This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Alfredo Puckett. Alfredo, "Mang Fred", "Sir Fred", "The Legend"  was called to be with the Lord while doing what he loved most on Friday, June 25, 2021. He collapsed on the 17th fairway at Camp John Hay golf course and was taken to Baguio General Hospital where he was pronounced dead despite extensive efforts to revive him. We will remember him forever.

The Puckett family invites everyone who knew Fred to share their stories, photos, videos and memories of him. 

Posted by Josephine Puckett on September 1, 2021
"The memory of Manong Fred will live on as the Golf Legend of Baguio. May he rest in peace in the lush greens of Paradise."
Dr. Inoc Laranang
Posted by Josephine Puckett on August 6, 2021
"Countless golf enthusiasts are extremely grateful to you, Mang Fred, for your kindness and patience in sharing tips that make golf a wonderful sport."
Harley Palangchao
June 25, 2021
Posted by Josephine Puckett on August 1, 2021
"To the greatest golfer of Baguio of all times. Rest in peace, condolence to the family. I will never forget your teachings Manong Fred. God speed."
(Rommel Frencillo June 2021)
Posted by Josephine Puckett on July 31, 2021
"Condolence iti pamilya...he was part of every John Hay golfer's life...can't forget pinikpikan moments at Greenwater many years ago."
(Atty. Gregorio Abalos Jr) June 2021
Posted by Josephine Puckett on July 30, 2021
Tony Abriol:

Mang Fred
My Friend
My Mentor
My Idol

Rest in peace
Posted by Josephine Puckett on July 28, 2021
"Manong Fred has shown us how to live life to the fullest. He has created wonderful memories and touched every person he came across with, not just to family but beyond. He built a strong character, his very own signature, 'The Legend to the golfing population'. He is also the true man of the house, the father figure being the eldest of the boys. May he rest in peace."
(Eulinette, Auntie Terry's niece. July 10, 2021)
Posted by Josephine Puckett on July 23, 2021
Awarded to veteran parbuster Fred Puckett, a consistent top individual medalist in the Fil-Am International Golf Tournament held every December in the City.
Awarded on the 30th anniversary edition of the National Correspondents Club of Baguio (NCCB) Kafagway Sports Luminary Awards honoring the most outstanding national and international athletes and sports leaders from the city and other parts of the Cordilleras,
February 20, 2016.
Posted by Josephine Puckett on July 20, 2021
'...Tito Fred had the "dream job" of being able to play and teach golf all day long."
(John Paul Puckett 7/8/21 on remembering Manong Fred).
Posted by Josephine Puckett on July 20, 2021
"We have Good memories to cherish Manong. You're one of the most Down to Earth person I've known..."
(Em Rosales 6/25/21 response to Manong Fred's passing).
Posted by Amelyn Oppod on July 16, 2021
There are so many words to describe him but he's always the "Legend" to his golf buddies, us the soft spoken golfer, a quiet man with a big smile and just let his clubs do the talking.

I learned and loved to play golf bec of him."Ni Mng Fred amu na agolf syat met kuma". Growing up I knew him as my brother, as a caddy at CJH who lived his life to the fullest. At the same time learned how to play golf and continued to polish his game.

He swings like a pro ️️..plays like a pro. I wish I could do that everytime I play golf. But I was fortunate enough to get a chance to play with him everytime I go home. During his rest days and the other guys, he made sure we play golf somewhere instead of resting.."panay golf"..kunada awan nasakit basta golf". So I enjoyed every moment we spent time at the golf course knowing that this won't happen I wish. Even though we don't always have our good games, the bonding is there. He just watched me play and did the talking after if he needs to correct something. Now he's gone I will miss that.

The last time I went home Dec '19 during Fil-Am. I took pic whenever I got the chance, esp on the 1st tee where they announced his name. It made me proud to be there in the gallery, knowing that my brother was doing what he loved.

Is he nervous?..I don't think so. I guess he's used to it being introduced to so many tournaments he played everywhere and continue to collect more trophies. So everybody knows he's there to win and his opponents are only there playing for 2nd place or runner up.

