I need you to touch,
I need you to see,
I need you so much,
I need you with me.

My life feels so empty,
My heart feels so cold.
I need you beside me,
I need you to hold.

Why were you taken?
I ask that each day,
But no one will answer,
I there
  • 27 years old
  • Born on January 4, 1989 in Woodland, California, United States.
  • Passed away on October 22, 2016 in Woodland, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Alexander Mueller 27 years old , born on January 4, 1989 and passed away on October 22, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Shanen Ruppel on 22nd October 2018
Posted by Veronna Saubert on 22nd October 2017
Alex, It's been a long year since you left this earthly place. You are thought of often, daily in fact. My hope is that you've settled in your Heavenly Home and that you are watching over your earthly Family. There is still so much healing needed here. Our memories of you keep us warm but you are so very missed. Hugs Aunt Vee
Posted by Julie Bridenstine on 22nd October 2017
its been a year sence your passing and the hurt still lingers like it was yesterday. all i have to do is hear your name or look at your pictures and i cant keep the tears in. we have our memories and our little secrets, that warm my heart. the days that we spent together were filled with love, and i couldent ask for more. we went places together and saw a lot together, im so glad of that. i can still hear your voice on the phone, when you called with your good news, and the bad, but there wasent much of that. you could always talk to me and i would always listen. we could talk things out when you needed to talk and i think i gave good advice, it seems that i did. there is no deeper love than that of a grandma. i know we are second to mom, but its truly different, i promise. the day i first held you in my arms i felt your love, and it only grew stronger. i remember telling your mom i dont know how i can love jake as much as i do you. the day he was born and we both held him, your love just got bigger so we could love him . both together . you both hold all of the love i can give to 2 grandchildren.i love you so much dear, save a place for me up in heaven. i know ill see you there. with love grams.
Posted by Veronna Saubert on 5th January 2017
Alex such an adventurous little boy, so much to discover. Alex a loving young man exploring life and looking for your Happy Place. There was a larger plan for you none of us can even understand, we are left to ask questions for which there are no earthly answers. May we find joy in our memories of you, may we find Pease knowing we will again be together as a family. For now you are our Guardian Angel looking over each of us. Hugs Auntie Vee
Posted by Julie Bridenstine on 25th November 2016
my dear alex, i cry myself to sleap at night thinking of you.i know you are in heaven now, but the hurt is still here with me. i share the pain with your brother, and thank god that i have him to talk to. the pain comes and goes. and i think of you at least twice a day, while i go threw each day, life goes on like nothing happened, but it did. god took you out of my life, but not out of my heart,when i dident want it to. i was supose to go first. you were just to young to go. my dear grandson i miss you very much, youre such a good man, and everyone around you loved you so much. you will alwas be in my heart, with love from grandma julie.
Posted by Julie Bridenstine on 31st October 2016
to shanen: your pain will be felt like no other, and you will carry it to the grave..a mothers love is the strongest no matter what happens, and it will be carried to the grave as well. the everyday hurt will only last as long as you let it. as you grow older you will find, that the things that matter so much in everyday life arent so important any more. your family is all you really have. let the little things go. it just doesent matter in the grand sceam of it all. dont close out the people that want to love you, reach out to them. your family is to small, and life is to short to hold court on the people around you. everyone in the world has there own pathes to take. and it gets lonley in life when you are rejected by the people that are around you. i love you, my daughter, and no one can take your place. let love guide your heart, not discontent, and you will know peace. love will ease the pain that you are feeling right now, it my never go away, but it will fade in time so you can go on in everyday life. we all loved him aswell, we all have to go on, with our everyday lives. everyone wants to be loved and to live in pease. life is just to short. mom
Posted by Julie Bridenstine on 26th October 2016
to vince and sandy, there are no words to express the hurt and sadness that we share. you are in my thoughts, but im so numb in my heart right now that i cant even think stright. i just wanted you to know that im here
