Let the memory of Amir be with us forever
  • 74 years old
  • Born on November 22, 1940 .
  • Passed away on December 28, 2014 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Amir Rizkallah 74 years old , born on November 22, 1940 and passed away on December 28, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Amani Gadallah on 27th December 2017
Another year has passed since your departure big brother, dearest of the dear, our support & shield. Till this moment our silent tears haven’t dried, till this moment just saying your name among the three of us brings a moment of silence & while we wish to speak up & share fond memories the words get blocked in our throats then all we can do is to pause & ask the Lord to have mercy on your soul. Amir, Amirna you know better than all of us now how much you’re loved, esteemed & missed - wish I could find words better than that but as I said you know it all already. Rest in Peace habebna, you’re alive in our heart, soul & memory.
Posted by Amani Gadallah on 1st November 2017
Beloved older brother Amir, in my heart, my thoughts & my dreams forever. November always brings back so much memories which I cling to with all my will. Thankful, grateful & blessed to be your sister.
Posted by Amani Gadallah on 28th December 2015
A whole year without you ya Amir, I don't know how it passed & I don't think we'll ever get over your loss. So much sadness in our hearts, so many words & fond memories wish to be delivered but only tears manage to break free. Amar, you've done your dues & you're in a better place, pray for us & rest in peace dearest of the dear. I love you.
Posted by Philo Pater on 22nd November 2015
Dear Amir Words can not convey how much do I miss our little chats, e-mails..etc. Though you are no longer with us, you are indeed in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. Only recently did I talk about you and indicated how much you have shouldered many of our burdens and for so long. May Christ the Lord grant you rest and peace. Love. Philo Pater
Posted by Amani Gadallah on 22nd November 2015
First birthday in heaven ya habebe, I bet it's the best. We've been thinking about you all day, looking at your photos, remembering the day the pic posted was taken, as usual you're so caring, kind & affectionate taking my youngest out on his birthday while he was away from home. So much memories big brother that can fill a whole library, where would I start from? It's all there well kept in my mind & heart until I get the strength & courage to write them down. Pray for us down here that we may deserve joining you when we're called. RIP ya habebe elkol.
Posted by Amani Gadallah on 10th September 2015
Here am I big brother back home, despite the days & months I couldn't believe you won't be there. My friend, my strength & support I long so much to see you again. May you rest in peace habebe, I'm just a silly old girl clinging to her big brother's hand. I love you so much Amir, I repeat your name on & on inside my heart & nothing ever is going to change that.
Posted by Amani Gadallah on 6th August 2015
Amir, as I'm watching celebrations of opening the new Suez Canal I can't keep you away of my thoughts, I wish you're there, you'd have explained to us what all that grandiose work entailed. My brother I miss you more than ever, I know you're in a better place & I'm sure you're happy more than I can never imagine. Love you Big Brother.
Posted by Amani Gadallah on 15th April 2015
Easter has come & gone & you're not there to greet each other. How much I miss you Amir, not a day pass without me looking up to the sky & say a little prayer for you. RIP my dear brother.
Posted by Amani Gadallah on 15th April 2015
While watching 'My fair lady' for the hundredth time, memories flew back when you took us to watch its first performance on stage in Alexandria back in 1969. How sweet are those memories, what a wonderful evening was it spent with the family & enjoying this great play ! Thank you Amir for developing my sense of the arts, good acting & so many other things. Love you & miss you my brother more than I can ever express it xox
Posted by Faten Youssef on 15th April 2015
We miss you Amir You have always been a Great Man , a Brother and a honest person dear Amir . God rest your soul in paradise , Faten & Magdi Habib
Posted by Amani Gadallah on 13th February 2015
A very special note & the most beautiful bouquet in your memory today.
Posted by Amani Gadallah on 7th February 2015
Lord have mercy on Amir, may his soul repose in Your Kingdom for ever & ever Amen. May the 40th day service brings comfort & peace to the family & all people who are gathering right now remembering & praying for you. Lord hear our prayers
Posted by Amani Gadallah on 3rd February 2015
Nano was the name you called me by, my children love to call me so nowadays; you're always there for me, in childhood, my teens, my adulthood & until the last time I saw you. How can I forget you? How can a day pass without having you in my thoughts & prayers? Rest in peace my big brother with mum, dad & all our beloved up there. Keep a place for me & pray that I may be worthy to earn it.
Posted by Philo Pater on 3rd February 2015
A very fond farewell to Amir: a beloved older brother. A man of few words; but always always a man of high integrity, courage, and action. A man who loved Christ the Lord, and who cherished his family and friends. Over the years, he has been a father, an older brother, a friend, and a mentor for many, and indeed an Archon for our Coptic community in Egypt and all over the world. May Christ the Lord grant you peace, a share and an inheritance with His saints in the kingdom of heaven.
Posted by Amani Gadallah on 2nd February 2015
I love you. I miss you. Wish I could say more but words are blocked somewhere perhaps for fear if I start the flow will never end. I love you. I miss you.

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