Posted by Justice Obioha on July 20, 2021
Papa as I fondly called him, was one of my brightest students in Alliance Française Ikeja Lagos. One day I asked the class why they were studying the French language and Papa said, "I am learning the language so I can converse easily with my grandkids..." Beyond French learning, he was a kind man and very fun to be with. I remember how he made jokes in the class. He was always the first to be in class. He was dedicated to his beliefs. Lastly, he respected and loved his classmates.
May God comfort his . Au revoir Papa Zak!
Posted by Dorcas Ozioma Amah on July 18, 2021
Was only trying to get a contact from my whatssap when Papa Zak's number accidentally popped up this afternoon. Checked his status and saw the link to this site. Oh grandpa! He was my classmate at Alliance français Ikeja in 2019, learning french so that he could keep up with his grand kids. Papa Zak's ease with the language is unforgettable. He was also quick to share life stories with us as well. Very easy going Papa. He stopped by in 2020 just to give chocolates. He was that kind-hearted. We will sorely miss you Papa Zak!!!!
Posted by Momodu Kassim-Momodu on June 8, 2021
Brother Zak. My quintessential and dependable brother and adviser.
A Prince and a gentleman to the core.
Irreplaceable and unforgettable.
He was a community leader and organiser.

May God All Merciful reward him for his good deeds and forgive his shortcomings.
May his legacy live on.
May we all finish well and finish strong.

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