He has the ❤️❤️ of a champion . Playing what he love most when he left us. Sad to say goodbye but knowing he's happy where he's going.."Fairway to Heaven". Yes he didn't finish his last two holes bec maybe he has other play with his friends in heaven who had been waiting for him and time to rest with the Lord Almighty.

Happy golfing in heaven Mng Fred. Make more eagles, birdies, save pars and bogeys. You will always be remembered esp everytime I play golf ️⛳..fore!!

Posted by Alfree Lara Puckett on July 16, 2021
There are too many stories, experiences, and memories we had with Papa that I can't put all into words. I Wrote this while I was anxiously waiting to be released from quarantine - it's mixed up and doesn't give justice to his titles: the legend, the champ, the pro, the master, among others. So let's just say this is a daughter's POV, the  incomplete version.

A father, a husband, a brother, a grandfather, an uncle, a friend, a teacher, a master, he is whatever he is to others but to me he was, he is, and will always be my king! My first name Alfree was after his name Alfredo but he always called me Appe. I don't why and I never asked but it's special because he was the only one who called me that. Being the only girl among 3 siblings gave me the privilege to be a papa's girl.  I was his princess until I had my daughter. When Laureez came into the picture, all the attention was then given to his apo. He was building her to be the next champ. He made golf clubs customized just for her and brought her to the driving range for golf lessons. They were inseparable even if she was the only one who can make papa angry. He spoiled her in every way. It will be a very big adjustment for Laureez, for all of us.

For those who knows papa, you will all agree with me when I say that he was a very quiet person but not an introvert. Just the humble type I suppose- as it was proven by the # of people, not to mention their status who apparently are his friends. One of the things I admire about him was how he got contented with life, he's the kind who wouldn't ask for much and most of the time doesn't actually asked for anything, it would be up to you to give and he'd appreciate whatever it is. He wasn't verbally expressive of his feelings but he had his ways of showing it. He may have said i love you just only a few times but I have always felt love, protected and supported. He was a family man who provided well, a loving brother who cared a lot for his siblings, a genuine friend who helped in any way he can and he was everything else. Hearing the things people say about him makes me proud to be his daughter.
The last time I spoke to him was on Father's day. I asked him "Pa, whatcha want, pizza or cake?" He answered pizza and cake. Then mommy reacted saying pizza na ah para pareho tayo - because that's what I ordered for her on Mother's day. Papa didn't answer but his face was like "nagdamag kayo paylng ngarud" Papa, There's no food panda in heaven but I will buy you pizza and cake every father's day.

Papa had this philosophy "Nu oras mo, oras mo."  Every time we told him to quit smoking or at least bawasan manlang - because he is a chain smoker. He'd say uray pay enya araramidem, nu oras mo oras mo. He proved to us that he was right -It wasn't lung cancer, or COPD, or covid or whatever illness that brought him down. He was just playing golf when he passed out.
His sudden death is heart breaking but one thing that gives us comfort is knowing that he was doing what he loves best when he left us. Truly a legend, breathing his last on the golf course, his fairway to heaven. He left our heart broken but as he always said nu oras mo, oras mo- God called him, they need the best golfer up there. We will always remember the experiences we shared with him. The great years we enjoyed his presence and the memories he left which we'll forever hold dearly in our heart, souls, and mind. Happy golfing papa! We will miss you and will always love you. 
Posted by Josephine Puckett on July 13, 2021
One less great golfer out there but a whole lot more of us golfing because of his influence.
Ben Hogan said, "The most important shot in golf is the next one."Well, Manong Fred, make that next shot a great one and the best one yet, for you are now in the best place to play and enjoy the perfect round.
Posted by Matilda Briggs on July 12, 2021
Someone we love is golfing in Heaven
Posted by Jocelyn Puckett on July 7, 2021
Goodbyes are not forever
Goodbyes are not.the end
They simply mean I miss you

Until we meet again.

