Let the memory of Andre be with us forever
  • 27 years old
  • Born on October 31, 1984 .
  • Passed away on June 5, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Andre Thompson 27 years old , born on October 31, 1984 and passed away on June 5, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Pamela Ford on 6th June 2014
Still at a lose for words. Its been 2 years and 1 day since your was TAKEN! And no justice in site. You still loved and missed by everyone. I wonder what you are doing think. Are you looking down on us guiding us in the right way. I wish there was a goodbye. I final kiss, a final hug, a final I love you. We where cheated out of all that by a cowart. Still to this day he has not come forward and confessed to the crime he committed against you. I cant bring you back but I want to know why he did it. Lord please let him confess with his mouth and except his punishment. I pray the truth will come out soon. Til we meet again. Rest in love "Dre"
Posted by Pamela Ford on 13th January 2013
I was told never to questions the Lord's work. But Why you and why now. Why a not a more peaceful home going. It was brutal. You never deserved that. You are one those who give anyone the sheet off your back, wither they asked or not. You would put me on hold to help the next person. And the way you loved the girl is unbelievable. A young black man who cooked and clean for his kids. Tears!
Posted by Pamela Ford on 16th October 2012
Sorry I haven't showed this site no love lately. I have been get some things in order. I ready for the biggest one of all right now. I know with God, u and Rose watching over me everything will be fine. I miss u so much. Its so hard not to hear your voice anymore. I glad I took that video of u in Galveston. That's some comfort but I want to have you here. Justice still to come. Luv u!
Posted by Pamela Ford on 25th August 2012
I missing my man like crazy right now. I need one of those long pep talks we used to have. Those hugs and kisses after a long days work. Those times we would sneak off away from the kids and go out eat and go for a long drive. Nobody can ever replace this man. I love you so much Andre. Nobody's perfect, but you were perfect for me! I will always carry you in my heart, mind and soul. XOXOXO
Posted by Pamela Ford on 14th July 2012
I miss u so much. I keep thinking bout all good and bad times we had. I would do it all over again 100 times to see you again. . This is so crazy. Why you? It don't make no sense. You never hurt anybody. Your heart was so big. You would do any think somebody ask you to do. No matter if I like it or not. You cared bout everybody. I hope we find out the truth real soon. I love you Dre!
Posted by Pamela Ford on 5th July 2012
Its been a month now that same coward took you from us. I think about u all day everyday. The pain isnt easing up. If anything it getting worst. Every day without see u or talking to weights so heavy on my heart. People ask me every day how are me and girls doing. I say maintaining but I'm lying. I'm heart is broken has hell. I'm so pride of the girls. They r so strong. That comes from u.
Posted by Pamela Ford on 1st July 2012
Gone way too soon. I can't function without you. With every breath with beats twice. One for you and for me. I didn't know what to do know to do now. We had so many plans for us and the girls. U were the adventurous one. I want to have all the adventures u had but I dontknow were to start. I need u so bad n so many ways its driving me crazy. Were do I start? I need u so bad baby! I luv u!
Posted by Adrian Thompson on 30th June 2012
I Miss u Dre I am at peace now that I've felt your presence and I know god will fix and heal all areas needing to be fixed don't make it URL last time cus I definitely needed dat love dose u shared. My god continue to share his grace and love with u my angel peace keeping big brother. Xoxoxo
Posted by Pamela Ford on 29th June 2012
I miss u so much. That ol saying "U never knew what you have until its gone!" I'm so sorry that u were taking from us so soon. I will always carry you I my heart, mind and soul. I have never loved no one like you. I told you that so many times. I wish you were here so I can tell you one more time. But somebody take you to soon. I luv you forever and ever. My heart so heavy I know is ur luv
Posted by Pamela Ford on 24th June 2012
So your daughter Asharia has inherited one of your traits. Me and DeMarion was sleep on the couch. I wake up to go the restroom and guess who is looking down in my face, Asharia. You used you watch me sleep, too. It made me cry. She so looks much like you. Thank you for this pretty little girl. Thanks for molding Alahnie to be such a proper young girl. Thanks you for being a real man.
