her Life

alex was the best ever she went through a lot in her short life at just 2 & half weeks old she was fitted with a shunt i was told there was slim hope she was going to make it and then 50 50 she was ever getting out of the hospitial. she was born eleven weeks early and she got out before her due date when she was nine weeks old. she was a fighter when she was six months old she got meningitis and fought it. she ended up with eppelepsie i don't know if even the doctors knew if it was through her having hydrochephlis or with her having meningitis she was unwell. on the saturday she was unwell on the tuesday morning when i got a doctor out to her he told me she was over the worst of it. he was happy she was not dehydrating and told me to expect her to be hangy for the next couple of days i knew it was more serious she was holding her head i was getting a second opinion if she was same way on the thursday morning but it was all to late she was already a way i feel as if i was the one who let my own daughter down and i cant get her back.