Shared by Chrissian Robinson on May 13, 2020
I was 14 years old.. babysitting the kids while you and Aunt Becky worked through the week. We created a YMCA dance routine on the swing set that we worked sooo hard on to get just right. After showing off our skills to you both, you told us good job and smiled...but not any smile it was that cheesey grin you had when you were up to no good. I should've known but I didn't notice those little things then like I do now. The kids and I immediately started working on it to "perfect" it. You snuck out the back door of the house and came around to the shed and scared us sooo bad that im pretty sure Danielle got left behind as we took off, RUNNING, to get inside the house. You laughed so hard at us. Meanwhile we were terrified and never went back to the swing set again. I love you. Gone but never forgotten.

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