Alvin Leon Taylor Ph.D
  • 72 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 7, 1941
  • Place of birth:
    Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Date of passing: Jun 18, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Los Angeles, California, United States
Let the memory of Dr. Alvin Leon Taylor, affectionately known as Mzee Simba, be with us forever.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Alvin Taylor Ph.D, 72, born on November 7, 1941 and passed away on June 18, 2014. We will remember him forever.

Services were held on Monday, July 7, 2014,10 A.M. at Berean Seventh Day Adventist Church 4211 W Adams Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90018 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by nampombe taylor on 4th December 2016


Seems to come
At a cost
The most brilliant minds
Seem to come with a dark side
It is almost as if it would be a crime
To allow brilliance to be mixed with ordinary
Elements such as…
Laid back demeanors
Common social skills
Brilliant minds have no time for these
The brilliant have no time to please
The most intelligent among us tend to find no use
For silly, frivolous attributes
Tolerance levels are quite low
Empathy is of little use
Kind emotions are a waste
Of their extremely valuable brain space
We must allow brilliance to shine
And without reservation
For only then will any nation
Benefit from brilliance
I was once informed
And trust me, this is not the norm
A seventh-grade teacher explained
That someone, “I won’t say the name”
Was smarter than him IN SEVENTH GRADE
That brand new teacher unafraid
Inspired BRILLIANCE by understanding
How to keep the mind expanding
But wait there’s more
so much more in store
This young man would grow
And wanted to know
What it would be like to be the first in his family
To obtain numerous collegiate degrees
AA, BA, 2 Masters in one year, then a PhD
Aided by
And although he had it rough
The degrees were not enough
He had so much tenacity
That he succeeded
Much more often than he failed
So much so that he was hailed
As a king
A. Lion
In the jungle
mind told him to fight
toiling “onward, upward through the night”
Effervescent light
That light which cannot be dimmed
There was and is much more in him
Than you ever saw
Or ever will see
He believed in himself
He wanted to be
The best
So he would not rest
Until he mastered
Whatever objective he was after
Excelling in life chapter upon chapter
Preparing for his “ever after”
His brilliance inspired him to fight
Enabled him to greater heights
Than some have ever dreamed of seeing
While he was busy
All that he was to become
Like the sun
Challenged by no one
Or thing
He marched and heard “Let Freedom Ring”
Those famous words from Dr. King
Upon arriving
After driving
From the far west to the far east
Travel was a beast to say the least
Undeterred and refusing defeat
He was there in time to hear Mahalia sing
And that’s very interesting
But he wouldn’t stop
And he wouldn’t quit
Until he climbed
Kilimanjaro’s summit
He reached the top of Uhuru Peak
While teaching English, so to speak
He wooed a wife
And then his life
Was so much better
Better than ever
With wife in tow
He knew that he would have to go
Home to the states
No time to waste
He had so very much to give
He had such a full life to live
World traveler Mentor
Writer Scholar
Punchmaker Merchant
Linguist Author Chef Preacher
Philanthopist Photographer Musician Teacher
Chess master, Voracious Reader
Articulate, Meticulous
Quick witted resilient
Articulate and BRILLIANT –
Now I look back on his life
Fought for what was right
Would come at a price
Plights and awful fights
But the BRILLIANT we forgive
Their uncaring, their unfeeling
Sometimes, How they choose to live
At times we find
That the cost of a BRILLIANT mind
Is our most precious asset…time
But when everything is said and done
We know that victories are often won
By the man who was once a brilliant child
Not by the meek, nor by the mild
So we honor a man today
And in his own way
He cared enough to get it done
He was a champion for everyone
He fought each battle tirelessly
When no one else would do it, he
Did dirty work
He never shirked
No backing down
He stuck around
He stood his ground
Through thick and thin
A. Lion to the very end

©2014 – Nampombe Dollora Nakadori Yvette Suzánne Marie Taylor"

This tribute was added by nampombe taylor on 4th December 2016

"Baba Lion Simba,

I just found the video for your service... I wasn't looking for it.  I watched some of it.  I still cannot bring myself to watch the entire thing.  I will attempt to upload it for others to watch at their leisure.  I'll also post the poem I wrote in tribute to you on this page as well as elsewhere on your memorial site.

Thank you for all the good you did.

Oh...I recently found a book of were learning KiSwahili and KiPare...there are passages in which you were writing a letter...and you translated it from one language to another using red and blue ink.  I will take pictures and post these memories as well.

How I do hope that your legacy will continue to live on...


This tribute was added by nampombe taylor on 7th November 2016

"November 7, 1941 - June 18, 2014
Rest in Power Dr. Alvin Leon Taylor, Ph.D

Baba Lion Simba
Babu Simba
Mwalimu Simba
Mzee Simba

You are truly missed. Happy Birthday.

