Always on our minds, always in our hearts. We love you Amy Elizabeth Shupe.
  • 16 years old
  • Born on February 23, 1984 .
  • Passed away on November 29, 2000 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Amy Shupe 16 years old , born on February 23, 1984 and passed away on November 29, 2000. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Amy Scearce Jennings on February 24, 2019
I miss you every day. I cannot wait to see you again one sweet day.
Posted by Kristina Deal on February 23, 2019
Happy 35th birthday in heaven!! I like to imagine life with you still here, where you would be, and how many more times and memories we would have and could have shared... But I can't. It is difficult remembering you when we were only 16!! I'm 35 years today on OUR Birthday!! I LOVE you so much and miss you dearly, my friend. I know your always with me in memory and heart! Happy birthday to us!
Posted by Ruth Anne Donley on February 23, 2019
Precious Amy, your life lights our lives still. We'll be seeing you one glorious day, soon.
Posted by John Riddle on February 23, 2019
Happy Birthday in Heaven. I didn't know you but I know your precious mama and sister-in-law, what a wonderful family! I know you were a beautiful person who was loved beyond measure by your family.
-Leah Riddle
Posted by Robin Shupe on February 23, 2019
Amy, so many birthdays without you, and yet each one seems like the first one. The pain is still there. It will never go away. Understandably, because you were such a beautiful, sweet, funny, loving, smart, and wonderful daughter. Its a significant void in our life, and that is why it seems so real after all these years. I will never understand why you had to be taken so young. Never. I will ALWAYS love you and you are ALWAYS on my mind!!!
Posted by Sherri Tatum on November 29, 2018
Love you and miss you sweet girl!!
Posted by Kristina Deal on November 29, 2018
You are still forever missed my beautiful friend! I love you!!
Posted by Jeff Anglin on November 29, 2018
Happy Birthday,Amy
Posted by Kristina Deal on February 23, 2018
Happy Birthday in heaven Amy! I miss you everyday! I love you!!
Your BFF, Kristina
Posted by Joanne Davidson on February 23, 2018
Happy Birthday, you are so missed !!
Posted by Robin Shupe on January 1, 2018
Amy another year starting without you. So sad. I miss you so much. I will always love you baby girl. Always. My heart will always ache to see you and hear you and touch you again. Hopefully I will one day.  You are the best daughter in the whole wide world!!!!
Posted by Journey Eskew on November 29, 2017
Happy birthday in heaven Amy. Sometimes i wounder if that is what we should even be saying to loved ones who have gone before us so many of us dont understand the reason u left but understand he has his reasons. I too will never for get that day i didnt go to school for some reason and mama came in and told us and it hit all of us like a tune of bricks. Sorry Robin and Garry for your loss but heaven gained an unbelievable
Posted by Harriet Sirt on November 29, 2017
amy, we still miss you down here but I know you are enjoying your time with the lord. I am sure you love it up there, my father came to me one night in a dream and told me he loved that place and did not want to come back here, so I am sure you would not want to come back after all you have seen. see you down the road.
Posted by Kristina Deal on November 29, 2017
Hi Amy. Today is a very sad day that I will never forget. Seventeen years ago today the good Lord decided he needed you in his army. I'm still here, fighting and waiting my time to meet with the great king of kings. I know you are having a great time with many loved ones that have passed since. Please tell my Nanny Ana Paw Paw today I love and miss them dearly, as I'm sure they know. Until we meet again my friend...
Posted by Gary Shupe on November 25, 2017
My baby girl, this is your father, I just wanted to say I miss you so much around here. I'm sorry that couldn't do anything way day many years ago. I promise I would have took your place. I love you so much! Your Dad
Posted by Harriet Sirt on February 23, 2017
happy birthday amy, we miss you here but know you are happy there.
Posted by Sherri Tatum on February 23, 2017
Happy Birthday in Heaven sweet girl!!!
Posted by Kristina Deal on February 23, 2017
Happy birthday in heaven sweet girl! I miss you everyday!! Love you so much! Your dear friend, Kristina ❤
Posted by Robin Shupe on November 29, 2016
I love you Amy. I miss you.
