Let the memory of Amy be with us forever
  • 37 years old
  • Born on July 5, 1978 .
  • Passed away on March 4, 2016 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Amy Rivera 37 years old , born on July 5, 1978 and passed away on March 4, 2016. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Iris Dayton on 11th June 2018
Mi querida Reina Amy Rivera
Posted by Iris Dayton on 31st December 2017
The second year without you
Posted by Iris Dayton on 5th December 2017
My dear daughter: I promise you that I always will keep your memories alive. Is not one day don't think about you. I miss you so much, and your baby girl, Today was one of that day , that she can not stop thinking about you. I hug her for long time only thinking why need to be this way. Hurt so much. Are life change for ever..Everything change, people change, family change, never will be the same. I always remember what you use to said, Is better love them from a distant than get hurt. You was right. Your baby girl she made it all the way to graduate from Hight School, how you want it too.. She did it in your name and your grandson Prince Kemarian Rivera. He's gorgeous, he remind me you in lot of ways how you use to be when you was a little girl. He see you pictures everyday and Kiss you. He know Grandma Amy and he always will. Yesenia she enrolled in the KCC. She start on January. She will started classes for pediatrician Nurse. She's happy for that and happy to make her goal to come true. She wish for you to be here and enjoy with her all her achievement. She been keeped in secret, because she feel like everybody betray her and think that she never going to make it. But I always remain her that what ever she accomplice is for her and her baby. I know you want the best for you baby girl and if you're here you will be more than happy. I will be here and your grandson to help them and love them with all my heart on your memory my Queen.I love you and miss you very much. This Christmas we planning to leave town, hurt to much for be here. So many thing been happening after you been gone. I will be back to visit our memorial place. I love you and miss you so much. Part of me when with you. Only God know. R.I.P my Queen. Always in my heart and mind
Posted by Iris Dayton on 11th April 2017
Abril 10 2017. El tiempo pasa rapido mi Reina, Solo Dios sabe el dolor que vivo dia a dia. Cuanto te extraño mi reina diera mi vida por tenerte a mi lado. Tu bello nietecito ya tiene 5 mese y esta tan bello que Dios te lo cuide, Yesenia te extraña tanto, tu sabes que tu eras su todo... No ah sido facil ni sera. Pero seguimos asia adelante con la ayuda de Dios ...Pero por lo menos yo te vendre a recordar en este rinconcito, hasta que sea el dia de partir....Te extraño tanto , no puedo creer que te me fuistes...siempre me decias que tu eras la que me ivas a cuidar , cuando fuera viejita...Te me fuistes pero siempre te llevare en mi corazon y tu recuerdo lo mantendre vivo hasta que te vuelva a ver mi reina.....Cuanto diera por verte y abrazarte....Tu mami que nunca te holvidara....Siempre en mi mentr y corazon. .Te amo mi Reina.....
Posted by Iris Dayton on 11th February 2017
Querida hija, solo Dios sabe como son mis dias., Lo sufro y lloro en mi soledad ya que tengo que demonstrarle que estoy bien para el resto de nuestra familia, especialmente tu hija que Te extraña locamente. Tu nietecito Kemarion Rivera es precioso, te prometi que el siempre te va a recordar con mucho amor....Tantas cosas bellas que el destino Te tenia...Tus recuerdos y memorias siempre Las mantendre viva hasta mi ultimo dia. Este rinconcito es para dejarte saber que Te extraño, Te amo y no hay un Segundo que deje de pensar en ti. Cuanto te extraño, Diera mi ultima gota de sangre por tenerte aqui...Era mi tiempo no el tuyo....Nunca pense tener que decirle adios a un pedazo de mi alma.11 meses de tu partida y es como si hubiese sido hoy cuando te perdi y ni siquiera un ultimo adios....Tus ultimas palabras retunban en mi cabeza Constantemente ....." I know mom" Es muy doloroso para mi no tenerte ni verte......Te amo mi Reina, le pido a mi Dios que pueda verte y abrazarte otra vez.....Perdoname que esta vez no pude salvarte, pero trate mi Reina.....Cuanto me duele.....Hasta que nos volvamos a ver....R.I.H mi querida hija....Amy Rivera.....Tu mom que Te extraña...
Posted by Iris Dayton on 16th December 2016
My Dear Daughter, Nine month been gone and you still in my mind and heart, So many things happen after your departure, never in my living days was thinking to be with out you, Everyday getting harder for me, I can't believe that you're gone.... You know what honey ? You have a beautiful grandson name Kemarion Rivera, seven months after you left me, he arrived in this world. He's beautiful, he got your eyes and hair, Thank you for the Two gifts of life, Your awesome daughter Yesenia Rivera and your grandson Kemarion Rivera. I wish for you to be here and enjoy them. I promise you that I will take care them with the same love and respect you will do for them, in your memories . I will always let Kemarion Rivera know about you. His grandma, that spot nobody will take it away from you, I promise. I going to miss you deeply this Christmas, we have so much fun last year, even the joke with the adult diapers for Lisa, your idea......I love you and miss you so much, I can't wait to see you again.... I will keep your memories alive to the day I die..... Rest in Heaven my Dear Reina Amy Rivera......xo xo xo xo. !!!!!!!!!! You will be miss but never forgotten !!!!!!!!!! R.I.H Amy Rivera, My Dear Daughter..
Posted by Iris Dayton on 4th October 2016
Thinking about you: Time go by , but never forgotten. Been seven months you depart to be with the Lord. Is not day go by without thinking about you. I miss you so much, my heart , my life always be with you to the day I see you again.... I will keep your memories alive to the day I die. I wish to have you here with me...How much I miss you my Dear Daughter..... Rest In Heaven my Reina....
Posted by Iris Dayton on 6th July 2016
!!!!! Happy birthday in Heaven!!!!! My Dear Daughter.... You will be miss but never forgotten. I will keep your memories alive to the day I die. I love you and miss you very much. R.I.P Amy Rivera.
Posted by Iris Dayton on 19th June 2016
Three months been by, but you will never been forgotten. Always in my heart and soul. Day's going by with out think about you. I miss you every day more than never before, I wish to have you here beside me my Reina. Life is no Fair.... If I only new......Love you for ever to the day I die.
Posted by Iris Dayton on 18th May 2016
My Dear Daughter I will keep this candle light up, to the day I die. Your memories will never die. Always in my heart and mind.... I miss you deeply. Love Mom.
Posted by Iris Dayton on 25th April 2016
Day go by with out thinking about you.... I love you and miss you so much my dear daughter. I wish to have you here with me... I miss your beautiful smile and your sense of humor. Always in my heart.
Posted by Angie Stone on 20th April 2016
RIH sweet angel. Gone too soon. You will never be forgotten, and always remembered in our hearts! We love you always and forever ❤️ Adrianna Torres
Posted by Carolyn Jones-Kavalhuna on 20th April 2016
May you Rest In Heaven, you will always be remembered. God Bless your family with comfort and peace all the rest of their days.

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