Let the memory of Amanda be with us forever
  • 77 years old
  • Born on April 20, 1928 .
  • Passed away on September 1, 2005 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Amanda Coffey 77 years old , born on April 20, 1928 and passed away on September 1, 2005. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Vicki Tate on April 20, 2018
Wow mom, you'd be 90 today! Rodney and me been married 19 years yesterday. Did u ever really think we’d make it?! Mom the world has gone crazy and seems at times, so have I. So very many changes since you left. Grandkids are almost grown, family dont speak. Older ones continue to die and culture is being lost like crazy!!!

Mom l love you and will see you again one day. Happy Birthday!
Posted by Vicki Tate on September 1, 2017
I miss you so very much. As I age, seems I miss you more and I wonder why you had to go. There are days that I need your advice. I need to hear your voice. I need to know that you approve of how things have turned out.

What I'd give for just a phone call, 5 minutes, a glimpse of your face. I'd even be happy to hear you fuss at me.

Well mom rest easy now I will see you one day. Till then I will never stop loving you!
Vicki Lynn
Posted by Vicki Tate on April 20, 2016
Momma, daily I realize more and more what you meant when u would say one day your babies will walk on ure heart and then let's see what u think. Man, some days feels like my heart is completely trampled and I'd give anything to get ure advise, or ask u questions, to just hug you. People say that the passing gets easier as time goes on. Well they lie! Time doesn't ease your passing; time may allow me to hide the pain easier but inside, the pain is still fresh, still hurts. I love you momma
Posted by Jacque Tate on April 20, 2016
Happy 88th Granny. How I wish u were here but I can still hear u laugh. Momma is lookin more n more like u everyday.. U would b so proud of her!! I love u so much!!
Posted by Jacque Tate on September 1, 2015
Today marks 10 yrs u have been gone.. I can't believe it's been that long.. seems like just yesterday we were sittin on the porch swingin.. I miss u so much. If I could only hug u 1 last time..
Posted by Vicki Tate on April 20, 2012
Momma, today I am reminded of your passing. But every day I am reminded of how much I miss and love you. To some 77 years may seem like such a long time, but it wasnt really long enough.

Momma, I would give anything to feel your touch to hear your voice. I will love you forever! Your Baby Girl
Posted by Vicki Tate on September 1, 2011
Momma, you been gone 6 years today. It's been the longest time in my life. I know that dying is a part of life's process, but I guess I got caught in the stage of thinking Id always have you. There are so many things I wish I had told you. Momma, I love you!!!
Posted by Jacque Tate on September 1, 2011
Granny, today is 6 yrs.. feels like yesterday I saw u, laughed with u, hugged u, kissed u, and told u I loved u. I guess that was only in my dreams. I know u r better now but I still miss u o so much. I love u. Your Runt
Posted by Vicki Tate on June 1, 2011
Momma, its me. Just want you to know how much I still miss you. People say times heals, well when? You been gone awhile and it still hurts. I wish I could be with you, go get a burger or just talk to you. I love you momma.
Posted by Vicki Tate on April 23, 2011
Momma,Today has been so different. I can't quiet explain. Did lots of thinking. Since your passing, Dad, Louise,Cassie,Rosie and Jack have all passed. Momma, I miss you sooo much, it still feels like yesterday you went away. I love you.
Posted by Jacque Tate on September 1, 2010
5 years ago today u left us.. feels like just yesterday I was at work when Momma called.. I miss and love u soo much Grunt!!
Posted by Angie Tutterrow on August 25, 2010
I remember the day you left us, it remains very clear in my mind. You touched so many of us in so many ways. You are missed by so many Amanda, but not one of us will ever forget you.
Posted by Vicki Tate on August 24, 2010
Momma, I miss you more than I can ever put to words! I love you always!! From Vicki Lynn
Posted by Jacque Tate on August 24, 2010
Granny, I miss u. I long for the day I can see u again.. so much to tell u and so much I need ur guidance on. I love u so much!! Jacque

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