Let the memory of Alexander be with us forever
  • 65 years old
  • Born on April 29, 1947 .
  • Passed away on July 4, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Alexander Hines 65 years old , born on April 29, 1947 and passed away on July 4, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Ann Bradford on 20th July 2018
You will always be in my memory, with love always. Ann Bradford.
Posted by Jean Lacy on 4th July 2018
Today is a day that Alexander's suffering stopped. He is resting in Paradise. You miss him but remember his spirit is always with you along with his presence. You are lucky to have a personal angel watching over you. Keep that thought in your heart Charles and be uplifted!!!
Posted by Charles Huff on 4th July 2018
6 years today your pain and suffering ended, for that I am grateful. Never forgotten, always cherished. Weeping endures for a night, joy comes in the morning; fulfilling the promise #living
Posted by Michael Gordon on 4th July 2018
My Brother, It has been 6 years !!! How you are missed. The calls, the emails !!!
Posted by Michael Gordon on 4th July 2017
I miss you as I ace the trials of life not being able to call you. I remember all you taught me..
Posted by Michael Gordon on 29th April 2017
Your goddaughter is a freshman in college and you must be so proud of her. I miss hear your answers to my questions but I know you hear me ask them-----
Posted by Michael Gordon on 4th July 2016
Brother, Four years ago I was at a lost-- as I apply all that you have told me over the years-- I am so grateful for the time we had.....
Posted by Charles Huff on 4th July 2016
On this day 4 years ago you left a host of family and friends to carry on as you took your rest. You will forever be in our hearts & your voice always in our ear.
Posted by Jean Lacy on 29th April 2016
As I remember Alexander's birthday, I think of all the ways he has affected people's life. He has plenty of company with songs from different recent artists that have passed. Remember Charles that Alexander is always with you in spirit and sometimes you may feel his presence
Posted by Charles Huff on 29th April 2016
Thank you to Casey Strachen for the sponsorship of this site, I appreciate it so much!
Posted by Charles Huff on 29th April 2016
Happy Birthday, I miss you more than any words can ever express. I promised to live on...I 'm doing my best.
Posted by Wayne Hill on 29th April 2016
Continue to S.I.P. Mr. Hines
Posted by Michael Gordon on 29th April 2016
What can I say -- Missed a whole lot ... Happy Birthday
Posted by Charles Huff on 4th July 2015
Today I honor Alexander, retired from these earthly trials. We all honor him by remembering and LIVING as promised.
Posted by Michael Gordon on 4th July 2015
On this day I am so thankful for all the wonderful times we had together !
Posted by Jean Lacy on 4th July 2015
his spirit will remain with you forever and you have someone always watching over you
Posted by Charles Huff on 29th April 2015
You have not forgotten him, your still posting on his memorial site. Thank you. I am determined to stay in the joy of his being and not the sadness of his passing.
Posted by Charles Huff on 29th April 2015
Rememberimg how he loved to celebrate a birthday. Alexander Hines, no more birthdays; wonderful memories!
Posted by Jean Lacy on 29th April 2015
Posted by Wayne Hill on 29th April 2015
Happy Birthday Mr. Hines (Buddy) R.I.P
Posted by Michael Gordon on 29th April 2015
Today is the anniversary of your birth. And I missed not shopping for a brother card.
Posted by Jean Lacy on 4th July 2014
I remember what Alexander did to help[ me with my mother and I would go by and visit him occasionally at work (LHH) I still think about him in the choir with Charles. Your spirit will sore the beautiful earth forever.
Posted by Michael Gordon on 4th July 2014
It has been two year !! I so much wanted more time with you, but I am so blessed for the time we had. I try every day to remember the words of advice and wisdom you gave to me. ~Michael
Posted by Charles Huff on 4th July 2014
2 years ago today July 4th I lost my best friend, partner, love, companion, and rock. I do not wish to be mournful and sad but rather celebrate the vibrant person that Alexander was and live life to the fullest. He always said “this is not a dress rehearsal, enjoy it.” The Family lost a son, brother, father, grandfather, uncle, cousin, mediator and friend. Friends lost a loyal, forthright, opinionated, smiling, congenial, creative, helpful and dedicated individual who stuck with you until the end. In knowing all that and who he was and how he enjoyed life let us salute him with our joy of him and the life we have yet to live and do it with style. He didn’t like mess of any kind! My pain has been particularly difficult; weeping endures for a night, but JOY comes in the morning; It’s time for my morning. July 4th is now a double holiday for me as I celebrate it’s original purpose and now add Alexander to the FIREWORKS that he so deserved. Rest in total peace my dear.
Posted by Michael Gordon on 29th April 2014
April 29, 2014.. I am/Jersey City is thankful for the years we had together , the things we did. I forget sometime I just can not go into contacts on my cell and ask about the latest episode of Sherlock. I hope I was just the best brother to you !!!!!!!!
Posted by Daryl Betancur on 14th July 2013
Mr. Alexander, a dear friend who shall never be forgotten. I too miss seeing him and sharing good times with him in Palm Springs. As time goes by, one cannot help but to wonder how lucky we all are to have crossed paths with him and Charles! May you rest in peace dear friend!
Posted by Deb Broadwater on 13th July 2013
It has been many years since Pyne Poynt English class with Mr. Hines. He is one person I've always held in memory. A great teacher and comedian.
Posted by Michael Gordon on 29th April 2013
Today started out so rough.. Then I started to replay all the visits and good times we had and I realized how lucky JC was. I am so blessed to have you as a brother!! We think about Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.. Birthday Surpise @ Mecca and . Happy Birthday !!!..
