him, I felt that his presence brought joy and serenity. I do not necessarily always remember the words he said. I can, however, never forget the way he said them. His voice was soothing, and he cracked the best jokes. And he always smelled great! I am extremely proud that he is a part of my life.

It is now up to us to continue serving as he did, outdoing ourselves, and celebrating him, as I have no doubt they are all doing right now in the Abhá Kingdom where he and dear Aunty Julienne both have a place of honor.

All my love to my dear sisters and brother, Sandra, Yvonne, Julian. I can already picture us with grandchildren, talking about “it was only yesterday...” Let us make the most of our time here. The Grand Reunion will come soon enough!
Posted by N M on May 26, 2021
Tonton Alex, les yeux rieurs, d'une expression calme, simple, attentive et pleine de sagesse. Je me souviens de ces moments de grâce partagés avec toute la famille Tatah. La merveilleuse éducation donnée à vos enfants. Votre persévérance, votre ardeur, ainsi que la force de caractère. Vous avez été et resterez un pilier qui a marqué toute notre communauté sur le plan national, international et sur toutes les générations. Il y a tant à dire mais je préfère m'arrêter là. Merci pour vos enseignements. Mes chaleureuses salutations à Tata Julienne. Nous pensons bien à vous. Ce n'est qu'un aurevoir... ♡

Posted by NKUO CHONGWAIN BEDE Colli... on May 26, 2021
[06:45, 23/05/2021]
Yes Alex, fare you well.
Indeed, you have signed out in a particular way, leaving a unique signature.
At Addis, AU H/Q, you were serving among the best of the continent's Administrators, coming from your country's Zenith, the Presidency of the Republic from where you did what you excelled at.
Your profession as Translator/Interpreter suited you to the point that you 'genetically' transmitted it to your offspring as an activity, without it being a profession, due to their already fully occupied hands.
And when we consider that you are following your late dear wife who signed out a while ago, it appears you were resigned to meet her where she left to.
  Your profile henceforth wore a stoic frown with a clean shave following her demise. These elements seemed to beg the question of your search to encounter her for your both lives were so enter twined that those who came close enough could not fail to notice (..permit me drop some tears..).your unity/oneness as a couple that symbolized village harmony between Bafia and Mamfe.
In effect, your both names derived unto your children to yield ..ALExSANDRA for your first and JULIENNE/JULIAN for your last child, respectively girl and boy.
And the Almighty bountifully blessed you with a genius in this first, a national hero (Best bilingual student at A level GCE some years back, just like the last for admission into/performance at The National Advanced School of Engineering with flying colors. And as you put it yourself ' he placed you at the public square...”Il m'a placé au Carrefour”.
Then your demise reminds us, not only to be ever ready, for one never knows when, but above all, that 'THE EARTH IS BUT ONE COUNTRY AND MANKIND ITS CITIZENS’.
Your two children called from the UK to enquire (son in law and daughter), your son from HAÏFA (ISRAEL), and from Yaoundé, your home base, your other daughter Yvonne moved to your side to see you off. Then your school/classmates BIGSEA 69 and professional mates from USA, AFRICA, CAMEROON, Bahai Friends from all over the world: Canada, Russia, Europe, Asia, etc...They all called and prayed. THEY EXPRESSED THEIR LOVE hoping you recover soonest. BUT GOD LOVES YOU MORE.
And as your religious principle so wants it, your enterment takes place at ADDIS ABABA, to respect movement of mortal remains for not more than one hour.
THE EARTH IS BUT ONE COUNTRY WE recall. You were a citizen of the world, born in Lagos, you grew up/studied/worked in Cameroon and Africa, travelling to Israël and other Holy places.
Indeed, you were a very generous person and GOD bountifully blessed you. We are greatly humbled as we look back at your life with the constancy in religious work, your professional work and above all, for the beautiful family you leave behind. WE owe you support and prayers for their continued unity.
You molded CITIZENS of the EARTH and you depart to the nether world to meet your better half in the Abha Kingdom.
Posted by Carole Love on May 26, 2021
My Grandpa, tonton Tatah. Thank you for being a role model in my life I will always carry in my heart. I will forever miss you.
Posted by Emmanuel Kamgang on May 26, 2021
It grieves me to talk of TEA in the past tense, yet that is how he will henceforth be talked of - in the past tense. TEA was a colleague, a friend and a brother to me. Long after we had both left the Translation Service of the Presidency of Cameroon, he continued to respectfully call me “Chief EMK”, even though l was chief no more. TEA was a gentleman in an age where gentlemen are a rare breed. He was peace-loving and soft-spoken, blessed with a wonderful ability to keep his cool even in the heat of an argument. His friends and associates knew that any attempt to lure him into a shouting match was an exercise in futility. TEA’s patience was legendary; he was never too busy to help out anyone in difficulty, or to offer a word of advice and encouragement. We will miss you TEA. May your gentle soul rest in peace!
Posted by Frank Mugyenyi on May 26, 2021
Dear Uncle Alexander

