My angel in heaven

Shared by Kim Bowers on March 2, 2019

Amber when i first met u it wasn't good we had words but as we got to know each other we became best friends u was like a daughter i never had u called me momma kim and Brian dad...ur babys mean the world to us God took u way to soon never to question the good Lord's work but DAM THERE'S NOT A DAY I DON'T MISS MY BABYGIRL  funny thing is ur the only people that has a key to my place u always knew if and when u needed to come to momma's the door was always open for u and ur boys..i keep waiting for my phone to ring and its u on the other end or my door to open and u be on the other side ... life was not easy for u at all but u was the strongest lady i know because u was always there for us EVERYDAY..i was there the day the doctor's called u and told u ur bad news i make a promise not to tell i kept that promise i wish i could of taking ur pain away Baby girl i wish but i couldn't  i didnt know about u passing till u was already gone...i NEVER got to say GOOD-BYE i go though life without u i just sit and wish i was with u there are so many times i just needed to hear ur voice a hug always make it easier u was amazing lady i dont know where ur boys are now but i pray for them everyday i hope that BITCH and Nick go to hell for what they did to u and ur boys ..i pray for it ..peace of shit they are but enough about them i want to tell u Amber i KNOW ur looking down from HEAVEN i can feel u with me everyday i know. Im never alone because like in life u have always been by my side ..i love u so much Baby girl and i want to tell u Christmas time i NEVER have an Angel on my tree for u are my Angel and ur in HEAVEN now so let the light shine my  beautiful babygirl light up our rooms like us know ur with us BECAUSE in our heard u will always remain  until we mean again Ms.Amber Nicole Maust

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