Let the memory of Amy be with us forever.
  • 87 years old
  • Born on May 2, 1931 in Rosthern, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Passed away on November 20, 2018 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, 

Amy Louise Friesen

Wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, kind heart and gentle soul.

Please feel free to post your photos, stories, memories of Amy and help us to honour her memory. This is a work in progress and can be returned to any time.

A Memorial Service was held at Bethany Manor

on December 1, 2018 

Posted by Anne Newman on 3rd December 2018
I remember Amy as a kind, gentle, loving mother of my dear friend Holly and her brothers and sister. Amy and Ed welcomed me in their home often and treated me with such kindness. Their warm home was an oasis of tenderness and thoughtfulness. I greatly appreciated their support during my difficult adolescence. I remember thinking what wonderful parents Amy and Ed were and how terrific all their kids were. My late mother spoke to me on several occasions of how much she appreciated Amy's kindness and understanding. It delights me to see how Amy's beautiful radiant smile lives on in Holly and her grand children.
Posted by Wayne Funk on 29th November 2018
As I read the tributes regarding Amy I am cosumed by the music which accompanies. This music emulates Amy as my words never could. However, I will comment as closely as possible to express my limited acquaintance of Amy. My attendance at RJC in Rosthern was uneventful by and large, except for the skating rink and the life skills acquired from dorm life. A couple of evenings a week we would enjoy night skating to the beautiful old Vienese waltzes which, of course, we couldn't dance to. Ironically, it was OK to skate to, and Amy loved to skate. She would show up most evenings and usually sought me out for a few musical strides; she was very smooth. Amy was engaged to my Uncle Ed who was attending medical school, so she always enjoyed this diversion. From now on, whenever I hear those waltzes I will probably be remembering my Aunt Amy. For Uncle Ed and family, Sheila and I have you in our thoughts and prayers. Wayne Funk
Posted by Glenn Friesen on 29th November 2018
Holly, this website is a beautiful tribute to your mother. Amy was a remarkable woman, and your collection of photographs brings back many happy memories. Amy was my first cousin on my mother's side, and my aunt on my father's side of the family, so she was one of my closest relatives. I have edited a brief snippet from my father's old 16mm family movies, showing the wedding of Amy and Ed. It is wobbly and a bit out of focus, but I think it shows the joy of that occasion. http://youtu.be/InBrRuocJKM
Posted by Sean Friesen on 23rd November 2018
My Mother was the epitome of sweetness, such a kind and nurturing nature. Hard to imagine a world without her loving presence. She will be remembered with a fondness as great as her profound love for all her family, friends, and the natural world. Her passion for the spiritual world was unshakeable, despite some severe tests of her faith; she always remained a rock solid believer in Jesus and heaven above.
Posted by Joan Bueckert on 22nd November 2018
Dear Ed, Holly, Jackie and Sean, Gladys and Jack I am so sorry for your loss. Amy was such a kind, loving person. I remember her stories of driving by herself from Montreal to Saskatchewan with her four children and marvel at her determination. She has been an inspiration to me in many ways. May you find comfort in knowing she has been released into eternity,
Posted by Bonnie Nickel on 22nd November 2018
Oh dearest Uncle Ed...when we had our last conversation over the phone about a week and a half ago, you were sharing about Amy's deteriorating condition, and we were so very grieved for all the deep waters you and Jackie have been passing through. I wanted to call again, and every day it was the wrong time, and I remembered how I woke you last time I called. But you were so gentle, so kind, so loving, and so patient--and made us feel so comfortable as your shared your sadness. We have been praying so much for God's mercy to sustain you...and we treasure our renewed friendship with you and beloved Jackie! We never lived near enough to really know you, but we did cross paths in Arizona...and just sharing with our daughter,Kellene, moments ago--she fully remembered the time our kids got to experience the loving kindness of "Aunt Amy and Uncle Eddie", over there near Yuma, in the foothills..so many years ago. Then of course, our richest privilege last November, when our "Louise Friesen" had just flown away with the angels, and you and Jackie were such an encouragement to our Daddy Jack in his loss, and our own hearts just overflowed because you two were able to take leave for a few days, and come to BC. We treasure that visit, and subsequent phone calls, as rare and precious jewels, and hold these memories so close to our souls. Uncle, dear Uncle...we now weep with you...yes, she is not suffering now, but our God created that love that runs so deeply, when he gives a spouse as beautiful and memorable as tender eyed, darling, irreplaceable Amy Louise. We heard from your heart, just how meaningful she has been in your life and in the lives of family members...and we weep with you. We do not weep as those without hope--and THAT is the significant factor that makes all the difference, through all the sorrow. HE knows, HE cares, and to our hoary heads, HE has promised never to forsake us. We have put our trust in His finished work on that cross- we believe He took our sins, and most humbly we seek to follow Him in obedience, until that wondrous day when the clouds will be lifted and the glorious sun will break through, reuniting us with our Amy Louise Friesen, as well as gazing forever upon the Saviour Who has made all this possible! With tears, we think about you in these days, and we will pray on--in simple faith trusting Jesus to carry you through these most difficult days, and bearing you up on His eagle wings when the sadness simply overwhelms. We love you dearly, Uncle Ed. We are more than grateful for brave, dilligent, faithful, AMAZING Jackie too. We know God has kept that angel girl at your side for great purposes. So much love, care, and prayers, Bonnie and Larry
Posted by Jan Anderson on 22nd November 2018
Dear Uncle Ed, Holly and family, My sincerest condolences to you all on the loss of Aunt Amy. I remember her from my childhood as being a beautiful woman surrounded by a beautiful family. May the days that follow her departure be eased by wonderful memories and the knowledge that she is well and with her other loved ones now. Sincerely, Your Niece and Cousin Jan
Posted by Terry Friesen on 22nd November 2018
Our families were separated by distance as we grew up, and it was only in the last 8 years that I made significant contact with Uncle Ed. And because of that, we were privileged to host Ed, Amy, and Jackie at our home in the Fraser Valley a few years ago. It was then that I caught a glimpse of who my mysterious Aunt Amy was. I say mysterious because I had not seen her in person since my childhood. She was a warm and open person and we had fun taking photos in the garden. When we went to visit Ed, Amy, and Jackie after they moved to Saskatoon, we were devastated to see the turn her health had taken. But there were still shades of the Amy we recently got to know and it was still a delight to see her and also witness the loving care she was receiving from Ed and Jackie. I know the road you are travelling now as it is identical to that path our lives took when our mother was taken the same way. We know the sense of relief because the suffering is over. But we also know the sense of loss, which started when the disease first struck. Our prayers are with you, asking for comfort and assurance, and also praying that your memories will stay strong and you will always cherish the great legacy she left you. Terry and LIs Friesen
Posted by Gaye Toews on 22nd November 2018
To Uncle Ed, Jacquie, Holly, and family: I only remember Aunt Amy from when I was a child. Our cousins lived so far away. But I recall her as being kind, gracious, and beautiful. My family visited Amy and family in Montreal in 1979. She was hospitable and left an impression of generosity. Our sincere condolences to your family from ours. Gaye and Walter Toews
Posted by Holly Friesen on 22nd November 2018
My beautiful, sweet mother - You are my source, my sustenance and forever my shining light. You will always be there for me as I will see you in the sun rising over a lake, and in the new leaves that will come in the spring. You embodied love for me in the most profound way a mother could and for that I am eternally grateful.

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