You will be forever missed we mourn your departure but celebrate your life especially the contribution that you gave your continent Africa. Rest in Peace my Brother.

Frank Dixon Mugyenyi
African Minerals Development Centre (AMDC)
Posted by Claudine Ambe on May 25, 2021
Uncle Eyong Tatah, humility, kindness, gentle and service oriented are the qualities that defined you. You shed boundless love on all you met and were a great man! You and auntie Julienne raised 3 amazing Baha'i children who are as service oriented as you were. Your humble posture at Baha'i Conventions and events where you acted as a translator and would stand with both hands crossed infront of you and your head slightly bowed, your sense of humor and Pilgrimage in Haifa are unforgettable memories.
You accomplished your mission on earth, left a special legacy and now reunited with your beloved wife!! We've learned a lot from you uncle and pray your beautiful souls continue to soar higher and progress towards the Almighty Father.
Posted by Esther Abouem on May 25, 2021
Monsieur tatah,
Mon ami d'une autre génération, mon conseiller, mon tonton. Pendant plus de 10 ans tu as été la pour moi, tes conseils ta patience et ton amitié ont beaucoup compté pour moi, ton intégrité, ta loyauté et ta fidélité ont marqués la jeune personne que j'étais.

Alex ton départ me fait mal, nous n'avions pas fini de parler, ni même de faire nos buzness.

Alex mon ami ton départ me fait mal....

Mais qui suis je pour contredire le Père !

Adieu mon ami
Adieu mon conseiller
Adieu mon tonton....
Posted by Sandra Tatah-Fopa Ayuk on May 25, 2021
Le souvenir que nous avons de M. Tatah est celui d'une belle tête bien faite aux cheveux grisonnants. une personnalité en perpétuelle quête de connaissance et de découvertes. un esprit vif et alerte. toujours souriant et de bonne humeur. une facilité dans l'argumentation avec un brin de challenge jusqu'à ce que l'évidence devienne logique et vous gagnez son respect. toujours engagé et engageant. la Foi, la famille et le travail étaient sa boussole et son refuge. nous garderons de lui le souvenir d'une aimable, talentueuse, généreuse et coutoise personne. Puisse la Beauté d'Abha accueillir son âme bonne, chaleureuse et sensible dans son royaume de gloire, et lui permettre la réunion avec sa tendre et bien aimée épouse Julienne.

Nos sincères condoléances à toi, à Sandra et à Julian. nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous en cette douloureuse peine.

Nathalie Nyemb
Posted by Sandra Tatah-Fopa Ayuk on May 25, 2021
Fare Thee Well TEA

My Younger brother, my colleague, my friend,
You inspired Trust, Selflessness, professionalism and dedication to duty.
With humility you extended boundless love to many.
In times of adversity, you stood resolute in faith.
Eternal Peace, my GENTLEMAN!
Fare thee well
Your legacy lives on.

