This tribute was added by Gail Connell on March 23, 2020
Dear Alison,

Even while suffering great pain, you have shared your wonderful sense of humor, bright smile and extraordinary zest for life with me. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family forever as they always have been. I take heart in knowing you have finally found deep and lasting peace.
This tribute was added by Stephen Young on March 20, 2020
RIP. Ali,

I only knew you for a short while... you were a bright and shining light and I always adored you.

However, I knew you deeply through your parents who loved you fiercely and unconditionally. You were the light of their lives.

Your sweet presence will be greatly missed


This tribute was added by Summer L on March 19, 2020
Just last week I received a thank you card from Alison, and a Christmas gift. They will be cherished.
Sweet Ali,
I’ll miss your sense of humor and your beautiful smile. I imagine you are now joyful and at peace. I love you. Sum
This tribute was added by Heidi Hedges on March 18, 2020
Dearest Alison,
You are a beautiful soul. You suffered too much in your short life and You were taken way too soon. We all are left with memories of you. I want to always remember your beautiful smile. Peace.
This tribute was added by Joyce Hazen on March 16, 2020
Beautiful pictures of Alison and beautiful memories. My heart aches for you. All she was and all she could have been. She could have been adding her love and her talents to this world. I know she is looking down from above and is out of pain and in peace. I can just imagine all of the Smith family welcoming her with open arms.

I remember July 4, 1978 when we lived in Cincinnati. We had a wonderful day together. We were watching the fireworks near the river, and Alison was sound asleep on a blanket. The fireworks were right over our heads, but with all the noise and lights, she never moved. She was exhausted and sound asleep. All of us just laughed. Happy memories.

I love you so much, Claudia and family.

This tribute was added by Susan Frank on March 11, 2020
Oh that dear wonderful sweet Alison I have known her since she was a little girl and she was always so beautiful and so much fun. What a love! She was creative and artistic and some of the beautiful things she made for me will be treasures forever. The disease that took her life was probably one of the saddest things I’ve ever witnessed: A beautiful young girl being deprived of her young adult years and all those to follow. What a tragedy. But Alison left a legacy to us: Legacy of bravery a legacy of love and legacy of selflessness. I remember when she realize she was unable to travel to Dave’s wedding it had to be heartbreaking but she dealt with it. But most of all I remember the fun times we had together before she was stricken. We laughed we traveled we reminisced we had some anger but most of all we had lots of love. The anger was never with the two of us it was with some outside sources. I can’t believe how brave she was considering all she had gone through. I send my love and my heart to my special dear friend Allison. I will always remember her and I will always love her
This tribute was added by Lindsey F on March 11, 2020
I met Alison a little over 15 years ago through a mutual friend and we had an instant connection that grew into a beautiful friendship. We loved watching horrible 80's comedies, listening to music together, talking about life and laughing uncontrollably.

Once I moved back home to Cleveland, our friendship continued through weekly phone calls, daily texts, the occasional snail mail and card for every holiday and birthday. I would visit Cincinnati as often as I was able to spend quality time with Alison, eating ladles, mod pie, catching up on life and watching movies.

We were each others biggest supporters and biggest critics, we always wanted what was best for the other person, no matter the cost. Alison was a fighter, a strong willed and kindhearted person with the most beautiful smile. She had impeccable taste in her clothing, design choices and above all was a great friend.

It's hard for me to believe that my phone won't ring and I won't hear "Hey dude" on the other end. Or that there will not be a beautiful card from her on the next holiday or birthday. However, I know that as much as I will miss her, the fight and struggle that she had to endure is over and she is at peace.

Alison, I thank you for everything. The laughs, the tears, the occasional disagreement and the endless memories. I will never forget the way you have impacted my life.

All of my love to the entire Lawarre and Massey families, we were all blessed to have her in our lives.    
This tribute was added by Rob S on March 10, 2020
Over the years, we wished so many good things for you. Now we wish you peace.
This tribute was added by Craig Moore on March 10, 2020
My niece Alison was a very precious, sweet, and brilliant woman. Her keen sense of humor and the love she felt for others is what endeared all who knew her.

Rest in-peace now and we will love you... always!
This tribute was added by Laura Retyi on March 10, 2020
Every card Allison ever wrote/sent me ended the same.

Laura Thank You for being there for my mother, how a simple

short sentence spoke volumes

Things I Remember:
Beautiful Skin
Great Sense of Humor
Sending of tender, beautiful cards
Love of Her Family
This tribute was added by Dave Massey on March 9, 2020
Alison is missed by those who knew her. Beneath all the pain and suffering she endured, she had a huge heart and lots of love for those in her life.

I love you, Ali.

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