Amy's zest for life, her laughter, her depth of heart, and her courage will enrich us all forever.
  • 53 years old
  • Born on April 20, 1960 in Thornton, Colorado, United States.
  • Passed away on March 8, 2014 in Denver, Colorado, United States.

NOTE: Time has changed for memorial! It will be at 3:30pm!

  Amy's memorial service will be held at St. Thomas Episcopal Church at 22nd and Dexter, on Tuesday March 25, at 3:30 PM.   The family has requested donations to the following charitable organizations in lieu of flowers.

Wild Wings Environmental Education raptor rescue

Art from Ashes - empowering youth through creative expression, & personal transformation

Sungate Kids ‎    


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Posted by Ree Thompson on 8th March 2019
Amy, We still miss you so much. I often think of our loooong talks and the fun we had together. I wish for one more time to talk into the night. Remembering taking you to see the birds of prey and your childlike delight. I will never forget your delighted face that day. Love you and so glad you were part of our lives. Your forever friends, Ree and Mike
Posted by Ree Thompson on 20th April 2018
Happy birthday, Amy. I think of you often but always on your birthday. I talked to your mom today. She is doing great. Sure do miss you. Tell Jesus hi for me and tell Him I love Him with all my heart. Ree
Posted by Ree Thompson on 8th March 2018
I hope you are still dancing. I love you and miss you so much. You would be so mad that we moved to Texas. I talked to your Mom. She is well but missing you. Such wonderful times we had together.
Posted by Ree Thompson on 20th April 2017
Happy Heavenly Birthday, Amy!
Posted by Ree Thompson on 8th March 2017
Three years and I still miss you so much! I can't even take your phone number off my phone. So glad you are dancing with Jesus but it isn't the same here without you. (Tears). Love you Amy!
Posted by Judy Fahrenholtz on 8th March 2017
Amy, I often sense you on the dance floor when I am at the Boomers show. I miss your tenacity, your determination and your creativity. Your missed and I can only imagine you dancing with Jesus.
Posted by Megan Bacigalupo on 8th March 2016
Such a bright light you were indeed!
Posted by Ree Thompson on 8th March 2016
Thinking of you today, Amy, and still missing you. I guess that will never change until we get to see each other again in Heaven. Give Jesus a big hug for me and tell Him to hurry back. We need Him.
Posted by Megan Bacigalupo on 21st September 2015
I love you old friend.... I think of you, I just learned of your passing..... Love Megan You'd be proud I'm getting published.... I'll always remember you. All the memories Brooks Towers buddy.... I'll always remember when you flew to Minneapolis to visit me.......
Posted by Ree Thompson on 20th April 2015
Happy birthday, Amy! Miss you so much. Hope you are dancing.
Posted by Christopher Child on 9th March 2015
I miss seeing you at gigs. I only really knew you that way, unfortunately. You were so musical, so full of love for every opportunity to get out on the floor and GO. Your positive energy was boundless, and I think the world is a little less bright without you.
Posted by Ree Thompson on 8th March 2015
Amy, you left us a year ago and I still think about you daily. When I look at your picture, I just wish I could have one more day to sit and talk like we used to. I miss your laughter, your intellect, your arguments and so, so much more. I'm so glad you finally get to rest in Jesus' arms where you longed to be. Can't wait to see you again and get hugs. (tears). Your friend always, Ree.
Posted by Ree Thompson on 20th April 2014
Happy Birthday, Amy. I sure do miss you my friend. Hope you are loving being free and in the presence of Jesus on this Resurrection Day. I love you.
Posted by Judy Fahrenholtz on 20th April 2014
Happy Birthday Amy. Missin you lots will be seein you soon.
Posted by Chris Locke on 26th March 2014
amy, i will miss our long talks about anything and everything. your wild adventures, driving in the rain with the top down. balloon festivals. concerts, knitting (making me a wonderful orange beanie), your kitty...and so much more. over the years you became a good friend of mine and you will be missed. im sure you are partying it up and dancing all day now. stairway to heaven....denied....not!!! party on Amy.
Posted by Nadezhka B-w on 26th March 2014
Here's the benediction I wrote for Amy's memorial: In honor of Amy and her amazingness, here is a blessing May you love your friends and also make them crazy. May you learn to roll your eyes, I mean really roll them when someone is being an idiot, because, let’s be honest, they have it coming if they are being that stupid. May you dance as though absolutely everyone is watching May you write your soul in poems May you believe in God at least as much as you argue with him May you defy all odds May you tell stories as big as your personality May you never let your limits define you And may you at least once in your life drive well over the speed limit in a red convertible Now, go forth in peace knowing that our Amy is free and in the arms of God. That is, when she isn’t busy sassing the angels. Amen.
Posted by Lynnette Heidrick on 25th March 2014
Amy, I am sorry I just hear about your passing yesterday. I have work with you for over 15 years when we use to set on the second floor. I remeber the first time I meet you and we sat around and laugh for hours. I am glad we became friends more the just co-workers. I hope now you can spread your winds and fly. God bless you and your family in this hard time. I hope your passing was sweet and you get to see the light of God now and fly with all the Angel just like you had on your desk.
Posted by Barbara Galbreath on 25th March 2014