Posted by Steven Mccrickard on 25th October 2016
It's so hard to believe your gone, I remember the first day that we met, "you came in to LC so happy ,ready to work and so happy u will he able to eat all the crazy bread u wanted :)" we had a blast working together and hanging out... even when we went are Separate Ways every time we run into each other we always picked up where are we left off.... you will be missed.... the memories will live on forever.. Rest in peace brother you will always be a friend I won't ever forget
Posted by Shanen Ruppel on 25th October 2016
There will be a celebration of Alex's life on January 7th, 2017 (Jan 4th is his birthday). It will be held in Woodland. As we start planning, more details will be given about place and time etc. I'll post on his memorial site & on Facebook. All of his friends & family are welcome to come and share their stories. If you have a motorcycle, we will be organizing a last ride for Alex to the venue.
Posted by Julie Bridenstine on 24th October 2016
my grandsons are my life, i have 2, 1 alive and now one in heaven. alex would call me at the hotdog stand i worked at and say, its your day off grandma, come and get me and i would pick him up with his little back pack and boney knees running down the stairs to my car. we would go on adventures together, everywhere and have the best times together. i cant express the hurt thats in my heart right now. it will never mend. the thoughts the pain i will never feel relief, if i do i dont know how, they say time, but i dont believe it. the dictionary hasent invented a word for the love or hurt for your children and grandchildren yet. its just to much to bare. i love you alex, we all do.......
Posted by Chris McCrickard on 24th October 2016
Alex... Bro... You were my closest friends for YEARS. We literally shared COUNTLESS memories together. So many of your "First times" were with me. My heart is broken. You were the guy who would ALWAYS remember my birthday, we ALWAYS exchanged Christmas Gifts, and you knew when I was down and out and would do anything to help me get through whatever funk I was in. You were the most sincere, true,real friends anyone could of had. Your loyalty was literally unmatched when it came to those you loved. And believe brother I felt the love. I remember EVERYTHING, I never forgot and I never will. You were the most ORIGINAL, non generic person I knew. I remember when you wanted to be a DJ... a Rasta DJ... bro... I remember when times were tough you'd come over and we'd bs about the stupidest stuff but by the time you left you were smiling, laughing, and better... bro I wouldn't be who I am if I never knew you Alex. You helped create this monster I just wish you could see where I'm headed and God knows I wish I could see you continue to succeed the way you did... I'll never EVER forget you brother and as a tear rolls down my cheek I say please Rest in peace and know that I loved you brother
Posted by Lisa Brown on 24th October 2016
It's hard to believe you are not here anymore. My family and I have so many memories. Going to the snow, saving the day for my mom and kids, helping us with our car, our hang out sessions but most of all you were always willing to walk me home when we got off work late just because you wanted to make sure I got home to Chris and our girls. We love you Alex always have and always will. We will miss you your laugh your smile and your goofy self rest easy friend tell we meet again
Posted by Jacob Ruppel on 24th October 2016
I still am in shock that you are gone, I'm not wanting to accept it. we made a bunch of memories, from shooting in the desert to my 21st birthday. I'm never going to forget you brother. rest easy until we meet again. I Love you Bro.
Posted by Kayla Thiers on 24th October 2016
He was my best friend. Even if we drifted apart he was one of the most important people in my life at one point. I can't believe he is gone. He is such an amazing guy. Such an unselfish person. He would do anything just to make the people he loved smile. I still can't wrap my head around this. I love you Alex. I wish this wasn't true.
Posted by Amanda Lauren on 24th October 2016
I went to school with him. He had the most amazing contagious smile! The world is a little darker today.
Posted by Julie Bridenstine on 24th October 2016
to janice, the one that alex loved. hold the memories close, thats all we have left, just know hes watching, over us and he knew we loved him with all of our hearts, he never had to feel unloved by any of us. he was blessed and so were we to have him. with love to you honey, i dont know when this hurt will ease for us, but you will always be part of alexes memory.

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