This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Alice Ahart, 88 years old, born on October 7, 1932, and passed away on May 2, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Nadine King RD on May 5, 2022
On the last day of Passover, Temple Israel remembers those that have passed during the year. Paul and I were there to personally remember Alice. Our family misses Alice especially on holidays.
Posted by Barbara Hermann on May 5, 2022
A few months after Alice passed away I had my radio tuned to the library channel and suddenly heard her voice. It was a recording she had made reading from a library book, and it was wonderful hearing her again. Her dedication to the library, one of my favorite places, was one of the many things I admired about Alice.
Posted by Sheila Hahn on June 11, 2021
I admired Alice's intellect, her beauty, her adventurous spirit and her sense of fun. I enjoyed every moment I spent with her and will miss her deeply. She always spoke with love and pride of her daughters and grandchildren. Farewell, dear friend.
Posted by Gary Herridge on May 30, 2021
Some of our fondest memories of Alice are those years in the late 60's thru the the 70's when we would go to Gary's home in Illinois. Normally, on our return to West Virginia, we would stop at our cousin's home in Champaign, IL.  We loved those visits! Our two boys, Matthew and Michael, were each a couple of years younger than their cousins, Shoshanna and Ariel.  They so looked forward to that visit! They played together so well.  And we got to visit with Alice. It was a wonderful relaxing time. We caught up on all the family news and enjoyed being with them so much.
In later years, we still got together with Alice occasionally and were able to catch up on all the doings of the four kids. Alice came to our first grandson's wedding in Arkansas. She was picked up by our son Michael in Memphis and the had to travel in a really bad snowstorm to make it to the wedding in EL Dorado, Arkansas. That was a real treat for us to have Alice at the wedding!
As time went on, we continued to catch up on all the family doings via telephone contacts.
Another great memory was Shoshanna's wedding in Eichstatt, Germany. Shoshanna asked Gary to come to Germany and perform the wedding ceremony for her and Andreas. It was another wonderful time to spend with Alice and all the family.
We pray we may always stay close and in touch with both Shoshanna and Ariel and their families  We are sure their mother would be happy to know that!
We will always feel a special closeness to all of you!

with our love and prayers,
Gary and Sharon Herridge
Posted by Alexandra Blackstone on May 29, 2021
I did not to meet Alice in person, but was fortunate to learn about her wonderful self from her daughter, my dear friend Ariel.
I learnt about Alice's great style, her curiosity about life, fierce independence and great love for her family.
Ariel shared her deep respect and admiration about her mother's zest for life. Her courage to overcome adversity and prevail. And ability to find joy in all things.
I am sad not to have met Alice in person. However, she lives on in my thoughts as a kindred spirit. I celebrate Alice Ahart's life.
Posted by Rosanne Liner on May 21, 2021
Today’s memorial service was very thoughtful and full of love. I’m so glad I tuned in to see and hear a beautiful farewell.
Rosanne Liner, Amy Rapoport and Edward Rapoport
Posted by Mike Herridge on May 21, 2021
As kids, my brother Matt and I would always visit Alice and the girls in Illinois with my parents.  This was a stopping off point in our trek to see the Illinois Herridges. We made a yearly summer visit to Dad’s family in Peoria and always stopped by Champagne and stayed with Alice.  Not only did dad go to school in Champagne, but with Alice and Aunt Ruth there, we always had a reason to stop. I remember Matt and I always wanted to stay with Alice because if we didn’t, we had to stay with Aunt Ruth who lived down the street.  We loved Aunt Ruth, but she had a demon cat that we were afraid of.  It always gave you a weird look like ‘just wait until your asleep’. Somehow, we survived this ordeal, but staying with Alice was always a better option!

Shoshanna and Ariel were just a little older than us, but as young boys, they seemed like adults! They always took us around and did things with us when we visited.  I still remember the fish that used to be in the basement in Champagne, if you rang a little bell, they would come to the top of the tank to be fed!  These were good times!  Shoshanna and Ariel were the ‘cool’ cousins who we always looked forward to seeing.

