Amita Rai (Thapa)
  • 38 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 19, 1977
  • Place of birth:
  • Date of passing: Aug 28, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Kathmandu, Bagmati Zone, Nepal
Let the memory of Amita be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Amita Rai (Thapa), 38, born on July 19, 1977 and passed away on August 28, 2015. We will remember her forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Bir Gurung on 2nd September 2016

"This has been a year you left this world. There is no single day that I've not missed you since then. You will still be in our heart Amitu. Two  angels you gave to this world are precious and they well cared by your loved ones.  May God rest you in peace!"

This tribute was added by arita gurung on 28th August 2016

"I've missed you throughout the year. Nothing can fill up the void, that you've created on this day. Now only one thing I can promise to you- by any cost I'll help Nabin to nurture your angles the way you've dreamed for them. Love you. Rest in peace until we meet again"

This tribute was added by Bishu Karki on 13th November 2015

"My cathartic release on this special day... Still struggling to  come into terms with the loss..... as i go through the photos, despite the crushing grief I managed to crack a smile or two... That was our Amitu, lovable, kind and an effervescent personality, always with a smile and putting a smile on the faces of others around her and that's how she will forever be remembered. On this bhai tika I pray for your eternal peace... Till we meet again"

This tribute was added by Peli Woods on 22nd October 2015

"To the friends and family of Amita,

Please find comfort in knowing that "there is going to be a resurrection". (Acts 24:15)  This means that you can have a real hope of being reunited with your loved one (John 5:28, 29)"

This tribute was added by Ajib Shrestha on 11th October 2015

"Dear Amitu, I can’t express in my words how much I am shattered with your untimely demise. I will cherish for the rest of my life all those great memories of you. You were a kindhearted, funny, lovely, lively, straightforward, and full of life and energy. You were joy to be around. I can’t believe that it has been 45 days since you departed from the earth. God is unfair taking you away so soon from all of us. Amitu, you will be missed and always remain in my heart. Till we meet again…."

This tribute was added by Nabin Thapa on 11th October 2015

"My Dear Amitu
It's already been 45 days since you left us though it feels just like yesterday. Not a single day is passed without thinking of you. You have touched so many peoples heart that I feel so proud to have you as my soulmate. You were a perfect partner a dedicated mother a loving sister a daughter who loved everyone with all her heart. You have given me so much joy and happiness in those short period of time and would have continued doing so if you were given the chance but then you were taken away from us so suddenly and so unexpectedly that I couldn't even  be there by your side when you breathe your last breath and that will always be the hardest part for me to comprehend. You were such an optimistic person with so much more to look ahead in life but that one Black Friday took it all away in an instant. The very person you trusted the most took away our happiness and the most importantly you. She not only took you away from me but took our children's livelihood their right to call you a mother and most importantly your motherhood.

I'm not doing well to tell you the truth but I'm trying very hard to keep our promises that we made to each other. I will miss those days coming back from work to find you waiting for me to tell every little things that has happen that day. I will miss waking up next to you every morning. I will miss the way you use to call me Buda, Mero Mutu......The plan you use to make for Aanavi and Aaryav in so much in detail are still so fresh just like yesterday. Remember that day when you you found out there was something black stuff on her teeth but you thought it was a cavity and you frantically called Suvu for advise. But which turn out to be a black lentil which happens to stuck there, the other time when she had pulled shoulder and couldn't move her arm you were so worried and took her to see the doctor but soon as the doctor touched her arms she was ok you were so relieved after that. You use to stay awake all nite if she wasn't feeling well. You use to call me so many times just to make sure that she was feeling ok or if she has eaten or not. Even when you were pregnant with Aaryav you never stopped pouring your love to her with all the energy as if you were not pregnant. This showed how caring mother you were. I know I can't replace you as a mother but I hope I will be as good father as you were a good mother to them.

The day we went to admit you (the day before the incident)that you told my mom "We are going out in threes but will come be back as fours..." But unfortunately that never happened. I remember just before they took you inside for the operation that you wanted me to make sure that Aanavi get to hold her brother first and I did it the way you wanted.After Aaryav was born  I waited outside the operation room waiting for the nurse to bring you out but they never did. Had I known that you were not going to comeback from that Operation  I would have never let you go in. God is sometimes not fair in his judgement.

