Shared by MONICA SHAW on October 16, 2019
To the BEST Father-in-law in the world. I am so THANKFUL to our Heavenly Father for allowing our paths to cross. It has indeed been a joy these past 19 years. Oh how I will cherish the many laughs of your life stories and listening to the blues. Your caring and compassionate spirit made any day beautiful. Though my heart is filled, I know you are alright. You will forever be missed but never ever forgotten. 

Forever Love

Big Papa

Shared by Tylan Shaw on October 16, 2019
I truly am hurt right now, but I’ll try to explain. You are a strong and powerful man that cared really much about others. You taught me right from wrong. To respect the people older by saying sir and ma’am. We had some good memories together. I will never forget all the spades we played, and all the laughs we shared. Now Nana will have to pick up on that. I will miss you a lot. Love you

Your Grandson,
Tylan Shaw ( Big Papa


Shared by Tristan Lacy on October 16, 2019
At three years old I was a young rascal with only the love of my mother and the distant memory of my father to cling to when you and Nana welcomed me to your own home. I remember that home, the big white house with the hill in front of it, which turned out to be the foundation of mostly everything I know now. I learned not to steal. I learned not to cheat. I learned not to be violent. I learned you must forgive others before they even forgive themselves. I learned not to take your loved ones for granted.

You were a man of great strength, with a powerful voice, and honor. When the family told me about your condition, I knew you were “sick”, but I didn’t know what it meant. It may have been a good thing though, because we might not have ever had as much fun as we had in Memphis. The times I were able to spend in Memphis as a kid were truly special. Thank you for being there for my mom (for such a long time), because I know she needed you. Because of your strong marriage with Nana, I was able to be a part of a family. We left your home about five years later, but we didn’t stop there.

Nearly ten years passed after I left your home to go to Las Vegas, when my mom told me we would be having you and Nana move in with us this time. We may have rolled our eyes, but our hearts were joyous. Here in Vegas, I saw you as a great husband and fierce survivor. My little sister loved you because of the persistent love you shewed forth. You got to see me play ball, do good in school, and you even saw my little boy, Joseph. Having a son at such a young age was tough, but it was such a great time seeing you love him. You were there to uplift me when I had him. He will always know you as Papa.

The years we shared after that would be the final time you had here on Earth. The time I became a man, which contained only things I feel comfortable bringing up to you. I wish I could take you out to eat one last time before you passed away. But I know we had enough time together and I know you had a great time with us. Thank you for helping me buy my first car. Look after the family up there in heaven. I’ll see you in the afterlife Papa.

Your grandson,
Tristan Lacy

Tribute to my Husband

Shared by Toshia Shaw on October 15, 2019
To you my dear friend, a loving husband, a devoted father, caring grandfather, and great-grandfather. I never thought about the day you would have to leave us, but I thank you for preparing me for the day, you said goodbye. I also felt how you fought to stay with me and our family as God told you it is time. because he is the only one who knows why. 

Our love, as we were one joined in matrimony we became two peas in a pod, joined at the hip, and could finish each others sentences. God took you to that paradise you told us about, he knew how weary you were as you loved more through the pain. 

Many who love you will be so happy to get the opportunity to put their words of love to you. 

You Loving Wife and Friend,
Beb who will miss you dearly


Shared by Toshia Shaw on October 15, 2019

Words can’t explain what I feel right now, but I’ll try.  You are the epitome of a man.  I thank you for molding me to the man I am today.  You saw and fell in love with a young woman with a son.  You took that little baby and made him yours.  I will always be externally grateful for that.  I will keep this family together just as you have done (I promise), I’ll miss our funny conversations and your spot on advice.  Dad you’ve touched so many over the years and you will be dearly missed.  I will not say goodbye I’ll just say see you again and I love you.    

Your Son, 

Pop Pop

Shared by Toshia Shaw on October 15, 2019
My number one supporter, cheerleader, friend, and father. I wasn't ready for this and honestly, I don't think I ever would be. You moved here to Nevada to support me and my endeavors of trying to make this world a better place. Instead, I learned so much about supporting one overall. We became so close daddy, laughing about the good old days, your many stories about your travels while in the military; your past...Big Mamma, your mother you mourned so. You taught me so much about resiliency, being the strength for my children, never giving up, and being the strong smart woman you raised me to be. 

You raised me to believe that I can be and do anything, and you know what? I did! I could tell you anything without judgment, those expressive eyes would tell me everything I needed to know without you saying one word. Your encouragement carried me when I couldn't even carry myself. Because of the way you believed in me I have accomplished things I never thought I could or would. My children had a role model, a man they could trust to be there and look up to. Your tender words carried through the halls of our house, your light teasing made us rumble with laughter, the love you had for mamma taught me and Tralina how a man is supposed to love a woman. I am grateful to God for the lifeline, the time, the life we had. You are now my 1st Guardian Angel, the ancestor I will call upon. I will not stop, I am going to keep going. I need some time though okay?

Love you...your Big Baby Girl. 


Shared by Toshia Shaw on October 15, 2019
I can't tell you daddy
How many tears I've cried
Since the day I was told
My precious Dad died.

It seems so impossible
Although, I know it's true
As everything I see around
Reminds me, of you. 

I can still hear your laughter
And see your smiling face
I would have lost my sanity
If not, for Gods saving grace.

I have to close this letter now, 
But this is not goodbye
For your will forever,  be with me
In my heart and mind.

Love Tralina

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