Posted by Nick Kentner on June 17, 2021
I’ll always remember him as Grandpa. Growing up he was always the person i was most excited to see (probably because he would always give me candy and Mcdonald’s). Grandpa did everything for me, and more. He took me shopping for clothes every August before the new school year would start. He paid for me and my siblings’ lunches at school and took me on the trips that would become the fondest memories of my childhood. From Camping trips, beach days at the Boardwalk, movie dates with just the two of us, and Lake Tahoe with my sister, he always tried to fill my life with fun and happiness. He always made sure I had a smile on my face, and whenever I didn’t he would cheer me up with his humor and positivity. He was my biggest fan at my baseball games and almost never missed a game. As I grew older he never stopped showering me with his love and affection. He would always text me and ask how I’m doing. I remember one night when I was young I called him at 3am because I couldn’t sleep. He picked up right away. I told him I thought there was a Ghost in my closet, and he stayed up with me until I was able to fall asleep. The things he would do for me, and for so many other people taught me how to be a loving and caring person. He is the first person I think of when I think “good person.”

You were my rock Gramps, you helped me through so much in my life that I haven’t even realized yet. I strive to become someone like you, who is always caring for other people before himself, and who can inspire others to choose the path of good and help others whenever I can. You were there the day I was born, so it makes sense that I was there the day you left. I will spend the rest of my life missing you. Thank you for everything you did for me, you will always be the person I look up to the most.
Until we meet again.
Love, Your Favorite Grandson ❤️
Posted by Raymond Banker on June 10, 2021
I’ll remember Uncle Allan as one of the most kind and caring people I have ever known. He was always interested in what was going on in my life and how I was doing in school, sports, relationships, etc. He gave me guidance and wisdom during the days of my youth. His thoughtfulness continued even after I moved to Arizona and I would come visit during the holidays. We would pick up where we always left off and I cherish those times together. We love you and miss you Uncle Allan.

Raymond & Sheila
Posted by Cindee Watson on June 8, 2021
Allan. I am going to miss your funny emails and texts. I loved sending them back and forth.
My best memory was flying from So Calif to Alameda to go to your Prom. You just got your drivers license and Aunt Ruth had a stick transmission. I wasn’t even familiar with them. We managed the three pedals together. You had the gas and clutch and I was the break. It wouldn’t have been so bad except the Prom was in Oakland up on a hill.
You made me feel special and like a queen.
We didn’t kill anybody. What an adventure. 
I’m happy I had that weekend with you and the family. 
I’m missing you. Love you Cuz
Posted by Connie and John Banker on June 8, 2021
We remember Allan as a kind, caring, loving, and generous man.

When my sister Josie and I first arrived in the USA he helped us greatly and took the time to take us on trips around California and to Las Vegas......and he has continued to help our family over the years. Allan was always available to lend a helping hand.......such a good hearted man.

We always enjoyed having Allan at our family gatherings and celebrations. He would always bring extra food and gifts even if we said it was not necessary.
During the pandemic we continued to stay in touch by phone and email.

May his soul rest in peace with the Lord.  Allan will be greatly missed.
Posted by Tess Javier on June 7, 2021
I remember Allan always being there.

When my mother was in a nursing home, he made sure to visit frequently and bring her flowers. And when she passed, he called me asking where my mom’s grave was so he could pay his respects. I will never forget his kindness and generosity.

His generosity never stopped there. He always made sure to send gifts to the family on special occasions, take the young ones to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and attend all my children’s sporting events.

I’m sad that I won’t be calling him anymore. Our inside joke would be me calling him my ‘expired brother-in-law,’ and that always made him laugh. Allan and I had this running joke where he would bring me a can of ‘SPAM’ every time he visited. It quickly turned into him buying me every limited edition flavor of SPAM he could find. ‘Pumpkin spice’ flavored SPAM, and ‘Teriyaki’ flavored SPAM are only a few examples. He would always mention his goal of finding ‘Bangus’ (Filipino fish) flavored SPAM for me, since Bangus was my favorite. I will truly miss Allan, and his SPAM.