Posted by Nintai Delphine on May 25, 2021
My heart bleeds profusely with your sudden disappearing,I still can't believe you are gone,thou you are gone to meet your wife,brothers and love ones,so we meet one day to depart no more, I and Nana miss you,adieu
Posted by Naghmeh Moshtael on May 24, 2021
We are sad and heart broken to hear the passing of our beloved Eyong Tatah. I was only a child when we met ... nearly 40 years ago and yet I have so many wonderful memories of Eyong Tatah and later on his beloved family. I always appreciated his kind and gentle spirit. The last time we saw each other was actually in Addis Ababa in 2009 when we were picking up my daughter Neda. It was so wonderful to see a familiar face in the hotel's lobby! 
As we celebrate Eyong Tatah's life and many achievements, we will continue to pray for the progress of his beloved soul. May the Almighty continue to shower His Blessings on him and protect his family. 
Much love, Naghmeh Moshtael, Larry and Neda Hill, Portland, Oregon, USA
Posted by Damian Foncha on May 24, 2021
Dear TEA, I choose to keep the fond memories of the PRC, your trips to Dar, the invaluable advice you so generously gave out. May you find eternal peace!
Posted by Alex Defuro on May 24, 2021
With a broken heart and sadness in my soul I miss you already Alex. Our plan to visit you in Cameroon comes to an end. I will miss our weekends breakfast at the garden. Rest In Peace Alex.
Posted by Diffang Funge on May 24, 2021
Alex you have gone ahead for that is the way of the world. You will always remain in our minds because your space is still there RIP!!
Posted by Enow Eyong on May 24, 2021
THE IROKO IS FALLEN ... amidst the storm, THE ROOF IS GONE!

YOU were the very essence of compassion and of duty. A certified true copy of our late dad. All the time you've been a symbol of selfless humanity, and a standard bearer for equality. Someone with a natural ability to appeal to people's hearts and minds irrespective of age, sex, or origin.

An iroko has fallen! God alone knows why.

Today is one more chance to say thank you for being you... you were one of God's greatest creatures and nature’s most magnificent invention. Only now that you are gone do we truly appreciate what we are now without you and we want you to know that life without you is very, very difficult.

We all despair, your death is a big blow to us as a family, and it is only the strength of the message you gave us through your years of mentoring and coaching that provides us the strength to look ahead.
You always told us in situations like the one we face now, do the necessary, and cry later.

Reality struck me when I saw the mobilisation in Addis Ababa, you were loved and cherished by all, not from the words they pronounced, but by the emotions they displayed. Yes, you were a father to all, a duty conscious, family oriented person, with a loving heart.

I am not MAD with your passing on to eternal life, I am deliciously insane about being a brother to someone like you, whom hundreds pray to sit at the right hand side of God Almighty.

Fare thee well...tell S.E. Tatah our father, Helen Tatah- our mother, and Mawae Julienne epse Tatah Alexander that we miss them so much.
Above all, together with them please watch over us all here on earth until we meet again, especially your children...Sandra, Yvonne and Julian.

We all love you, and u shall forever be missed. Even in my next life, I still want God to make you my elder brother.
  Your kid bro
Posted by Niaz Bushrui on May 24, 2021
My dear brother,
Even your calm and humble character influenced nature to be also calm!!! fine weather, no rain, no wind, no thunder, no lightning …. Everything so calm just as you always were.

I think that such a befitting funeral is the gift of The Blessed Beauty to you as a reward for your indefatigable services to His Beloved Cause.

Also, your burial in Addis Abeba is your gift to Ethiopia, one of the oldest Baha’i countries in Africa (approx. 1936).

We thank you all for your great effort in giving Eyong what he really deserves.

My dear brother,
Your life brought such an honor to us all. Now your death brought more honor, not only to the Baha’i Community, but also to your Country, Cameroon, and Africa that you cherished so much.

You lived in peace, now you left in peace and left a legacy …. We shall endeavor to keep it up to deserve your assistance from on high.

Your children taught us a lesson today that you had lovingly given them before.

« First do the work and then go and cry!!! »

Much love hoping we will meet one day.

Your brother forever
Posted by Priscilla Amvella Anya on May 23, 2021
Papa tu vas nous manquer....
La bonne humeur que tu répandais toujours autour de toi....
Je ne peux que te souhaiter un doux repos auprès de ta douce moitié
Nous te promettons d'être toujours là pour nos frères et sœurs Sandra, Yvonne et Julian.
Posted by Rosa N on May 23, 2021
Uncle, I called you 'Cul, and you always insisted on calling and introducing me as "My Njenja". My heart breaks to know I'll never see you. Our last conversation was you'd be here soon, and I was looking forward to that.

Whenever we had a sad occasion, I'd go "Hi ya" and you'd say "low ya". Uncle, today is sad, but you're not there to answer my " hi ya". Will miss you, loads.

Adieu my 'Cul.

