Let the memory of Alfredo be with us forever

Hello!   My name is Alfredo George Betti, and this is my story! I was born on 21 June, 1925, to Inez and Alfredo Betti (deceased) in Bakersfield, Calif., I have two brothers, Louis and Lawrence Betti (deceased), and one sister, Nancy Betti-Jarvis (deceased). I joined the United States Marine Corps on 06 October, 1942 in Los Angeles, Calif., because I was only 17 years old at the time of enlistment, I had to have the consent of my mother, Inez Betti to join the military for a (4) year term.  I was assigned to "D" Company, 12th Infantry Battalion in Bakersfield, Calif. and did my training at MCRD (Marine Corps Recruit Depot), San Diego, Calif. I completed my training and was assigned to Headquarters Company, 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division, FMF (Fleet Marine Force) I completed Tank training on 17 February, 1943, and was assigned to Company "B", 1st Corps Tank Battalion as a Pvt.  On 31 December, 1943 I was promoted to the rank of Corporal, while assigned to Company "B", 1st Tank Battalion. On 30 June, 1944 while serving with Company "B", 1st Tank Battalion, we were deployed to Iwo Jima where we were transferred to Company "D" Fourth Tank Battalion until 31 August, 1944 and then we joined H & S 4th Tank Battalion after once again being transferred! Then, on 10 September, 1944, we were assigned to Company "A" 4th Tank Battalion while serving on Iwo Jima, where we had lost a couple of tanks during fighting, during this time I was given the nickname of "Moose". We also became involved in combat in the battle of Saipan Island, M.I. on 15 June, 1944 until 09 July, 1944, from there we participated in the battle of Tinian Island, M.I., from 24 July, 1944 until 01 August 1944, upon leaving Tinian Island, M.I. on 08 August 1944 I boarded the SS Jean Lafitte and sailed on 13 August, 1944 to Maui, T.H., arriving on 24 August 1944. On 19 October, 1945 I was transferred out and sent back to the United States to Inyo Kern, Calif. where I as an M.P. (Military Police) and was promoted to the rank of Sgt. on 30 June, 1946, where I met my wife, Ruth Genevieve Wilson who was in The United States Navy. I was Honorably Discharged on 07, December 1946 and was on military reserve! -My decorations included, but were not limited to: The Star on Asiatic-Pacific, Service Ribbon for operations on Saipan and/or Tinian, Marianas Island, and Iwo Jima, Volcano Island.  I was officially called back in to service on 10 May, 1950 due to the war in Korea. Upon re-entry in to the United States Marines, and completion of my training, I was assigned to Headquarters Company, 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division (FMF) and assigned the rank of S/Sgt. on 31 January 1951. I became a Tank Leader on 01 February, 1951 while serving in Korea. On 11 June, 1951 I was finally sent back to the United States and released from active duty on 12 July, 1951!   During my time in Korea, my unit served in the assault and seizure of  Inchon, and the capture and securing of Seoul, Korea from 15 September, 1950 to 07 October, 1950. We also participated in the Won-San Hungnam-Chosin campaign from 26 October, 1950 to 13 December, 1950, and also participated in operations against enemy forces in South and Central Korea, from 17 December, 1950 to 10 June, 1951. During my deployment, we were deployed on many LST's such as LST #898, LST # 883, and was transported by ship such as the USNS General M.C. Meigs and the USNS Sgt. Sylvester Antolak (T-AP192) while being stationed in Korea. -My decorations included, but were not limited to the following: Korean Service Medal, The P.U.C (Presidential Unit Citation) with Star, & The Good Conduct Medal.    

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