Now I'm a broken man and my soulmate is gone but I can see you in Aanavi and Aaryav's faces and that gives me  a little comfort. I know our kids meant a lot to you and I can see your eyes light up every time you use to see Aanavi. I will make sure they are raised the way you wanted and I'm pretty sure that you will always be looking over my shoulder and guide me. I know the little one is too little to remember you but Aanavi misses you a lot. Though she never says or ask about you I can make out in her sleep that she sees you in her dreams and misses you a lot.

Your gentle soul has touched so many people's heart that they couldn't believe that you are gone forever and they misses you so much. I know you are also missing us up there. Remember the last road trip we had that will always be my best road trip ever. Those two weeks of driving and listening to that same song continuously  for hours and hours coz Aanavi liked it so much. Meeting your collage friend in Sikkim after such a long while and how we planed our next road trip for next year. Now that you are gone it won't be the same but I would still like to take Aanavi  and Aaryav when they get bit older and tell them the story of our road trip and how much fun we had. How we never knew that Aaryav was already in your tummy that time.
Maybe one day when we meet again we will continue our road trip once again.
Until we meet again........see you soon Amitu with lots of love your Mutu......your Buda"

This tribute was added by Prem Rai on 11th October 2015

"Amitu bhaanji, you were such a wonderful person- warm, kind and full of life. You gave lots of happiness to others around you.
You will be missed forever by all of us. Please rest in peace. Prem Mama."

This tribute was added by Jayendra Rai on 11th October 2015

"My dearest loving sister, Amitu

Your untimely and shocking departure from this earth has left me with unbearably shattered heart. I am still utterly devastated and in disbelief to acknowledge the fact that you have forever parted from us. I will forever miss you that words cannot describe.

Mum reminded me of one instance when you were very little who was just back from the hostel. I asked what you wanted me to get for you. You then hurriedly asked for ten cadbury's bars. The next day to your delight I got them all to you with the money I had from savings. I will forever cherish and stay content that my youngest sister never ever let me down either.

I am very blessed to have you as my youngest sister, which gave me opportunities to see you prosper. You first started your career working for me. You were in your prime life and mapping out your ambitious plans and some one mismanages on you to send you away from this world. I have been very aware of your happy times and bad times. But certainly not ready to expect the unexpected. You have made me very proud with your career progressions.

The chat group you initiated between us three titled Siblings, meant a lot. I used to find it very fun. Truly it was a memorable way to stay connected with happenings of the day and specially to gauge your moods while we were all world apart.

We always made it a point to be together during my frequent breaks. If only you got a clue of my desires you were always ready coming home with something special to my utter surprises. There will be loads of things I will miss forever of you whenever I return home. Holidays will no longer bear much charm without your presence. You have been the sister who never crossed lines to your brother. I adored you unconditionally.  

We were last together on the evening of 13th August 2015 and the next day I was due to fly back to work after long summer vacation. You had visited me to say good bye despite your condition of pregnancy. At the time, I did have a chilling feel seeing you endure out of the ordinary discomfort while you moved around. But then I assured myself that you would be fine because you were routinely visiting the health experts that the best money could buy. At the end of your visit, I very consciously told you to walk very slow and carefully before you reached your car door.  So unfortunate and distressingly I had to be back home again on the 29th to only see you on your death bed. I am unable to bear the wreckage inside me from loosing you forever. I detest and strongly condemn the heavenly decisions.  

The ideas and opinions we shared had its own merits. But the ones that lead us both to be on the same side always had a display of solidarity through our, " High Fives". In fact we did loads of High Fives in our lives. But look today what I see is that you are onboard on the High Fly instead. I'll never be able to reach your hands anymore. Now it's your turn to look over on us.      

Oh!! By the way, I did the thing you asked me to do for the seemingly last time. I got you a good deal!! Cheers…….. High Five!!

On the day of your last rite a huge crowd had attended to pay their last tributes to you.  All your close friends, classmates, families, colleagues and well wishers came by to see you off.  Your teacher, Ganga Karki Miss, who taught you the life skills to succeed was also present on the day. She was reciting from the holy book standing right in front of you who for this time also helped for your safe passage to the heaven. It has been very clear to me how deeply you have touched hearts of every single person who have come across knowing you either for since long time or for a brief period of time. Today we all have been very unfortunate to miss you forever specially knowing you were a very compassionate, humble, jolly, loving, straight forward and beautiful individual.  