Posted by Robin Shupe on January 14, 2016
Amy, just thinking about you today. Sure do miss you. I have your beautiful face on my computer screen, so I see you all day long every day. That is not enough though. Love you so much sweet baby girl. My punkin face. Love your Mom, Robin
Posted by Harriet Sirt on December 27, 2015
only god, knows why he took amy so soon. she is happy, my father told me in a dream that he did not want to come back to earth, he said "i love that place" and I feel sure amy, loves it to. but one day, you will see her again. she was a beautiful, loving person.
Posted by Robin Shupe on December 25, 2015
Hey baby girl. It's Christmas and I sure do miss you. I still cannot believe that you are not here with us. I will never believe it. Never accept it. Your sister in law is in the hospital. We had to visit her and Stephen there today on Christmas. That was sad. I sure hope she gets better soon.  You would love her. She loves Stephen and he loves her. Can't wait til I see you again. I need you!!!!! Love you always.
You are still the most beautiful girl in the world to me.
Posted by Diane Carter on December 25, 2015
Amy you will always be missed. I remember the times you, Sherri and Jason would hang out and the laughter between you. Such a sweet sound that I remember so well. You are truely missed but God has a presious angel. The Carter family misses you.
Posted by Harriet Sirt on November 29, 2015
remembering a fine young lady on this day so sadly missed by friends.
Posted by Tammy Hylton on November 29, 2015
I love and miss you Amy. Always. You will forever be a part of us.
Posted by Becky Blevins on November 29, 2015
I light a candlse in memory of Amy Shupe.
Posted by Kristina Deal on February 23, 2015
Happy birthday! Miss you all the time
Posted by Harriet Sirt on February 23, 2015
happy birthday amy, my how time has flown, we all miss you and think of you often. you can celebrate your birthday with jesus, and all of his angels in all of his glory. I know you have the best birthday's ever with all of them. we ask our selves why? but only god can answer that question. loving you alway's. harriet sirt
Posted by Harriet Sirt on February 23, 2015
this if for gary and robin, you will never understand why god chose to take amy when he did, but he had a plan and now she is part of it. I can see her in heaven walking, smiling, talking enjoying her self. god wanted to use amy, as one of his angels. you may not see her, but she is here, every where helping you and gary and her brother..and others. love ya. harriet
Posted by Diane Lewis on February 23, 2015
Amy you are thought of often by so many people. Miss your smiles & wish we could share times with you but we know you are happily sharing your smiles & times with all your loved ones that have gone on to heaven ahead of us. We will see you again!
Posted by Harriet Sirt on November 29, 2014
amy, time has swiftly passed here since you left, that means we are closer to seeing you again. we are looking for jesus, to come and get us any day now. would you tell my parents "Audrey and bill novell" hello for me and that I miss them and love them. you are missed here on earth but one day, one day we will meet again. meet me at the gate.
Posted by Tammy Hylton on November 29, 2014
I dreamed about our family last night. I'm not sure why that was in my mind. Maybe it was because I've spent some time with them in the last few days. Even though you've been gone for a while now, you were included in my dream. You were, are, and always will be with us. I just wanted to let you know this. We love you and miss you Amy. Give Papa a tight hug and let him know that we love and miss him too.
Posted by Kristina Deal on February 23, 2014
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love you so much! Miss you everyday!! You know I do!! :) so many years have gone by. I wonder everyday what life would be like if Amy were here!! :) I love you and miss you every year on this day we share together!! My best friend!! I love and miss you tons Amy!! Happy 30th to us today!! ❤
Posted by Harriet Sirt on February 23, 2014
happy birthday to amy, a sweet beautiful girl. I will never forget when you came to our house with angie hines, you were so polite and friendly. such a sweet smile always on your face. I love your parents and brother and they miss you very much. but I can see you in heaven enjoying the beautiful things that god has made. I know that you would not want to come back here. I saw my father in a dream one night and he was standing in beautiful tall grass, he was smiling and I ask him to stay and he replied "no I have to go back I love this place" so it would be the same for you. you would not want to leave because you will live there forever, never have to pass away again. and your family will meet you, time is very short the lord is coming soon for us. love you. harriet
Posted by Amy Scearce Jennings on November 30, 2013
Missing you today. Miss you everyday. I cannot wait until I walk through the gates of heaven and see your face. Sometimes I feel you with me, watching over us. I love you friend.