Posted by Alemnge Fidelis on May 23, 2021
Big brothermemories of service keep running round my head. Recollection of service in national committees,, of your availability to youth at all times, reminiscences of the invaluable pieces of practical advice on how to pursue personal transformation, tackle daily challenges, and above all stay happy. I cannot recount what we had but you can see from the realms on high that all is on track. I surely miss you but God needs amidst the concourse on high to take to a higher levels your wonderful services .
Posted by Sandra Tatah-Fopa Ayuk on May 23, 2021
In memory of our dear departed friend Alexander Eyong Tatah.
Our prayers go with you dear friend.
You marked your passage on this nether world in a very special way, as one of the outstanding pioneer servants in the Divine vineyard in our nation Cameroon.
Your eternal victory crown is definitely waiting for you on the other side. We equally envisage with some re comforting feelings your reunion with your eternal partner, your dear wife, in the worlds of God.
And for all of this, we give thanks to the Blessed Beauty, and to God Almighty.
Once more fare thee well dear friend.

From Mr Mboke Godlive
Posted by Sandra Tatah-Fopa Ayuk on May 23, 2021
Mr Alexander Eyong Tatah was a key mentor of the university club in the early 90s. I remember that he was the liaison member of the former lone Assembly of Yaoundé with us at the club at a critical time the club was planning to invite Mr Ali Nakhjavani (then member of the House of Justice) to the University of Yaoundé for a double event: a certain anniversary of the club itself, and to also celebrate the hundred years after the passing of the Blessed Beauty.
Although we were unable to bring Ali Nakhjavani here, Eyong Tatah was very instrumental in the series of meetings we held in this respect. Sometimes we will meet in his house at Jean Memos, sometimes at the Elig-Essono centre, and sometimes we held a meeting moving down from the centre to the 20th May Boulevard. He was this very practical person with a special attention to details.
His social character stands out very clearly. He offered to some of us , Alidu would remember so well, a lot of insight into options for professional life etc. often in a very jovial and friendly manner. I would never also forget that he offered his home for the marriage party of Akuri and Evelyne, in which club members danced throughout the whole night. This was Eyong and a lot more. We would miss him, but are confident we would meet him some day.

On behalf of Pr Daniel Nkemleke
Posted by Tahiri Agbor on May 23, 2021
Wing your flight uncle Eyong Tatah. May the Blessed Beauty be with you as you enter the Abha Kingdom. You'll forever be in our hearts.
Posted by Agnes Tabe on May 23, 2021
Adieu, Uncle Alex. Your departure is so typically you! No fanfare, no noise,      peaceful. ....
Sleep on, Bro. Rest now big brother . Adieu Uncle Alex, as you journey into the bosom of your creator.Thank you for all you have been to all of us , your children, sisters, brothers and friends. If we attempted to give the details we would fill hundreds of pages. Suffice it to say that I will miss your calm voice full of wisdom, and your good humour, even in the darkest of situations. I remain thankful that your spirit of discipline, love, generosity, and love for God continues to burn in Sandra, Yvonne and Julian, and the many souls you impacted during your stint on earth. Rest in perfect peace and harmony with your Creator. Adieu
Posted by Sandra Tatah-Fopa Ayuk on May 23, 2021
When I first arrived in Yaoundé, Mr. Tatah was one of those few people who spontaneously tried and made me feel at home by keeping the doors of his home open to me.
One of the qualities I immediately noticed about him was his generosity. He was also always willing to exert every sinew in service to the Baha'i Faith.

When we both served on the Cameroon Association for Baha'i Studies, he was often willing to sacrifice and do things for the Association. Alex always had lots of ideas and he offered them profusely. The last act of service to the Faith he and I and two other believers rendered (and are rendering) was (is) to serve on the Editorial Board of a group of believers working on a book of recollections related to the Yaoundé Baha'i University Club. Here again, he was profuse in offering ideas and rendered our task easier by his practical approach to our work. A few days before his passing we were to have a zooming conference. He wrote to excuse himself. That was the last time I read anything directly from him. Without a doubt, he will be dearly missed in the Baha'i community of Yaoundé (and other groups) in which he served for very many years in various capacities. May his soul continue to soar through the realms of God, and may his loved ones be consoled in the knowledge that he is safely under the care and protection of the Blessed Beauty. ---

On behalf of Mr Enoch Tanyi
Posted by Jacinta Namutebi on May 23, 2021
Rip Alexander sorry to your family that's life. May the Lord receive you

