“Youth's like diamonds in the sun.
And diamonds are forever.”

Forever Young
by Bob Dylan
  • Born on December 7, 1944 in Lakeland, Florida, United States.
  • Passed away on July 12, 2019 in Roseville, California, United States.
On Friday, July 12, 2019, with her loving husband Rick, and daughter Stacey by her side, the Lord took this beautiful, shining light home, and left the world a little sadder place.

Jo was born on a military airbase in Lakeland, Florida on December 7, 1944, to Arther and Alice Quick. At the time her father Art was a U.S. soldier in Germany’s Ardennes Forest, where he fought the Nazi scourge in Bastogne with the 101st Airborne. He survived the Battle of the Bulge, and soon after the war ended, this young family moved to Tucson, Arizona.

While growing up in Tucson, playing with geckos, and running around barefoot in dusty streets, Jo was joined by the birth of her younger brothers Tim (1948) and Terry (1950).

Sometime in the late 50’s, the family followed Art’s career to San Jose, CA, where Jo graduated from Leigh High School in 1963, and attended DeAnza College in Cupertino.

Jo went to work for Pacific Bell as a telephone operator, working at one of those plug-in type switchboards you see in the old movies.

She soon advanced to the equipment sales division, going through the Baby Bells breakup, and finally retiring in 1999 as a well-regarded Large Business Equipment sales representative, from AT&T’s Lucent Technologies in Sacramento.

Jo was blessed with the birth of her daughter Stacey in 1968. And somewhere along the line, after loves found and lost, she met the man who would adore her for the rest of her life, her husband Rick. Meeting in Clovis, CA in 1982, where he was working on a PG&E hydroelectric project, this vibrant and energetic lady captured his heart, which she held onto for the next 37 wonderful years.

Moving to their home first in Middletown, CA, and then to Sacramento, they married in 1987, making their home in Granite Bay, CA, where Jo has lived happily for the last 32 years. 

Preceded in death by her parents Arthur and Alice Quick, and her brothers Tim and Terry, Jo leaves behind a broken-hearted and loving family, including Rick, daughter Stacey Bronzini, nephew Jeff Quick, and grandson Brandon Bronzini. She also leaves behind many loving brothers and sisters-in-law, nephews and nieces, and a host of good friends.  She is also greatly missed by her two loving cocker spaniels, Millie and Gracie.

Jo was a good friend to many people, and she gave her time and her heart to everyone. She was an 18 year hospice volunteer for Sutter Hospice, and she also volunteered for several years at the Kaiser Women’s and Children's Center. Just looking at the organizations to which she volunteered speaks volumes about this kind woman, and where her heart was.

If you would like to share a picture, leave a comment, or relate a story about this kind and wonderful lady, please do so on this site, which will remain here as her tribute. And then come back and visit from time to time, Jo would like that.


Posted by Loreen Mills on August 13, 2019
Janet eloquently said it all. Thank you, all of you, for writing such beautiful words! I think she knew how much a part of our big family she was and always extended love to everyone. I remember many family gatherings and fun times and those memories always include Jo! 
Posted by Rick Anderson on August 2, 2019
My Darling Jo -

It’s been three weeks today since I said goodbye to you. It feels like yesterday, and it feels like forever. I wish I had known how soon I was going to lose you. There’s so much more I
wish I could have told you, how much you were loved, how proud I was to have you by my side. You were my beautiful, shining light, and I can’t tell you how much you are missed. You touched everyone’s heart, and especially mine. Sleep peacefully, my beautiful angel. I’ll always remember, I’ll always cherish, and I’ll always love you.
Posted by Jana Ibarra on July 24, 2019
My sweet and beautiful Cousin Jo, So many memories growing up and playing with my cousin in San Jose. She always kept in contact with me and went out of her way to always include me and my family. She never forgot our kids birthdays, and sent Christmas cards every year. Although she lived far she always thought of us and kept in touch. She was the bond to keep the families in touch. She was blessed to have Rick and Stacy in her life and travel to Texas several times to visit. We will miss her very much... With much love Jana (Thomte), John, James (esp. James) Hannah and Sam.  
Posted by Shaku Huffman on July 22, 2019
Jo and I were the best of cousins, much more like brother and sister. From childhood on, we shared many joyful moments which are now joyful memories of Jo. I miss her!
Posted by Shaku Huffman on July 22, 2019
Jo never lost her sense of wonder and her joy in natural beauty.
We watched peregrine hawks soaring from our deck in California; we cut out weedy oak saplings to hike up a strange and slippery, snow-covered hill to find herkimer diamonds in Lake County; we dreamed of beautiful futures, many kindnesses as we wandered around Sacramento County!
I believe she is smilingly helping us with our recent move - things are falling into place!
We love and miss my sister-of-the-heart, Jo!
Posted by Janet Ross on July 21, 2019
Jo treated everyone she met as family. Always up for fun, and never one to not defend her positions, Jo made every event interesting - and those events were many. I am so glad that she was a treasured member of our family. I will always miss you Jo. Patrick Whitfield
Posted by Janet Ross on July 20, 2019
The inimitable Jo............
Cherished sister-in-law of mine for whom I am grateful to have shared company with for over 31 years.
With our birthdays being one week apart, we both enjoyed being Sagittarians. As such, I would like to describe some of Jo's most admired attributes which were her hallmark.
OPTIMISTIC - Always uplifting to others. Putting on a positive spin in difficult situations.
TRUTHFUL - You could always count on receiving straight-up honesty from Jo. Not a shy bone in her body.
INTELLIGENT - Jo could converse on just about any topic. She had the ability to light up a room with exhilarating tales and infectious laughter. She was effortlessly magnetic and easily attracted friends.
LARGE-HEARTED/GENEROUS - Any guest of Jo (and Ted) would receive exceptional welcoming, warmhearted treatment. She took a caring interest in family and friends.
ADVENTUROUS - Evidenced by the extensive travel resume enjoyed by her and Ted. And most recently, a memorable Euro river cruise with Stacey.
QUEST FOR ENRICHMENT - Relating to her capacity for hobbies, creativity and her extensive volunteer pursuits.
CAPACITY FOR LOVE - Ted knows. Stacey knows. So do all of her extended circle of family and friends. All her of four-leggers, too. Palpable.
There are no words for how much I do and will miss this radiant individual Jo.
Posted by Katherine Grainer on July 19, 2019
i miss her sooo much!
Posted by Sandy Armstrong on July 19, 2019
Loved her to pieces! She was an amazing friend.
Posted by Sarah Needham on July 17, 2019
My heart goes out to you. Memories of years ago in Rancho...sitting on the floor with Jo and Kathy and laughing. Always an incredible woman.

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