Posted by Jason Carter on November 30, 2013
Time goes by so fast but the memories of those we love will never be forgotten. Miss you Amy....
Posted by Diane Lewis on November 29, 2013
Think of you & your family often & remember your smile. You are truly missed. So glad to know you will all reunite one day! May God bless all until then.
Posted by Kristina Deal on November 29, 2013
It's been 13 years today since you've left my side. I'm so very happy that I had all the years I had with you! I'm very lucky to have had you in my life to know and to share the best of times!! Ill never forget you or all of our memories! You're the best friend a girl could ever have! I miss you everyday and wish I had you with me everyday! You're never forgotten however you are with me in my daily thoughts and prayers! I love and miss you Amy! See you one day! Love you! You will be forever in my thoughts!
Posted by Karen Shupe on November 29, 2013
My sweet niece.....I think of you often and a smile forms always. Your bubbly personality brightened the world!!! You are missed in so many ways.....I'm looking forward to our heavenly family reunion! With a heart of love I'll close my note.
Posted by Brandi Gusler on November 27, 2013
It's been almost 13 years since I seen your pretty face, heard your voice & your laugh! Miss you so much!! I was so blessed to be part of your life & I cherish all the memories we shared together. So thankful for all those memories, all the time we got to spend together & a best friend that was the best friend a girl could have..You are forever in my heart! Love you & miss you tons.
Posted by Kristina Deal on October 10, 2013
Hey Amy! Thinking of you as always! I love you so much! Miss you more... Wish you could be here with me during this difficult time that I'm having... :( Needing your thoughts, feedback, opinions and help. I know you know what's goin on though and what I'm going through so if you could please send some guidance please. I love you best friend of mine! Best friends forever! :)
Posted by Danny Motley on October 8, 2013
Hey Amy!!! I sure do miss you girl! I think about you everyday...its so hard to believe its been almost 13 years since you left us here! I have a beautiful lil family now wish you could meet them! Cant wait to see you again and i know one day i will. I will never forget all the memories we have together because memories is all i have of have of you...I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH!!
Posted by Robin Shupe on May 12, 2013
I love you Amy. It is mother's day and I miss you even more on days like this. We went to the cemetery today. I know you are not really there, but it is all I have. It is the only way to honor my sweet baby girl. Much love and many hugs and kisses are stored inside of me for you. Can't wait until I see you again so I can give them all to you! Love you lots baby girl! Mom
Posted by Kelly Hill on February 24, 2013
Happy Birthday Amy! We sure do miss you and cant wait to see you again one day!
Posted by Kristina Deal on February 23, 2013
Happy birthday Amy! I miss you still to this day just the same as I miss you EVERYDAY! You still live in in my heart and that will never change! It's very hard to go on through bdays bc you were always a part of mine as we shared the day together! I love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN AMY!!!
Posted by Joanne Davidson on February 23, 2013
Posted by Katlyn Marshall on February 23, 2013
Happy Birthday in Heaven Amy! Miss you!
Posted by Nancy Mayhorn on February 23, 2013
She is missed. The many good things she did will be remembered forever. She is so happy in heaven, but the ones left behind still miss her. May God be with each of you. Love to all.
Posted by Christine Shupe on February 23, 2013
I remember the last time I saw Amy she wanted me to fix a sweater so she could wear it didn't take long at all....when she handed it to me I kept thinking how beautiful she was and how much Ciara favored her . But I guess they should since they are family...Ron and I sure miss and love her..but I guess the Lord need another Angel up there with him... but we will see her again .
Posted by Mary Ann Willard on February 23, 2013
Happy birthday Amy...I know you are having a grand birthday party in heaven..You are missed by many people...Continue to look down on your Mom and Dad...they can never forget their beautiful daughter...I can not imagine...

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