Since the day you left things have changed dramatically. Everyday is passing by with much difficulty to comprehend the fact that you are forever gone. If only I could get you back perhaps my days will return to normal. I am trying to get back on my mental grounds as a normal person but I am unable to do so. Let it be!! I am undergoing an episode in life where memories of you keep flooding and tears never cease to spill out. You know me very well. I am missing you dearly and the fond laughter sessions. You were truly the treasure/gem in our family.

Today is the 45th day since you have been on a heavenly abode. I bid you a heartfelt farewell and always pray for your soul to eternally rest in peace. May you lead your second life in much comfort and free from complications. You will always be inside me and in my everyday rituals. I will tuck you in my heart and everyday think of you and keep missing you till I age out and depart from this world to join you.

If ever there is a second chance, Arko juni ma pani merai bahini bhayera janma linu …………. I truly pray and wish for it.

I love you my hearts out. My lovely Amitu, will deeply miss you till end of my life.
Ok my sista…….Life is such….. We will surely meet again one day.…. So long till then…..!!!

Lots of love, hugs and kisses.

Yours always loving dada"

This tribute was added by sarita rai on 10th October 2015

"May your soul rest in peace . My heart felt condolence to all the family ."

This tribute was added by Man Rai on 8th October 2015

"We are very saddened and pray al mighty to give strength and power to your whole family members to bear this irreparable loss. May your departed soul rest in peace. We will always miss you."

This tribute was added by Anjali Basnyat Bista on 7th October 2015

"Dearest Saathi Amita,
      In the aftermath of your unexpectedly cruel and shocking passing away during childbirth I struggled for days to find the appropriate words to express my condolences to the family and friends you left behind. Finally today after over a month I have managed to gather some memories of the limited time we shared together to hand over to your loved ones as they are surely yearning to capture every single memory of your precious time on earth to soothe their aching hearts.
    Although we were together in high school, I shall not falsely claim to have been one of your "best friends", that coveted spot is cherished by others. However, meeting you after over a decade I was struck by how throughout all those years you had managed to preserve your warmth of nature and candidness. There wasn't a bitter cloud in sight to mar your sunny countenance and you shone through like bright sunshine. We did occasionally bump into each other as people in a small city like Kathmandu are bound to do and you were always bright and cheerful as usual.
     Then one day you called me at work saying you were expecting your second child and wanted to get your ultrasound done by me. I couldn't have been more thrilled to hear from you. You walked in for the USG full of life, unrestrainedly sharing your joy and concerns and sweeping me up into the magnitude of your big heart. I shall always remember the look of awe and unadulterated love on your face as you stared at the grey and white images on screen while I introduced you to your unborn child. Once your son grows up enough to understand I hope that he shall know by this post of mine that his mother did indeed "see" him before he was born and loved him at first sight. She marvelled at your structure, laughed at your antics and was even worried you may be hungry when she saw you sucking your thumb, which I reassured her was probably more for comfort. She loved you with all her heart before you were even born. As for your elder sister, I could tell by the beaming look on your mother's face whenever she talked of her "chhori" that she was the center of her Universe.
     After that 22 weeks scan, you disappeared from my radar and I suppose we both got busy with our own lives. I often wondered how your pregnancy was progressing and hoped to hear your chirpy voice again. Unfortunately, when you did eventually call me about a week before the unfortunate turn of events I was on sick leave with a bout of acute bronchitis. You were worried about your daughter's recurrent stomachaches and asked if I did ultrasounds of children and if I would do her ultrasound once I was back at work. Once I got better and texted you on the 27th, you wrote back saying your Cesarean operation was scheduled for the next morning."But will visit you for my daughter n let you know before coming," your last few words to me that I have still saved.
      The whole of the next day I waited and waited for news of your delivery and even checked facebook a few times to see if anyone had posted anything as I wanted to come and visit you. Late at night I opened facebook once again and my heart pounded and my mind simply could not comprehend what I was reading. It still does not feel real. Dear Amita, you slipped through like grains of sand from our fingers. I wonder if only I hadn't been sick that week, if only I had  questioned your choice of place of delivery more strongly when you told me, if only we could turn back time and somehow save your sparkling soul. Alas, it was not to be and you lived your life like a whirlwind and then were gone. I shall always always remember you my friend and hope your family and friends find the strength to carry on with you nestled warm in their hearts.
        Hundreds of people walk in and out to get their ultrasounds done, but even the staff at the hospital were shocked to hear of your untimely demise, you were that special saathi, you touched the lives of everyone who ever had the good fortune to meet you. Once things settle down, I hope to see your chhori for her ultrasound to fulfil my last promise to you. Here is celebrating the life you led and cherishing the amazing memories you created along the way, till we meet again..."