As I got older and visit Alice with my own family, she was always so welcoming and loving to us.  The last time we visited was on Elvis’ birthday. (Don’t ask my wife, Darlene, about this. She thinks he’s still alive!)  Alice was so funny trying to explain to Darlene that we didn’t want to go and visit Graceland on Elvis’ birthday.  Apparently, Graceland was pretty crazy around this time.

Shoshanna and Ariel are a living tribute of what a wonder woman Alice was. When you stand and look at their success, it is impossible not to see Alice standing quietly (well, maybe not quietly!) behind them. It is impossible to imagine two such wonderful, successful women without a loving mother like Alice encouraging and supporting them.

As I sit here waiting for the live stream of Alice’s service to start, I am torn by a sense of loss of a great lady.  Alice always had a story to tell about the girls or something from her past. I have a tear in my eye thinking that I will not get to hear her share just one more of these with me.  Alice lived a rich life. 

Alice was loved by many.  Respected by all.  And will be missed greatly. Fortunately, she left two wonderful women who will continue to carry her legacy.  All my love to the family. 

‘Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you.’ Psalm 55:22

Posted by Wolfgang Klug on May 20, 2021
I only met Alice once for a late breakfast at a very nice cafe in Neuburg when she was visiting years ago. I still have extraordinarily vivid memories of her, especially the immediate connection she was able to establish and the deep interest she took in the world around her. This I felt especially when we were talking about my autistic son. She was truely invested in the needs of children and conveyed both this real interest in and profound knowledge of kids both neurotypical and not. Thus she was able to reach out to me in a very special way that I haven´t forgotten. I consider this a great gift in a person and understand that Alice will be greatly missed by her family and friends. At the same token she also leaves behind a great wealth of wonderful memories that will live on in her daughters, who she was very proud of, and all those whose lives she touched. A party who gets together to celebrate the memory of such a wonderful person can´t be but a happy group of people beyond the sadness of the loss. All the best, dear Shoshanna and Ariel and all who share in this celebration! Barbara
Posted by Louise Oram on May 15, 2021
Alice was my big sister. It was not always the most enviable position. I remember that as the older one she often had to take me along with her. She may have not liked it but she always did it with a smile. She never showed any resentment that I was the tag along little sister. As we grew up and both became adults she kept that role. As my big sister she was my protector and offered me her support, wisdom and comfort and always made me feel loved.
Alice loved her family deeply and her grandchildren were the light of her life. She showed the same devotion to my family as well. Her interest in my children and grandchildren was sincere. She delighted in my stories and always went above and beyond to share her time with them. She visited often and was present at many special times . Aunt Alice was a wonderful participant in our lives. We all have so many unforgettable memories of her.
We shared many of the same interests. I loved our times together as well as our long conversations. We never ran out of things to discuss. The sadness I feel is overwhelming and I will miss the companionship we had. She will always and forever be in my heart
Posted by Edward Rapoport on May 12, 2021
I was deeply saddened to hear of Alice's passing. Alice and my father George Rapoport were first cousins. Alice' mom and my dad's mom were sisters. My father was responsible for bringing Alice, Louise, Aunt Rita and Uncle Izzie from Windsor, Ontario to Detroit, Michigan.  I completely enjoyed my phone conversations with Alice. Alice was the family historian, and she would tell me things and stories about the family history. We would also discuss current events. I really enjoyed our phone calls. I will really miss our phone conversations!  My sisters Rosanne and Amy, and I would call up Alice to see how she was doing and she would tell me about all of her family and what was going on. I knew she had several ongoing medical issues. We would also discuss current events. I really enjoyed our phone calls. I will really miss our phone conversations!