Love, Pombe Lion Simba
Baby Lion Baby

This tribute was added by A Ingram on 21st June 2016

"The Lord, ... who will return soon ... bless you and keep you!

With wishes for prospering and health,


This tribute was added by M T on 18th June 2016

"Sleep well Uncle thinking of you and Daddy at this all are both missed so much!!! I stopped by yesterday to just be near your resting place.....see you and Daddy, Grandmother, Granddaddy, Uncle James and Zoola and Aunt Katheryn in that great getting up morning...Sleep well till called forth!!!! Hang in there Aunt  Pheno, Nampombie and Helen. Lovingly Daneen"

This tribute was added by Nampombe Taylor on 18th June 2016

"Why is it that we value the deceased more than the living
the subject matter has been on my mind lately, giving
me the idea to write,
perhaps out of spite
I am not sure, but the cure
to my years of anger and frustration
might be the devastation
I now feel
knowing that you will never heal
from your illness
I now view your cries of distress
in a different light,
If I could, I'd change the events of days and nights
there was a time when I thought my anger towards you would last
I never
thought I would regret being upset
and now, no matter what happens I get
emotional when I think of you
I had no clue
that I cared so much
Now I wish that I could just touch your skin
When you were alive, most of the time I did not want to be within
your grasp
now if I could only clasp
your hand in mine
I'm sure we could find
some common ground
I'm sure I could have found
more moments for us to enjoy
you could have told me tales about your life as a little boy
"Chubby" is what they called you back then
and now, most of the people who knew you back when
are gone
I often feel that there's no place I belong
and you could have helped, perhaps
I remember the story of how you played "Taps"
on your the dismay
of your neighbors, and they probably would rather you had played
anything at all, other than "Taps" when you were small
or maybe, they would rather you play nothing at all
each night at the same time
if only they understood your kind
someone special, someone different
someone amazing, someone resilient
someone hell bent
on making a name for himself
I bet you have read each and every book on your bookshelf
You came from the projects and consorted with kings
and yet there are so many things
I never knew about you
Some things I'll never know
I wish I had more to show
the world about your magnificence
I wish I could share a portion of your intelligence
with strangers on the street
I'd tell everyone I meet
about the amazing, unbelievable feats
of my dad
I'd be so proud
I'd be so glad
I spent so much time being mad
and now I forgive
There's really nothing else I can give
that matters
I need to move forward--beyond this chapter
of my life...
You're gone...the pain cuts
the knife
you sliced
when you went away
is a pain I'm not sure will go away
I bet you wouldn't like this poem
e're the dawn doth approach, it's almost morn
and I'm in tears
I know I'll never come near
to all that you were and still are
I bet people would come from near and from far
if they knew how bright your star
really shined...
maybe some other time
I'll find
an opportunity to revisit your diligence
your persistence and insistence
on perfection
how can anyone live up to
the things that only you could do
It's a shame, but it's true
that no one can measure up to you
I suppose
everyone knows
that what I began to say is true
that we often place much more value
on those that have passed on
I have so much to tell you
now that you're gone
and I wish I didn't miss you
I wish that I could kiss you
and hug you once more
hear your voice calling "Nandi!
Queen of the Zulu's! or
Sloopie Coopie, whatever that is
or even whistle a tune
or sing 'Happy Birthday' to me in June
or even fuss
yes, I miss you that much
but there's nothing I can do
but write love notes to you
that you'll never read again
"Of all of the words of tongue or pen
the saddest are these
It might have been"

© 2016"

This tribute was added by nampombe taylor on 18th June 2015

"There will come a time when I am in a better space and place
There will come a time when the tears will stop to flow
I look forward to the time when I will show
more strength
but today, your daughter is sitting on the fence
I have so very many regrets
I have some questions to ask
I need you to perform certain tasks
I want you to write your story
share the tales of your days of glory
climbing Kilimanjaro, getting your PhD
traveling the world, speaking languages fluently
joining other cultures, and visiting the wonders of the world
marrying your wife, watching the birth of your baby girl
making mistakes and overcoming challenges
leading lawyers and writing speeches
shutting down important meetings
I need you to write those important teachings
some things you learned are forever lost
there's so much I don't know, I'd pay any cost
to have just one more conversation
I need your help to build the nation
but despite all your trials and tribulations
your somehow found it within you
to do what no one else could do
you helped the weak
you fought for truth
even when truth disappointed you
yes you were stubborn
you trashed your health
in the end
your wealth was spent
in the end
your harsh, stubborn ways
shortened your days
and yet you prayed
never losing your faith
so while I stumble
and while I crumble
there's no way I can ever be
as good or great
I suppose it just wasn't my fate
my challenge to me
in spite of thee
is to be the best me that I can be
hopefully someday you will see
and finally be proud of me"

This tribute was added by M T on 18th June 2015

"Remembering you Uncle on this day!!! I will forever cherish our visits at Adam Sebastian's when I would just randomly stop by. See you in the Kingdom!!!!"