This tribute was added by Nina Salvatore on 5th October 2015

"A sister, a mother and a daughter- three different roles you had. Everyone told me how great you were, you cared, and loved each human being.
It hurts to know that when you're used to someone always being part of the family. I can't imagine you leaving.
Rest in peace Amitu auntie, and I know you're there with Deepti Auntie in heaven

Will love you always,


This tribute was added by mira tamata on 5th October 2015

"Amitu di
I  don't even know how to begin - it is still a shock to me , i still feel like u will  come back in a little while holding Anavi . God has been really  unfair this time around. Getting to know such a kind and loving soul that you are was a blessing. I hope u are in a better place now - may your soul rest in peace ."

This tribute was added by anjala pradhan on 26th September 2015

"Dear Amita,it has been almost a month since you have left us and I  am still weeping..........this heartache is never going to go away."

This tribute was added by Maneka Gurung on 21st September 2015

"“Never selfish, always loving and kind…. these are memories you leave behind”. I will always cherish the times we spent together … all those trips to fun places with our little ones, our never ending plans, those fun pizza times, BBC, our little gossip mill always on the go, and our just for fun threesome lunches. Your way of looking at life and your never tiring energy, you were an INSPIRATION to all of us. I know that I will not find someone like you again, so happy, so motivating, you were like a sister to me, you were always by my side no matter what happened, for better or for worse. I will always always miss you my dear Amitu. May your soul rest in peace!"

This tribute was added by Suvechha karki on 19th September 2015

"Dear Amitu ,though your physical presence is not here with us you are always with me day and night.You have left a void in my life.Missing you terribly. Still feels like a big nightmare.miss your everyday phone call ,gossip and small small things you used to share about Anavi is what I miss a lot.No doubt you were the best human being existed in this world with full of life.missing you sathi long till we meet again rest in peace.Your children are in safe hand ."

This tribute was added by Adwiteya Gurung on 19th September 2015

"you may not be on Earth anymore but you will always be in my heart...i will always love you ama"

This tribute was added by Sushma Murray on 18th September 2015

"Amita you were a wonderful person, so warm and full of's unbelievable that you are gone so young, before your time. I pray that you are happy and believe that you will protect your loved ones from above. May your soul rest in peace. It was a pleasure to know you."

This tribute was added by Julie Giri on 18th September 2015

"My darling Amitu remembering you is easy, I do it everyday. Missing you is the heartache that never goes away. Nothing will ever be the same without you. Love you always"

This tribute was added by JANAK CHEMJONG on 17th September 2015

"To Arita bahini and Birkaji Gurung.

It is always unexpected to experience an untimely demise of a beloved, here Amita Rai ( Thapa).
" Amita Rai ( Thapa) will stand beside you and your family forever now. She is away physically however' she's always with you and your family spiritually now. I do believe this. I find my late Father always with me when I am in difficulty and seeking advice."

This tribute was added by Saroj Sharma on 16th September 2015

"Miss you, Amitu.  You have transitioned to the Eternal Light where you came from.  Will see you there, when I transition leaving this earthly body.  So long!

Saroj Aunty"

This tribute was added by Anuradha Chaudhary on 16th September 2015

"Amitu you will always remain in my heart.Nothing can fill the void that you left but I hope in time the pain will heal slowly.May your soul rest in peace.
Anu Di"

This tribute was added by Nurbu Sherpa on 15th September 2015

"Amita, you will be deeply missed.  I can't believe it that you are gone for I still hear your voice being mad at me for not coming to your place.  Love you always my little sister and may your soul find peace. Love you always."