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Posted by Josephine Puckett on September 1, 2021
"The memory of Manong Fred will live on as the Golf Legend of Baguio. May he rest in peace in the lush greens of Paradise."
Dr. Inoc Laranang
Posted by Josephine Puckett on August 6, 2021
"Countless golf enthusiasts are extremely grateful to you, Mang Fred, for your kindness and patience in sharing tips that make golf a wonderful sport."
Harley Palangchao
June 25, 2021
Posted by Josephine Puckett on August 1, 2021
"To the greatest golfer of Baguio of all times. Rest in peace, condolence to the family. I will never forget your teachings Manong Fred. God speed."
(Rommel Frencillo June 2021)
his Life


Alfredo Puckett was born on January 11, 1949 in Camp John Hay, Baguio City to the late parents of John Maluban Puckett and Rita Sinaking Dionisio.


1956 - 1962
Alfredo attended Quezon Elementary School

1962 - 1966
Attended and graduated from Baguio City High School

1966 - 1968
Attended Baguio Technical and Commercial Institute (now University Of Baguio) and studied Radio Telephone Operator

Life After School

From 1968
Alfredo started caddying and picking golf balls to sell to golfers at Camp John Hay where he also learned to play golf. He enjoyed competing on Caddy's Day every Monday. He competes for  a "pusta".

He left CJH and went to Saudi Arabia as a contract worker

He went to Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, as a contract worker
Recent stories

Happy Birthday up there ❤️

Shared by Alfree Lara Puckett on January 11, 2022
73 years ago today, a Legend was born. As we celebrate your birthday down here, I hope you’re having a blast up there. We miss you. Labyu Pa


Shared by Josephine Puckett on September 25, 2021
(Story contributions from Manong Douglas, Gary, Susan, and Warren O)

Not all golfers can teach, and not all golf teachers are good at playing golf. I think for the most part, you're either good at one or the other. To teach golf and how to play golf involves skills, talent, patience, and passion. I love playing golf but I don't have the patience and technical abilities to teach golf. I remember him talking about pronation of the wrist and arm during the golf swing. All my goal then was to make sure I hit the ball so I can watch it fly instead of rolling on the ground off the tee.

Manong Fred was blessed. He was able to do both.
His form and game were great, backed by multiple wins and success as an amateur golfer. Despite that he didn't stop. Older or not, he continued to work on his game and hit balls at the driving range. 
Working at the driving range at CJH gave him the chance to teach golf lessons early on. 
It was back in the 80's for us girls in the family when Mng Longay introduced us to golf. From then on we occasionally got lessons from Manong Fred at the driving range. Along with Judy, Thel and I continued when we went back to Baguio to finish our last year in nursing school.

Susan and Mat, even Alfree and Mikee got their own instruction at other times. Susan got a lot more when she met up with Manong Fred for vacation in New Zealand in 2019.
Gary got his lessons way back while working as pulot-boy at the driving range, when he caddied for him during tournaments, and whenever they played golf together.
Laureez may be the youngest student-she was putting and hitting balls before she was 5 years old.
Nico Valencerina thinks he was his last student. "Sayang lang ta very short nang isurwan na kanyak. Bka dagos ak linmaing if Uncle Fred didn't go immediately to the fairways in heaven".
Warren Oppod, a CJH caddie also said other caddies got better at golf after learning from Mng Fred.

He was patient. Judy and Susan said he just watched and observed, then build from there- improve or correct the flaws.
Richard S. Valdez said, "thank you for your untiring lessons...rain or shine".

In the beginning, golf in Baguio was for the elite and privileged.  Our brothers who all worked as caddies when they were young saw it being in and around CJH.
Gary said, "At that time malagip ko dagiyay lang local military officers like Gen. Martin, some local doctors, lawyers, and politicians played golf in Baguio. Some tourist celebrities were also the costumers diay driving range bago da agay ayam". 

