Let the memory of Alexander be with us forever
  • 8 years old
  • Born on March 5, 2005 in Malverne, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on August 24, 2013 in New York, United States.

Taken too early in life, this memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Alexander Julian Huertas, 8, born on March 5, 2005 and passed away on August 24, 2013.

Alex was one of the best son's any mother or father could have wished for. His love for life, his love for his family and friends, ambition to learn and his warm heart, and his desire to please everyone he came in contact with is what made him so special to us and the community he left behind.

It has been astounding to us as a family to see how at 8 years old Alex was able to touch so many lives. During his short time here, He has left a legacy of kindness and compassion that will live on in his honor. As a family we are proud of Alex's example that one person can make such a difference in the world. His life is a testament that kindness, compassion and love resonates beyond time.

The 8 years of joy he brought to our family is a void that can never be refilled. Taken and given his wings, he will be an angel to all of us. Until we take our own last breaths within our life own lives, we're only separated by time from this point on...

                                                                          We love you and miss you,

                                                                          Mom, Dad, Gavin and Nathaniel

(story line, additional pictures, videos and stories from our family are being edited and will be updated as soon as they are ready..... ) 

Please post tributes below, and post stories or encounters with Alex under the STORY tab. We want to capture your memories of Alexander and any additional photos you may have of our boy. Thank you for your contribution..