Amy, goodbye my friend! I know I will never see you again, but your memory and exuberance for life will be with me forever. I remember our talks, when your frustration level was so high, and we always ended up laughing about it in the end. Its going to be very tough not to be able to pick up the phone and call you to pick your memory. Your laughter will be missed a lot. I love you and will miss you a lot!
Posted by Sean Loughrey on 25th March 2014
Amy you will be missed! It was always a pleasure talking to you. Being cube neighbors for a number of years I got to know you well. I will miss your dynamic personality and your general zest for life. Rest in peace...
Posted by Sharlee Neet on 25th March 2014
I don't know where to begin...I used to call you Amy McPanic a long time ago! I remember what a relief it was when all of our jobs changed and I was no longer your boss --- we decided that being friends would be so much more fun. And friends we were...for nearly 15 years. I will miss your "hatchet face" and your wit, your amazing stories and your laughter. I will miss riding in the red convertible, going out for drinks, for lunch, shopping, whatever. I miss you very much already. I'll see you in heaven someday soon Amy. Till I get there you have a good time dancing with the Lord, and singing his praises! I love you very much my friend.
Posted by Anthony Trujillo on 24th March 2014
Fate brought us together. I met first met Amy in the Spring of 2000- we were both looking for homes in the Green Valley Ranch area. From the very first day I went out to look at the models, Amy was there also. When we chose the lots to have our houses built, Amy was able to choose the lot next to mine. We moved in Dec 2000 and the following Spring/Summer, I was outside smoking a doobie and listening to jams. Amy yelled out from her kitchen, "Anthony! Are you smoking pot? I'm making Margaritas, do you wanna share?" And, from that moment on, we became the best neighbors always sharing, laughing, drinking, smoking, playing board or card games. In the Hispanic community, there is a term for neighbor, "becino", and you only give this name to your neighbors who will always be there for you. We were the best "becinos". Amy first met Jack in August 2001 and they became immediate "partners in crime." One funny moment was when Jack and I got home after partying at Gay Pride. Amy and Regan were out on Amy's patio, having a "glass or two" of wine. Amy needed to have her patio table moved, and Jack, wearing his "Rainbow Colored Vest" with nothing under, picked up the table by himself and moved it! Amy's mouth was wide open but she didn't say one word as it was our first time meeting Regan! Amy got tired of always calling us, Jack and Anthony, so one day she decided to start calling us "Jackany". Jack and I moved a few blocks west on 48th in Sept 2002. We continued our contact with Amy and had so many good memories. Amy's wheelchair would "get away" from her sometimes as she was getting out of car, after a night of partying. :-) She would call us no matter the day or the time. We always took care of each other. We've been through a lot together in the 14 years of knowing each other. She is/was one friend you can always count on to listen to you and give you wonderful advice. I am a better person in life because of my "Amylicious." I love you Amy and will always think of you everyday.
Posted by Teri Ehmka on 23rd March 2014
We shared a big part of lives together in what wasn't that long of a period of time. We shared our beliefs and passion for Jesus, we studied and prayed together, had many dates together. You were the register keeper and helped plan at my wedding. And was the leader of our small group. How many memories we have shared that will never be forgotten. We took care of eachother at that particular time in our lives. And I will never forget what a special spirit you have like so many others you have impacted.
Posted by Melvin Dills on 22nd March 2014
Amy, A wild heart, free spirit, dear friend and great support during the year of building WCIS at Pinnacol. I'm sad that she is gone, but happy that she now has a new body in heaven!!!
Posted by Barbara Poland on 22nd March 2014
I always watched for you in your chair coming toward us on the dance floor. What fun we had twirling you around, except when you fell out, or your shoes came off!!! You will be in my heart, always, and thanks for calling us your family because you were part of ours, too. We'll always miss and love you.
Posted by Erin Di Paolo on 22nd March 2014
Amy and I shared a passion for writing -- and a friendship -- for many years. She inspired me, more than anyone else in my life, to write. We shared many laughs, tears, and bottles of wine. Not only was she a part of my life, she was a part of my family's life. I'm glad that my kids had the chance to be around her; I think she showed them that those who are wheelchair-bound are normal, incredible people. I love that Amy hated the word disabled and, at one time, her email address was amyable. One of my fondest memories is a trip we took to Vegas to see Celine Dion. I cherish that trip and what it taught me about her. More than anything, Amy was able to pray like no one else I have ever known and she had an amazing ability to speak truth into my life. I know I will see her again in Heaven. That is my only consolation.
Posted by Rebecca Schneider on 21st March 2014
Amy, Even though we weren't particularly close, I always felt we were kindred souls. The times we did have talks, we were both so honest about our own challenges and we'd just laugh at the absurdity of it all. You were such an inspiration to me and I will always remember what a strong, vital woman you were. Rest in peace, my friend.
Posted by Sujay Nadkarni on 21st March 2014
Amy - you are the sweetest and the kindest person i have ever known in my life. I will miss your singing and your hysterical laughs. I will miss you
Posted by Debra Trelut on 21st March 2014
