This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Andrea Robert-Raby who was born on December 13, 1946 and passed away on May 31, 2011. We will remember her forever.

Andrea's viewing will be on Friday, June 3 from 2-4 and from 7-9 at Sinnicksons Funeral home on Main st. In Center Moriches and the funeral service will be at the Presbyterian church in Center Moriches on Main St at 9:30am . The burial will follow at Mount Pleasant Cemetery immediately following and please return to the church for appetizers and desserts.


Posted by Katie Robert on December 14, 2019
Another birthday without you. So sad. You left us way to soon.
Posted by Jill Howell on December 14, 2018
Andrea, You opened your home and your heart to me at a time I so needed a friend. I'll always be grateful. You made me feel like family as you did so many others. Rest in peace sweet soul.
Posted by Anne Guidry on December 13, 2018
Happy Birthday, Love and miss you dearly
Posted by Katie Robert on December 13, 2018
Happy Birthday Andee. I sure miss you.
Posted by Jill Howell on December 13, 2017
Andrea, I don't think I ever knew a kinder soul.We all miss you.
Posted by Katie Robert on June 1, 2017
Remembering you is easy because I will never forget you.
Posted by Maureen Reese on December 14, 2016
We miss you Andrea! You were such a giver and taught me so much that I didn't realize the wisdom of until much later. Your patience and love didn't get the celebration it deserved. I hope you are being celebrated in heaven and somehow I know that you are. Love you Andee Mom!
Posted by Katie Robert on December 13, 2016
Happy birthday memorial to you. I still miss you and think of you often.
Posted by Jill Howell on December 13, 2015
Miss you sweet lady, especially this time of year. Wish you were here. Thank You for all your love.
Posted by Mark Fitzpatrick on December 13, 2015
Andrea, you are missed but definitely not forgotten.
Posted by Ross Robert on December 13, 2015
In a life of tribulation and triumph Andrea found many sweet spots.
Love Her.
Posted by Katie Robert on December 13, 2015
Happy Birthday to you there in Heaven. You are now an ageless angel. Merry Christmas too.
Posted by Katie Robert on June 1, 2015
I still miss you every day and really wish we could have had a chance to do some of the things I always thought we would. I do still have our memories which are good, but we should have had a chance to make more together. Besides being my cousin, you were also a great friend.
Posted by Sandra Palermo on May 31, 2015
My dear sweet cousin Andrea, I still can't believe you are gone. You were the sweetest lady anyone could ever know. I remember going to our Granny's house and sleeping over on her front porch. So many memories of all my cousins and myself. Your parents farm in East Moriches, what now is Newport Beach development. Nothing is the same without you my dear. I hope you know you are a Grandmother to a beautiful little boy Ferris. You are probably shining a beam down on him and keeping him safe. I love and miss you and this is a beautiful website that makes me cry. I love you Andrea Robert Raby.
Posted by Ross Robert on December 13, 2014
Sis we miss You and wish so much that You could put Your eyes on Your grandson Ferris. He is a beaut.
Posted by Katie Robert on December 13, 2014
Miss you Andee. Another birthday and you are not here for it.
Posted by Katie Robert on June 1, 2014
Another memorial day of your passing. Mom passed on 5/17. There is a lot of our family up there now. Johnny, too. I miss you all and wish you were here.
Posted by Katie Robert on April 27, 2014
Mike, I received a notice about a tribute added to Andee's Forever Missed site so I looked to see what it was. I really appreciate what you wrote about Dani. I too miss Andee every day.
Posted by Mike Howell on April 26, 2014
Andrea, Thank You for bringing the Love of my life into this world on this day 33 years ago. She has so many of your virtues, you couldn't have done a better job! We Love you and Miss you everyday. If there is a place where we all congregate, let your brother know how much I respected him!
Posted by Katie Robert on December 13, 2013
Happy Birthday to you Andee. You are forever in my mind and you cannot imagine how often you show up in my dreams! If heaven exists as it says in the Bible, you might soon see, or have seen, Chris there. He finally lost his battle with Hepatitis C and passed peacefully early Sunday morning, November 17, 2013. I hope you do find each other.
Posted by Katie Robert on May 31, 2013
Another year has ticked by without you in my life. You have been often in my dreams though, usually helping me with something. You were such a helpful person to everyone you cared about. I hope you have been able to look down from Heaven to see the beautiful plantings in our family plot in the cemetery. Your girls have beautified it for you.
Posted by Alicia Burt on May 26, 2013
Happy Belated Mother's Day!
Posted by Katie Robert on December 13, 2012
Here it is your birthday. I have been looking at the photos on this site and I feel sad because you are not still here, and we won't be able to visit again like we did when I came to LI in 2005. We had such a great time visiting. I miss you.
Posted by Rob Raby on December 13, 2012