Posted by George Odartey-Lamptey on May 23, 2021
Senior Alex,
the news of your illness, hospitalization and ultimate passing was as shocking as it was devastating.
We were together in Addis Ababa for just a month, but it has always felt like we have known each other for a decade. You were like a magnet that attracted people with cheeky ease, but none of us could stop this. You would walk into the office in the morning and immediately launch into a matter I had discussed with you before we left the previous day. You made time for me as if I had been entrusted into your personal care. It was almost as if you had no worries of your own.
I will miss your wit, ease and humour. I will miss the serious and funny stuff we shared on WhatsApp. I will sorely miss our video calls.
As you journey to the world beyond to join the faithful departed, I pray that Mother Earth lies gently on you. May the Good Lord bless you and give you a peaceful place of abode in His Bosom until the Last Day of the Resurrection when we shall all meet again.
As the tears well up in my eyes now, all I can say is GOD KNOWS BEST, AND HE LOVES YOU MORE.
Senior Alex, fare thee well!!!
Posted by Livinus Atanga on May 23, 2021
Dr TEA, you were an angel here on earth and you’re gone to the realm of Angels where I know you’ll be very much at home. Rest easy brother; you fought the good fight and can claim your crown, for you’ve won the race!
Posted by Nahal Bushrui on May 23, 2021
My dearest Uncle Eyong,
I cannot think of my childhood and youth years in Cameroon without picturing you. Even beyond that time, you were always in my thoughts and I have such vivid and happy memories of you, of your kindness, your genuine care for everyone, your positive and joyful spirit. I remember your jokes, you had such a great sense of humour, some of your words are still clear in my mind. You hold a very special place in my heart and were a true Uncle to me. One I would look up to for your bounty, your love for others, your spirit of service, your devotion to the Faith, your patience, your generosity, your intelligence and I could go on... I would listen to your words carefully, you were an inspiration to me. You were always interested in the wellbeing of others and one could tell how sincere you were in your exchanges with each person you met. Your humility was at the height of your numerous qualities. A wise man, with a big heart. In short, you were one of a kind, a true example, and the tributes you are receiving now are only the reflection of the great man you were and the wonderful soul you are. Each and every of your Friends’ testimonials is so true and resonates in me, and shows how profoundly you’ve impacted and touched the heart of each and every person you have met.
I can only imagine the warm, luminous and joyous welcome you are receiving in the Abha Kingdom, and in this moment of great sadness, my heart is consoled by the fact that you are reunited with your beloved wife. You and Aunty Julienne can now continue your journey in the infinite realms of God. You have inspired so many, and have transmitted your values and mission on this Earth to your wonderful children, who have taken the path of service beautifully, continuing the work you and Aunty Julienne had started here. What better accomplishment is there than that?
I will forever keep you in my heart and pray God to shower His blessing upon you and your family.
My dear Sandra, Yvonne and Julian, my heart and prayers are with you.
Rest in peace, dearest Uncle Eyong.
You will be dearly missed, until we meet again.