It was easy to admire Amy. She wasn't always happy but she was always honest. I will NEVER forget you, Amy. Rest in peace...
Posted by ROD GERRARD on 21st March 2014
Amy was dealt a bad hand regarding her health, tho' I never heard her complain about it…not once. I'll remember her with a big smile, despite her handicap. She'll be sadly missed by many, including my humble self.
Posted by Kathy Holum on 21st March 2014
Amy you always had a smile on your face everytime we would pass in the hallway or see each other in the breakroom at tw. You lived life with grace and will be missed by many. Prayers and blessings to your family.
Posted by Hector Briones on 21st March 2014
Goodbye, my dear friend.
Posted by Susan Bateman Mandel on 20th March 2014
You worked hard, played hard, and loved hard. You lived a big life and were determined to leave no stone unturned. I will miss you, my friend. Love ya, gal.
Posted by Michael Thompson on 20th March 2014
Amy is the strongest person I ever met. A joy in my life and so many others. What a fun lady she was. God is busy now. She has two good legs and the Lord is busy now. :-)
Posted by Casey Barnett on 19th March 2014
Amy, although we just met just last June, I feel we have been friends a long time. I can't tell you how cool it was to see you and Bobby Jo at my band's gigs ... how wonderful it was to glance in your direction and see your wide eyes taking it all in. When our glance would meet and I would catch your smile ... well that's all it took to make my night. You looked very happy at those moments and I am glad to have brought some happiness to your life. I'll miss seeing you at our shows … your wrinkled smile … your half-drunken laugh, your honest commentary. Thanks for those moments of joy.
Posted by Thai Trieu on 19th March 2014
Amy, I am going to miss your love for music, your dancing at concerts, your singing from just over the other side of the wall here at work. I will also miss our lunches together and your wonderful hysterical laughter at happy hours. Most of all, I will miss telling you my "dorky" jokes and you than kicking me out of your cube cause you thought it wasn’t funny at all! You are truly an inspiration to us all. You have never let you disability tied you down. In fact, I don’t know anyone in your position that lived such a normal life and was so prideful doing so. You are a true fighter in every sense of the word….I am proud to call you a teammate & a friend…..And the tw family will forever miss you!
Posted by Susan Farley on 19th March 2014
A true pleasure to have known you, so glad I saw you and chatted at the retirement party for Barb. Be at peace and know you will be missed.
Posted by Christopher Child on 19th March 2014
Amy, I will miss your enthusiasm, kindness and encouragement for me and my musical endeavors. You were a real beacon of joy for me and I am so sad for your passing. Travel well into that unknown with love.
Posted by Dave Latham on 19th March 2014
Amy's tw telecom family is a little smaller and sadder today. She was the colleague that we all could emulate - friendly, honest and willing to help no matter what the challenge. I'll miss her sense of humor! I'm glad I knew her.
Posted by Ken Washburn on 19th March 2014
Amy, I only got to know you a short time ago, when you joined the tech picnic band. I was impressed with your love of music, your love for life and your great spirit. I remember how nervous you were to sing Dust in the Wind, but you overcame your fear and sang it beautifully. May you dance with the Lord forever.
Posted by Cindy Henderson on 19th March 2014
I only got to work with you for a short time Amy but was always amazed how much you could do. I remember how much you loved your red convertible. May you delight in the Lord in his new place for you.
Posted by Leslie Shiely on 19th March 2014
Martin and I will miss you so much Amy. We give our deepest sympathies to all of Amy's friends and family.
Posted by Susan Wall on 19th March 2014
I will always remember Amy for her incredible strength and resilience. She always focused on the positives in her life, and I will think of her always for the wonderful example she set for all of us here at tw telecom to look at the sunshine, never the shadows. Amy was truly ‘one of a kind’ and I am so thankful to have known her for so long. She will be greatly missed, but will never be forgotten. Bless you, Amy!
Posted by Judy Fahrenholtz on 19th March 2014
Amy, I did not know you for long. The past 2 years have been filled with many laughs with you. The length has not been long but the depth of our connection is unmeasurable. Dance with Jesus on the streets of Gold Beautiful Soul
Posted by Barbara Webb on 18th March 2014
Amy will be greatly missed by her very large tw family as well as those of us who have completed our careers. She has touched all of us over the years. My prayers and thoughts are with Amy's family at this time of great loss and sadness.
Posted by Bob Epling on 18th March 2014
Amy, you were a true inspiration to the perserverance of the human spirit. I will miss our lunch excursions with the top down on your red convertible. I know you will be playing tennis with the big guy upstairs. Roll on rolling thunder...
Posted by Ree Thompson on 17th March 2014
Amy, your friendship was so very dear to me and will be sorely missed. I hope you knew how much you added to my life. I will miss our indepth talks. You inspired me. I don't know what I will do without you. I'm so glad you have legs to dance now. I know the mansion in heaven that was prepared for you must be spectacular. I love you, my dear friend.
Posted by Shelly Merical on 17th March 2014
I will miss your smile and huge heart that you used wisely to throw your love around. I'm a better person because of your love when I was unlovable. I can't what to see you in heaven sister. ❤️

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