Again, I am extremely sad about Alice's passing. I send you my most sincere condolences and empathize with you. I know what it is like losing a mother. I took care of my Mother Elsie for 14 years, and towards the end of her life (the last two years) my sisters pitched in and we took care of her. I know that it is extremely difficult to take care of a parent long distant.  With the pandemic and all of the world events going on, hopefully we can see one another in the future. Your mom was very proud of all of you and that gave her purpose in going on and living. Alice was a very cerebral person and Lady. Listening to Alice talk was so enjoyable because she exuded such charm, ease and happiness, and she had the most pleasant voice with a combination of different English accents having lived in many different places in North American. Alice lived the Dream to the fullest.

Alice had a good life, she was a dedicated mom and grandmother. Hopefully, Alice is now in a better place and no longer suffering. It is with love and affection I send you this letter. Alice was an amazing and very kind sweet lady, and she was an empowered woman and Lady. I am blessed and fortunate to have known her, and you should be proud of her and all that she did in her life. Cousin Alice was an amazing, intellectual person, she was the quintessential proof of the American Dream. I will really miss Alice.

With Love, and Best Regards, your cousin.
Posted by Melissa Faber on May 10, 2021
I knew Alice through Temple Israel, Sisterhood, and the Saturday Book Club. Before covid, she came to Friday Shabbat services every week, sitting just a few rows back from the front on the left. She came to all Sisterhood's programs and attended the monthly book club meetings faithfully. She wanted to be with her friends and enjoy the gathering. Sometimes, if she hadn't read the book, she said she planned to go home and read it because the comments of everyone else made it sound so good. After she missed our April zoom meeting, I called to check on her. She said she hadn't felt up to reading much lately. I told her about our May selection, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter. She said she may not be able to get to it, but she'd love to see us all. I think she'll be there, at our next book club, and her spirit will join us when we return to Temple.
Posted by Barbara Ostrow on May 10, 2021
Alice was a dear friend. In many ways she was like a sister and member of our family. We spent holidays and family events together. Alice loved the arts, she was a docent at Temple's art gallery as well as the Dixon Galleries. She loved her children and grandchildren. Calls and packages to the children were important to her. Alice was involved with the Yiddish Book Museum at Amerhurst College. She was invited to be interviewed and the interview is available to the public. She loved reading and also read the Forward Newspaper as well as many other r publications. As we know she loved traveling with her family, having many wonderful adventures. But most of all we loved just sharing a meal, watching a good movie or going to a concert. I was proud to be her friend!! Alice was indeed a Woman of Valor!!
Posted by Julie Rosenberg on May 9, 2021
*Vibrant!* When I think of Alice, I remember her as so very vibrant. She was vibrant in her style and her zest for life. She will remain an inspiration. Alice's strong and passionate spirit will live on.
Posted by Barbara Hermann on May 7, 2021
I would like to add a few of my memories of the Amazing Alice. I was in the Mother Bear Knitting Group with Alice as well as in Sisterhood Book Club. She was so funny talking about her "speedy" knitting while she gave us updates on her adored family members. We both loved "The Golem and The Jinni" - neither of us had been able to get anyone else interested in that book - and were delighted that we each had discovered it and could "share". I learned so much about the items in the Temple Israel museum because of Alice's well-prepared explanations on the tour. And how can I forget the shock of suddenly hearing Alice's distinctive voice in my car - when she was not there. It was Alice reading a book over the radio for the library that was quite some distance from her home. I will certainly miss her, but take pleasure in the memories.
Posted by Rosanne Liner on May 5, 2021
Alice was a very special person..She was always laughing and enjoyed all of our current events. She always made sure to see our family when she was in town. She will be missed.
Posted by Judy stephenson on May 5, 2021
I sent the following note to Baptist Hospital from all of us:

On or about May1, my dear friend, Alice Ahart was in ICU. Her family live outside the United States, and her friends were only allowed to visit one at a time once a day. Alice was dying and there was no one to comfort her. Her wonderful nurse, Briana (I don't know last name) was so kind, respectful, and caring to Alice that I'd like to recommend her for the Daisy Award. She comforted her and even held her hand until her last breath. Thank you, Briana from friends and family of Alice Ahart.
Posted by Allena Kaplan on May 4, 2021
I feel very privileged to have known Alice; always thought of her as a gracious and considerate person. She was really well read and shared her intelligent observations. Above all, she loved her daughters and grandchildren. I pray that we all keep Alice’s goodness in our hearts always.
Posted by Amy Rapoport on May 4, 2021
Alice was a wonderful cousin. She had loads of information about our Siegel Family history and my father and grandmother "Nanny" It was always nice to talk to her on the phone. I always asked about her daughters and their family. I Learned about her grandchildren that she loved dearly and her son-in-law . She was always sweet, kind and thoughtful. I will miss calling her.
Posted by Judy stephenson on May 4, 2021
There is no one I enjoyed talking to more than Alice. Her knowledge and love of books, art, history, and travel made her one of the most interesting people I know. I will sorely miss her.
Posted by anthony frank on May 4, 2021
She will truly be missed she was a great part of the Brookdale Family. I will miss seeing her smile and the joy she brought to all around her.
Posted by Nadine King RD on May 4, 2021
We are sorry to lose a vibrant friend. Alice shared the adventures of her family with us...learning about countries that we did not know and realized that Ubekistan was at the end of the Olympic Games parade. She was proud of all their accomplishments. I will miss all of the yiddish jokes and their translations. May she rest in peace. Nadine, Paul, Marc and Scott King

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Posted by Nadine King RD on May 5, 2022
On the last day of Passover, Temple Israel remembers those that have passed during the year. Paul and I were there to personally remember Alice. Our family misses Alice especially on holidays.
Posted by Barbara Hermann on May 5, 2022
A few months after Alice passed away I had my radio tuned to the library channel and suddenly heard her voice. It was a recording she had made reading from a library book, and it was wonderful hearing her again. Her dedication to the library, one of my favorite places, was one of the many things I admired about Alice.
Posted by Sheila Hahn on June 11, 2021
I admired Alice's intellect, her beauty, her adventurous spirit and her sense of fun. I enjoyed every moment I spent with her and will miss her deeply. She always spoke with love and pride of her daughters and grandchildren. Farewell, dear friend.
her Life

Alice Ahart

Our beloved mother, sister, and grandmother, Alice Ahart, of Germantown, Tennessee passed away peacefully in her sleep on May 2, 2021.  Alice Ahart was born in Windsor Ontario, Canada on October 7, 1932.  She was the eldest child of Rita Seigel and Isador Glattstein who immigrated from Romania and Poland in the hopes of a better life for their children.  Alice arrived in Detroit Michigan at the age of 14 and became a U.S. citizen in 1954, one of the proudest moments in her life.  Alice had a life-long love of reading and education which she attributed to an enthusiastic librarian at the Windsor public library who issued her, her very first library card at the age of 9 and to her parents who encouraged her education as a path to a better life. 

Alice was the first person in her family to attend college and received a bachelor’s degree from Marietta College and a master’s degree from the University of Minnesota.  She had a distinguished career as a speech and language pathologist providing services to disabled children and adults in Illinois and later in Tennessee.  Alice was an advocate for the rights of the disabled and received the Francis J. Gerty Award from the State of Illinois for her work with disabled children and their parents.   At the age of 60, she relocated to Tennessee which was her home for 28 years.  Alice had a curiosity and zest for life that was infectious.  She loved the arts, was a volunteer docent at the Dixon Museum, and loved attending music and theater performances in the Memphis area.  She served on the board of the Cordova Friends of the Library and was a volunteer radio reader for the Memphis Public Library program to bring books to the blind.  Alice was an active member of Temple Israel, helping arrange cultural programs including a feature on Albania’s little-known history of rescuing Jews during World War II. 

