Shared by Lisa Galindo on May 19, 2020
Hes another fish story for you Dad one of the other places that we fished at very often was Hesperia Lake. now every time we went there you never caught a fish, so before we ever got out of the car, I would always tell you "I curse you fish less" well you started 2 hate the fact that you weren't ever catching any fish and everybody around you was just constantly catching them, like they had the secret to the good bait. And you know how fishermen are, they don't like to share their secret bait recipes. So since we were night fishing you came up with the idea, that when it got real dark and quiet you were going to yell out "yeah yeah a big one!" so that way you wouldn't feel left out. Lol and everybody else around us had camping lanterns but we didn't so when you did this they're all looked into the darkness, probably wondering how big that fish was. But we were just sitting they're cackling away looking at them. LOL I LOVE YOU DAD

Just as long as I'm fishing

Shared by Lisa Galindo on May 19, 2020
here's another fish story for you Dad. One of the other places that we went fishing at very often was Mojave Narrows. Mojave Narrows had everything, horseback riding, Camelback riding, paddling boats, fishing, a soccer field, baseball field, picnic area, and camping. They have pretty much everything. So this one time there were these two little boys that were arguing a short distance away from us, and one boy told the other boy that he wanted to go home. The other boy said "No! my mom spent all this money for us to come here, we haven't even been here that long, and you want to just go home!" and the other boy told him "yes! I want to go home we're not even catching anything". And the other boy told him "So just as long as I'm fishing". and he got his fishing pole and broke it in half and stormed off to the car. So after that, anytime anybody would tell you that they wanted to leave, you would tell them that you were happy, just as long as you were fishing.    I love you dad and miss the good times

Remember the good times

Shared by Lisa Galindo on May 19, 2020
I remember you liked a good fish story. So here's one, when we lived up in Victorville you loved to go fishing so we would try to find different fishing places and this one place that we found called Jess Ranch was one of the prettiest places to go fishing they had an angling pond and there was this little kid that came up next to you with his little tiny fishing pole dressed like a knight from King Arthur's Court he was only about 6 yrs old and he cast his little fishing pole in and looked up at you and asked you "Are they nibbling yet?"

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