Amy was a free-spirited, beautiful woman who's life will be remembered forever by all who knew and loved her. No amount of words could detail the admiration and joy she brought us all.
  • 38 years old
  • Born on April 14, 1975 in Alaska, United States.
  • Passed away on July 27, 2013 in Casa Grande, Arizona, United States.

This page is dedicated to cherishing the memory of Amy Bundy (Mccubbins), 38, born on April 14, 1975 and passed away on July 27, 2013. She will remain in our hearts and minds as long as we live.

If you have a memory you feel is worth posting to celebrate her life please feel free to post and share in the love. I know she would've appreciated it.


Posted by Meranda Redpanda on 11th September 2018
I still think about you a lot and wonder if you would be proud of your kids. We've all come really far. I think about how mean I was, i carry that regret with me everywhere. Just know I love and think of you often.
Posted by Mackenzie Mccubbins on 12th May 2018
You would think it gets easier
Posted by Alison Fox on 4th December 2016
Christmas just weeks away and with the Holiday shows on it's hard not to have you cross my mind. So many movie quotes! I know you're a star in the heavens shining and looking down on each of us but it's so difficult not having you here. I miss you, my girls have grown so much. My life just keeps moving and sometimes I beg for it to slow down. I desperately wish I could get moments back. I pray you're at peace and happy wherever your free spirit has taken you. Much love!
Posted by Amy Bradford on 27th July 2016
I can not believe its been 3 years you've been gone. Still heavy on my mind often! Miss you!
Posted by Dawn Price on 5th November 2015
Miss you girl....went out on Halloween with the other Amy....u know I never do a shot ever but I did one for ya.....and ended the night singing karaoke....last time I did that was with you at shooters.....thinking of you and your beautiful hair and to above Amy b Scottie p and all the others inbetween
Posted by Alison Fox on 9th September 2015
I miss you. Fall is fast approaching. So many memories fill my mind of our times shopping for new fall clothes or a jean jacket. Talking about our plans for Halloween. And meeting up for a happy hour, having a traditional apple pie shot. Though I feel you in my heart, my days are forever changed without you here. Love you.
Posted by Amy Bradford on 28th July 2015
Memories are running in my head about you as I go to bed this evening. It's been 2 years! See you again someday. Love you.
Posted by Barb Sramek on 15th April 2015
Happy Birthday Amy on July 14, 2015. Hard to believe it was your 40th.. Think of you Always, Miss you Much! Sweet pretty Girl ( Pixie)...Love Aunt Barb
Posted by Amy Bradford on 14th April 2015
There has to be some stars shining brighter today for your birthday! Happy 40th my beloved friend! I miss you so much! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Tamie Luna on 29th July 2014
Our childhood memories from when you lived in Shorewood, il will never be forgotten..Me and Allison will cherish them forever..Wish we would have reconnected sooner.Never got to meet face to face again ..Rest in peace Amy..
Posted by Rebecca Sutter on 28th July 2014
It is hard to believe that a year has passed. I think about you every day. There are so many things I have wanted to share with you and so many things you would have laughed at me for. Rest in peace my sweet friend. Love you!
Posted by Barb Sramek on 28th July 2014
So hard to believe it has been a year you have left us. Sweet pretty Amy the light of her Mom & Dads Life! I think about you a lot, & feel very sad. Your kids look so much like you & should not have to be without their mother:(!! I wish that there was an answer to the tragedy that happened to you?? I do not understand how you ended up in Arizona alone ? What really happened to take you from your family at such a young life ? Wish I could of helped you in some way:( you must have been so scared! So sorry, always loved you my brothers daughter & my children's cousin, whom we had some really fun times together:) missing & thinking of you always, sweet girl:)
Posted by Jodi Schardan on 27th July 2014
<3 & miss u!!! Sending a toast to you!!!
Posted by Steve Coty on 20th February 2014
Your smiling face and positive attitude will never be forgotten. Over the years, some of the bonds that brought us together have faded while others have grown stronger. Your passing is surreal. I remember the good times now more than ever! Rest in Peace Amy.