Posted by Pamela Ford on 24th June 2012
I would do anything to see you, hold you, ad kiss you. i never exactly how much i loved you till you left me. I know it wasnt your chose. You were full of life. More energy than anybody i know. This feels like a nightmare that cant wake up from. i want you back home with us. i dont know want to with you. I love you baby, forever.
Posted by Adrian Thompson on 23rd June 2012
No words can make me feel better I'm so angry in my heart at this situation and at so many ppl, u have been talkd abt since u left us as being this and that by so many but not One person on earth knows u like I do, we have been thru storms and we've seen plenty battles but neva have I thought I'd lose u brotha ever. U knew my heart and I know urs so u know I'm heartbroken I miss & Love u!!
Posted by Adrian Thompson on 23rd June 2012
If I could give my life for god to spare urs I would take myself out u are a beautiful soul with so much love and potential and passion for living I told u in May that if anything were to happen to u or momma I'd lose it well u know, I'm going crazy I just can't take everyone telling me ur OK when I know u and I know u miss me like I'm missn u, Andre ur My Brother I will foreva fight4U!!!
Posted by Adrian Thompson on 23rd June 2012
Andre Jemar Thompson .... A Peacemaker ... A Loving Family Man.... A clean but still always disorganized man of justice a lover of Cars,family, friends, a outgoing generous never met a stranger never made enemies fun to be near kinda guy, a Great Father a Terrific Son, a Godsent Big Brother!! Someone will b held accountable for the thief of ur Life!! I Truly Love&missus Dre!!
Posted by Pamela Ford on 23rd June 2012
Asharia and Alahnie call your name everyday. Asharia says she miss you and wants to know if you go come back from heaven. Alahnie wants to know why the bad men did this to you. I want them to also remember you. But i dont want there pain to turn into hatred. i cant follow in your foot steps but going to live out the wishes you have for them. I love you so much baby. With all my love 4ever!
Posted by Pamela Ford on 22nd June 2012
I miss u like crazy. I pain suppose to ease up, mines getting worst. Yesterday, my birthday, we were suppose to be husband and wife (Mr. And Mrs. Andre Jemar Thompson). I cryed most of the day. I went by the cemetary in the way home to see ur grave. All my pain come rushing down like a landslide. My heart was beating like crazy. Tears fulled my face. Memories full my mind. God help me.
Posted by Latasha Hatton on 19th June 2012
OMG Dre to see this page i'm in tears, its not that i want to or will ever forget you, I couldn't if I wanted to. To wake up since last seeing you i try not to think of you much, Why? cause its still to fresh all the pain and hurt is there and memories. you and Adrian wernt jus my cousins you two were lke my lil brothers.. Jus the 3 of us and it's not the same baby ur unforgettable...
Posted by Latasha Hatton on 19th June 2012
I wasn't jus hearing the person that you were, i watched you grow from that little boy whom my aunt Audrey brought home and i was hurt and told her "you treat him like a king" and i've loved you every since. The last close encounter i had with you was 3-07-2011 when the 3 of us held one another and viewed our granny together. Were crying when ur up there with granny smiling and ok. love u
Posted by Pamela Ford on 17th June 2012
Happy Father's Day Mr. Andre J. Thompson. You are the best father i know. To lose was not only a great lost to me but to our children. To have a black man involved in his children life is truly a blessing. Truly an Angel. Till we meet again. You will forever be loved and missed. R.I.L Mr. Thompson.
Posted by Pamela Ford on 17th June 2012
I dont know how to do this without you. The argue back and forth all the time. They know you not here. You was only one that could get them to calm with just a look. I miss you so much. Praying swift justice. It not go bring you back. But i hope turn the lives up side down like ours. Oh Dre i miss you so much! Loving you forever.
Posted by Krystal Rucks on 16th June 2012
Dear God..and Pam..God Thanks for allowing me to be apart of Andre's life for the last 7 years which seems like forever, Pam and Dre's immediate family thanks for sharing your loved one, words can't express how sad I feel w/o my homie..Things will never be the same but his memory will live on forever, in our hearts..Love u always from Krystal and the boys
Posted by Lavonne Gill on 15th June 2012
Hey cuz watz up,I no u n the girl's going through something right now But always, keep yo head up n pray n I'm keep y'all n my prayers, I just want u to no that we love y'all pam don't give up on life cause who ever did this shit go pay ,love u n the girls ,God bless u Pamela Thompson

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