The Huertas Family 

Posted by Milagros Huertas on 6th March 2019
My sweet Boy , my heart if I would of been able to change places with u in that moment I would of done it in a heart beat. I miss you so much. I know that mom and grandma are so happy to celebrate with you . You are miss and always loved. xxxxx Grandma
Posted by Silvia Polizzi on 5th March 2019
Happy birthday in Heaven❤️❤️
Posted by Pattyann Dombrowski on 5th March 2019
Sweet sweet Alexander. Not one second goes by that your Mom & dad don’t think of you, but then you know that don’t you sweet angel? I can see you dancing on streets of gold watching over your family. Sending a huge hug up to heaven. Xoxo ❤️Mrs D
Posted by Angela Palladino on 5th March 2019
Happy Birthday in Heaven Alex. You are loved and missed
Posted by Salina Itwaru Bishun Aadp on 5th March 2019
Happy Birthday in heaven
Posted by Angela Palladino on 25th August 2018
You will be forever in my heart. Remembering you today and always
Posted by Pattyann Dombrowski on 6th March 2018
Happy birthday sweet angel. Please continue to watch over your family, they miss you so much. Birthday hugs sent to heaven’
Posted by Ozzie Huertas on 5th March 2018
Words can never express how much you are deeply missed to all of us. Happy Birthday in Heaven. <3
Posted by Angela Palladino on 5th March 2018
Happy Birthday Alex. Keep watching over your family.
Posted by SHERI RITHOLTZ on 1st September 2017
Alexander, I think about you daily and cherish my happy memories of time that was spent with you. You will stay within my heart forever. I love and miss you beyond words. xoxoxoxoxo Titi Sheri
Posted by Milagros Huertas on 26th August 2017
Posted by Angela Palladino on 24th August 2017
Thinking of you today and always.
Posted by Milagros Huertas on 6th March 2017
My sweet boy , today you would of been 12 yrs old and I am so sure you would of been as handsome as you were and one smart boy , I miss u so much and there is not a day that I don't speak to u and tell u how much I miss u and love ❤️ u , some day we will be together but for now Rest In Peace .
Posted by Angela Palladino on 6th March 2017
Happy Birthday Alex , keep watching over your mom,dad and brothers. You are missed every day
Posted by Angela Palladino on 24th August 2016
Thinking of you always but especially today. Can't believe it's been 3 years, Since you were called home to heaven. Keep watching over your family until you are reunited .
Posted by Ozzie Huertas on 24th August 2016
Today, although I miss you with every breath I take and tears that comes down my cheek, I sit and remembers all the special moments you gave me in my life. I love you and miss you deeply! XOXOXO
Posted by Angela Palladino on 5th March 2016
Happy Birthday Alex ! You are loved and remembered always . Keep watching over your Mom, Dad, and brothers.
Posted by SHERI RITHOLTZ on 1st September 2015
Alexander, two years have already passed since you had gone but time will never erase how I feel about you. <3 I want you to know that I think about you every day and miss you very much. You were the greatest nephew ever! I love you sooooo much! <3 Love, Titi Sheri
Posted by Angela Palladino on 24th August 2015
Thinking of you today and always on this second anniversary in Heaven . Sending lots of love to you and your family.
Posted by Ozzie Huertas on 24th August 2015
Two years ago today… Our lives changed and it will never be the same again. Our hearts stopped for a second, and broke into millions of pieces. We lost a part of my heart, a part of our future, and I defiantly lost part of my fatherhood that will never be replaced. Memories which make today full of sadness, sorrow and above all else pain that just won’t go away. To see our lives continuing without you, creating new memories without you and missing out on what could have been. Two years ago today… Our lives were put upside down and although time has passed it’s still the same. It doesn’t take an anniversary to make this any worse. It’s just a day now to remind us on the day our family was forever changed. It’s covered, disguised and still silently suffering to move on… Two years ago today… The choices, decisions or other events, which could have taken its place, how life could have been if other choices were made. How they forever made such an impact on our family, our friends and the community which you were and still are a part of. Two years ago today… We felt pain which we could not explain. We felt lost as if we had no control. We were broken into shattered pieces that will never be mended together back again. Our family was tested in so many ways, in so many directions yet today, we continue that pain and struggle. Two years ago today… We’re reminded on how grateful we are you were put in our lives. The love you put in our hearts and the happiness you brought to all us in so many different ways which will forever continue. Two years ago today… Our lives changed but we will find ways to honor your life, your love and the time you spent on this earth. We will move on as a family, as individuals but broken but only until we meet again. Two years ago today… We started our countdown until God makes our family whole again.
Posted by Elaine Geldert on 24th August 2015
Not a day goes by when we don't think of you and your family. We were blessed when we become friends and will be blessed again when we see you again, our angel Alexander
Posted by Milagros Huertas on 24th August 2015
My Sweet Boy, Your Life was a blessing, your memory a treasure. Your Memory a treasure. You are loved beyond words, Miss beyond measure. Grandma miss you everyday and will until we are together again. Love u forever. Xxxxx
Posted by Ozzie Huertas on 28th May 2015
They say there is a reason, They say time will heal, But neither time nor reason, Will change the way I feel, For no-one knows the heartache, That lies behind my smile, No-one knows how many times, I have broken down and cried, I want to tell you something, So there won't be any doubt, Your so wonderful to think of, But so hard to live without.
Posted by Angela Palladino on 5th March 2015