We love you, Allan; forever in our hearts. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Vanessa Haleco-Meyer on June 6, 2021
The thing I remember the most about Uncle Allan is how he taught me what value there is in enjoying the simple things in life. Whether that was crabbing in SF Bay, going to Fleet week, or having a tickle fight when I was little. As I grew older, I noticed Uncle Allan's gifts to my kids were simple, a planted tree, a coin minted on the date they were born, etc. I cherish every one of these memories that he's so thoughtfully given to my kids because they don't get to know Uncle Allan as much since we aren't in the Bay Area. But it's important to me that they understand his spirit and his thoughtfulness in showing his love. I'll miss you even more now Uncle Allan, but I'll hold you close to my heart.
Posted by Steve Jones on June 6, 2021
Al was one of my fellow firefighters in the Alameda Fire Department. I worked with Al at Station #2 until he moved on to another chapter of his life. I had the utmost respect for how Al was dedicated to his duty as a firefighter and how he carried himself in his personal life. Being around Al made me a better person and I’m so very grateful we reconnected a few years back. RIP Al and the planet needs more people like you.
Posted by Josie Haleco on June 5, 2021
We know you are safely home with Our Lord, Allan, and Bert and I are grateful we got to chat with you on the phone two days before you left. You have always been somebody who cared about other people; we will always remember your kindness and thoughtfulness. Funny our conversation led to my expressing my gratitude for your help many years ago, one week after I arrived in the U.S. and got hired by the Clorox Company. I was happy to get a job but terrified because I did not know how to get around town as a newcomer to this country. As usual, you came to the rescue and offered me a ride to and from that office. I am comforted to remember your hearty laugh during our conversation, thank goodness I was able to express this to you while you were here...and that was only one of your many unselfish deeds to our family. We miss you already but you will forever be in our thoughts and prayers. Rest In Peace, our dear brother-in-law, till we meet again.
Posted by Raynaldo Javier on June 5, 2021
Allan, I want to thank you for all the special things you do, especially when you brought me to Oakland AFEES to get started a new life & a military jobexperience, your usual caring ways, & kindness. Thanks for being an awesome friend/brother-in-law, I will miss you.
Posted by Alexandra Jaykins on June 5, 2021
Uncle Allan was the most inspiring man I have ever come to know. After making the decision to join the Navy, Allan was one of my biggest supporters and made me proud of the heritage I would come to join. He was there with the family when I graduated boot camp; and he was there throughout my five years of service. Uncle Allan would have done anything to help those in need. The tide rests easy today for you. Until we meet again where the sea meets the sky ❤️
Posted by Jamie Dugo on June 5, 2021
Allen was really the type of man that would stand up and give you his chair, always ask how you are doing, make sure that someone else's needs are taken care of first. Allen was so caring and giving and loving. I am so glad we got to see him for spring break. I can't believe it was the last time we got to see him. But I feel privileged that he pushed thru and used all of his energy to make us feel welcome to stay as long as we wanted. I had a little bit of time to go in the backyard and go and see all of the wonderful trees that he had planted for all of his loved ones. He was such a special person who loved to take the time to plant a tree for every baby born or every lost loved one. He was the type of man that went out of his way to make sure that he went and got the newspaper when a baby was born so they could keep it for a memory. Allan always went out of his way to meet us anywhere we could meet him. And he was always determined to pay for the pizza. We love you Allan Kentner and we will miss you. Go laugh and dance with my Dad!
Posted by James Milliman on June 4, 2021
Allan, our Mom had four sons. It’s my belief that in Gods eye your sole is more worthy of his blessings than us three. You were a Kind and loving Brother, Father, Son, Uncle , Grandfather , Cousin Grandson , Nephew and a dear friend to many.
Geographically separated for 56 years never separated our brotherly love and respect for each other. That’s because of the character of your sole. May God continue to bless you in your new capacity. I hope to see you again brother. 

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