This tribute was added by Janet Corbin on 21st January 2015

"My oldest memory of Leon was when he became my Earliteen Sabbath School teacher and introduced himself with "My name is Leon Taylor, and I'm a cool dude".  I was always challenged by our discussions about the Sabbath School lesson, the bible, church politics and life.  I will miss his unique perspective on things.  

My love and God's comfort to the family."

This tribute was added by Kenechi Anuligo on 16th July 2014

"Dr. Taylor was a great man!  He and his entire family have always been very good to me and my family.  He and Mrs. Taylor always welcomed us to their home.  We spent many enjoyable days and evenings at their place which will forever be etched endearingly in our memories.  For your kindness to us we say thank you, thank you, thank you!

May he rest in perfect peace, till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Roy Elineema on 13th July 2014

"It was so sad and shocking to us to know that our loving, caring and jovial "Uncle Simba" is no more with us. We will keep on remembering him but most important is the hope we have in Jesus whom we know is "the Resurrection and the Life" so that he who believes in Him, though he may die, he shall live (John 11:25). Surely we are also comforted to know that God allows the faithful ones to rest from their labours and they are said to be blessed (Rev 14:13).
However, I know it's not easy to get along without someone you dearly loved! I pray that the LORD may touch you (Aunt Pheno, Nampombe and Hellen) in a very special way...May He comfort and give you strength to endure all the way through."

This tribute was added by Ruth Elineema on 10th July 2014

"Mama Pheno & Nampombe pole sana .  Mzee simba will be missed. May he rest in peace Amen. May god be with you always."

This tribute was added by perisia mburuja on 6th July 2014

"I would like to honor Mwalimu Alvin Leon Taylor aka Simba by writing this tribute in Kiswahili. I am sure he would have loved to read this in the language he valued and was proud of.


1. Naanza na kulalama, kwa kushindwa kuandika
    Yote ulotenda mema, hayawezi elezeka
    Nakubali nimekwama, Bali we umepambika
    Pumzika kwa amani, asubuhi njema yaja

2.  Hakika ulijitoa, jamii uliijali
     Wengi wanashuhudia, bila kuweka kejeli
    Mawazo kusaidia, elimu uliijali
    Pumzika kwa amanj, asubuhi njema yaja

3.  Moyo ulojaa fadhila, Mola alikujalia
     Kamwe chini hukulala, mikono ulifungua
     Upendo ulitawala, ushuhuda ninatoa
     Pumzika kwa amani, asubuhi njema yaja

4. Ni budi tutafakari, Sisi tuliobakia
    Maisha tuyahariri, tukae tukingojea
    Tuweze kuwa tayari, mwishoni kushangilia
    Tukishikana mikono, asubuhi Ile njema

5.  Ndani ulijazwa wema, hadi kufika kilele
     SIMBA uliunguruma, kwa sauti ya upole
     Utazidi kuunguruma, myoyoni mwetu milele

This tribute was added by Edwin Elineema on 4th July 2014

"It is a sad reality that "Uncle-Simba" has left us and as the serenity prayer put's it, it will take a great deal of God's interjection for us to receiving:  
   "the serenity to accept what cannot be changed.............,
    Living one day at a time,  Enjoying one moment at a time;
     Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
     Taking, as He did, this sinful world, as it is, not as I would have it;
     Trusting that He will make all things right...................Amen"

We're remembering Aunt Pheno, Nampombe, Hellen and all others in our prayers.

In sympathy,

Edwin (on behalf of me, my dear wife and children)"

This tribute was added by Ione Owens-spears on 1st July 2014

"May dear Leon rest in peace until our Lord's return! Prayers ascend for your comfort!  God Bless!"

This tribute was added by A Ingram on 29th June 2014

"May the grace and peace of God keep your hearts filled with comfort and light.  1 Thessalonians 4:16-18"

This tribute was added by Wilson Chambi on 29th June 2014

"Auntie Pheno and Nakadori i know your in a hard time now but our Lord God is with you all the time as our great comforter,may He comfort you at this sad period.thoughts of uncle Simba and his contribution at large will be treasured forever may he rest in peace. Poleni Nakadori,Aunt Pheno na wooote.we love you"

