Let the memory of Baba be with us forever
  • 64 years old
  • Born on February 5, 1939 in Enabo- Ankpa, Kogi, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on May 23, 2003 in Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Amidu Okeme - mathematician, principal, 63, born on February 5th,1939 and passed away on May 23, 2003. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Daniel Okeme on May 21, 2018
A time to remember a selfless man, a caring man, a man of peace, a trailblazer whose light has shined upon many, whose example many have followed, whose hands have groomed a new generation, whose foresight has given us a platform, whose courage has set us apart.
We remember your love and care,
your sacrifices for us and many others,
your trials and tribulations,
the highs and lows of your dazzling life,
your victories and triumphs,
the messages that you tried to pass across, some of which we immediately understood, some of which we understood over time.
We're grateful to God for the opportunities that were ours through you, for the pathway that we discovered on account of the tentative steps you took, for the many pleasant memories of our time together. You're always in our hearts.
Posted by Grace Okeme on May 23, 2016
To the only Grand Dad I met and knew.

Times with you were short but qualitative. If I knew you were going to leave us I would have clung to you even more dearly, revering each passing second. Today, I clutch tightly to memories of you, polishing them each day till they shine in the chambers of my heart. Yes, there is plenty of room for you in there.

I would stand on the ground
Little feet planted on the soil
Elbows on my tiny waist
And my gaze would be up
In complete awe of Baba
As he threw the cashews down
All the way from that height
For Aunty Atule to gather
For his grandchildren
For me

Then I would run past the goats
With my treasured washed fruit
Gorging happily
I would sit and watch home eat
Wondering why that black dog
Respected him so
Lying calmly at his feet
The Dog never had a liking for me
But Baba did
I was glad

My siblings and I so little
Would crowd around him warmly
Listening to the radio
Lost in the warmth of his presence
So much warmth, so much calmness
I can still see him in our Kubwa house
The epitome of gentilty

My Father's Father
Time with you was short but treasured
I was stricken, today I rejoice
Knowing that you are safe
In the arms of my Father
Baba mi. Rest on
When the roll is called up yonder
I'll be there
Smiling, laughing.
You will. Oh what Joy!
Posted by Asabe Okeme on May 23, 2016
I missed a great opportunity in life of knowing you in person but life and destiny gave me a second chance by marrying my husband, your love care, understanding and family values etc knows no bound, we only find consolation in knowing that you are resting with our Savior Lord Jesus Christ, and someday we will see you again,You are forever Cherished and missed Baba,Adieu!
Posted by Joseph Abu on May 23, 2016
Dear Papa I did not have the opportunity to meet you , But the quality of the people you left behind has gone a long way to show your values and how beautiful a life you lived . The seeds you have sown will continue to grow and beautify the World in many different ways ,Am sure you are proud of your efforts where you are .. You are greatly missed ...
Posted by Keziah Akagwu on May 23, 2016
Deep in our hearts a memory is kept of one we have never met but felt his impact and the life he had lived on the ones he had left behind, of which we are privileged to know.We pray God continues to bind the broken hearts!!! In our hearts baba,you will always be remembered and loved!!You fell asleep to awake on the other side with the angels.Memories of you will never die!!! Time may pass & fade away but memories of you will always flourish!!!!!
In God's care you are resting!!! Words are few, thoughts are deep!!!
Happy memories of you we will always cherish!!!!!!!!!!!
God bless and keep you in His care!!!!!!
R.I.P. (Return If Possible)!!!!!!
Posted by Adanu Joyce on May 23, 2016
I am so very fortunate to have known such a good man. Even luckier to have loved, respected and admired him as my Grandpa.I remember all my holidays with you and mama,how you will to the farm just to get us crickets,you are greatly miss keep resting on baba
Posted by Austin Okeme on May 22, 2016
Several years on, your words kept coming true and true. And day by day, my respect for you continues to grow. Your mathematical formulas would have helped me solve some of my life problems in d past 13yrs, only if you were around. You were a great man, but you have gone to be with the greatest of greats. And the almighty with the solutions to all. Together, you watch over us and your legacies continue to unite us. Rest on, in God's presence and enjoy the heavenly bliss. May your love keep us strong and may we live your dreams. May God continue to bless your seeds and may we prosper in all endeavours. God bless you Baba, we miss you!
Posted by Charity Abu on May 7, 2016
You were called Amidu èkpè.... the palmtree.likened to the usefulness of all the parts of the palm tree.you were all that baba,growing up,meeting
And every day living has shown me that you were truly a whole package and a gift to us. You were the quiet type,yet your personality attracted people.humble.humane.caring,patient,I miss you baba as your value unravels more each day. You were an unsung hero but I value your sacrifice and all I have learnt from you,I try to uphold we choose to remember you in joy.remembering your stories..eating your favouritemeals....I won't forget to add that things have not been the same since you left. Rest on baba.

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