Shared by Jennie Temple on April 15, 2019

My memories of our Aunty Alison (AA) begin in there with all my other earliest memories – snap shots of sensations, of being around her and hearing her - this is no surprise as she was a constant in our lives from when we were born. 

As I grew older, my memories of AA become clearer and I remember swinging in the hanging basket chair (so cool) in her bedroom in the house that her and dad grew up in, in Caiystane Gardens, and always wanting one for myself – even now whenever I encounter one of these chairs, I think of her and remind myself to find a place for one in my life. I also remember being less content when Helen got to go and see King Kong and I didn’t – affronted at the idea that I was somehow too young! I’m not sure when this was, or when AA moved to Panmure Place with Pete, but I remember so well looking forward to dinners with them in our visits to their flat – excited not only because we got to see them, but  there was always the promise of good food, spaghetti bolognaise was the ultimate favourite, made all the more so tasty with the addition of never before heard of ‘Parmesan Cheese’ My adult life of tenement living has certainly been inspired by these visits, and I am always aspiring to Panmure Place!

After one such visit, when William was a baby (so, early 1980 perhaps) I remember us leaving the flat and AA slipping on the worn tenement steps whilst carrying William’s glass baby feeding bottle – she got a really nasty cut – through a tendon in her hand, and a contraption afterwards which she delighted in showing and explaining to us– a sort of rubber band, safety pin thing that allowed the retraining of the finger, which had been so seriously damaged by the fall. While I’m writing about this, I am remembering that, maybe round about the same time, she gave us one of her old biology books, which included a photograph of a sneeze and her explaining to me what was going on. I really loved that book.  Always so clever and knowledgeable and happy to share. 

I also remember being in the attic, again at Caiystane Gardens, and playing with her ice-skates and on one occasion being given her old red vanity case and ballet pointes – although, I don’t think I was ever half the dancer that she was, but I tried! In later years, I happily took ownership of old tapes (including Tapestry by Carole King – now, a firm favourite) 

As I became older still, my memories of AA are an absolute constant, always there and always present. The never, ever missed birthday and Christmas cards with her beautiful handwriting, which grew in who they were from and who they were to, to include Andrew and Stephen and Meredith, and in my direction, Chris, Rudy and Alice. And then with social media, sharing photos and stories, even not seeing her in person, knowing that she was there with a ‘like’ and a comment. 

There is so much more to say and it’s hard to sum up easily. I miss her and will alway miss her. We are so privileged to have had her in our lives and I am so very grateful for her wisdom and support, and her approach to life is something that I aspire to. Recently, I made a post on Instagram about my grandmothers (who co-incidentally both passed away on the same date, different years) and I wrote about how someone had once told me that when I was finding things hard, I should take a few moments to imagine my line of women, holding me up, a chain of strength. I said that there at the front were my grandmothers Alice and Effie. Aunty Alison commented that the sentiment was wonderful, and that it was sage advice. Now she is there too and I, we, will always have her with us. And she had the most magic laugh. 

Always a friend!

Shared by Karen Craig on April 13, 2019

I studied with Allison at Queen Margaret College and enjoyed all the silliness of youth with her!

She used to take pity on me and took me home to her parents for tea, perhaps the best meal of the week. We have kept up all these years, more a testament to her than me, she has always shared her life and made sure that we met up regularly.

On one such day out, Pete and her had not long moved into Panmure Place, she was complaining that her telly was goosed, and with a little persuasion, she returned home with a big new one! Pete was dubious about allowing her out again with me! She was always her own person.

She used to walk from there to the Astley Ainslie Hospital to work. One day, while sauntering along, with both her hands in her pockets, a “gentleman” “rumbled her boobies” and ran away! She couldn’t get her hands out quickly enough to stop this and I’m sure she never was so relaxed again!

We’ve laughed about this escapade often, over the years.

Throughout our friendship, Allison has included me in her life, I know far too much about all you boys and even the trials and tribulations of all her family. She adored her family!

She has been such a beautiful friend and I for one will miss her text messages, our little rants at the world and just her company.

I’m honoured to have known her.

One of a kind ❤️

Shared by Helen Temple on April 4, 2019

Aunty Alison has been a massive part of my life forever . From a very young age I remember her so well. There was only 16 years between us so as I got older the gap got smaller and smaller. I remember when I was about 12 she was just so cool in my eyes. 