Posted by Dawn Price on 1st November 2013
Thinking of you today my friend after rereading all these tributes all are so true although we lost touch here and there always loved u remembering all our crazy fun times together lake road merna kiss stranded in New Orleans it was always an adventure my new song for u is cups by Anna Kendrick hope u had the prettiest of views
Posted by Denitra Jackson on 15th August 2013
I still can't believe that you're gone. I hope your kids know how much you love them. I miss you already. I often think of how much fun our "T.V. nights" were. I will keep up my aerobics in your honor. Sleep with God's angels, Princess. You will 4-ever be in my heart.
Posted by Debra Brown on 11th August 2013
I met Amy in September of 2012, she always talked about her 4 children, brother, and later on, new nephew. I feel blessed to have met her. Thanks for making things easier for me,"Ames". I will always remember your smile... R.I.P. Princess, I Love You!!! Friends Forever D. Jackson aka Nee-Nee
Posted by Beth Garretson on 3rd August 2013
Little Amy.....what a brave soul you have had to be. You have had to overcome some unthinkable things in your short time here on earth. I am proud to have the same name as you, Bundy. You have inspired me with your strength and bravery and your continuous love for life. Your beauty strength and love shows in you smile, will never be forgotten, your light will shine on through your kids.
Posted by Barb Sramek on 2nd August 2013
Amy , a Beautiful girl with so much of her Dad in her. 2 sons & Twin daughters who are the spitting image of their Mom:) Just want to wake up tomorrow & see you! Well you are with your Mom & Dad , Grandma & Grandpa now. I will see you again , love your Aunt Barb.
Posted by Mara Barr on 1st August 2013
Lexington, IL, forever ago- I met you when you first moved in behind my house as a young girl. At the time the road was still rocky and there were barely any other houses built. We were all so curious, "Who are the new friends joining us on the edge of town?" We came by at night and as you came out on to the front porch I could see your amazing red hair! Beautiful memory to have.
Posted by Amy Bradford on 1st August 2013
Hey Chica! Just dropping by again to say im still missing you and forever will! Well I hope you know how much you meant to me! Wish I had 1 more day to say I love you! <3
Posted by Andy Carby on 1st August 2013
Princess Leia? Yes, you once played the role of Leia at one of our Carby/Bundy stay overs. Movie quotes, 80s music, witty, funny. Gracious and welcoming at every event. Gave us way too many freebies at Merna tap! You were so happy and proud of your kids at Presley's graduation party. You left us as a Hero! Amazing legacy! I'll miss my cuz. I celebrate your life. Love always
Posted by Susan Carby on 31st July 2013
Dearest Amy Lee, thank you for being a part of my life! You were the most beautiful little baby with your big bright eyes & glorious red hair & you brought such joy to your Mom & Dad. It was an honor to be your Aunt! I will cherish all the fond memories of you in my life little "Red" & you will be forever in my heart...I love you! The stars will sparkle brighter in the night sky!
Posted by Dawn Nolan on 31st July 2013
We have known one another since childhood (through our mutual cousin Lisa) and I know God has a plan but I feel you were taken too soon. I have to thank you for "fixing up" Jim and I, even though we are divorced, I wouldn't have had my 2 beautiful children if you wouldn't have introduced us way back then, so thank you for that. You were a great Mom and will be dearly missed. RIP Amy
Posted by Jodi Schardan on 31st July 2013
Oh the memories...I wouldn't even know where to begin!! I'm sorry that we had grown apart over the years, but you were one of my best friends in high school and my very first roommate. I loved you like a sister and you will always be in my heart, thoughts and prayers!! Sleep peacefully!!! Love you!! Jodi
Posted by Amy Bradford on 31st July 2013
Dearest Amy! Does heaven have a phone? It's been 3 weeks since our last phone call! That's too long already! I don't know how you did it but you always knew what I was thinking or what I needed to hear. You loved those kids so much! Most of our talks were about our kids. You never forgot a birthday or anniversary! You will always be my bestie! <3
Posted by Alison Fox on 31st July 2013
Sweet cousin & best friend, You filled my life with excitement, fun, and uplifting times. I will miss our long talks, Our signature dance move, Famous cheer jumps performing it whenever & where-ever, Silly jokes...yours the best, Your hugs, smile, & gorgeous red hair! 1000's of memories I will cherish always. Forever in my heart I will carry you till we're together again. Love you
Posted by D M on 31st July 2013
Amy - Blessed to have known you and spent time with you. You were always laughing, always happy and always making people laugh. You have a beautiful smile, a big heart. Peace be with you in Heaven.
