Her Life

Died before her time

    Amanda was my daughter she died to soon at the age of 15. She died from mental illness by the means of suicide. She still had so very many things she never got to experience, so much life left to live. I miss her deeply I always will she is my precious angel girl.
     Amanda wanted to grow up and be a counselor. She loved people and trusted most of them. She loved animals always trying to bring home a stray. She could have had a zoo. She was a big sister and she loved her brothers and her sisters so very much. She had lots of friends. I used to call her my walking phone book, no matter the number she knew it and if she didn't it was no time and she would. Ready for the next time I ask her for it. She loved art and to sing. She was always very compassionate. She loved Country music and pomes. She had lots of dreams for her life. 
    Amanda also taught me so much in her young years like the love a mother has her children, how never ending it is. She taught me to reach for the stars and that nothing was out of reach. I really don’t think she knew how much I loved her or how much my of my heart would die with her. My kids were and are my life.
    I love you my sweet Amanda Lynn.