Happy Birthday in heaven Alex! You are so missed and loved . Watch over your mom,dad and brothers
Posted by Milagros Huertas on 5th March 2015
To the sweet boy who made me a grandma , u know how much I miss u and talk to u all the time. I miss us going out and talking about all the things u like , scobby ,balloons etc. Happy Birthday in heaven I pray that your day is full of happiness and joy. I love you, forever.xxxxxx
Posted by Ozzie Huertas on 27th December 2014
To my handsome son Alexander .. Yet another family Christmas without you..yet another broken heart during the holidays. We hope that you fill our home tonight with your presence and love to our hearts while the family gathers. We lite a candle in the family room next to your picture to remind us of the bright and shiny light you were once were in our lives. Your warmth, laughter, jokes and caring heart has left our home with an awkward silence that we all just seem to just want to make believe is not there..Your deeply missed and no one can ever fill the void left in our hearts. The presents we knew you would love this year were given to children that otherwise would not have a present to open tonight. We hope that they feel the love and happiness upon them as they open their presents late tonight or first thing in the morning. Although our hearts are forever broken, we hope that your Christmas in Heaven is filed with us remembering you, lots of love and joy with all our other family members whom are with you tonight. Merry Christmas Papi...Your always Forever Loved and Forever Missed..
Posted by Millie Storm on 25th August 2014
I can't believe a year has passed yet your smile and voice are still fresh in my head. The birthmark on your face such a perfect sprinkle on an already beautiful face. I imagine you playing now, never knowing the sorrow left behind and the impact you have made. Time has stood still for you and it drags on for those of us left behind. I know we all miss you so much and you are often a topic of conversation. Your early departure still brings tears to our eyes but we also laugh at some of the things we watched you do. I miss you Alex, I wish we could be having a fart challenge... I know you get that!! I have faith we will see each other again, right now you are in the best of hands with all the other people in our family I love and miss dearly. I thought of you at work yesterday all day as I was trying to make people better for their families. I am working hard for my ticket to heaven to be with you all. =) I love you baby boy you are always and forever my first nephew!! You will always be a part of my count. My handsome perfect nephew all a titi could ever want in a boy!
Posted by La Familia Collazo on 24th August 2014
I am left speechless on this day. I long to hold you. Hug you ,,but please know that titi tio Jacob n uncle Paul love you. I think of you a lot. My heart aches, but today we will celebrate what a great child God made his angel. Love you ALEX with all my heart
Posted by Ozzie Huertas on 24th August 2014
God works in mysterious ways. He put you here on earth where he needs you to be. And you always did what he needed you to do. He gave you strength, wisdom and courage and you took all he gave you Reached out to all walks of life and found a way to become a part of their lives. He filled you with a tremendous amount of love You turned it around and shared with others.. Living day by day and filling others with your caring heart. Filling ours with joy and happiness.. Best of all, God gave you to all of us! As a Friend to others and to your community, As a Grandson, Cousin and Sibling to your family and brothers But most of all, he gave you to Dena and I as our son. And that's the most beautiful blessing anyone could have ever asked for. Although your time on earth was short, You made an impact on us and everyone else. And you made us the family we are today. Now were separated by body and soul and you left a void in our hearts and in our home. All we can do is wait and only dream of you until we are reunited once again and made whole. Every night we lay down and pray with all we only have left to one day Hear your sweet voice, saying I love you! Feeling your warmth of your body when you hug us and held us tight Brightening up the room with those beautiful eyes that and seeing your smile as you give us sweet kisses which always made our days. To only be separated now by these dreams and memories Until God fills the void we are now left with Making us whole once again As a family, as we were intended to be. God works in mysterious ways, He put you where he needs you to be now. It may not be where we want you now We'll question but never know why, But we know he has you by his side, watching over all of us ..
Posted by Erika Sanchez on 24th August 2014
It has been a year and it is still hard to believe you are no longer with us. We are truly lucky to have met you; Yadier thinks about you quite often as we all do. As a new season approaches, whether it's for baseball, soccer or school, Yadier often wonders if this time around you guys would be together. You will always live in out hearts and in our memories. We know you are looking down from heaven at all of us and I hope you know that it was truly an honor to have met you. Love, Erika, Pat, Yadier, Noel and Abby.
Posted by Silvia Polizzi on 24th August 2014
Alex, may you continue to watch over your family, and your new brother soon, and always be their guardian angel. I hope you know how much you're missed and what an impact you left on so many people.
Posted by Milagros Huertas on 24th August 2014
My Alex from the very first day I held u in my arms you stole my heart,you became my heart . We share so many days together ,picking u up at Miss Gladys u would get so happy when I pick u up. I miss u Alex more then word can express. But I keep your memory alive in my heart of all the things we did together,and places we when to. All the I love you grandma , I miss your beautiful eyes and smile. RIP my little angel. Xxxxxxxx
Posted by Milagros Huertas on 24th May 2014