Posted by Scott Bundy on 31st July 2013
There has been a memorial fund set up for the children of Amy. Donations can be made to The Amy McCubbins Fund at any CEFCU in Bloomington or Normal.
Posted by Stacey Dawson Phelps on 31st July 2013
A true hero, a awesome friend to everyone. You will b missed.
Posted by Michelle Hodge on 31st July 2013
a fun loving free spirited sweet girl we had so much fun together ..the first day of work at lake road inn she tried to school me on how to make tips lol we schooled each other on a lot of things no one can ever replace her crying my heart out today for you my friend love dawn price
Posted by Ted Creamean on 31st July 2013
I am so lucky you where part of my life. I will miss you from your smile to our talks about love life and people. You mean so much to me in so many ways. Thank You for letting me into your life and spending time with me.These memories will stay with me forever and made me who I am today.
Posted by Presley Mccubbins on 31st July 2013
Oh mom, all the times we spent watching movies together, our witty arguments, always letting each other know exactly how we were feeling. You taught me so many facets about life and people, and you could always make me smile. I couldn't even begin to describe you, and I especially cannot with a character limit. I love you mom, I'll have you in my heart always.
Posted by Matt Carby on 31st July 2013
"Sleep overs, swimming in your new pool in Shorewood, playing hide and seek, taking apart that rocket and putting all the gun powder in a pile so we could light it and make a big flame. Too bad it back fired and blew up in my face! BUT... you came up with the brilliant idea to tell my mom I got kicked in the face by a soccer ball. FAIL! Love you dearly. Your favorite cuz.. Matt xoxo
Posted by Laurie Hollenbeck on 31st July 2013
I met Amy almost 3 years ago she was a true free spirited women she was so proud of her children and spoke of them all the time.She was funny and made alot of people happy to be around her and to forget there problems. I was truely blessed to have known her.My thoughts and prayers are with all she touched and most of all her children.
Posted by Mikala Tealbey on 31st July 2013
I met you at merandas sleepover get together and talked to you a few other times, but in those short moments, I got to know a little about you;You were smiling all the time and just lightened the mood making everyones attitude so positive. You were a beautiful women and will definitely be missed. R.I.P. Amy Lee Bundy
Posted by Tamie Luna on 31st July 2013
My childhood sweatheart friend....I am lost for words...God may have taken you but can never take away the wonderful childhood memories I have with you...You will be missed ....Me and Alli will have the memories sad....
Posted by Mackenzie Mccubbins on 31st July 2013
I will always remember you smiling and brightening the room up when you walked in.. i am who i am today because of you. I love you and miss you already
Posted by Emily Grunloh on 30th July 2013
I met your mom 10 years ago at the Class of 1993 reunion. I was so nervous to go with Scot since we had only been dating a month, but I was greeted with the sweetest, most genuine smile from your mom. She made me feel so welcome. She beamed as she was telling me about her family...I could feel the love. By the end of the party, I knew I had made a new friend. Love & hugs to you all!
Posted by Kim Ochsner on 30th July 2013
My lovely cousin. What can I say? She was beautiful inside and out. Loved her kids, her brother, her parents, more than words can say. She was loving and caring and fun. Always smiling. So easy going. Always funny...loved to quote movies and sing. I remember hanging out as kids on holidays and special occasions and sleepovers. Always had a blast...never a dull moment!
Posted by Scott Bundy on 30th July 2013
Where do I start. Words can't describe how much I will miss you. You will never be forgotten. You were always full of life no matter how bad the situation. You had a smile that could brighten anyone's day. I believe you touched everyone's life that you met. Missing you always and forever.
Posted by Meranda Redpanda on 30th July 2013
You were a good mom and I will always remember you. You were always smiling and you were fun to be around! Love ya!

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