Buttered Shrimp: The Original Cut Throat Kitchen

No one could cook like my Grandma Coller.  During our annual Three Kings Celebrations, and Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas Family Gatherings people would savor over her delectable dishes.  From Pancit and Escabeche to Adobo and Chicken Kalamungai, Lola was absolutely the best.  One dish, however, truly defined the essence of her cooking and teachings.  Her Buttered Shrimp was by far the best dish she ever created; with peel and sometimes the head, the flavor was just a perfect blend of butter, garlic, onions, green onions, and, of course her secret ingredient, ... a little bit of mint.  People would come and fight over her pot of buttered shrimp; some trying to take home small plastic containers or sandwich sized ziploc bags full of the crustaceans -- BEFORE THE PARTY EVEN STARTED!  That's how good it was.  After watching her cook as a youngster and even as I grew older into a young adult, Lola always meticulously prepared every ingredient with the utmost details.  For example, she always used a very sharp knife that sliced and diced without ever cutting her fingers; with the precision of samurai -- she was a sight to watch.  She always said, "Like this.  You cut like that.  And slice like this."  Her strong accent still lingering and nodding and watching your every move.  Boy was it intimidating, but I think I learned the most important lessons from my Grandma Coller:  One was the pursuit of absolute perfection by giving your all, all the time, never slacking off or giving up; and the other being excellence, not half-assedness, or lazy style, or some in and maybe some; true, pure, and the highest standards of excellence in all you do!  That was the magic and mystery behind Lola!  She was a champion in and outside of the kitchen; a masterful conversationalist and charmer; and an incredible, competitive, and even better than any Iron Chef or Master Chef.  She was the original Cut Throat Kitchen!