Ambrose Mungo
  • 79 years old
  • Date of birth: Sep 18, 1933
  • Place of birth:
    Yoke-Muyuka, South West Region, Cameroon
  • Date of passing: Sep 22, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Limbe, South West Region, Cameroon
Let the memory of Ambrose be with us forever
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Josepha Bekong on 22nd September 2017

"One day at a time sweat Jesus, that's all I am asking of you. Give me the strength to do everyday what I have to do. Yesterday is gone sweat Jesus and tomorrow may never be mine".
   Dad I remember when you walked amongst us, until we meet again, I ask the lord to teach me to take "One day at a time". RIP"

This tribute was added by Dr. Julius Mungo on 22nd September 2017

"How the years fly by! It has been five years since Pa left us but all seem like yesterday. As we remember and celebrate his life, we also pray to find courage and enthusiasm in our future plans, knowing that he is best placed to guide and direct us all as we live our lives. May the soul of Pa rest in God's perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Josepha Bekong on 18th September 2016

"Today marks another anniversary of you Dad, the years goes so fast and it's sad to think you are no more with us physically but you will always be in my mind . In times of distress I draw my strength from your words of wisdom by trying to think of what you will say to me. I wish you were still with us, I miss you Dearly. May your gentle soul RIP oh Lord ."

This tribute was added by Cecilia Chiawah on 2nd October 2015

"Daddy, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. You are still very close to our hearts. Your counsel and wise words still guides us as we struggle in this life. May you rest in the home Jesus promised to prepare for you."

This tribute was added by Josepha Bekong on 21st September 2015

"Dad,it's been 3yrs since you left us, oh how time goes by so fast.  I miss you especially those words of wisdom , sense of humor and smile.
I will continue to hold on to those memories we had , untill we meet again."

This tribute was added by Julius Mungo on 18th September 2014

"I remember this day in sadness, yet more strengthened by your guidance in spirit. Pa, you have continued to guide me, your example to stay the course, sort what is right and be clear about things are the treasure I have found in your life. I continue to pray for you, may your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen."

This tribute was added by Florence Mungo on 18th September 2014

"Pa on this day of your anniversary we remember you and  miss you. Pa rest in peace. I know you are with your sister who passed early this month as well. Pa we pray for you and Mum. The sadness of death has given way to the promise and hope of eternity. Now rest in peace with the Lord. Love till we meet with you in Christ."

This tribute was added by Josepha Bekong on 18th September 2014

"Dad, today is your 81st birthday, a day we all your children will never forget. A day we  were sure of having a bottle of "mimbo". A day we all tried to be the first to wish you a happy birthday so we can be in charge of buying the drinks. I remember your answer each year " Pa Happybirthday , really Mamie, I have forgotten , how old am I today ?okay we will celebrate later in the day remind me again".
    I am sure I am in charge of the drinks this year, but who is going to give me the money ?????. I write with tears waking up this 5am in the morning missing you, your wisdom and encouragement . Happy birthday Dad ."

This tribute was added by Chris Anulegeh on 18th September 2014

"Pa Mungo I knew was a real gentleman and peace-loving person. May all of us, his friends, well-wishers and siblings emulate his lifestyle so as to continue making this small world we are passing through a better place-to-be...."

This tribute was added by emma mungo on 3rd October 2013

"Pa,may your soul rest in peace as we put you in our prayers,a year has already gone by without talking to you.may the almighty god have mercy on you."

This tribute was added by Florence Mungo on 22nd September 2013

"Pa, it has been a year since death has taken you from this world and though we are apart, you are present in our memories. All that you meant to us still remains for neither death nor grave can break the bonds of love that we once knew.  Rest in peace and though we grieve, reaching for your advice in vain, we believe that we shall meet again. Pa, I miss you and will love you forever."

This tribute was added by Florence Mungo on 19th September 2013

"Pa, I miss you and it saddens me that I could not give you my final farewell. Its almost a year but it looks like yesterday. So many good memories of the time we spent together which has left me with this empty feelings. I pray that though you are physically absent, your memories will stay with us until we meet again. Pa, I loved you so much and I thank God for having you as my DAD,"

This tribute was added by Josepha Bekong on 24th June 2013

"Mami , you left us on this same day 32yrs ago June 24th 1981. A day that will never be forgotten . All the time I imagine what life could have been with you around . It's very sad you did not stay long  to  reap the fruits of your very hard labour, but I know you are all smiles and with Dad by your side makes you smile more . I know you are both looking out for us. RIP MOM & DAD."

This tribute was added by MUNGO karine on 22nd June 2013

"PA MUNGO.We really missed you.You were like my own father.I will always remember your smile, and the way you were calling me: MAMY.PA i missed you. May GOD be with you"

This tribute was added by Josepha Bekong on 28th February 2013

"Pa it seems like yesterday but it has been 5 months since you left us.
Your memories will span the distance between us and give us the wisdom to carry on. I will forever miss you Papa."