With my deepest love and admiration,

Posted by beatrice tiati on May 23, 2021
Dear uncle Tatah my hands are still trembling from illness but l cannot stay without saying a word for a soul who marked everyone who came in contact with him.A beautiful person both spiritually and physically.Uncle Tatah and Aunty Julien marked me in 1992 when l completed university left my room because l couldn't further pay.The LSA of Yaounde then opted to pay for me a room so that since l loved teaching the faith in villages around Yaounde l could continue staying in Yaounde but Mr Tatah in the meeting opted to have me in their home.That is how the strong relation started.I left their home to my own marriage home.His love for the faith was so strong.The Tatah home was always open to my family we watched Sandra,Yvonne and Julian grow with strong love from their parents.Uncle Tatah would sacrifice everything when it came to the education of his children.We see the proof today.There is no regret for his leaving this world his children can all survive and this is the best you can do for children ,a strong educational and spiritual training.Mr Tatah was so hospitable even with small home space they received everyone.Ali and Rikam our children loved their home because of the nice things uncle Tatah will provide every evening like roasted fish and visits to Bakery.Uncle was also very voluntary and would always offer himself for any avaliable service especially concerning Bahai service.l can remember also how uncle Tatah when he visited cameroon he would look for Ruhi books to facilitate study circle in French in Addis Ababa.We are not regretting his leaving us at this moment because we know he is better prepared for the next world.We thank his children ,his brothers and sisters ,his friends ,colleagues and The Bahai community of Ethiopia for giving him a befitting Bahai funeral according to the law of Baha u llah.
Posted by Oben Tatah on May 23, 2021
Brother Alex,your uncles pa Andrew Besong Tatah ,Jacob Nkongho Tatah, Joseph Ashu Tatah,James Tangie Tatah including your aunts Lucy Achoko Tatah,Mary Eyere Tatah as well as the grand children and great grand children will ever remember you for your emmulating moral and material assistance to the entire family when ever there was need. We are all grieved by your sudden exit miles away from home.we shall forever keep memories of your good works while on Earth.Till we meet again Adieu Uncle Alex as most of us commonly call you.
Posted by Basilice Minka on May 23, 2021
La vie m'a donné l'opportunité de rencontrer un homme dont la gentillesse et la générosité se voyaient dans chacun de ses actes. Personne n'avait jamais tendu la main à ma famille tel que tu l'as fait. Et jusqu'à lors je me demande ce que j'ai fait pour le mériter
Mon cher papa, tu as changé ma façon de voir ce monde.
Je ne t'oublierai jamais
Posted by Gilled Eric FOADEY on May 23, 2021
Mourir en Terre étrangère autre que la Nôtre. Aujourd’hui, j’ai perdu un être cher. Mort en Terre étrangère. Il est pénible de mourir en Terre étrangère. Un grand frère, collègue, mentor. Nous partagions le même travail. Il me relisait du Français vers l’Anglais. Je lui rendais la politesse pour l’inverse. Natif du Cameroun, je l’ai connu à Niamey, au Niger. En 2017. Il m’a ouvert les yeux, en m’apprenant à faire davantage de compromis dynamiques. Sans compromissions. Il était diplomate. Je m’entête à être acrobate. Rest in perfect peace Brother and Elder Alex. Tu as décidé de rejoindre l’âme sœur un an et un peu plus, après. Your Life was so USEFUL. Alexander Eyong Tatah, rest in perfect peace!
Posted by tiati ali Nakhjavani on May 23, 2021
As we heard the sad news we have been reflecting about the beautiful life Dad lived and the fact that he can have no regret. He goes back to the Abha Beauty leaving behind an eternal image of distinguished character which has its stamp on anyone that met him. I couldn't even think of my childhood and the bahai community in Cameroon without thinking of the unique figure of dad. One I always yearned to meet because he will bring insights, and bring humour to any space. We spent our childhood in his warm and loving home on school vacations and he provided us an environment that we always wanted return to.

The concourse on high is rejoicing at his voyage to the Abha Kingdom and preparing to offer him a proper welcome as he deserves and ready to enlist him in the army of the concourse on high. 

To Julian, Sandra and Yvonne we wish you strength and we assure you that Dad's love for the Cause and humanity has left an unparalleled legacy on this early plane and we should be at peace that he is rejoicing with his eternal companion, our beloved mother in all the worlds of God and will look upon you at all times.
Posted by Joël Deumi on May 23, 2021
Mes rencontres avec M. Tatah ont été pour la plupart fortuites et elles étaient rares. Pourtant, chacune de ces rencontres ont été des moments précieux pour moi, c'était un moment de rire, d'apprendre quelque chose et d'échanger. M. Tatah sera toujours direct avec vous et vous encouragera toujours, autant pour le service à la Cause de Dieu que pour des aspects de la vie personnelle et professionnelle. Pendant ces rares et précieux moments, Il a vraiment été un mentor et un parent aimant. C'est vraiment des moments qui me manqueront beaucoup jusqu'à notre prochaine rencontre dans les autres mondes de Dieu. Heureusement, sa femme et lui ont su transmettre leurs plus précieux héritages à leurs enfants Sandra, Yvonne et Julian, dont la compagnie et les échanges me sont tout aussi chères. Puissent-ils trouver la force de traverser cette grande épreuve. Toutes mes condoléances !