Then golf in Baguio flourished in the 90's. Manong Douglas said,
"On those years, 1991 going forward, some City Hall employees, Mayor Domogan as number one; local businessmen. PMAers, some doctors.
Then other establishment owners and companies followed:
Beneco, NBI, Lepanto engineers and management, La Trinidad politicians, police departments all over Cordillera. Mostly nga inmasinso nga Igorot, nagsuro da met nga agay ayam ti golf.
Karkaro nga inmadu da idi adu ti businesses nga nag sponsor ti players to promote their establishment during the annual FilAm tournament.
Idi nakita dan no kasano karagsak ti maki join ti tournaments especially during the  FilAm, adu ti nainganyu nga ag golf.
Isu nga dagidyay agrugrugi, kinamang da ni Mang Fred.
Isun ti naging word-of-mouth nga no kayat da nga lumaing, agpasuro da kenni Mang Fred".

Gary added,
"Dagiyay baro nga golfers ti Baguio manginaan da ti golf lessons, isunga ti ikaskasta da ag pa suro da idiay kadwa da nga beginners or caddies. Nu marikna da nga awan progress da, ag damag da nu sino ti pag pasuruan. Daddy's name is always recommended. According to Daddy, umay dan to lang ag pa suro nu makita da nga narigat gayam ti golf,  tapos ken na develop en ti bad habits in the swing. There are a few nga ti amu da nu na i-suruan ti 1 lesson session, ayos en. Jejeje...
Dagiyay daduma ag birbiruk lng ti libre- puros lang damag nu kasano ti ikasta ti swing. Karkaro nu ada isuna idiay driving range, nagadu ag pa diagnose ken agpa  correct ti swing. Mabain lang ni Daddy nga ibaga nga P400 per hour. Isuro an na latta. Ngem adu dagiyay long time na nga student from Juniors like Janjan Dacawi. Tata ni Janjan kalaban min nga top scorer ti ka division mi nga team idiay FilAm. jejeje... Ken adu met dagiyay binmayag nga sinursuro an na. Tapos dagiyay nabayag nga am-ammu na, like the Valencerina brothers, madi na ag pa bayad.  Dagiyay daduma ag pa lunch da lang, ayos en kanyana.
On the other hand, nu isuna met ag kasapulan, they do not hesitate to help Daddy. Especially ni Doc Pul-oc nga surgeon, long time nga student ken friend ni Daddy. Isuna nang i serek kenyak trabaho idiay Pines Hospital tapos inoperaan dak keni Alfree idiay private hospital, libre PF na.
Ni Mr. Park studyante na met. Um-umay diay balay ag pa suro ti putting. Gapo ta haan nga kayat ni Daddy nga ag pa bayad, agi umay ni Mr. Park ti 1 cavan nga jasmine rice ken groceries. Ni Park pay mang bagkat diay bagas nga ibaba idiay balay. Jejeje!!!"

Susan remembers how it was surreal watching adult men getting lessons in golf at the CJH driving range. It's not unusual, just that here, we see more of  kids learning to play golf at an early age.

Nico and his uncle Dr. Charles Valencerina and his brothers echoed the same sentiment as above: "He always gives instructions on how to improve your game for free. He never really charges for his golf lessons. I believe he is just so happy to teach golf."

I remember that a few years back, we were brainstorming on a golf instruction/club repair business model and proposal for him. Add to it an eatery that would cater to his customers, run by Manang Lau. His clientele was already established. He was the go-to golf instructor. He also had the infrastructure to repair golf clubs. Somehow, our plan didn't take off. True to Mommy's words from long ago, "running a business is not in our family". She said that bodes well for the other side- the Uncle Bagtang and Sinaking side. They were successful and did well in business, but not us.
He could have done more-Fred's Learning Center or something like that, made more money, but it wasn't meant to be. We don't regret it, I don't think he did either. He was content and rich inside with his passion to play and teach golf. Looking back, we appreciate how much he has given back to his community and  how he influenced a lot of people .