This tribute was added by Mercy/Charles Mounga on 7th December 2012

We all love you but God loves you more.
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace

This tribute was added by Symphorosa Fonjock on 31st October 2012

"Pa, The news of your passing into eternity came to me as a shock. I will never forget the good times we had in B'da in the early 80s. My husband a young magistrate had just been posted there and you received us and guided him as your own son. You may go, but our good memories of you will live forever. We pray the Lord to take you into his right hand. We hope to meet never to part again."

This tribute was added by MUNGO karine on 30th October 2012

"PA,l'annonce de ton décès fut pour moi un grand choc.Il m'a fallu plusieurs semaines pour réaliser que tu nous a vraiment quitté.Ton sourire en coin ainsi que ta voix si douce et si rassurante nous manqueront à jamais.Manu Junior,Maxime Joshua,et Myra Joyce se joignent à moi pour te dire ADIEU grand-père.QUE TON ÂME REPOSE EN PAIX,et que la terre de nos ancêtres te soit légère."

This tribute was added by ERIC TAKANG on 16th October 2012

"Late pa Mungo was a soft spoken and humourous person as I became very close to him in the Soba meeting in Muyuka. You will be fondly remembered for your simplicity, humility and loving character, You made us young Sobans proud and would always reffer to you as a model Soban . Pa, May your Soul Rest in the Bossom of Abraham."

This tribute was added by RACHEAL ETANKI on 10th October 2012

"What a sad news! Testimonies and tributes paid to you on this dedicated website are no doubt a sign that you were the excellence, a great man and of course a dad of a very rare specie. You will be remembered!!!
Hope even in your absence, you continue to inspire all those who knew your examplary life.we will join every body to pray for your soul."

This tribute was added by Delphine Ako on 7th October 2012

"WB Yeats, famously said, ‘Pray, I will, and sing I must, but yet I weep’
I pray for the solemn repose of the soul of Pa Ambrose,
I sing for the eventful life that Pa lived; a life filled with strong fundamental belief in service to family, country and above all to God the Almighty. And for that I weep knowing that we are going to miss him dearly until we meet again in the glory of eternity"

This tribute was added by Dr. Mungo Catherine on 7th October 2012

"A retired seasoned Court Registrar, you loved your profession. In court, people being discharge and acquitted after cross examination. 18 hrs to death, knowing your illness, you knew it is time for the lord to set you free. You told the doctor in front of us " I am taking this air for the last time. I am discharge and acquitted. You groom us from the coins of that profession. Thanks papa."

This tribute was added by Dr. Mungo Catherine on 7th October 2012

"Mummy said, Besua, grand pa is seriously sick and we must go there before school resume. Entering the bed room, I saw grandpa telling me "papa welcome". I am happy with my interaction with grandpa. At home we prayed, prayed, calling your name and presenting your case to God. But God loves you most and did not want you to suffer for long. Angels would always be with you in God. Besua"

This tribute was added by Dr. Mungo Catherine on 7th October 2012

"I called mum from Sasse college and mum told me you have just passed away. "Mummy grand pa?. I screamed. I now understand why you insisted on mum to bring me to have a picture with you. "Hurry your grandfather insist you see him before you go back to college". A handsome grandpa we will miss. I will  pray for you always. You have a strong team to continue your legacy. Adieu, Benson."

This tribute was added by Dr. Mungo Catherine on 7th October 2012

"Papa, your departure has left me with a missing gap. "Hello Mahmi you are welcome. How is your bad road?", were your greetings every time I come home. "Nkale" (white man) as you were known by the Yoke Mbo community. You fought hard for their legal recognition. Will miss your ambiance, gentleness especially on 20th May, 2012 at home.  Rest in the Lord until we meet one day. Greet mum."

This tribute was added by Tiale Emmilia on 6th October 2012

"In every situation we give glory to God.Pa we will always miss your company.And may your soul rest in peace.Adieu"

This tribute was added by PRUNELLE ROSINE on 5th October 2012


This tribute was added by Hermann Roy on 4th October 2012

"To all the families whose lives have been impacted by the loss of sons, brothers, husbands, and grandfathers Mr Ambrose Mungo.My warm kind thoughts are with you all! Have been praying since day one for peace and comfort for you all, and in time, may His supernatural understanding fills your hearts that we all may accept, that your heroes have become yours and your children's Guardian angels...Bles"

This tribute was added by Frederick Mungo on 4th October 2012

"Papa, it was unbelievable and difficult to accept that i will not see or hear from you again. I thank God for giving us the opportunity to  have had a loving Father and husband like you. I miss you already. Pauline Mungo."

This tribute was added by Frederick Mungo on 4th October 2012

"Daddy, I still find it hard to believe you are no longer with us. How could i have imagined that it was just the beginning of a long journey of no return. It is all like a dream and i hope to meet morning quick. for ever i will love you. Junior Ambrose Mungo."

This tribute was added by Frederick Mungo on 4th October 2012

"My old man was a wisdom box, wise, patient, diplomatic. Never in a haste to nail the point but somehow always got it said and done. Now i find time to play back the records of our encounters and i see a great dad. Bent on purpose, driven by courage and sustained by faith. that is how he operated; this i know as fact. stay well dad, Love you."

