May the memory of our gorgeous angel ever fill us with love and inspiration.
  • 63 years old
  • Born on August 26, 1951 in Mexico City, Mexico, Mexico.
  • Passed away on September 16, 2014 in Los Angeles, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Amanda Jeffries 63 years old , born on August 26, 1951 and passed away on September 16, 2014. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Richard Stock on 16th September 2018
Amanda, I'm so sorry that we never met, but I'm so glad that you made my good friend, Jason, so happy. Richard
Posted by Daniel V. on 6th December 2017
Amanda I just found out about this and I feel a twinge of sadness especially since I thought it would have been really nice to meet you again. Well, somewhere up the cosmic road you and I will meet again. Then, with all those circumstances behind us in a past life, we can have the time we both knew was possible and wonderful. Be seein' ya at a new high school . . . :-) Daniel V.
Posted by Shawnee Smith on 17th September 2017
Miss you Mandy and you will always be in my heart! xo
Posted by James (Mike) Jeffries on 16th September 2017
Forever missed never forgotten, many great memories. Forever loved
Posted by Erica Agredano on 26th August 2017
Happy birthday, Mandy! I wish you were here so we could celebrate together. I love you, my sweet friend.
Posted by Shawnee Smith on 29th August 2016
Happy Birthday Mandy! We are always holding you in our hearts. XO
Posted by Lewis Jacobs on 26th August 2016
Happy Birthday Mandy! You are remembered!!!
Posted by Jason Van Leeuwen on 4th February 2016
Happy Valentine's Day, my love. Tonight in grief group I made you a card: "I love Mandy: a Mandyjas Production." Your blood courses through my heart, thus cleansuing it.
Posted by Erica Ellis on 19th September 2015
I miss you, my friend. I was hoping I'd feel closer to you by staying in the place you loved, but it's not the same, because you're not here. I miss our talks, your laughter, smile and hugs. I listen to your last voicemail all the time. Wish you were here. I love you.
Posted by James (Mike) Jeffries on 26th August 2015
I have always known of my aunt Mandy of being a strong, ambitious, and exploring woman. The story's shared from my mom, and aunt Rose of her wanting to get out and see the world at a young age was always something I admired of her. I once got to spend several weeks with her during the time she lived in Sandiego, while I was fifteen at the time we had a blast! Eight years ago I decided to move to NewYork, she said to me Michael....oh how your gonna love it there, that city is perfect for you. When I made the transition out here, I always thought of you. You will forever be missed, loved, but not forgotten. She was the only one who always called me Michael, I shall never forget that.
Posted by Michelle Jeffries on 27th February 2015
Dear Aunt Mandy, What can I say? Thank you for being an example to us kids. Living a life that exemplified strength, joy, and perseverance. Rising above challenging circumstances, and creating a world that produced peace and laughter. I will miss the qualities I now know transferred somehow, to my own story. Please know that I shall treasure your print in my life, though brief, but never forgotten. No matter, I will always be proud to be a "Jeffries."
Posted by Jason Van Leeuwen on 2nd November 2014
Mandy's celebration of life was LIVE-STREAMED! Here's the link:
Posted by Lee Sides on 17th October 2014
I remember getting a phone call from Jason telling me about Amanda. The excitement & joy in his voice when he said "it's magical" was a joy to hear. I am so very grateful that Amanda made my son so deliriously happy.
Posted by Mario Milch, MD on 16th October 2014
I had the privilege of working with Mandy; she was truly professional but never lost a personal touch which transmitted warmth and empathy. Her smile lit the room. She had a great sense of humor, sometimes transmitted with a wink! RIP
Posted by Ellis Herz on 5th October 2014
Amanda has been coming into my pharmacy (Maxsons Drugs) for many years. Amanda, with her incredible smile always made my day more than any of my customers in the 48 years I have owned this pharmacy. I will truly miss her.
Posted by Felicia Rincon on 1st October 2014
I wanted to share what our friend had to say about Mandy. It shows how Mandy could touch the lives of people with her loving spirit. "Felicia and Danny, I am so sorry for the loss of your aunt Mandy. I had the honor of sitting with her at your wedding. Your aunt Mandy litteraly glowed with pride of the two of you! I sensed her joy, love and spirit as very special lady." Tammy.
Posted by Vanessa Lane on 29th September 2014
The one thing my aunt Amanda taught me was you don't have to be a victim of your upbringing. No matter how hard it was, you can prevail, you can overcome, and you can set yourself up for a nice life. I remember when Amanda came to town from New York and I had just landed a promotion at work. She was very encouraging and gave me a very nice magenta cashmere blazer. It was always my favorite and I still have it this very day, but now it's tucked away nicely in plastic. It was too bad we lived so far away from each other and were not able to be a part of each other's every day lives. That would have been nice.
Posted by Sarah-jane VidaƱa on 25th September 2014
I have known Amanda for some time , she has been coming to my salon for many years. I had the privilege of seeing her every week . She was a ray of light and I looked forward to seeing her! I will miss her smile and positive energy. You will always live in our memories .
Posted by Dave Van Leeuwen on 21st September 2014
Amanda, I remember the first time Jason told me about you, he was smitten, I've never heard him more excited. When I met you I understood why. Thank you for making Jason so happy.
Posted by Bill Underwood on 18th September 2014
Mandy had a flair for the dramatic! Everyone was a sweetie or a honey. She lit up whatever room she entered. She loved to make everyone laugh! Sweeping hand gestures and dramatic emphasis were her forte. Her mother wanted her to be a movie star and she had all the personality for it! She loved to have her picture taken and was always up for a photo opportunity! She was passionate about politics and she watched MSNBC every day. She was politically astute. She wanted everyone to be treated fairly. She was passionate about her belief that everyone should be taken care of! She had such a passion for the underprivileged. She didn't want anyone to suffer. She gave hundreds of dollars to many different animal charities! It seemed like she was on the mailing list of every animal charity that existed. She would open her mail and see the pictures of animals in peril and she would give directly from her heart.. and check book. We drank a lot of wine and had some really good times!! God bless you Mandy!! Heaven has another angel!!
Posted by Sylvia Plotkins on 17th September 2014
Amanda is a shining light who made us remember to bask in the world's gifts. May your memory and spirit shine down on us always. With love, the Plotkins family.
Posted by Daniel Van Leeuwen on 17th September 2014
Missed but not missing. Amanda you have brought such joy to my son's life, that I will see you every time I look into his eyes. Thank you, Amanda. You are truly a daughter to me.
Posted by Ben Van Leeuwen on 17th September 2014
Mandy, yours is the kind of spirit which makes the world a better place. It was such a rewarding experience to have met you and witnessed the profound love you shared with my brother. You may have crossed from this realm, but your light will shine here forever.
Posted by Lewis Jacobs on 16th September 2014
You brought so much joy to our lives Mandy, you were a true friend. You will be dearly missed but remembered forever.
Posted by Avital Van Leeuwen on 16th September 2014
I didn't know Amanda very well; I only met her a few times. But she made my dad, Jason, very happy during the time that they were together. I remember the smile on his face when he told me about meeting her. Amanda was always kind to me the times I met her. I'm thankful for her place in my dad's life.
Posted by Jim Hanna on 16th September 2014
I never met Amanda. I never experienced her grace or light. I love my Brother. The love and loss that he experiences and expresses makes me feel in some small measure that which I was not blessed to know. Thank you Amanda for loving Jason. Thank you Jason for loving Amanda. And thank you for sharing her light.
Posted by Jason Van Leeuwen on 16th September 2014
The love of my life - my joy, my heart. I could not save my queen, but you sure saved me. I love you forever.

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