My encounters with Mr. Tatah were mostly fortuitous and rare. However, each of them was a precious moment for me, a time to laugh, to learn, and to share. Mr. Tatah would always be straightforward with you and would always encourage you, both in service to the Cause of God and in aspects of personal and professional life. During these rare and precious moments, he has truly been a loving mentor and parent and I will definitely miss them until we meet again in the other worlds of God. Thankfully, he and his wife have passed on their most precious legacies to their children Sandra, Yvonne, and Julian, whose company and exchanges are equally always dear to me. May they find the strength to get through this great trial. All my condolences!
Posted by Socrate Abate on May 23, 2021
Cher Aîné, collègue et ami. J'ai eu le privilège de bénéficier de ton amitié si bienveillante. De toutes tes multiples qualités, je retiens ton humilité, ta serviabilité, ton sens de l'écoute et ta loyauté. C'est la raison pour laquelle tu avais des amis dans toutes les couches sociales et dans toutes les générations. Tu as marqué nos existences d'une empreinte indélébile. Tu laisses un si grand vide dans nos cœurs meurtris. Nous sommes d'autant inconsolables que tu ne nous as pas préparé à cette perte si soudaine, à l'image de l'homme discret que tu étais. Nous avons besoin de ton flegme, pour affronter la nouvelle de ton départ.
Adieu le gentleman, adieu l'ami loyal, adieu le collègue pétri d'expérience.

Moïse Ateba Ngoa
Posted by Olive Nomo on May 23, 2021
A chaque fois que je penses à vous, je ne revois que votre sourir derrière vos lunettes. Je ne me souviens pas vous avoir vue sans votre sourrir et votre joie qui vous caracterisaient, sans oublier vos petites blagues. Et un des souvenir les plus inspirant aussi fut votre calme et votre serenité pendant les funerailles de Mme Tatah. C'était ma première fois d'assister aux funerailles Bahai's. Et je crois que tout Le monde qui y étaient a été émue par l'admosphère spirituelle qui se dégagait au point ou c'est devenu une occasion d'enseignement pour les Ami(e)s.
Vous connaissant, je suis convaincu que vous êtes acceuillis par Le concour Celeste. Nous joindrons nos prières à Celle de votre Famille pour Le progrès de votre même.
Posted by Fidelis Morfaw on May 23, 2021
Dear Alex,

Your abrupt return already means that our phone call of two weeks ago is for now the last. This is quite upsetting as there were a few other things I meant to ask you. For example, your immediate plans after Addis.

That will now be for later. But your passing has reminded me of ‘The Servant Song’ we sang at Holy Communion only last Sunday. Verse 2 of that song says:

“We are pilgrims on a journey
We are trav’lers on the road
We are here to help each other
Walk the mile and bear the load.”

Let me tell you what a wonderful servant you were to God and to everyone. You taught me that one can be at once a perfect gentleman and a humble servant. In fact, I know of no other person that understood selflessness better than you. You were a shining living example of its illustration.

Two other lines in Verse 5 of ‘The Servant Song’ also caught my attention:

“When we sing to God in heaven
We shall find such harmony.”

Let me inform you, Alex, that today, Sunday, 23 May 2021, I will repeat ‘The Servant Song’ in your honor. True, I will hear the harmony again. And again. May the angelic songs you sing up there resonate to us pilgrims here below. Our journey is still on.

Rest in His blossom, Alex.

Dr Fidelis Morfaw
Prosper, Texas, USA
23 May 2021
Posted by Isaac Meyof on May 23, 2021
TEA: a venerated and esteemed colleague

How does one express the amazing essence and spirit of TEA – his selfless generosity, uncompromising belief in all that is good and his unwavering commitment to family and friends? Words, even the very best of words, cannot pay tribute or truly capture the sense of loss that we are all feeling today.

The loss is there, tangible and real within everyone…but TEA exemplified life, love, laughter and an irrepressible belief and faith in seeing the best in everything…even loss.

And so today we honour him, by profoundly feeling and expressing our loss, but also by remembering TEA – an amazing person who played a unique and special role in our professional personal lives.

As a colleague, TEA will be deeply missed.

TEA was a loyal colleague to some and a special friend to many and today we honour this as we recall his earthly sojourn.

Amazing, unique, special…absolutely!


In all the tomorrows we’ll feel you – gone in some ways, but your presence ever near.

Go well…stay well…always.