This tribute was added by arita gurung on 15th September 2015

"I still find difficult to accept the truth. Amitu, you are so precious to me. I'll promise to ensure your kids are taken care as the way you've dreamt of. May your soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Sangeeta Shrestha on 10th September 2015

"Rest in peace Amita....though I never knew you I can feel the pain in Arita's heart! I can feel how much you meant to her. I'm sure you are in a better place....and will always remain in the hearts of your loved ones!!"

This tribute was added by Pranika Koyu on 9th September 2015

"Amita D,
one has to know you to know what it is to lose you.

This tribute was added by Nima Rumba on 9th September 2015

"Amita was always Cheerful, Charming and Beautiful person, she was always very helpful, always Smiling a kind , warm hearted soul, It's still hard to believe that You are gone Amita, but I know that you are in a better place, you will always be missed , you will always be remembered ...."

This tribute was added by Sarju Marzullo on 9th September 2015

"Such beautiful soul gone so young and sudden, leaving the gift of love to remind all of us as who she is....

Amitu: You will be missed so much by your family, I hear from Arita how wonderful sis you are all the time  and I used to be so impressed!! Your cheerfulness and helpfulness especially to my parents at Laxmi Bank was an amazing gift.

I am hurt to see my best friend and your sis Arita being hurt and in pain. I hope you show her and your family a guiding light as an angel all the time.. Love you so much!!- Sarju di"

This tribute was added by Sanina Basnet on 9th September 2015

"It is really heartbreaking to even begin to write how its been to suddenly lose you Amitu. It feels as if time is standing still....nothing makes sense. But still more than grieving i want to say how grateful i am that i had a friend like you Amitu, and spent 26 amazing years together...So many years of wonderful memories.....Will forever cherish each and every one of them as long as i live. And we will surely meet in another place some day.
We love you a lot Amitu.
Be sure your adorable chori and chora will be well taken care of.
Rest in peace sathi!!!"

This tribute was added by Soma Sitling on 9th September 2015

"As soon as i heard about a tragic news, your face immediately came in front of me and i went back to our school days where i clearly remember your smiling and charming face. May your soul rest in peace and sleep in eternal peace."

This tribute was added by Saroj Dahal on 9th September 2015

"Rest in Peace."

This tribute was added by arita gurung on 9th September 2015

"You'll be always in my heart and soul. I miss you dear sis but gonna cherish our memories.  Arita di"

This tribute was added by Anu Joshi on 9th September 2015

"May you soul rest in peace!!!! You will be so missed"

This tribute was added by Manorama Adhikari on 9th September 2015

"Met once, exchanged a few eye contacts n probably a few smiles....and yet, such vivid memory!!!

Always remain happy and blissful wherever you are n keep on sending all your blessings to your two lil angels..."

This tribute was added by MAS Family on 9th September 2015

"You will always be missed and always
be with us as a good memories. May your
soul Rest in Peace...!!"

This tribute was added by Roji Tamrakar on 9th September 2015

"I'll miss you forever Ami.....may your soul Rest in peace!!"

This tribute was added by Sanjeev Thapa on 9th September 2015

"The distance between the birth and death is known as a life. After our born, the death is inevitable but untimely demise of nice and loving people certainly saddens and makes us cry. Likewise, demise of a loving one is not the ending because he/she remains always alive in our memory. So, inner beauty of " Amita" ji, remains eternally alive in our memory. May your soul rest in peace "Amita" ji.

This tribute was added by Rajesh Gurung on 9th September 2015

"It was a tragic moment to know that you are not with us and left us forever. You will always be missed and always be with us as a good memories. May your soul rest in peace Amita dd!!
- Rajesh"

This tribute was added by ajeeta paudel on 8th September 2015

"Now that you're gone all we can do is cry,
because if love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.

You are one of the most beautiful, loving, straight forward person I have ever met. God bless you and your family. Rest in peace Amita."

This tribute was added by Bir Gurung on 5th September 2015

"You will be forever missed dearest Amitu. May your soul Rest in Peace ..!! Bhena"

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