This tribute was added by M T on 29th June 2014

"Aunt Pheno, Nampombe Dollora Nakadori Yvette Suzannie Marie and Hellen, I grieve for and with you as you lay you Simba and Baba to sleep. I will forever cherish our last visit over 3 years ago as I stopped by on one of my random visits to Labrea to share a article about my work in  foster care with one of my girls in the Wave News Paper. He was so proud and excited to read it. He took great time to read and ask questions about my girl and said I have another niece your daughter. He was looking forward to meeting her. I missed that opportunity. He was always a major supporter of me and my educational quest as was so proud of me as I crossed the stage at my High School graduation, which he attended and then my USC graduation where he displayed my invitation on the mantel at the house for years, may even still be there. That meant the world to me to know he and you Aunt Pheno acknowledged my hard work and prayer!!!! It is with his help, encouragement and guidance that I complete my dissertation early and he prayed for me the day I defended it. He was the first call I made when I was done. Yes our was with his chats, stern wisdom and sometimes down right harsh words that kept me pushing to the top. He said you are a Taylor it is in your blood get your priorities straight and finish what you started. He was the difference in my education. I sure hope I thanked him....     Know that Uncle Leon knew the Master our Savior and Lord intimately and is but only asleep for a short nap.  You see he now sleeps in the best of company awaiting our Master Lord and Savior to call him forth as the dead in Christ will be called first and Granddaddy, Bibi ,Aunt Catherine and our extended family Mr Raymond and Gary Bell will join all who are called out of their sleep in that ole sweet by and by. Oh what a great gettin up morning that will be when we all see Jesus and reunited with our loved ones and sing and SHOUT the victory. Making it to the New Jerusalem has never been sweeter to see my Uncle Leon and hear him say Moira what have you been up to? He made me love my first name as he said it perfect.  I pray I meet him and the rest of our family on the Sea of Glass with JESU!!!! Sorry I will not be there in person but know I will be in prayer and have been calling you all by name for comfort and peace at this time. As a clinician it is not lost on me the bond you and Uncle had Aunt Pheno and I am glad you choose him and join our family. I cannot imagine the loss you feel loosing Uncle Simba. I do so hope one day I find someone to whom is devoted to me as I them, as the two of you were if Gods will. We all saw it and knew your love was deep!!! Even if we as dumb kids and teens thougbt it was corney till we matured and learned of this that God has joined and ordained. Thank you for setting the marriage bar. I loved having an international family and was inspired yet again to follow his lead and learn another language and move to France....Uncles are the best and I had three who excelled and left big shoes to fill....I hope I did him proud trying to keep up. Sleep well Uncle Leon....the next face you see when you wake up will be Jesus now how can I be sad!!!!! I am you all truly even if not said or shown often. God grant you all peace that passes all understanding in this time.......Lovingly.....Moira Daneen"

This tribute was added by Dessie Henry Henry on 28th June 2014

"I am sorry for your lost."

This tribute was added by Debi Deal on 27th June 2014

"Dearest Pheno and Family of Leon:  May your husband, father, uncle and friend rest in peace in the hands of the Lord."

This tribute was added by Hellen Taylor on 27th June 2014

"Rest In peace My Lovely Dad- The news came to me too late, I would have loved to hold you tight, but In Jesus i trust we will meet in Heaven.
I will be Missing you for ever. SIAMINI , SIAMINI BABA ,
I will continue to love to death although gone you are right inside my heart."

This tribute was added by De Chalz Shaggier on 26th June 2014

"May Our Loving God Be With You Wandugu. poleni saaana sana"

This tribute was added by Nimzihirwa Kashimbiri on 26th June 2014

"Poleni kwa msiba huu mkubwa. Mungu awatie nguvu.  Nireswi vose."

This tribute was added by Evans Onyango on 25th June 2014

"A great man has taken rest. May the good Lord be with you and the rest of the family."

This tribute was added by Joelyn Nwagbara on 25th June 2014

"While going through my photos, I came across a file that contained shots from my dad's funeral and right after those files, were files from a service I shot of your family members. Uncle Billy asked me to come and shoot the repast  not knowing if I would come because dad just passed away in June (something we now have in common sadly).

I am glad that I came because I was able to take this shot of your parents and in a way it felt cathartic being there and focusing on someone else. As one who has walked this road,  take one moment at a time, complete the small tasks, let others in your support system do the rest, get a nap in when you can and eat a snack, I know you are still in caregiver mode, so please take care of yourself when you get the chance for a break....

Cry when you need to, yell if you have to, scream if you must, but keep holding on...the sun always comes up, no matter what ...It wont be easy.. it hurts.. to the core.. unbelievable.. like a bad dream, like someone cut off your leg...How do you live with just one leg?...Girl, it's a process but you will get through it.. it doesnt feel like it.. but I assure you.. the Lord finds a away to give you what you need to navigate the valleys.. be encouraged and give a special hug to MP for me... Hugs"

This tribute was added by Bobbie Walker on 25th June 2014

"May God be with you at this sad time.  Leon lived a rich life and he will be missed."

This tribute was added by nampombe taylor on 20th June 2014

"Services will be held on Monday, July 7, 2014,10 A.M. at Berean Seventh Day Adventist Church 4211 W Adams Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90018"

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