Alice was always interested in learning about other cultures and travel.  She was a host family to international university students in Illinois and joked that she dreamed of seeing the Taj Mahal before it was turned into a McDonald’s.  In her later years, she was able to realize this dream, traveling with her daughters to India, Pakistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Germany, France, and Austria.  Alice was an inspiration to her daughters, Ariel and Shoshanna Ahart and to her grandchildren Kip and Aliya Lu.  She lived everyday to its fullest with compassion, kindness, and an unending curiosity about life.  She is survived by her loving sister Louise Oram, her daughters and their husbands Donald Lu, Andreas Karlstetter, her grandchildren and a wide circle of family and friends around the world who love her dearly and will miss her laughter and enthusiasm for living life.

In celebration of Alice Ahart’s life, those who wish may consider a donation to:
(1) Friends of the Cordova Library mailing address:  8457 Trinity Road, Memphis, TN or
(2) plant a tree in Israel

Recent stories

Exclusive Boat Ride in Riedenburg, Germany for Alice!

Shared by Shoshanna Ahart on May 15, 2021
While mom was visiting Andreas and I in 2008, we visited the historic town of Riedenburg, which is situated on the banks of the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal. There are scenic boat cruises down the canal to view two beautiful castles that are perched high on the cliffs on either side of the canal. The cruise continues down to the next town of Essing, which boasts the longest wooden pedestrian bridge in Europe, and then turns and heads back to Riedenburg. The three of us decided this would be a fun excursion and waited for the 200 person passenger boat to dock for the next cruise.  We boarded, took seats with a great view and waited.  No one else got on the boat. Suddenly the captain sounded the horn and we were off--a private cruise down the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal just for us. Mom was beside herself--she couldn't believe that the boat would go with just us three!  When we returned to Riedenburg, there was a large crowd waiting for the next cruise. Before we disembarked the captain came down the jetty shouting, "make way for the passengers." The crowd  stepped back and the three of us walked down the jetty to the pier.  Mom was beaming. We couldn't have done better if we had planned it!

Celebrating Service--Annual Volunteer Recognition, April 21, 2013

Shared by Shoshanna Ahart on May 15, 2021
The annual volunteer recognition event at the Memphis public library happened to occur while I was visiting mom in the Spring of 2013.  As everyone knows mom was an active volunteer and on the board of the Friends of the Library. She was also very close friends with the current volunteer coordinator, Sonia. I had only arrived from Germany the day before, and was still jet-lagged, but will never forget what fun we had attending the event together. Mom introduced me to Sonia, board members and volunteer friends. Sonia even took us on an extended tour of the Memphis Central Library after the event. Mom was so proud of the library, the volunteer program and being a part of all of it.

Temple Israel Program on "Besa" Albania's efforts to save the Jews in WWII

Shared by Ariel Ahart on May 14, 2021
Jan Reisman
Temple Israel Memphis

Alice was so lovely, and I feel so fortunate to have known her. I was blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her to bring the wonderful film, Besa: The Promise, to Temple Israel on Tisha B'Av on Tuesday, August 1, 2017. Your mom wrote the following inspiring words about the film for our publicity of the event:

"In a time when the world is filled with so much hate and negativity, I think it is important that we focus on the good that still exists, especially when it concerns Jews and Muslims. Albania’s hidden story of the Holocaust deserves to be told. This small, Muslim majority country saved Jews during WWII and continues to have a positive relationship with Israel. This movie presents a small portion of this history, demonstrating the strength of Besa, the honor code observed by all Albanians. I hope this film motivates people to learn more about this remarkable historical event".

I loved learning about Albania and Don’s work there – your mom taught me so much. Thanks to Don and Alice, we were able to connect with Ambassador Floreta Faber who sent a video message to us that we showed before we showed the film.

It was a wonderful program, thanks to your mom and Don.

I always loved seeing your mom at Temple events.

I am sending you love and my deepest condolences. I will miss your mom, and she will be greatly missed at Temple Israel.

Thinking of you and your family,