Posted by Rosa Dye on April 6, 2020
missing you my beautiful angel girl....mommy will always love you. you was part of my soul and it hurts so bad somedays. till we meet again my precious
Posted by Rosa Dye on August 12, 2017
i love you my angel girl to the moon and back forever and a day
love momma
Posted by stephine dietz on April 8, 2013
I love u and miss my big sister I always sit here and think what it would be like if u was still here with us , but I know u are always looking down on us u and cecil and I know ur with my lil girl and will be waiting to greet us when the time comes. and I know I never lost u bc I know where u are and know ill see u again. always thinking of u forever and always
Posted by Rosa Dye on April 6, 2013
I love you baby girl! I miss you so much, it hurts so bad. There is still not a moment in my life that you are not on my mind. I still ask why and most likely always will. I love ya!
Posted by Donna St.Pierre on April 6, 2013
Love and peace to you and yours as we remember and walk together
Posted by Lucas Stewart on April 6, 2013
Amanda i miss you so much you are my heart
beat and i still love you now as much as i did when
We where together there is a hole in my heart that belongs
To you and always will i love you
Posted by Donna St.Pierre on April 6, 2012
Candle lit by Donna St. Pierre on 6 April 2012

Dear Rosa, the website is beautiful, the song amazing, with tears and love I remember with you your young girl, gone way to soon.
Posted by Nancy Bennett on April 6, 2012
Thinking of you, Rosa, and remembering your precious Amanda on the Memorial Date. Sending you love and hugs. Nancy Bennett, Mom of Jim, POS
Posted by Lee, Nick's Mum in NZ on November 14, 2011
A thousand loving memories,
stored up in our hearts,
to take out and live again
whenever the tears start.
Posted by Debbie Polidora on August 13, 2011

Hope you birthday was as beautiful as you are.

Debbie, Mom of ^i^Joey,
Lorin, Mike, & Greg
Posted by Jean Ruthenbeck on August 12, 2011
Angel Amanda, I want to wish you a Happy 28th Birthday. Please give your Sweet Mom a sign that you are near her today and give her gentle kisses.

Love Jean Mom of Joey POS
Posted by lee,Nicks Mum in NZ on August 12, 2011
Dear sweet Angel Amanda, Happy Birthday to you in Heaven, darling girl xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Posted by Lee Cann on June 10, 2011
When Angels sense you need them,
and Angels always do,
they come, unseen,
from everywhere,
to help and comfort you
Posted by Lee, Nick's Mum in NZ on April 15, 2011
♥ڿڰۣಌ Not dead to us who loved them, Not lost, but gone before. Angels, you live with us in memory, And will forevermore. ♥
Love to you, Rosa, and to your Angel Amanda
from Lee, Nick's Mum, in NZ xoxoxo
Posted by Lee, Nick's Mum in NZ on April 6, 2011
Dear Rosa,
remembering your beautiful, beautiful Amanda on her Angelversary. Sending all the love in the world to you as you face this day.
Lee, Nick's Mum in NZ (POS)
Posted by Donna St.Pierre on April 6, 2011
Donna St.Pierre sends you love peace and strength.

Donna Robert's mom
Posted by Jean Ruthenbeck on April 6, 2011

Remembering your beautiful daughter, Amanda. She will be missed by many who loved her so. ((((Amanda))), sweet Angel, let your Dear Mom know you are always near her.
Jean Mom of Joey forever
Posted by Kelly Rewerts on April 6, 2011
Rosa, Thinking of ((((((((((you and Amanda)))))))))) today. May memories of gentler times with your precious Amanda be with you and your family today. Love, Kelly, Dustin's mom
Posted by Pam West on February 8, 2011
Amanda is very lovely young lady. So sad to know there can be so much heartache behind such a beautiful smile
Posted by AnnMarie Ortiz on February 8, 2011
Dearest Rosa- What a beautifu young lady.You are in my prayers. God Bless you. Love AnnMarie (POS)
Posted by Alicia Strunk on February 7, 2011
Awe so PRETTY! She is a Angel, watching over her mama and loved ones. My hugs and Kisses go to you all.. Blowing kisses to Heaven to your children to. xxx
Posted by brian reese on February 6, 2011
u did very well mom on the pages love u.
miss u sis more and more
Posted by Cindy Church on February 5, 2011
Such a beautiful Angel Amanda, your mom loves you and misses you so very much.
Posted by Ladonna Deer on February 5, 2011
Rosa, Amanda is so beautiful. This is a beautiful tribute ot her memory. Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with us. Love and hugs, to you my friend. Ladonna, Allen's Mom - POS
Posted by Jean Ruthenbeck on February 5, 2011

Thank you for sharing your lovely daughter with us. Amanda was a beautiful girl. She has such a sweet smile. I am so sorry Dear. Angel Amanda your Mama loves you so, please let her know that you are always near her. Forever missed.

Jean Mom of Joey POS
Posted by Lee, Nick's Mum in NZ on February 4, 2011
A thousand loving memories, ♥
Stored up in our hearts, ♥
To take out and live again ♥
Whenever the tears start
sending love to your Angel Amanda
and to her Mumma Rosa
Posted by Kelly Rewerts on February 4, 2011
Rosa, what a nice memorial site for your wonderful Amanda. She is a beautiful young lady, both inside and out. {{{{Hugs}}}} to both of you...
Posted by Donna St.Pierre on February 4, 2011
Donna St.Pierre
With love an prayers for you and yours. I read all your posts on pos and think of you often.

Robert's Mom
Posted by Cathy Lashly on February 4, 2011
Rosa, Amanda is so beautiful, and she will never be forgotten. I loved your story about the potty incident and look forward to reading more about Amanda. Love, Cathy (Phil's mom-POS)
Posted by Leah Duffenais on February 4, 2011
Rosa, what a beautiful young woman Amanda was. My heart breaks for you. I hope you can remember more times like the potty incident. Too cute!  ((((Rosa)))) Another bright star in heaven.
Posted by Tammy Burke on February 4, 2011
Amanda is so beautiful,I think doing this will bring you some peace,god bless you
Love Always
ZTammy Bobby's Mom
Posted by Vanessa Riley on February 4, 2011
This is a beautiful tribute to your daughter, Rosa. She will forever live in your heart. xoxo Vanessa, Sean's mom
Posted by Debbie Polidora on February 4, 2011
Dear Amanda,

You are such a beautiful young lady. I finally got to see the beautiful face connected to the name! Your mom and I are friends on a site for grieving parents. Your mom misses you so much. I hope you are at peace and have found true happiness where you are. Please send mom a sign. . .she would love to know you are around her.

Debbie, Mom to ^i^Joey,
Lorin, Mike, & Greg
Posted by Suzanne Torregrossa on February 4, 2011
Dearest Rosa.....what a beautiful girl, your Amanda. It's so nice to see her picture after all we have heard about her. Great job on her memorial page, so we can all see her and now have a visual image. She will never be forgotten.
Daniel's Mama
Posted by Nancy Bennett on February 3, 2011
Dear Rosa, Your Amanda is such a beautiful girl. It's wonderful that you are working of this website for her. Your love for her shows. Love, Nancy Bennett, Mom of Jim, POS

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