 You are missed! Thank you for being such a wonderful wife to my brother, Stephen, even after you could no longer live with him. Thank you for being such a wonderful mother to my nieces, even the ones that were not your own children!
 You were a special person!
Posted by Mark Fitzpatrick on December 13, 2012
Happy Birthday Andrea, many thoughts of Love for you on this day and every day. Miss you and your loving caring way.
Posted by Barbara McKee on December 13, 2012
I miss you Dear Andrea! I think about you all the time. Love you.
Posted by Alicia Burt on December 13, 2012
Happy Birthday mom. I miss you so much.
Posted by Anne Guidry on May 31, 2012
I miss you so much, and think of you all the time, especially today...... So many times I go to pick up the phone and call you when I am on my way to work, and I think of how you used to tell me to get off the phone when I am driving. So many lessons you taught me, and so many memories to share with Conner and Maggie.  Angel to so many I love you!!!!
Posted by Mark Fitzpatrick on May 13, 2012
Andrea, just could not go thru this day without wishing You a Happy Mothers Day for all the love that you showed to everyone you encountered and especially to Me, Owen and Jill. Time will pass but Your Love still shines and the love for You still shines. You made this world a better place for all who know you. Miss You. Hope to see you again someday.
Posted by Mike Howell on April 28, 2012
Andrea, Your girls are all one year older now, but they are twice as beautiful and wise as they were when you saw them last. One day they will catch up to you. We try to feign celebration and joy, but without you, there is emptiness. Though I told noone, on the 26th I imagined you showing off your twins on their one year birthdays with such pride. Thank you for them, you are missed!
Posted by Mark Fitzpatrick on December 15, 2011
Sadness fills my heart at your passing, an angel has left us. A wonderful friend, like a mother to my children, never batting an eyelash at their mistakes. The best example of Love, radiating it in everything you did. Loved by all, you made the world a better place to be in. My great happiness is to know that I was blessed by your being a part of my life. You will be missed but never forgotten.
Posted by Ross Robert on December 14, 2011
What a great woman'; who left us before her time. my sister worked 40 hours a week and did the duty expected for her country,state, City and family. She loved her friends and family and they loved her;.I will meet her in the hereafter (Heaven)
Posted by Jill Howell on December 13, 2011
Dearest Andee, There was noone ever like you for me. Such empathy and compassion when I needed it most. A true comfort.
I wish that for your children today on their mothers birthday.
Posted by Alicia Burt on December 13, 2011
Happy Birthday mom
Posted by Danielle Raby on November 24, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving Mom, we miss you.
Posted by Jan Maddison on June 29, 2011
"♥ * ღ *Just* ღ * ♥ * ღ *Sprinkling* ღ * ♥ * ღ *Your* ღ * ♥ * ღ *Page* ღ * ♥ * ღ *With* ღ * ♥ * ღ *Love* ღ * ♥ * ღ ** ღ * ♥ * ღ * xxxx""
Posted by Ross Robert on June 22, 2011
Andrea; You and Steph left us at a young age. The children left sans their Mom and Dad are a beautiful legasy.The future is bright for them. You more than fulfilled Your duties as a sister to me and I await our reunion in Heaven.
Posted by Christine Schroeppel on June 5, 2011
"Thank you for being there for me during past difficulties. You were a true friend through thick & thin, I love you and miss you terribly. As already spoken by others, you were a beautiful person. Peace to you in heaven..
Posted by Katie Robert on June 3, 2011
Andee,everyone loved you and enjoyed being with you, as did I. You were like a sister to me, not just my cousin. We had such fun times growing up. I can't believe you are gone -- to Heaven I am certain. One day I hope we will be together again there.
Posted by Karen Sintef on June 3, 2011
Andrea i lost touch with you and i feel sorry about that. i will try to do better with my other friends, i used to watch your beautiful girls and you did such a good job raising practically on your own. you will be missed.
Posted by Barbara McKee on June 2, 2011
Dear Andrea, I want you to know that you are my hero.
You were everything, I want to be.
You helped me discover my passion and do what the most I love to do.
Thank you, thanks God for you. You were the wind beneath my wings.
I love you
Posted by Danielle Raby on June 1, 2011
Mom, I am so sorry this had to happen to you, you are the sweetest, most loving, generous, patient, caring, beautiful person I have ever known. To have you as a mother was more than a gift to me. I love you so much and will miss you more than anythin
Posted by Anne Guidry on June 1, 2011
I love you so much & will miss you. You loved everyone unconditionally! You never complained and made everyone feel special. You taught me so much! Your beautiful smile, sweet voice, & values will be forever in my heart. You are everyones angel!
Posted by Colette Duenkel on June 1, 2011
Dear Anne, we never had the pleasure of meeting Andrea but from your stories we know she was a very special lady. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this painful time.

