Posted by allison yost on January 23, 2017
Thinking of the family today.
Posted by sandra chevalier on January 21, 2016
Amanda Jean you are forever missed! Life is not the same without you! I just have to tell you, I'm So glad you got to drive the hot rod! Chase got a new motorcycle for Christmas and I wish you were here to ride with him. You were a great dirt bike rider! Please keep Chase Safe! He misses you so much Amanda
Posted by Chase Blessum on January 21, 2016
Amanda words can not explain how much I miss you! It was just yesterday we were in Ramona arguing out of love. I miss you so much! I would pay the world to talk to you and give you a hug. It's so hard to think about how you were here one day and your gone the next! Your still in my heart for sure!!! I just honestly can't believe it still. I remember you just wanted to do good and strive for greatness! Greatness was ahead of you! We had some great memories from driving places, playing games, and just spending precious time together. I wish we had more time! There was a question in school today asking about time. And time is extremely great to have time! Time! Time! All I wish for was to spend a ton of more time with you! I love you so much Amanda Jean blessum!
Posted by Jay Gray on January 23, 2015

3 years today....Still miss you just as much....
Love you kiddo.....
Uncle Jay
Posted by allison yost on January 23, 2015
Thinking of you today Sandy and family!!! Love and miss you!! Hard to believe it is 3yrs. I remember talking to you while I was in the parking lot at the store, so shocked and sad.
Posted by sandra chevalier on December 28, 2013
Merry Christmas my little Angel! We really missed you at our Christmas tree decorating. I have our last picture of you helping us decorate the tree. Your sissy Heather gave me a beautiful Angel Panda Bear with angel wings. Also a beautiful Panda ornament for our tree. I will find a nice picture of you and put it in the ornament. We truly miss our Amanda Panda! I can't seem to stop my tears. Your sissy Heather and Kirsty and your brother Chase also miss you so very much. I know we will meet again Amanda Jean Blessum! Love you so very much, Mom
Posted by Javier Ortiz on November 3, 2013
Amanda there's not a day that you don't cross my mind I miss you so much baby blue, I'd give anything just to hear your voice. And have you tell me that everything will be ok...... Dam it I miss you chick. It still hurts til this day....
Posted by Jay Gray on August 27, 2013
Happy Birthday Amanda....
It is not the same with out you, but we are all still thinking about you...
Love you honey.
Uncle Jay
Posted by Christie Schmit on August 23, 2013
I am so terribly sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter.
Posted by sandra chevalier on January 5, 2013
but now I have memories that stand In your place. gone but not forgotten thats what they say, of course that Is true                                                             FROM CHASE A BLESSUM/ LITTLE BROTHER I cant wait to be with you. Amanda panda I LOVE you SO much you have been through so much and managed to handle it.
Posted by sandra chevalier on January 5, 2013
Constantly thinking, never to be the same, the tears fall quikly, just hearing your name. silence is golden yet not anymore, silence brings thoughts, I just cant ignore. The nights are sleepless, dreams out of reach, crying in my pillow. Surrounded by family I still feel alone, my heart is so empty this pain I must own, I wish I could hug you and just see your face, cont'd on next line....
Posted by sandra chevalier on January 1, 2013
Thinking of you Amanda! Wishing you a Happy New Year in heaven!Miss you so much.Think of you everyday. Love you Amanda Jean.
Posted by melissa laws on August 27, 2012
Amanda, i love you so much and i miss you <3
you would be 21 years old tomorrow and i know up above there will be a huge celebration! its really hard to accept the fact that i will have to adjust to life without you. you will always be loved, and always be missed! <3 i have so much to say and so many tears, i love you Amanda.
Posted by sandra chevalier on April 27, 2012
Amanda Jean, your loss has been so hard on all of us. I love and miss your smile, and just listening to your voice.We listen to your music that we recovered off your phone! Thank you for all the great songs! As you sit in our family room, know that you are loved! Hope you are enjoying listening to all your music! You are forever missed Amanda Panda!Love you so much. Momxoxoxo
