Shared by Carolyn Marcinkowski on July 22, 2019

Going through my photos and looking for pictures of Jo brings back so many memories. She is going to be missed always. It is so hard to imagine life without her in it. She was open, honest, funny, caring, capable, thoughtful, and much more. I will treasure our times together and always be especially grateful for the love and care she lavished on her mother-in-law and my mother, Florence Whitfield. How many visits did Jo make to her? How many drives did she take her on? How many card games did they play? How many dinners and lunches did she share? How many doctor visits did she take her to? How many phone calls did she make to check up on me and my family when someone was ill or needed help? How many family gatherings did she arrange? Countless.

This is hard for all of us. God bless you Jo.


That big smile

Shared by Mary Kimzey on July 22, 2019

My sister-in-law Jo grew to have so many roles in my life: friend, confidante, role model, partner-in-crime. With cute Jo you could expect enthusiasm, honesty, laughter and a spirit of adventure in equal measure. She and Rick were tireless in organizing family get-togethers and taking care of Mom, and I will always be so grateful. Her big grin, resonant voice, infectious laughter (followed by a snort when she really got going!) and giving nature were gifts to us all. I will hold you in my heart, Jo, until I see you on the other side.

I thought of Jo as my sister....

Shared by Katherine Grainer on July 19, 2019

Jo and I met the first day we both transferred in at the phone co in Napa, CA. (I was from San Luis Obispo, she was from Fresno.) This was back in the early 80's.  We became fast friends.  When my husband was passed away, she called me at the hospital, telling the staff she was my sister in order to get through.  I have thought of her as my sister ever since.  We have been through thick and thin together.  With the advent of texting, we talked to each other every day.  We read books together and watched tv shows together, even though I am in Washington and she was in California. Oh, how you are missed my dearest friend!

The Best Mother in Law Ever!

Shared by Mike Bronzini on July 18, 2019

I never understood all those Mother in Law jokes because Jo was simply Amazing!! She was an inspiration for me to be a better human being! 

 I love you too Rick!

    Mike forever your FSIL!


Shared by Gary Whitfield on July 17, 2019

Jo was our best friend, we miss her and send our love to everyone who knew her.

Proud to call Jo my best friend

Shared by Sandy Armstrong on July 16, 2019

How can you describe my amazing friend Jo? 

Words cannot fully describe she was in fact indescribable...she was an amazing woman, wife, mother and best friend to me. She was always there for me and my family, always concerned about my children/grandchildren. Always brought me unexpected gifts.  

My life was completed by having her in my life. I cannot fathom how I will proceed without her to call and meet for lunch or have dinner with!  Just so sorry we never drank tequila together—she always said someday...../

Even though we may have differences she always loved me unconditionally!  Friends till the end. 

I Love You Jo Anderson and thank you for being in my life for 22 years and completing me. 

Till we meet again my amazing friend!  “Love you to pieces”

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