Memory of Amber

Shared by Tina Marcus on July 3, 2016

One of the most talkative lil girls you would ever meet, always full of joy, Living next door to my cousin was always good times, Amber you were always there to play with L.Edie when she was a baby keeping her very occupied and giving me time to do things in the house! And as you two grew you were always like a big sister that she never had, We always loved you as we still do, I hold so many precious memories of you in my heart, until we meet again in Heaven, I know your always close especially whenever butterflies are around as you was our social butterfly in the family and we love and miss you extremely!!!!#OurButterflyinHeaven#

My Angel in Heaven

Shared by Connie Reec on July 3, 2016

My Amber was the most out going person you could ever know she new so many in her short life. When she was cheerleader she was the loudest of all of them she was so happy when she cheered for Reading,Lockland Panthers Football it was a great time her brothers played football it was all day thing.When Amber got a little older she started getting her nails done with me boy did it cost she had her nike checks on them she really took care of them. Well then she had to get brace's on her teeth she loved them what ever color they would get changed to her nails would be the same color she was something she never worried about what she wore just her shoes and nails. She really loved her dad she would sucker him in to anything she had him to take a get her tongue pierced something I would of not done that was her and her dad she loved her dad. Well thats some of my storys I could go on forever she was amazing I miss my only little girl I had she is my #1 Angel in heaven.


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