My Sister, Mandy

Shared by Enid Ryan on 2nd March 2019

I was sixteen when Mandy was born. After graduation from high school at eighteen I left to go to college in Albuquerque, NM. One of my fondest memories was the morning after I came home on break. I woke to find Mandy sitting beside me staring into my face. I have no idea how long she had been there, but that sweet face is a treasured memory.

Mandy will always be my little sister. I miss her now and forever and dearly cherish the times we spent together. Her loss is a tragedy for all who knew and loved her.

P.S. Note the yellow shoes in the picture. Her new shoes hurt so before the picture was taken she changed back into her comfies.

From Green Templeton College

Shared by Denise Lievesley on 28th February 2019

On behalf of Green Templeton College I would like to recognise the great impact that Amanda made as part of our community. This was not only during her period as a DPhil student here from 2008 to 2013 and through her continued association as an alumna, but also through her collaboration with a range of our fellows in her research after graduation.

Although I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Amanda personally, her reputation preceded her and I know the rich and varied ways she contributed to college life during her time here.

Professor Denise Lievesley, Principal, Green Templeton College

Shared by Alexandra Zinke on 24th February 2019

What I would like to say is this.  My dear sweet mom has passed away and life will never be the same.  I think of her all the time - when I fall back on a recipe of hers, when I see a hawk as I'm driving along, when I write an email and think to myself "I need her to read this and tell me if it sounds ok."  I was so lucky to have the time I had with her and I will be forever grateful to her for her unconditional love, support, and affection.  I'm so grateful to all who have visited the site or shown your support as we've gone through this process.  It makes me feel happy in a time of great sadness to know how many people she's touched and how she was able to share her vibrant, wonderful self with you.  Love to all, Alex

My forever neighbor, Amanda

Shared by Betty Ann McInteer on 22nd February 2019

My friendship with Amanda began when we moved to Bethlehem, PA. I was a girl from the south with two young daughters and a husband starting a new job. I was a bit out of my comfort zone and even felt a little trepidation about moving to the north. And then we met our neighbors, a proper  English man, a sweet and spunky daughter (whose age was just between my two), and a lovely mom who happened to be from Tennessee. I was elated, another Southern girl, we immediately  bonded. 

Those early years were spent being busy Moms, juggling school/activity/family commitments and we helped each other out a LOT. Our girls played together....American girl dolls and books, tin can communication system between the two houses, dress-up and fashion shows, arts and crafts, and snow days. During one particular major snow storm, Amanda created a backyard sled run by packing snow on their deck steps....we had our very own neighborhood “Winter Olympics”, so much fun. In early summer, the Cowan backyard hosted the infamous end-of-the school year campouts, pitching tents, grilling “not” dogs, and making s’mores. 

And then there was New York City. My first NYC experience with Amanda was a mothers/daughters trip to see the Royal Ballet Company at the Met. I assumed we would take the bus, it was easy and convenient but Amanda was our confident driver. The girl from Tennessee navigated us through the chaos of NYC traffic like a pro, she never missed a turn. She explained that the key was knowing a few landmarks and understanding the “easy” city grid. I decided if Amanda could do it, so could I, and I drove to NYC  many times, fueled by her confidence. New York City with Amanda was the best....Central Park, 5th Ave., Broadway, unforgettable lunches at famous restaurants. Our lunch at LeCirque was particularly memorable. A gentleman seated beside us suffered what appeared to be a fatal heart attack. The staff and other patrons (including myself) had no idea what to do, but Amanda did, and she jumped out of her seat and assisted the man until the paramedics arrived. 

Amanda embraced community involvement ... St. Luke’s Auxiliary, Lehigh Valley Junior League to name a few.  It was easy for Amanda to be good at what she did, she was a go-getter, and wow did she go! Under her co-leadership the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibition came to Bethlehem....she became THE local dinosaur expert! All to the benefit of many  families and children in the Lehigh Valley. Well deserved, she made the Morning Call’s People to Watch list in 2000. 

We watched her for years with her remarkable tenacity for research and academic pursuits, Yale then Oxford, to say she was brilliant was an understatement. She loved to read, write, and even edit, and it was not surprising to learn that her dissertation required no revisions. We had many lengthy and detailed conversations about her research....from cooking stoves in Mexico to companies lead by female executives, such passion for it all. But our conversations also encompassed everything from our travels, politics, music, art, the environment, our now adult children....and with our southern backgrounds, even Elvis and fried chicken. Just imagine, Amanda the dedicated vegetarian talking about fried chicken. Her quick wit and humor was undeniable, one of the many things I loved about Amanda. 

For both families, our paths in life took us in new directions, new places, but we stayed connected and remained neighbors at heart. Visits with with Jim and Amanda were always delightful....memorable dinners together at great restaurants. Amanda’s friendship enriched by my life immeasurably, and I am so grateful that these two girls from the South had their paths intersect in Pennsylvania in 1992. Her smile and kindness will be in my heart forever, and I loved her dearly. Gone too soon. 

To the Cowan family, we wish you comfort and peace, courage to face the days ahead, and loving memories to forever hold. ~ Betty Ann and Tom McInteer

Amanda...the awesome student, scholar and friend...will be missed!

Shared by Jean Stead on 21st February 2019

We first met Amanda when she moved to Johnson City with Jim and Alex. Jim was our MD and Amanda was our graduate assistant. Amanda was an exceptional student in our MBA program. She was such a good writer that she edited our Management for a Small Planet book for two of its editions. After completing her dissertation from Oxford, she was recognized by the Organization and Natural Environment Division of the Academy of Management as having the best dissertation in the field of international scholars. Imagine how proud we were to watch her receive this award!! She was brilliant!

Amanda was also a close friend. She was witty, funny and warm. We had so much fun traveling with her and Jim to Florida, Maryland, and the Outer Banks. Her passing away leaves a hole in many of our hearts, especially ours.

We love you, Amanda!

Jean and Ed Stead

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