The Story of Amy

Amy Friesen was born May 2, 1931 in Rosthern, Saskatchewan to Abram and Helen Epp.

The first of two daughters. Her sister, Gladys was born six years later. 

Rosthern Junior College

Amy grew up in Rosthern and attended the Rosthern Junior College as did her parents.After graduation she attended a business college in Saskatoon.Amy and Edward Friesen knew each other since elementary school butAmy was not allowed to date until she graduated from High School.


When her father became ill with cancer she began managing his hardware store.Her father died in 1954 she took over the store for a year to help her mother and younger sister through a difficult period.
Ed proposed to Amy in 1954 but they postponed their wedding for a year while she ran the hardware store and were married in July, 1955. 

Early Married Life

They began their married life together inSaskatoon and lived in a basement suite near the University of Saskatchewan where Ed was studying Medicine.Amy worked in Eatons and for Burton’s Shoes in Saskatoon and later at the Grey Nun’s Hospital in Regina where Ed was doing his internship.During this time they took trips to California & BC. 


Their first daughter, Holly, was born in 1959 followed by Michael in 1962, Jackie in 1963 and Sean in 1966.

Rosthern Years

After Holly was born the family lived with Amy’s mom, Helen Epp for a short period while their new home was being built in Rosthern.Ed had begun practicing as a Medical Doctor in Rosthern.


When Ed decided to return to his studies to become an Opthalmologist they moved to live in Detroit for one year. In 1968 the family moved to Montreal where Ed continued his studies and residency.

Full time Mom

Amy was very busy during these years as she made a firm commitment to stay at home and raise her four children.The family went on many trips together and often camped when they traveled with their trailer


After Ed completed his internship as an Opthalmologist the family returned for a year to Rosthern where they sold their home and made their return for good to Montreal where Ed began practicing Opthalmology.

The 4 children all continued their educations in Montreal, Toronto and Los Angeles.

The Loss of Michael

In 1986 tragedy struck the family when Michael, the oldest son, drowned in Lac Tremblant, while visiting from LA, in a canoeing accident.

Granddaughters - Amy Justice and Georgia Joy

In 1989 Amy’s first grandchild, Amy Justice, named after her grandmother, was born to Holly and Jim and brought much joy and healing to the family.Georgia Joy, Amy’s sister, was born in 1994.

Grandson - Jett Michael Friesen

Another joyful addition to the family, Jett Michael Friesen was born October 13, 2006 to Sean and Annie in Los Angeles, California.