Posted by Chrissian Robinson on October 11, 2021
Feather for the birds you send from heaven to visit..thank you for lets me know youre here. Im down uncle allen, I feel alone...but im able to admit its my fault. Please keep sending me the confirmations you do that i feel in my heart everyday. I wish I had one more minute to tell you i love you and always looked up to you..say im sorry for staying home instead of coming to visit you with the family. One hour drive is nothing compared to a lifetime of only getting to see you when I reach heaven. What a day that will be. Please continue to comfort mama and nanny...its not easy for any of us..idk if it ever will be. Please keep guiding me in my battle, you getting through it..YOU are my inspiration that i need to overcome these demons. I want so badly to make something of my life and a better life for Isaiah than I ever went through. He would have loved you so very much but i know youre watching him too..i pray one day ill make you papa and granny proud of me. All of you and God above knows sometimes im not doing my best and I know I need to do better. I will do better. Thank you for every minute, every memory, every tear, every laugh.. And yes even when I left the kids on the swing set after you sneaking out to scare us. I relive every moment in my head and it keeps me going. I am proud to be your neice, I love you so much.
Posted by Chrissian Robinson on May 13, 2020
I miss you more than I can ever explain. I know I don't show it as much as others but I know you're with me, everyday. The butterfly that lands around me, the Redbird that flies in front of my car every morning, the times I just hear your voice because I know what you would say. I hope and pray I make you proud,. I wish you had more time with us on this Earth, I wish Isaiah would've known you, I wish I could see you one more time.. Please keep your arms around Mama and Nanny...they need you most right now. I'll continue to look for you daily and the times I'm not I'll notice your reminders. I love you so very much.
Posted by Carlisa Luther on May 12, 2020
I love and miss you so much . This world sucks without you in it little brother.

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