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As I Sit Here Missing You!

Shared by Chereylle Bouie on November 27, 2011

As I sit here with my hands under my chin, I wonder how you are feeling right now. As for me, I can see you there looking at me and wondering why I had to leave you all so soon at such a young age of 47. Don't feel that you have lost me but look in my eyes and feel the love that I have for you. You all have been such a Great Part of my life, as A Friend, Brother, Sister, Mother & Father. How can I say Thank You for Loving me the way that you Have!!!! Just know that I am with you always and will be your angel telling you everything is going to be alright.... Remember that as each day passes time might get hard but stay clean and sober, and Keep God in the mist of eveything that you do, and you will be just fine. I leave you with my best two angels Named (Grace & Mercy). God is in control, let Him Guide Your Path. and we shall meet again in the air. I now have my Two Wings, I fly above you and watch over you With Jesus Christ.....

I Love You All and Miss You. Until we meet again May God Forever Bless and Keep you.  Cliff.

My Brother, Nephew, & Great Nephew!

Shared by Eugene Bouie on November 27, 2011

In This photo, You have the chance to see my great- nephew with his Father Bobby Wayne Lewis whom is the 2nd oldest of my brothers and my nephew Scooby which is the eldest son of my sister Dorothy M. Butler... On This day we were are just leaving a Basketball game that we won . I had a blast on this day being with my brother and my Nephews.

A Blessing Song

Shared by Chereylle Bouie on November 26, 2011

This Is Dedicated to Everyone In Washington

May The Lord Bless All Of You


Keep You

May His Face Shine Upon You

I Pray The Lord Will Be Gracious To You All


Give You Great Peace Within

In Pleasant Times

May You Always Know

That Every Good Thing

Comes From Him

In Trouble Times

May You Always Know

That God Is Right There

By Your Side

Now Is The Time To Go Out

To Let Your Light Shine


Let These Words Echo

Through The Seasons


Your Life

God's Blessings To All

My Friend

Shared by Debbie Hilton on November 26, 2011



How do I define FRIEND?

Well the dictionary says:

1. a person with whom one enjoys mutual affection and regard.

2. sympathizer, helper or patron

3. a person who is not an enemy or on the same side.

4. companion, partner, comrade, confidant, ally, alter ego, chum, pal

5. asset, advantage, strength, benefit


My friend is all of these to me.

Even though the above words truly define the word FRIEND somehow it just seems to miss the mark when I think of my FRIEND.

How do I put in words all the feelings to define what my friend is to me.


He is my “Partner in Crime” that is our inside joke meaning my partner in service fun.

He is the person I tell everything to; because I know he will judge me, he will not criticize me.

He might look at me like I’m crazy nuts; but he does it with such affection and the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. So I don’t care if he thinks I’m crazy; because he knows I know he’s crazy too. So it’s a compliment and not a criticism. It’s a look that I am Grateful I got from him more times than I can count.


He is the person that even when he didn’t agree with me he found good in what I had to say or felt and helped me learn from it rather than be bitter about it.


I hide nothing from him, I can’t, even when I try because he can see through the smile or the tears and he knows just how I feel—even when no words are spoken.


He knows me and he loves me anyway in spite of me. Wow!

Sometimes that really pissed me off. But in the end. I am grateful that he did.


Hank you for loving me and accepting me just the way I am. Thank you for being my friend. But most of all Thank you for teaching  me how to be a friend!


I love you always and forever!

Your Partner In Crime






Shared by Annette Johnson on November 26, 2011

I'll miss your smiling face Cliff. XOXOX 

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