Posted by Charles Huff on 8th November 2012
While we have said our final so long, he is certainly gone to soon but resting in peace and we shall never forget. Love Charles
Posted by Michael Gordon on 4th October 2012
Many wonderful memories of our time together !!! A brother is a very special person!!!
Posted by William Dean on 24th September 2012
Oh, Alexander, you are every where. I feel you in the wind especially when the trees sway. I feel you when the sun settles on my face as I sit here and there amidst the passerbys. I feel you as I pause to welcome the raindrops, wondering and hoping. And I sense you when the birds fly above chirping or perching nearby. Mostly, I talk to you often dreaming during the night. You are with me.
Posted by Daryl Betancur on 5th September 2012
Today is September 4 and it has been two months since our friend Alexander went to heaven, while it feels like much has changed, all remains the same. The only thing that has changed is that our friend Alexander is no longer with us to enjoy Friday night outings at Wangs or Spencers or any of the local and usual places. I miss his smile and presence very much as all of his friends do!
Posted by Charles Huff on 7th August 2012
A month has gone by since Alexanders passing and I just wanted to take the time to say Thank you all for all your love and support. I hope to get to you individually as soon as possible until then a huge Thank You -- One and All!
Posted by Albert Harris on 1st August 2012
I remember my days at Camden High and drama class and the productions that he put on, He was such a warm, kind, and creative person. He presence is missed but his spirit and love remains. Rest in peace Mr.Hines. My heart goes out to Charles....please take care,
Posted by Daniel Johnson on 28th July 2012
I was so saddened by the news. My sincere condolences to all his loved ones. I admired him very much.
Posted by Marcy Adelman on 28th July 2012
Dearest Alexander I feel so blessed to have known you and have you in my life. I will continue to think of you often and carry you in my heart. Charles, love and hugs always.
Posted by Ronnie Robinson on 28th July 2012
The heavens must be rejoicing one so brilliant has come home. May your spirit light the night sky and fill our days with joyful memories of you.
Posted by Lena McNair-Johnson on 15th July 2012
Buddy...so sorry to hear of your passing...I will always have fond memories of you. You were such a sweet person & I am glad to have met you. RIP Luv Tina
Posted by HUBERT JONES on 15th July 2012
well buddy i'm lost for words in the worst way .just want to say thank you so much for being my dad when my dad wasn't there .everything you taught me as a child i still carry it with me daily.i will never forget you .i miss you and hope your proud of the man i have became .it took some time but i did it . thank you love you always
Posted by Wayne Hill on 13th July 2012
My condolences go out to Mr. Hines family and friends, he may be gone in the flesh but he will live with us forever.
Posted by Dee Todd on 13th July 2012
How lucky I am to call Buddy my friend and brother. Even though I have not seen him in years I will always remember growing up together and being baptized together when I was 10 and Buddy 11. It was 4 of us that were tight as can be. I will always remember your smile and laugh. Rest in Peace, my Buddy! Thank you Charles for the wonderful person you are and may God Bless your memories!
Posted by Judy Rogers on 13th July 2012
I knew Mr Hines when he was a teacher at Pine Poynt Middle School and Camden High School.I will always remember feeling so special on home games when he introduced " The Mighty Marching Panthers" in a way no one else has ever been able to duplicated , Ever.I will never forget any of his stage productions . You felt as if you were at a NYC instead of the CHS. GOD BLESS!
Posted by Jacqueline Hoffman on 12th July 2012
Class, grace and style... Alexander, you had them all. I am glad that our paths crossed. Charles how blessed you are to have had a love like his.
Posted by Rosella Ruffin on 11th July 2012
Ur gone but not forgotten. We shared a wonderful childhood together. So many special moment's, the joy, the laughter, my mothers biscuits ...smile...FRIENDSHIP
Posted by Michele Gordon on 11th July 2012
I will miss all of the great advice you use to give me about everything in life. You had a great sense of style and a love for life. Your smile and presence would light up any room!!! You were my big brother and I will always be proud of you. My heart is broken because you are no longer here on Earth with us, but I know that you are with God and his angels. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!!
Posted by Toni Still on 10th July 2012
Well, it was always a laugh to remember when Buddy got happy in KABC that he threw a hymnal out the window. don;t know if it was true, but i do know that he was not afraid to praise God with his whole being. He will be missed. It was always a pleasure to be in his company, so jolly and postive always.
Posted by Patrician Costello on 10th July 2012
Alexander in the days past, we had so much fun and had some serious laughs. I am grateful to have shared some time in your life. Though we have not seen each other for awhile, you were always in my thoughts. Your kind spirit will NOT be forgotten!
Posted by William Dean on 9th July 2012
I am so blessed as Alexander's friend. His friendship provided me with an abundance of generosity, holding on to an unspeakable connection, sharing wonderful times and challenging moments, welcoming me into his home as a honored presence, and relishing the fortune given by our knowing each other. For the lessons he taught me, I thank him. God bless Alexander.
Posted by Wayne Kramer on 9th July 2012
Oh, this is so hard. Through all the health crises of the last few years I kept being rewarded by recoveries. There was always Buddy's abiding good grace and hopefulness through it all. I will miss him so much. I hope he is with Sister Caroline.
Posted by Jean Lacy on 8th July 2012
Alexander, Thank you so much for helping me admit my mother in the hospital. I will always remember your kindness and professionalism while helping me. I enjoyed the time I would stop in to say hello to you when I was visiting my mother. Your are now in God's care

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