One  of my favourite memories is when  AA and uncle peter took me to the cinema, it was the one at the top of Lothian road and the first film they took me to see was King Kong in 1976 , it was a remake of the original I remember how excited I was to be taken out as was a huge treat. They took me to the pictures several times and we would go back to their flat in Panmure Place for tea, I loved that flat , the picture in the toilet always made me giggle . I remember AA taking me to see Grease for my 8th birthday ( uncle peter ducked out of that one) it’s probably still my favourite film and I often think I’m Sandy at karaoke nights. 

Aunty Alison sewing always came in handy , one particular  birthday I must of been 12 or 13 she got me a pair of Oddball jeans, I was so pleased as they were a must have at the time, they had to be super super tight, so AA took them in for me, we both laughed her more than me as I struggled to get them on, having to lie down on her bed to get them on. I couldn’t bend my legs but hey they looked fantastic 

As it turned out we ended up having our children very close together, Andrew 6months before Mark and  Stephen just weeks before Ellie. Both Mark and Ellie benefited from the beautiful knitwear that Aunty Alison made. I know many babies have and will , she was so creative I have beautiful curtains and cushions at home that she made. She was also great at flowers and I was delighted when she agreed to help my mum do the church flowers for my wedding last year. They really were so beautiful

Over the last few years I have constantly been inspired, amazed and encouraged by how positive my Aunty was. Her glass was always half full.

Her zest for life and living will always stay with me. I will forever be thankful I was lucky enough to call her Aunty and have her not only in my life but also my children’sI will miss our chats, laughs and her advice (which she gave me a lot of over the years) but I will always keep her so very close to my heart ❤️❤️❤️

The Sistas

Shared by Peter Macvean on April 2, 2019

The Sistas

Shared by Gail McCallum on April 2, 2019

Alison was an exceptional member of our Community Dietetic Department at NHS Forth Valley. Her knowledge, communication skills and attention to detail were second to none.

Affectionately known by us as Mrs Mac fae Edinburgh. She loved her jaunts out to her clinics and home visits and her rapport with patients, staff and students came naturally to her. She was highly respected, totally reliable and a rock in our Department.

In March 2012, the Severance Sistas were born and she became Sista Ali.

Our retirement led to many get togethers, days out, then overnighters all over Scotland. Picnics were obligatory in all weathers. Even more doors were opened when we all got our bus passes! As per usual we relied on Ali to make sure we never got lost. Google maps was always at the ready.

From Aviemore in the snow and blizzards to some stunning blue sky beach walks, paddling in the water, comparing bonny (or not so bonny in some cases!) feet and who had the brawist colour of nailpolish. Enjoying picnics, some amazing lunches/dinners, cheers to G &T’s, cheers to Prosecco, numerous cuppas, chats into the wee sma hours for roomie sistas Ali & Janey…..

Great delight was taken to see who could get the Mrs Moneypenny badge for getting the best deals with Groupon/Itison and here are some of our get togethers:-

Aviemore picnic in the snow

Mobile phone hunting around Montrose beach – luckily someone found it and posted it to Ali. Now, what are the chances of that happening!

Oban fantastic deal!

Walking along many beaches and paddling in the waterincluding Tentsmuir beach (feet & toenails photo) and Stanley beach

Eating a delish poke of chips on Stanley bench after our fabby lunch at Cromlix

Forth Belle cruise along the Forth to Inchcolm Island

Elgin, Lossiemouth, Inverness

Playing Newmarket game of ‘caerds’on the train where we were told to keep quiet by fellow passengers as were making too much noise and laughing too much

Chasing sheep in fancy dress down Moffat High Street – an annual event we came across!

Kippford, Dumfries, Sandyhills beach

Army tank driving

St. Andrews celeb spotting!

Gin tasting at Eden Mill

Cambo estate – amazing snowdrops and who knew there were so many different types!

Horse riding in Kenmore

Cycling Broughty Ferry along the coast toCarnoustie – a few sore bums there!

These past years have seen our friendship grow in a lovely way. So much laughter, downright hee hawing fun and chit chat.Ali would make sure we keptup our get togethers. Dates in diaries. It was important.

She had such a zest for life and would never let her challenges define her.

We are going to miss our Sista Ali but we are so lucky to have lots of happy memories to look back on. These memories will never be forgotten.

Ali was an amazing person!

  1. With all our love, Sistas Gail, Janey and Louise x

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