Posted by OK Ndimbie on May 23, 2021
Where do I begin? Alex was as good a friend as one could possibly wish to have. He was patient, kind, generous and nonjudgmental but he was also frank. Like a rock, one could tie a knot about his waist and weather any storm and like a lighthouse, he would keep you from rocky coastlines.
Long after boarding school, we would pick up our friendship where we left off without missing a beat, be it in person or by phone. With Alex, there was no intrigue or second guessing. “Il n’est pas complique”, sums up my friend.
He’ll be sorely missed.
Posted by Roger Bekondo on May 23, 2021
Cher et très aimant aîné,
TOI qui es l'un de ceux qui m'ont porté sur les fonts baptismaux à mon arrivée à la PRC en 1996. TOI dont le sourire et la Zen attitude ont été mon refuge pendant mes moments de doute et de frustration (Dieu sait qu'il y en a eu) dans cette maison. TOI auprès de qui je me suis enrichi des belles valeurs de la foi bahaï sans faire partie de ce courant. MERCI MERCI MERCI. Nyama a yé ngui.
Posted by Dianah Omotukei on May 23, 2021
We may never have met, but meeting your son Julian at the Baha'i World Centre was enough to know how he was brought up and the family he came from, kindness and love.

We know that you are in a much better space now and we will continue to say prayers and celebrate your life .

Posted by Martha Agbor on May 22, 2021
The Words aren't forthcoming. Where do I begin from? A big blow to the Family and the Bahai Community at large. A dad, friend and uncle is no more. I remember vividly the times well spent in Buea, Limbe and Yaounde. Sandra, Yvonne and Julian please take heart and be strong. It's a difficult time but by the grace of God the storms will be over. Let's continue to pray for the repose of these brave and blessed souls - Mr. Alexander Eyong Tatah and Mrs Julienne Tatah. Go in peace as the Concourse on High welcome you into the Abha kingdom..........
Posted by Oben Tatah on May 22, 2021
Dear mentor you and your wife adopted me as your first son because of the love you had for me as the lone son to your aunt and direct follower to your late father pa Samuel Eyong.He was the first son to pa Tatah family ofFotabe.The Tatahs' family are heavily grieved with your departure. A big vacuum has been created within and without the family. The love ,care and sense of family unity will remain engraved in our minds for ever. Adieu Adieu Man of wisdom.
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Posted by Patricia Shinkombwe on June 9, 2021
Rest in Glory my friend Alexander Eyony Tatah.its really sad to learn of your passing 3 days ago.iam lost for words encouraged me on alot of things about life,you became a father to me in many were a humble man who never looked down on people.what an azaming person you were.indeed this world is not our home.Rest in enternal peace my dearest friend, condolences from the republic of Zambia.
Posted by Beatrice Nono on June 6, 2021
Repose en paix mon bienfaiteur.
Tes précieux conseils, ton attention parternelle, ton soutien de toute nature et toutes ces blagues amusantes me manqueront.
Béni soit le jour que nos chemins se sont croisés il y a 20 ans.
Je suis orpheline pour la deuxième fois.
Mes vives et sincères condoléances à toutes la famille particulièrement aux orphelins.
Mon Dieu quelle épreuve, que c'est dur...
MERCI pour tout "Young man" comme je t'appelais affectueusement.
Une grande âme ne meurt jamais.
Doux REPOS éternel.
Ta petite têtue.
Posted by Niaz Bushrui on May 29, 2021

For those of us who thought we bid farewell to Our dear brother Alex, let them know that we just welcomed him amongst us…. Welcome my dear brother!!
his Life

A fulfilled life

In 1956, Alexander, son of Samuel Tatah Eyong and Helen Ayuk, was born in Nigeria. He was raised in Limbe and Buea, where he formed his most lasting childhood friendships. He often laughed about being given only three career options by his parents, Doctor, Engineer or teacher. After high school graduation, he discovered a passion for economics which led him to accept a place to study at the University of Yaounde 1. This was the same period when he found the Faith that would inspire all his actions for the rest of his life, the Baha'i Faith. Soon after, he worked at the Ministry of Finance, where he met his beloved life partner, Mawae Julienne. The story could end here, with, they lived happily ever after, but we wouldn't be so blessed to know the rest.
In 1984, they got married and had three children: Sandra, Yvonne and Julian. Together, they dedicated their lives to their family, friendships, excellence in their professions and, more importantly, their wholehearted service to the wider community through their Faith as Bahai's. Friends will say Alexander could talk to a stone, and it will listen, so it was no surprise that he went further to train as a translator at ASTI.
In 1987, he achieved a Postgraduate diploma in translation. He started a successful journey as a translator, senior translator at the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon for over 20 years, then as an independent translator, which led to the African Union experience. Now gone, he is remembered as a mentor to many, dedicated father and loving brother, always ready to uplift everyone who crossed his path.
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