Posted by Jennifer Koeppl on February 6, 2012
My sweet, beautiful niece. My heart continues to ache that you were taken from us far too soon. I was touched by all your friends and family that came together to celebrate you, but not surprised. You were such an amazing girl and you have touched so many lives. I am spoiled that I have you watching over me and my family. As Taylor says, you are alive in our hearts and will be forever.
Posted by mark petrson on February 4, 2012
Lance, Sandy & Family - to my big cousin and his family.....we were so very sorry to hear about the loss of Amanda. I can only imagine the impact that this has been to all of you. Please know that you have been and will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Let me know if there is anything we can do to help you during this time.  Mark, Terri, Zack & Savanna Peterson
Posted by judy peterson on February 4, 2012
Lance & Family,
So sorry to hear the news about the loss of your daughter, Amanda. I can't even imagine what it must be like. We want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. What a beautiful tribute this site is.
Love always, Uncle Donny & Aunt Judy
Posted by Joni Blessum-Scott on February 1, 2012
To Sandy and Lance...I wish there were any words to make your hearts ache a little less than they are today. As parents, our biggest fear is something ever happening to our kids. I hope you know you were wonderful parents to Amanda, and you did every thing you could to keep her safe. She would be in awe with her beautiful smile at all the fuss! Love to Heather, Kirsten, & Chase too,
Posted by allison yost on January 31, 2012
Sandy & Lance, this has to be the hardest on you two. I have video of Kirsten and Amanda when they were little (about 16 years ago) at Mare's party. Call Mare to borrow the dvd. I think you will like it. the girls were so cute dancing and talking to the camera. It seems like just yesterday all of our kids were so little. God Bless you and the family.
Posted by Dan Blakstad on January 31, 2012
My heart goes out for Sandy and Lance and the family words can't describe your loss may the lord always comfort you in your going out or your coming in. In your labor and your leisure in your laughter and in your tears until that day when we face the lord. God Bless and I will always be there if you need a friend-----Duke Blakstad & Family
Posted by Javier Ortiz on January 29, 2012
Amanda you will forever be in our hearts you will be miss dearly... i will always remember the memories you gave me, we had so many good times i cant even count beach mobbs, parties, always laughing having a good time. I love you sooo much chick, now you can watch and take of me from above until we meet again!!! BABY BLUE FOR LIFE!!!!!!
Posted by Jay Gray on January 28, 2012
Amanda I will miss you forever……
I have had the privilege to watch you grow up since birth….
Was able to share most Christmas, Halloween, and many trips to the beach and camping…
Amanda the memories I have of you I will keep forever however they are too few and the years were too short.
Amanda I will miss you forever …..Uncle Jay
Posted by David Clark on January 28, 2012
Amanda you'll be missed and remembered by those who love you. My prayers are with you and your family. REST WITH ARE FATHER IN HEAVEN.
Posted by Heather Gray on January 28, 2012
My baby amanda ....I love you so much i cant believe your gone. :( I want you to know of how proud i was of you. I saw you trying very hard to do better for yourself.. You always put a smile on my face and had the best pesonality... Your pretty smile would make so many other people happy.. Your nephew Kaden loves you and points at your picture and says Nanda :) I love you babygirl.. XoXo<3
Posted by Josh Dennis on January 28, 2012
Amanda Ill never forget you n the amazing times we spent together. This past yr n halfs been the best times of my life n ull have my heart always beautiful. I'll never forget how perfect it felt just to lay around watchin tv wit u n how cozy it was. I love u baby n I'll never forget u n ur cute lil habits hah...I'll Always Kiss You Goodnight Tell I C U Again...All My Love ~Josh T Dennis
Posted by Tammie Dennis on January 28, 2012

I'm so sorry you left us so soon! I'm sure my good friend Martie is showing you how to get around, up there in heaven now.

Love, Tammie

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