Let the memory of Alison be with us forever
  • 24 years old
  • Born on December 30, 1991 in Naperville, Illinois, United States.
  • Passed away on October 14, 2016 in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, United States.

This memorial page was created in memory of Alison Jane Flory, 24, born on December 30, 1991 and passed on October 14, 2016.  Alison touched the lives of many with her kind heart and infectious smile!

Please join us to celebrate Alison's life at her memorial service, which will be held at Village Bible Church (847 N. State Route 47, Sugar Grove, IL, 60554) on Thursday, October 27th from 3PM-7PM, with a prayer service at 6PM. All are welcome to attend!  There will also be a reception following the service at Fireside Grille (49 Sugar Lane, Sugar Grove, IL, 60554) from 7PM-9PM.

For anyone unable to attend the service in person, please take a moment to share your thoughts, memories, and pictures on this memorial page.

Thank you for your love and support during this difficult time.

Posted by Caroline Kyea on 30th June 2017
In the most respectful way, I want to mention to the person who runs this page that I am using the story of Alison for my college paper. I am showing how businesses use unfair advertising and practices for profit without caring about the personal lives and family at stake. This story truly hurt my heart and the life of Alison was one that I feel loss from even though I never met her. The quote on this page is very true. Her memory WILL be with us forever. She is touching lives of many, and will continue. I will share her story. I send prayers to her family and the struggles they went through while battling these evils. God bless you all.
Posted by Shelly Pattinson on 26th October 2016
I have known Alison since she was in grade school., Her family moved across the street ,so blessed .Alison and her family, has brought lots of joy to our family. Alison loved her 3 younger brothers and sister to pieces. She would bring them swimming in the back yard, they played and she kept them safe. I loved the times, you your mom and me went to the movies,and the weekend in Galena. So many memories. Love you Alison.Til we meet again
Posted by Woody Flowers on 26th October 2016
I'm glad that despite all that happened between us, we were able to forgive and be friends for a few years. You were in my prayers a lot and I was always wanting to help you whatever way I could so you would know that you are valued by God. Rest easy friend -Russell
Posted by Jennifer Flory on 26th October 2016
Missing you.
Posted by Kimberly Stickley on 26th October 2016
I only knew you for maybe 3 years and you were a pretty cool girl. You were and always be an awesome person. I remember you saying how you dyed your hair pink and then complained that it was turning your pillow pink lol. Great story.
Posted by Lisa Morris on 24th October 2016
I have known Alison for most of her life from when she was a little girl at the daycare center with my kids all the way through to her twenties. Alison was sweet and generous that was her personality most of the time. I remember when she held my daughter, Alison was probably five or six and my daughter was an infant and Alison almost dropped her and she couldn't stop crying she was so scared that she had hurt the baby! But everything turned out okay! and I remember how Allison like to go for walks around the pond at Grandma Florys house and I remember when she got older how she like to go to the carnival at the Corn boil and how she let me sleep in her room and show me her chinchilla and how she tried on all kinds of pretty sexy clothes when we were having a fun girlie moment! I remember her at one of her first jobs, I can't remember ? maybe Joann Fabrics or something and she was so helpful when I went into the store.. I'd say most of the time Alison was like a radiant beam of sunshine... that was her at her best! I will miss you Alison and I love you
Posted by Nancy Carlson-Flory on 24th October 2016
Feeling grateful for having Alison in my life for 24 wonderful, loving years. Alison, you have a beautiful spirit and soul and I miss you so much. I love you.
Posted by Jennifer Flory on 24th October 2016
You will be in our hearts forever, Alison.

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