Colette, Bob and Teagan
Posted by Teresita Nugent on June 1, 2011
Andrea, your death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Your love leaves a memory no one can steal. May you enjoy eternal happiness in heaven with God, (you have earned it). Our Deepest Sympathy to all. Until we meet again. Love Teresita, Mick & boy's
Posted by Michelle Klapak on June 1, 2011
Andrea, I only really knew you for a short time, and in that short time you impacted my life so much that I can truly say that I love you. You made me smile, you made me laugh, you made me happy. You truly touched my heart and life. God Bless you.
Posted by Janine Tortorella on June 1, 2011
Everyone is in shock at the college. You left such an impression on people with all of your wonderful, caring ways. There is a big hole there that never will be filled. We will miss you and your witty emails. We love you.
Posted by Christopher Conzen on June 1, 2011
Andrea, you were such an important part of our office family. We haven't been the same without you. You had such an amazing heart and a love for our students. You will sorely be missed.
Posted by Maureen Reese on May 31, 2011
Andrea,thank you for being such a supportive and loving presence in my life. Thank you for taking me in as a teenager and being so patient when I was difficult,selfish and hard to deal with. You touched the lives of many with your unconditional love

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Posted by Katie Robert on December 14, 2019
Another birthday without you. So sad. You left us way to soon.
Posted by Jill Howell on December 14, 2018
Andrea, You opened your home and your heart to me at a time I so needed a friend. I'll always be grateful. You made me feel like family as you did so many others. Rest in peace sweet soul.
Posted by Anne Guidry on December 13, 2018
Happy Birthday, Love and miss you dearly
Recent stories

Missing you still

Shared by Danielle Raby on May 31, 2012

So it has been a year since I saw you, got to hold your hand, and hear your voice. Your memories race through my mind every day you are in all of my dreams as well. Unfortunately, every time I try to think of a happy time with you, I think back to that day one year ago. It is so vivid it is almost like it happened yesterday. I miss you so much and I feel like a major part of me left with you that day. When we had gone to see you just 2 days before, your calcium had gone sky high, we were so afraid for you. The doctor said not to worry though and that she had a way to fix it. You can't imagine our relief, but only for a day. It wasn't fair, all you went through for those 6 months, and we all thought there would be a happy ending. Boy were we wrong.

Many memories flood my mind, like coming over after a hot day at work and jumping in the pool with you and Skylar wanting to join us, or the many barbeques at your house, and all the times we would go thrift storing in the winter when I had some time off. Older ones too, just so many. One of my favorite ones though was when we were all craving something sweet so we raided the cubbard and the fridge to see what we could whip up. You taught me how to make merangues and we also made lemon bars because we couldn't find Anne's recipe for lemon merangue pie. They were awesome though and we had so much fun that night. We thought we would have a baking night once a month, but like craft night, life got in the way. I did get that recipe from Anne eventually and I am sorry we never got to use it. After I moved out, I didn't get to see you that much exept between classes at school when I could snatch you up for a cigarette or lunch so when you moved to Riverhead and were only a few minutes drive, I was so happy. I am very greatful for those years. Many fond memories were made and I will cherish them forever. If there were such things as angels, you would be one of them.

These songs are for you mom, I miss you.


Comfort from above

Shared by Mike Howell on April 3, 2012

Andrea, You know how I feel about afterlife and religion. But I still can't believe an energy as intense as yours could simply disappear. Your baby, and myself for that matter, could use some of your trademarked comforting and solace right now, if you could... help Danni and all of us to laugh and smie when we think of you. 'Licia is working diligently on her midterm for her masters as you would expect her to be and balancing more weights than anyone should. Danni is busting her hump at work, giving more than receiving as usual and sacrificing herself for those she loves, as she learned best from you. Claire is following in the footsteps and coming to learn to be self-sufficient and how to lead a "structured" lifestyle. She's considering buying the home right down the road from us. Wish you could see the homes that you helped us get into. I've been trying to become well so I can take some burden off of Danni and at the same time trying to remind her that the memories that hurt so bad right now will someday bring a smile not a tear.

They all have a hurt deep within their eyes that they can hide pretty well at times but it has been there for nearly a year now, they need a hug from above. My mom and I were talking about you yesterday and agreed that for some reason it hurt more to lose you than her mother. You brought SO much to this world and never even realized it.

Love Always,

All I can think of is Oops as a title.

Shared by Mark Fitzpatrick on December 15, 2011

My son Owen was staying at Andreas house and Andrea requested he add some oil to the car.  Owen was young and not knowledgeable about cars and you guessed it, he put the oil in the wrong place. This did not do the car any good. This wonderful Angel of a woman didn't bat an eyelash and just passed it off. I didn't hear about this till later. 

I can't remember, but, it seems like I know her forever, I remember dropping Jill off to play with the twins in Moriches when they were all so little. I saw Andrea a lot but never saw her get upset about anything. She was so wonderful to talk to. I tried calling in her last year as I hadn't  seen her in a while and was sad that I couldn't contact her. At the funeral I was told why. The love there was incredible.  We should all take a lesson from her and when anger or upset comes up we should visualize her lovely smile and face, so even keeled and caring, doing so much for so many and asking nothing in return. I could go on and on. I am not a writer, it doesn't come easy to me but in this case it was effortless. Andrea was one of the most wonderful people I met in my life. Will never forget, but how could one forget someone like Andrea. My Love to her and everyone associated with this site, Danielle, Alicia, and Claire especially. Maureen Thanks to you for this.