Pinewoods GC opened in Dec. 2014.  It helped popularize golf even more because it's a public course. More new  golfers followed. He even taught the caddies crew of Pinewoods.
"At least lately before Covid kunana nga inmadu estudyante na nga contractors ken pulis." (Gary)

Atty Gregorio Jr Abalos summed it all, "he was part of every John Hay golfer's life."
"It is an honor and privilege to be taught by you even in a short time (Dr. Geranyl Laguardia).
Even a widow friend had a special request:
"May there be golfing in the next life. Try to teach my husband if there is" (Gatumay Sumebang Sudaypan).
"To the greatest golfer of Baguio of all times...I'll never forget your teachings Manong Fred (Rommel Frencillo).
They thanked him for the golf lessons and tips; for being their teacher, mentor, coach, adviser; "for everything you taught us during our junior golf days" (Macky Garcia), even "your tips on how to play BCC I will forever cherish" (Raymond Bunquin).

Unfortunately, others missed out.
Pigeon said, "he was always telling me to start playing, never did..." However he got to see golf in action from Mng Fred as he was one of Baguio sports writers who regularly covered the golf events.
Maybe Aprille will be encouraged to pick up a club and give golf a shot.

And so I say he helped grow the game in Baguio and the Cordilleras. He gave back to the community by teaching golf, by teaching he influenced, and he greatly did.
Shared by Amy Mat on September 22, 2021
Manong Fred was born & started growing up at CJH until the family moved in 1954 to Greenwater, aka "Campo Utso" back then for some, according to Manong Douglas. He practically grew up in the par-69 golf course where he learned the rudiments of the game. As a young kid, he worked as a shag boy (ball retriever) at the driving range then later on as a caddie. To make more money,  he also looked for lost balls in the rough and woods around the golf course then sold them to golfers.
As one of his younger sisters, I remembered him more as a caddie who lived a simple life. He loved to hang out or "ag istambay" at the caddies house with his friends when work was slow or "awan makadian da", especially during the rainy season. Before going home from work, Manong Douglas said, "apan kami agbiruk ti oong diay bantay around CJH ta mamati kami adu oong nu napigsa ti tudo ken bagyu".
But I didn't know that he can play and he's a good GOLFER. He  started winning & collecting trophies on their monthly caddies tournament. He was the best amongst the caddies during his time.
He treated the golf course as his playground, from Luzon, Visayas, & Mindanao  whenever he had the chance,  in either individual or team events. He kept on winning and became a regular figure at the stage to accept his awards. He was very prominent in the annual Fil-Am Invitational Golf Tournament, whether with the same or different team. The Texans was his team back in 1989. He also played for Greenwater Meadows, but mostly for either team CJH or Pugad for many years.
His teammates relied on his A game, although sometimes they did have "a bad day at the office". But in golf there's always betting- pinnustaan.  His friends, especially the Koreans, love to bet and with more money. They would bet on him because they know they would get their money back.
He got  lots of congratulatory texts & messages amongst his friends & other people who knew him every time he won, like "champion ka manen, awan kupas na, mayat"; "congratulations Manong Fred, Legend ng Baguio";  "the champ is always a champ".
He was well known to a lot of people especially in the local golfing world. But knowing him as a soft spoken person and not one to announce himself, he just let his golf clubs and his game do the talking. He never complained when his game was bad and he was never hard on himself either.
Whenever he got the chance, he was sending messages in the Puckett message center. His last one was "Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there" on 6/19/21, six days before he passed.
He got to meet and know a lot of different people aside from his regular teammates and some close friends.  But they also wanted to learn more of his game since he was known as the best amateur par buster in the summer capital.
Golf is a wonderful game. He loved to play because it gave him joy and satisfaction.  He was fortunate to have had the chance to play at many different golf courses and be able to appreciate the beauty of nature while out there playing. He had the freedom to play whenever he could, not wasting a minute every time he played. He played his last shot at hole #17 until he couldn't play anymore. Sadly there's always an end to everything we do. God had other plans for him. Who knows, there could be a greener pasture in heaven. 
Thank you Manong Fred for giving us a glimpse and making us appreciate your very successful career in golf even though we're  far from each other and not there to celebrate with you  every time you won. We didn't know how big your impact would be until you were gone.
You have the heart of a CHAMPION. Your collection of trophies and awards will remind us always of who you were - from your humble beginnings to becoming a LEGEND.
Gone but not forgotten, your memories will live forever. Heroes are always remembered but LEGENDS never die.