This tribute was added by Frederick Mungo on 4th October 2012

"A great man is gone, a good man is gone, my dad, Ambrose Mungo. Love and lots of it i send to you even as you rest in the dwelling of the most high. Yes, i know you are happy where you are but the truth remains clear; I WILL MISS YOU FOR EVER. So i light this memorial candle deep in my heart, where it will burn till we meet again for i know we shall, we must!"

This tribute was added by Frederick Mungo on 4th October 2012

"18th sept 1933 a boy was born. He grew up into a solid principle governed humble kind friendly just and great man who served his country and family well. My Dad, AM as friends called him was a great man indeed. He was and will always rimean my idol. I love you dad and i pray you rest in peace at the bossom of the lord for inded you have done your part."

This tribute was added by Cecilia Chiawah on 2nd October 2012

"My darling father, I will forever miss you and that name 'maami'. You were such a loving and caring dad, the best I could ever hope for. Prayers was your last conscious request. I know i will see you again in spirit. May Arch Angel Micheal and the other Angels Usher your gentle soul to your heavenly home. Rest in perfect peace, Sweet Daddy, till we meet to part no more."

This tribute was added by Julius Bekong on 30th September 2012

"Pa from the dignified, honorable and God-fearing life you lived, I have no doubt that you are presently seating at God’s right hand and that you are preparing a place for us. I could not have had a better father-in-law than you, who was so objective and exemplary in everything you said or did. While missing you, I take solace in the fact that you lived a very fulfilling life. Go ye well!"

This tribute was added by Fonkeng Theresa on 30th September 2012

""For the souls of the upright is in the hands of God, and no torment can touch them. To the living he appeared to die, but he is in peace for he shall live forever and his recompense is with God where he will receive the glorious crown and the diadem of beauty from the Lord's hands"(Wis:3,1;5,15-16). Have a good rest in the Lord and please pray for us and the family you left behind."

This tribute was added by Florence Mungo on 29th September 2012

"Dear Gandpa, how I love you so much. I will miss you. I rememeber the time we had together in Philly and the long walk from school until you ask me why the way home  was so long. I replied "Grandpa you stayed home all day so I thought you wanted to stroll". I will miss you and your company. I know you are in heaven so greet grandma for me. GOOD BYE GRANDPA. I LOVE YOU. PRUNELLE"

This tribute was added by Emerence Monkam on 29th September 2012

"Oh Pa!, your demise leaves me full of emptiness difficult to express.Your charisma, largesse, comforting words, patience, uprightness and equitable nature urged me to be ‘around’ you all the time.Pa!, you were an excellent adviser, teacher and a friend full of wisdom.Your last words on earth “I AM DYING A HAPPY MAN” is comforting.Pray for us in heaven as we pray for you here on earth.

This tribute was added by Emerence Monkam on 29th September 2012

"The death of our Father  means the sudden loss of a brother and friend.Papa, Our stay with you  were full of joy and love. Your usual smiles and warm welcome kept smiles on our faces.  Who shall I introduce again as my father?.Oh! Is this your father?, Pa nyanga, Pa mecedenz , neat Papa- people will question.We’ll miss you but we know you will always be there for us in spirit as we pray for you."

This tribute was added by ebu doris on 29th September 2012

"If there is anything  i learnt from pa mungo is that he prefered education and prayers to any other thing.he sacrificed everything to make sure that everyone around him reaped the oppotunities.you would hardly hear him shouting yet he played the role of both parents and did it perfeclly well.what a dignified man.I love you uncle.ADIEU"

This tribute was added by Julius Mungo on 29th September 2012

"It is in God that we live move and have our being. We thank God for the life given to our beloved father Pa Ambrose Mungo. We are grateful for all he did to us as his children, leaving no stone unturned, Pa did his best, he did it with style and truly he did it his way. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Amen."

This tribute was added by emma mungo on 28th September 2012

"Dad what a good end of your life.I saw you given  up your last breath.Until your last seconds you requested prayers for your soul.I know you are at god's right hand prepare us a better place.Dad a loving father we had.We love you god love you more.You gave me all what a child needs from the father.LOVE YOU PA"

This tribute was added by Paul Mungo on 28th September 2012

"God uses good people to do great things. My dad was a great man who lived an exemplary, purposeful and well accomplished life. I will for ever be grateful to a man who was more than successful in raising 9 children as a single parent for many years. Yes, I am more than lucky to have had an inspiring, loving and compassionate dad. You will live in my heart each and every day. I love you."

This tribute was added by Florence Mungo on 28th September 2012

"Some say that they are their father's girl  but not as much as me. I know that my relationship my with my Repe was special. I loved him dearly and  will cherish his memories forever. Something that will always stand out in my mind is the real effort and sacrifice that Repe made for us be where we are today.Thank you Repe and may you rest in God's peace."

This tribute was added by Josepha Bekong on 28th September 2012

"Dad I will always miss you, for I have so many fund memories of you to hang on. Your guidance and love will surely carry me through to the end of my days. You were my role model and friend because you lived a dignified and honorable life. A Dad as humble and loving as you were will always be remembered for your smiles and sense of humor. I love you Dad until we meet again. Adieu. RIP."

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