Sweet boy, another month without you.Today I visit your school for Ana award for your brother & when Nana took him upstairs I stay looking at the picture on the wall and there you were with that beautiful smile that is engrave in my mind. I miss you so much ,I miss all our moment together and talk on the phone. Xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Milagros Huertas on 7th March 2014
My sweet angel , I miss u so much on your Birthday but I know that you were happy because u receive many balloons in heaven because from your school they sent u many ,nana and grandma sent u ,from Florida your titi Millita and titi Ada sent u and your grandpa in Tennessee . So you had many of them and lots of notes to read. But for us all missing you will never go away. Our heart will hurt for ever. I love you always and forever.Grandma xxxxxx
Posted by Silvia Polizzi on 6th March 2014
Happy Birthday in Heaven Alex.. You are in my thoughts and prayers all the time, especially today.
Posted by Angela Palladino on 5th March 2014
Posted by Milagros Huertas on 4th January 2014
My Angel, I missed you so much today. I remember the last time we when to the bowling alley, we had so much fun with Nana and Gavin you won both games I still have the picture of the score on my phone. Then we when to have pizza that u loved so much,two square pieces . I miss u everyday more.love u forever. Rest in Peace.xxxxxx
Posted by Marie Arroyo on 10th November 2013
Alex, I know we had few interactions but I want to leave my favorite. I remember the first time I met you. Lorenzo and I came over and we went to the park. You and Lorenzo went sliding down the slides like the 2 beautiful boys you are and were. We played on the swings and you played with your toys with Lorenzo. I will forever remember you as that handsome vibrant boy. God bless you
Posted by Anna Warda on 17th October 2013
Alex, I remember when you were in the safe place of your mom's caring body, then I was waiting for the news that you were borne, then I saw you first time-beautiful boy with amazing blue eyes!!! You touched so many people in your too short life...And now take care of your mom(my sweet Dena) &your dad Ozzi - eaze their pain, put smiles on their faces.I keep you & your family in my prayers.
Posted by SHERI RITHOLTZ on 16th October 2013
Alexander, you filled my life with love and happy memories. I am soo sad to see you go and will cherish the time we spent together. Not a day will go by that I will not miss you. You have your own place in my heart always. XXXOOO I love you soo much. <3 Titi Sheri
Posted by Tania Gelin Johnson on 12th October 2013
We met in little league u played with my son Bryce .....I remember your big polite smile....God bless
Posted by Milagros Huertas on 25th September 2013
My sweetie boy I remember you each minute of the day , my heart is so empty with out your smile, I miss our talk on the phone , picking u up in school . Going to eat sushi that u like so much. Playing with me and doing Lego together. I wish so much to be able to turn time back I miss u more then words can explain. Will love u forever :( you are my angel now. Xxxxx
Posted by Yo-Girl Yolly Rodriguez on 17th September 2013
there are no words that can explain what happen almost a month ago. I remember you and your brother getting excised to come out to my house to get in the pool..and enjoying running all around the land.. those moment I will never forget.. for you was a sweet and gentle soul..always with a smile..That's the way I remember you. God Bless you sweetie. you will never be forgotten.. <3
Posted by Barbara Cochran on 14th September 2013
I have to commend you for this memorial for your Precious Son. Within a very short period of time, you have given him Presence in our World. I can see he is Smiling and is having a wonderful time in Heaven with his new Angel Wings. You are very Blessed. We all appreciate you sharing this with us. God Bless.
Posted by Silvia Polizzi on 13th September 2013
Alex, you were always such a pleasure to have at my house. When I think of those times, I see such a happy little boy. I remember how you always wanted pb&j sandwiches, watching Little Einsteins and how you played with and always got along so well with Ariana. Those are memories that I will cherish. I know you're in a beautiful place now and that Heaven has truly gained an Angel..
Posted by Martha Ramirez Britton on 9th September 2013
Dear Dena & Ozzie, I am truly humbled by the grace that you have shown during this time in your life. I'm sorry I didn't know Alex, but I can see by your pictures & the way others speak about him what a wonderful little boy he was & still is in everyone's hearts. God blessed you with this precious boy & he was blessed to have you as parents & rejoices that his brothers are with you. Besos
Posted by Rosa Vega on 6th September 2013
My families love and prayers are with you Dena and Ozzie! Alex has touched all our lives like a true angel would.. Our love and prayers will always be here for you and the boys.
Posted by Glenn Adycki on 6th September 2013
There isn't a morning, afternoon or evening where you aren't in our thoughts Alex. We miss you beyond words and every night before we go to bed Aidan, Mikaela, Wendy and I say our prayers and always make sure to include you and your parents in them. Thank you for being Aidan's best friend and sharing your happiness with all of us.
Posted by Sandra/gilbert Larsen on 5th September 2013
Alex,We have never had the privilege of meeting you,but we get to see and know of you through all the pictures and posts from everyone's hearts you've touched .I have to say your Parents did a GREAT job raising you .We pray that everyone can get through this for we know its the hardest thing anyone can go through .We love you little Angel❤❤
Posted by Mildred Rodriguez on 5th September 2013
Alex nunca tube el privilejio de conoserte en persona pero si tube el privilejio de conocerte en fotos por medio de tu Abuela Milagros y quedaste grabado en Mi Corazon..con Amor..Pequeño Angelito..(Dad y Mom..God Bless)Dios Bendiga Toda la Fam.

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