Amy's Life Story by Jon

After God dropped off Jonathan Livingston Seagull in the fields of Indiana, He flew his plane to York, PA to pick up a newborn passenger, Amy Krok. As was His custom, God took Amy on as a co-pilot and discussed the life He had planned for her, flying over the places and revealing the people and things she would encounter in her life. Of course, being a newborn, Amy could not understand what was being said, but she would as she grew older.

As they flew over York, PA, God showed her the modest house that she would spend her years as a newborn to youth. along with her father and mother, and her two sisters. The elementary school that she would attend and the friends that she would make were also disclosed to Amy. It was a happy childhood.

God then headed west and flew his airplane over Pella, IA. Now a teenager in high school, God communicated to Amy that she would be popular, smart and much to the chagrin of her father, irresistible to the boys. God showed Amy a happy life, offering glimpses of her and her two sisters play-acting as Charlie’s Angels, solving crimes and mysteries.She would also enjoy the company of her Pella friends, sharing secrets, laughter and experiences. In her junior year of high school however, she would have to make a painful move.

God next flew to Granger, IN, showing Amy her new home and new life from her late teens to early adulthood. Although she felt alone at her Indiana high school, that was all to change when she was accepted at the University of Notre Dame. Amy made lifelong friends from Siegfried Hall, studied sparingly (being smart affords you that luxury) and loyally attended the football games. God snuck a grin because he was a closet Fighting Irish football fan.

God revealed Amy’s life at adulthood as he hovered his plane over Chicago and Naperville, IL. In this episode, Amy made new, cherished friends and kept old friends close. She meets her future husband but the biggest prize won was the birth of her two children, Noah and Natalie. And she gifted her husband and two children not only with love but provided valuable life lessons.

Suddenly, as clouds, rain and thunder formed, God revealed to Amy that she would lose a sister and would also contract a disease. As the weather worsened, God’s plane began to spin out of control. God then handed the controls of the plane to Amy. Confused, she struggled to navigate the plane but God assisted her and she landed the plane safely.

It was then that she realized she had lived a good but brief life, prompting her to ask God: “Why was my journey so short?” God replied, “your life journey has ended but your spiritual journey continues. You see, Amy, you’ll need to guide your friends and relatives, your parents, sister, husband and your children.”

“I’m pretty sure they can guide themselves,” Amy contested.

“I doubt it,” God said as He handed Amy her pilot’s license, “Only 1% of applicants can pass the exam.”